Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Truth About Easter

Caveat I don't agree with his use of the Star of David, but the video is a good reminder about Easter and it's pagan origins. I never have seen an IFB church that teaches the truth about "Easter" either as they adhere to the same "church calendars" as the Catholic church. I'm working on the astro-theology article, it's taking some time, but the foundation of all false religion is INDEED Sun Worship.  I stopped celebrating Easter long ago.

Think about this one, the entire church world celebrates a holiday that wicked king Herod celebrated as he killed members of the early church:

Acts 12King James Version (KJV)
12 Now about that time Herod the king stretched forth his hands to vex certain of the church.
And he killed James the brother of John with the sword.
And because he saw it pleased the Jews, he proceeded further to take Peter also. (Then were the days of unleavened bread.)
And when he had apprehended him, he put him in prison, and delivered him to four quaternions of soldiers to keep him; intending after Easter to bring him forth to the people.

The videographer is right about this being Easter and the other bibles wrong about it calling Passover or Pascha. Why would Herod a non-Jew even care about the holiday of Passover? The timing isn't right for Passover as he details. Even in Strongs they point to it as being "Passover" do you think the church system kind of wants to keep that little detail under wraps? I sure do.


Anonymous said...

Dr. Sam Gipp has a video about the true translation of "Pascha": He also addresses this in his "Answers Book". You are right though, you don't hear it much other than it being "Easter".

Anonymous said...

Hello. I was the anon in a earlier post who complained about my comments not getting posted. I'd like to apologize for any comments I made, and say I always thought your blog is one of the best. I sincerely apologize, and wish you and your family the best. God bless. James.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks I'll check that out later Heather.

Thanks James...apology accepted. I'll check the spam soon sometimes things go into the spam file that shouldn't and I don't check those as often.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing to me to point this stuff out to people but they don't want to hear it. Churches everywhere have egg hunts and sunrise services. All I can think of is sun worship. I went to one sunrise service a few years ago. Tne calvary chapel pastor had a body guard. He made a point of letting us know his body guard had been given an award for his exemplary service. Then every one who came down to the stage to accept Jesus was told they were now saved!!! And I turned to my friend - I said, "What if they leave here and never give Jesus another thought - are they still "saved"? She just looked at me funny. And I felt funny not ever wanting to attend another sunrise service again. The body guard thing was just too weird.

Anonymous said...

Hello Bible Believer,

Appreciate all of your valuable information concerning Easter/Ishtar and Christmas/Christ's "mass" and want to point out that these two celebrations are important to the false church systems set up by man due to the fact they generate the largest crowds of people and with that, vast amounts of money are added to the church treasuries. It is an important source of income that pastor will boast it is all for god, and yet the poor amongst us rarely, if ever, see the redistribution of the income collected given to them to help pay their, clothing, shelter, medical, etc. We, the organized 501c. 3 church, (Mike Abendroth hates it when believers call the state churches by this name....oh well!)are more than happy to send these bothersome people amongst us over to the local welfare office to collect benefits there for it is less of a sacrifice to our pocketbooks.

I believe the early church did not have that local government office available and the disciple/apostles chose people to help in distributing food/goods to the poor of their day. Interesting how the so called churches have abandoned their first love....Jesus.

Anonymous said...

BB, I have wondered why so many sincere Christians continue to celebrate Christmas and Easter, both clearly pagan holy(idays). It truly baffles me. More than likely this has much to do with the fact that their pastors continue to celebrate them? The church I was called out of offers a "sun rise" service on the beach. Thousands attend. No doubt what we are seeing is the Protestant connection to Catholicism, the mother church. The daughters of the Harlot never did cut their ties to this pagan system. How is it that so few have had their eyes opened to this truth and have been convicted to pull out of these "rituals" while so many well meaning, sincere Christians continue on with them without any conviction or concern. In fact, those of us who have been convicted of this, when we share with brothers and sisters in the Lord, they just say..."Nope! that's not for me. I don't see anything wrong with these celebrations." Again, it must be because they are continually reinforced by their church pastor and those they fellowship with. There is a reason we are being called to "Come out of her my people."

William Sculley said...


Another rehash of this old and false story. Old and false for several reasons:

1. The supposed Babylonian goddess, Ishtar, isn't an actual Babylonian goddess, much less a goddess of the sun. She was a fictional goddess invented by the Venerable Bede for use as a metaphor in his writings. It wasn't until westerners started misusing the name and applying it to the celebration of the Resurrection that the bastardized version of the fictional name of a goddess no Babylonian ever heard of was ever connected to Pascha.

2. For all of you talking about the proper translation of Pascha, if it isn't passover, then you must believe that the Apostles celebrated a pagan holiday or that they would use a pagan holiday to mark the calendar. Why? because in the Greek texts of the Scripture, the word Pascha is used several times. In fact, every time the word Passover is found in the English translations of the New Testament, the Greek word is Pascha. The early Church has celebrated Pascha since the first century.

There is no problem with celebrating the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. What there is a problem with is condemning people for celebrating His Resurrection. Being ashamed of the people who are sincerely celebrating the fact that Christ has risen from the dead has a problem. If you have a problem with me celebrating that He trampled over death by His Death, then that's a problem you have with God.

And if you have a problem with anyone celebrating the day that Christ single-handedly bestowed life on all of us while we were still dead in our sins, then I suggest you try to explain that to the Father of the one Who gave us life.

To me, there is nothing behind the Pascha except this:

Christ is risen from the dead, trampling over death by death, and upon those in the tombs, bestowing life.
Christos Anesti ek nekron. Thanato thanaton patisas en tis kep tis mnimasin zoin charisamenos
Christos voskrese iz mertvihk, smertiyu smert popravi suschim vo grobekh zhivot darovah!

No matter what manmade trappings are included in the modern remembrance of that central fact, if you can't figure out that no Christian thinks of some goddess who was never worshiped by a single person in the Babylonian, or that they have never worshiped the sun, then you will have to explain to God how you judge people based on petty superstitions. And yes, this is coming from a guy who believes that the changing of the way Pascha is scheduled in the west has problems, whose Church is barely into Lent right now, so don't think it's because I'm part of this grand scheme of yours.

William Sculley said...

As to Christmas, there is nothing pagan about the celebration of the birth of Christ, much less anything clearly pagan. It's called coincidence. There is a pagan holiday for literally every day of the year. Next I'm going to hear you say that the correlation of the Day of Atonement with the feast of Cotenelia is proof that it is Pagan in origin, and it's straight out of the Bible!

Rule 1 of common sense critical thinking: correlation does not equal causation.

Anonymous said...

This scripture points to those who will be persecuted for their convictions even by other believers. Don't we see this happening now. How many are offended when we tell them about apostate churches and apostate pastors who are not even pastors. They protect their corporations and organizations as if they were their own child. The word betrayal fits the description of Judas. He was one of the 12, in their very midst.

King James Version
Matthew 24:10
And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another.

Bible Believer said...

Yes the churches are all based in sun worship, sun rise services where they all face the sun is like Tammuz worshipers in Ezekiel 8. I am behind on this article but dissecting astrotheological claims that Chrsitianity is a sun worship religion. of course it is in the churches but how many bible verses are there warning AGAINST sun worship?

Body guards in churches creep me out. One goes to a restaurant without a body guard, well you may see one in an all night Dennys in the inner city, but why do you see them all over these churches.

Avoid churches with body guards, I know I do, well I'm not in one.

Bible Believer said...

Even the Catholics themselves admit the holidays are based in pagan religions and got "adapted". I'm reading this book now on Medieval history and it's not an easy read bystepping all the Catholicism in it but even he admits Pope Gregory and pals adapted the pagan sites, and holidays and incorporated "Christianity" into it all.

Yes even the poorly attended churches get their two sun festival outpourings every year. Catholic churches are packed to rafters on Easter.

Yes they abandoned Jesus long ago.

You know its weird anon, the pastors never depart from Easter or Christmas, you think there'd be a well-meaning sincere IFB pastor out there who rejects them on occasion, but nope. Must be the lost of money or worries about too many outraged people angry over the fact their children will upset with no Santa Claus or Easter bunny.

I have gotten people directly angry at me for talking about Christmas and Easter. One friend even said to me, "I'm going to tell you happy easter anyway!" LOL what does one say to that? I was polite.

One is judged as an old fuddy-duddy and no fun for rejecting these holidays. I like bunnies and birds and eating hard boiled eggs, but I am responsible for what I know.

I can't join in the winter and spring solistic celebration thons because it is idolatry and in my case I KNOW IT.

Bible Believer said...

1. William, people worship "fictional" goddesses worldwide. I guess because Shiva is "fictional" it's ok to you when Catholic cardinals light hindu lights to them. {wrote about that long ago. Ishtar and Eastre was around long before your Venerable Bede. You can't claim this goddess was made up when there is history of this Sumerian goddess and carvings and statues made to her from ancient history...

2. The apostles weren't the one celebrating it was Herod. Now why would Herod and pals celebrate the Jewish holiday of Passover?

Why should Jesus's resurrection be celebrated only at the time of the spring solstice? Have you familiarized yourself with the verses in the Bible that warn against sun worship? When I get the astro-theology article done you will see some.

Doing so on the spring solstice, equates Jesus Christ resurrection to the "sun's resurrection" it is total blasphemy and is worshipping the creation instead of the Creator. What do you think that Romans 1 verse is about?

UUs loved the spring solstice, drumming and more. The Wiccans considered it a holiday too.

Yes many get offended last anon, when we point out the errors of these holidays.

William Sculley said...

1. By fictional, I mean she didn't exist before Bede made her up, not even as a concept. She was invented by the Venerable Bede. There are no actual carvings of Ishtar ANYWHERE, much less in Sumeria. The person that finds proof of the existence of Ishtar as a worshiped deity prior to Bede will probably win a Nobel prize, because the archaeological community has discarded Ishtar as nothing of significance. There are no mentions of her in ANY Sumerian or Babylonian writings, and Ishtar isn't even a name that is compatible with the Sumerian language. It is more Greek in etymology than anything else. Herod practiced the JEwish traditions because he was a politician. DO you really think that the Pharisees who supported him would support a person who never followed the traditions they so adored? That's like thinking that Nazis would support the liberal Democratic Party in America. Herod won the support of the people by being the person the people wanted, which, in the case of the pharisees, was a man who prayed loudly and proudly in the synagogues, attended the feasts, and followed the strict traditions of the Pharisees when in public. And since there is literally not a single document in which Pascha means anything except Passover, the burden of proof is on you. Find me some corroborating evidence written by someone in the first century that confirms that Herod, or ANY Jewish leader, practiced the nonexistent worship of the nonexistent goddess Ishtar. If you cannot find it in either the first or second century, then logic dictates that we cannot accept your theory.

2. Nope. There isn't a single document to support the KJV mistranslation of the word Pascha. Pascha means Passover in literally EVERY Koine Greek document it appears in.

Jesus's Resurrection is celebrated around the time of Passover, which was scheduled near the time of the solstice. Specifically, the 14th of Nissan, which is the date on the Jewish calendar for Passover, is normally in the first week following the solstice. The calendars have shifted much since that time.

RE: Churches facing the direction of the sun

The Temple was also built facing the direction of the sun. I guess that God instructed the Jews to worship the sun, by your logic.

What is good for the goose is good for the gander. The fact is that the sun is not worshiped in any Church and has never been worshiped in any Nicene Church in the history of ever. The sun is a symbol of Christ and God. It is not to be worshiped. Also, the reason that Churches are built so that the congregation is facing East is because Christ will be coming in the clouds from the East, according to the Scriptures.

William Sculley said...

To use metaphor is not to worship the creation rather than the Creator. Metaphors and symbols are used to communicate the eternal and undying Truth of Christ. Christ used many metaphors in His preaching, using literally every rhetorical tool that a writer or speaker would use.

Finally, yes, the Resurrection is celebrated every time Orthodox Christians come to Church. There isn't a single service without at least one song or Scripture passage about the Resurrection. However, Pascha is the greatest celebration of the Resurrection, because it occurs in the same time as the original Resurrection. It's like marriage. Certainly you ought to love your spouse every day of the year. But if you are married, I bet that you go to special lengths to romance your spouse on anniversaries and birthdays, and other important days during the year. If there is nothing wrong with that, then there is nothing wrong with celebrating Pascha in a special way.

Further, it also works as an educational tool, because walking through the Holy Week can educate people about the events leading up to the Crucifixion and the theological significance of those events. On Great and Holy Wednesday, we remember that Christ's death brought us healing (By His wounds we are healed). On this day, those who are sick of physical or spiritual disease come to the elders of the Church, and the elders, in obedience to the Scripture, lay on hands and pray for the healing of both soul and body of the sick person. You might not find physical healing, because sometimes God allows us to suffer physically so that we might learn humility, or that we might one day be proof of His glory.

There is so much more to Lent and Pascha than you can imagine.