Thursday, March 10, 2016

Betrayal II

Remember this article?

I am dealing with immense betrayal, perhaps another Trojan horse friend. It has gotten to the point, I will not be able to trust anyone soon again but very very few.  I hope some here do not think I sound "paranoid" but let me just say this, sociopaths and the wicked will sink to any lengths.

"Catfishing" and not just for romantic purposes is a reality. People are pretending to be things they are not. They will do things like try to "influence" your mind. They never let you be.  I don't want to make my life sound like a spy novel, but having cut ties with very wicked family members and wondering why these sociopaths are showing up in my life, has given me much to ponder.  It's not beyond the scope of possibilities that enemies or angry narcissistic people who desire control will send out "spies". There's so much weirdness going on, I can't even explain it all. At one point in this mess, my computer crashed 7-9 times and I had to do full complete wipes and re-installment of Windows. At this time they claimed their computer was under attack. I was suspicious by this point but failed to act fast enough to cut ties. At one point they told me their phone had been destroyed by a "signal" sent by this same computer "enemy" and I knew someone for sure was just playing mind games. 

I don't even get why these people wasted their time or mine. All I do know is that wickedness seems to be growing. I worry about my own sins too, I am far from perfect but some people seem to be such liars, it's scary.  This world is getting to be a scary place. Please pray for me.

 If you are a whistle-blower or share opinions some people do not like, there are people out there who want you to shut up. They will try to dig up dirt on you or mess with your mind.  Some will try and "influence" you and change your mind on things. Some will pretend to be great friends, who care about and love you but then turn on you on a dime. You notice something isn't quite right, they tell you things that don't add up.  With this one I got suspicious with a shorter time in, their stories didn't add up.

You start seeing through them and know you've been had. This one got in claiming to share the same health and other troubles.  Especially with the Internet things are more precarious but even in the real world, finding people you can trust gets harder and harder. Anyone here who is a reader and who agrees with the same worldview. We all know that feeling of what is "safe" to share and not share.

I know some could call me "mentally ill" or "paranoid" to say "fake friends" have been sent to me but what else am I to do think of people in my past who were so busy trying to "influence" me like the guy who sent me dozens of CDs praising Calvary Chapel and got angry when I said Calvary Chapel was a false church or the woman from online I even had phone contact with who told me over and over Roger Oakland was the real deal,  or the deliverance focused one, or the latest one, who I am don't know where she came from, there's three possibilities, wicked family members I departed from sending out a "spy", something related to this blog?, something in another area of life where I have made online protests and disagreed with agendas?  I am not sure. All I know is she was a liar, and it was way beyond just a normal average person who had "disagreements" with me, where we no longer could walk side by side. It went far beyond that.

There is part of me who thinks, "You are not that important, this blog is too small" but why are these freaks showing up in my life?" Why is life getting so weird? Do any of you feel like in the last year, people have grown more evil, scary and wicked? I do.  And this is not to say I don't have my own spiritual struggles. Something happened recently in real life where I feel like the "wicked" have won. Someone I was praying for and that they would "escape" the hands of the wicked for many years, never did and they died. So I have been grieving and troubled.

Trusting people today is very hard. It is often a mistake, I made the grand error of ignoring intuition, and wanting someone who told me they shared in similar experiences to be "real". People hate my guts for what I believe. It's true but we all got warned didn't we?

John 15:18 If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you.
19 If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.


Dino Deroukakis said...

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” - John 16:33

Bible Believer said...

Thank you for that verse. I appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Dearest BB,

It is best to remember that Jesus says He will stick closer than a brother, and that God is a Father to the fatherless.

Evil is increasing and hearts are waxing colder, folks have lost the natural affections.

I, myself have no friends, family or church, but I have faith that God provides all that I need according to his knowledge and goodness.

Keep the Faith!

Anonymous said...

My wife and I have a family member who has NPD and we try to keep the interaction to a minimum. Praying for you BB. - Don

Bible Believer said...

Thank you anon. I have only my husband left, one local friend I am not super close to and far away people. I agree about Jesus sticking closer than a brother. I know I have had some "debates" with God and some recent times of going "Why God"? There's been some really hard spiritual battles of late. I felt like evil had won with the recent death but I had to remind myself in eternity "EVIL IS NOT GOING TO WIN. God is with me."

I am sorry you have no friends, family or church. This is really happening to people. If anyone else here is ending up very alone outside of God, do not blame yourself. This society will even judge on social and family ties. I need to work on more contentment in God and realizing that I cannot fix these things and must leave it to Him.

Yes Don, stay away from NPDs. Some of the NPDs are sociopaths as well, the two things overlap. Well what is NPD but really the psychological name for wicked and sociopath would be a reprobate wicked. I am glad you are on to them and limiting contact. Thanks for your prayers.

Sue Botchie said...

Dear BB, i have also noticed that people are growing colder, and conversations are becoming more boring by the minute - it's all about celebs and vacations. Yawn:0

KJVmom said...

My prayers are still with you, BB, and I'm sorry about your computer troubles and problems with Wolves. You dare to speak the truth on so many issues, so it is no surprise you're under attack. We are going to be hated more and more. For the time being I get along tolerably with most family members, though my mom hates it when I back up my statements with the Bible. The situation is the local congregation is reasonably well at the time, we do look out for our each other. And I do wish I could help you out a little, BB, perhaps pay for some groceries? If you know of a trusted third party through whom we could work, that would be great. You have my private email. Rest well tonight.

Anonymous said...

You don't have to wonder how these people come out of the wood work. Galatians 2:4 says:

And that because of false brethren unawares brought in, who came in privily to spy out our liberty which we have in Christ Jesus, that they might bring us into bondage:

Satan is always looking for a way to hinder our walk with Christ case in point. I had been talking to my stepmother one night about why I accepted the name Jehovah as found in the King James Bible and how the name Yahweh was based on the name Yahu which was a false god worshiped by the pagaized Jews who fled to Egypt according to Jeremiah 42. The next day a couple of Jehovah's Witnesses showed up at our door step.

Why was this? Because I chose to take a stand on what the Bible says. Satan attempted to see if he could seduce me into a cult. But I believe Jesus is Jehovah, so a major part of my faith is contrary to theirs'. Its just like I say I believe the Trinity, imagine if a couple of Catholic priests come about to ask me to come to their church because they "believe the same thing.

J said...

If you trust in Christ, why do you 'worry' about your sins?

Anonymous said...

Hi BB,

You are right, you do sound paranoid....BUT I know exactly what you are talking about. If I was to put all my thoughts down in a blog, I would sound exactly the same. Therefore, I know you are not crazy or paranoid....and neither am I. Yes the world has become exceedingly wicked and I believe the separating of the wheat and the tares has already taken place. A lot of people thought that there was a big build up to September 23rd 2015 and then nothing happened, but I can assure you that it did. It began the time of darkness, and we are in the thick of it. Without the Holy Spirit I would understand nothing and give no credit to myself to being wise but all glory goes to the Father and King of the Universe and to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I have been born again for 5 years and have never had any Christian friends, up until a year ago when 2 ladies came into my life and according to them, they were going to disciple me. They are now at each other's throats, calling each other Jezebel and I am in the middle. It hurts me greatly because I love them both but I believe the enemy of our souls has accomplished his mission on this one because they are both very aware of what is going on in this wicked world and are aware of satan's tactics. I wish I could make them see that. I am not saying I am better in any way and stumble at times as well but praise Jesus I am able to get back up. All we can do is continue to pray, praise and put on our armour for the battle. Times are dark but they are going to get so much darker. God is preparing us now and if the lesson is to "trust no one", then so be it. Trust in the One True God alone. Stay strong Sister, there are more of us out here.


Anonymous said...

Deception is rampant. When we speak the Truth, we shouldn't be surprised when those "friends" become more like enemies. The battle isn't between us and them, the battle is between them and God. How many times have we heard Christians rationalize their actions to justify their behavior. God doesn't count anymore. He is a by-stander when needed to align the will of their evil hearts to their rebellion and desires. When it comes right down to it; the flesh is alive and well but clothed in Pharisaical garments. Jesus called them white washed tombs, cleaning the outside of the cup but not the inside. Impostors have clear motives; they want to destroy the power of the Gospel to change lives and the testimony of Jesus in us. We can't forget the jealousy of those who wanted Jesus killed. He was taking away their kingdom and rule over the people. Eyes of envy saw Jesus having too much influence over established culture and man-made laws. How dare He heal the sick, make the blind see, raise up the dead and cause men to walk. Jealousy struck at the heals of Jesus everywhere He went. Exposing darkness in men's hearts was not going to make Him popular among the crowd. Jesus was never defeated rather He defeated the power of death and brought life into our souls, eternal life. Nothing can ever separate us from the LOVE of God. Everything in this world fades away, but His love never ends. In this life we will encounter those who act like Judas. He kissed Jesus and greeted Him like a beloved friend. What does Jesus do, He calls Judas friend and says do what you have to do. Is this not mind boggling that Jesus would call a traitor friend? Our first response would be to get bitter and angry over betrayal. There is a point in which we must wipe the dust off our feet. There is an NPD world out there that many do not understand until it hits them when least expected. NPD's maneuver in cunning ways to destroy others emotionally. It gives them power and pleasure to do so. Their survival game in life is to strategically bring torment, chaos, devaluation, terror, segregation and humiliation upon targeted souls. It is not a healthy choice to remain in their grasp through mental and emotional abuse. Humanity becomes a tool for their consuming destructive power. NPD's hunger for it and will not stop even when a dog cries for mercy. Who can comprehend this type of wickedness even among Christians as I can testify to it. Are they truly saved?

Bible Believer said...

Sue B, I agree, conversations are growing boring. There's so much censorship. Leftists demanding their "cisgender" free days, and rightist everything's all right, I got mine, bragathons. I have to write about one online conversation I saw without using names.

Thanks KJVMom, thanks for your offer, for now we are okay. Thanks for understanding why I am under attack. We are going to be hated. I have lost a lot of people for just being who I am and what I believe, it makes the world kind of scary but I could not lie and could not conform to them. I am happy you have a good small congregation.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks for that verse, wow it says they "spy" on you. One concept I discovered was "gang-stalking", I don't have people following me or seeing street theatre, some of those people I believe are telling the truth but others could have some mental illness, but when you get a series of "fake friends" who seem very bent on INFLUENCE and wiggling in your brain, and getting all the information they can out of you, pretending to share same experiences it makes a person really wonder. With the wicked family the story is pretty convoluted too.

I am sorry you got some Jehovah Witnesses to deal with. I have these neighbors who were really friendly and no one told me they were Jehovah Witness but I just FELT it, does that make sense?. They did a "witnessing" to me right at my apt building and I guess I was ready for them and I said I could not become a Jehovah Witness because they deny the divinity of Jesus Christ, and I told them I don't celebrate Christmas and Easter either which shocked them and told them that Jesus Christ is God. They were polite and friendly but one told me, "you seem to know a lot about the Bible". Hey there's far better Bible scholars then me, I can barely memorize verses even, but a lot of people get sucked into these cults NOT knowing what the Bible says or seeing the phony versions of the Bible like Jehovah Witnesses have.

I agree Satan may have sought to lure you into a cult. Those things will happen. Some will throw stumbling stones as directed by the real spirit they follow. There are so many ditches that some of Satan's servants have tried to toss me into, it's not funny.

1 John 1:8 If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks anon, I am glad you do not think I am crazy. I put off even writing this one fearing people would think I had lost it. They are oppressing those who are speaking out. It grows tiring dealing with wicked people who lie so much. Yes I agree about the separating of wheat and tares. People are growing colder and do not care. It is frightening.

Be careful of those wanting to disciple, or help you with deliverance. Spiritual abuse can lie down that road.

I am avoiding all people who come with the attitude of wanting to "FIX" me. It is God's job to FIX us. Because I am low status in USA society and this place is so much bent on the "winners" with their false moral precepts, this can be bad for Christians in USA. Maybe it is better there was two of them because their fruits could be more evident to you. If they are true friends to you, I hope you can get them to see the error of their ways Janice. God bless.

I agree anon, it is between them and God. I told one of them, "It is not like I kept the Christian beliefs a secret." I erred showing them this blog but I suppose this blog made them more hateful and angry at me.

They were angry too because I told them a spirit that they said showed up to them in youth sounded like a false spirit. I can't be a liar, I felt that one in my very soul. This world is wicked, many of these people have put me to tears. We have to be cautious because the hatred and betrayal of so many can lead us to despair. I discovered a great betrayal with the person I discussed who died. Be careful of people too who even will say they are new world order aware but then tell you things like the elites formed "Christianity" [they did churchianity] and that the Christian religion is false. They can work on people. Years ago I confronted that lie when I was on a Prison Planet forum.

I was told that I was at a lower level of "understanding" by this latest "friend". They told me my mind was trapped in false Christianity but they didn't realize they were asking me to move into basically what is Theosophy. I've already been down that road. I told them what Theosophy was and this very intelligent person who even seemed to be a ton of IQ points above me, told me "I don't understand". Like a spiritual wall was there. I had no choice, you all have to know, I had to warn and tell the truth.

If anything when I became a Christian is when I was shown far more. I've been in the "esosteric" world, I studied that stuff for YEARS. I fear for some people who encounter people like that. I am talking genius people who are new world order aware see through the world system but then don't realize they are falling for the usual Luciferian lies. I am going to write on Astro-Theology and about those who claim the New World Order Made Up the Christian religion.

So they were trying to INFLUENCE me hard, and yes I agree about the white washed tombs and jealous. They hated Jesus and had the envy and jealously. Yes the Love of God needs to sustain us. Some of us may end up totally alone. I am almost there. Many on planet earth would say my life is a failure as I have written about. They are hurting people with false moral precepts and demands. I need to write about some of that. One thing that will happen to Christians is losing everything in this world. That means all the love and respect even of "friends", families, careers and more.


Bible Believer said...

Yes the anger and bitterness can be a trap, it is one I am having to fight. we have to be careful of that with these betrayals, realize what is fueling them from the top. The division has come to many of us already. I walked out of that last church hearing the praise of killing people in NWO wars. There are things we can't abide by. There is spiritual warfare in these betrayals. I know I have faced it.

I agree about the NPD/sociopath/reprobate world. These are consciousless people to destroy us. I have had some work hard to "destroy" me and my household. They bring sabotage, despair, torment, devaluation and blacken people's reputations. We have to avoid despair from betrayals. I am even praying for survival and protection all the time. There have been prayers I do not sin or go wicked myself from the evil I have been surrounded by.

God has told me I need to disengage totally with people who are all under the "spell" of narcissists and evil people who lie. [the lie I mention related to the deceased person was just one of their evil-doings] Society is working hard to destroy Christians emotionally and growing more oppressive. Even the growing "boring" conversations mentioned above is showing something about our society. I have one I departed from from within the family three years ago I can tell who does not plan to leave me in peace and I need more prayers.

I am praying for God to give me strength. One scary thing is we have to examine ourselves according to Him not according to how many hate us in this world.

Luke 6:22 King James Bible
Blessed are ye, when men shall hate you, and when they shall separate you from their company, and shall reproach you, and cast out your name as evil, for the Son of man's sake.

Soldier of Jah said...

Matthew 4:1-11

Even satan acknowledges and knows that Jesus is the Son of God.

Pharisees and scribes accused Jesus of claiming to be the Son of God and mocked him at his ressurection as such.

Anonymous said...

Dear BB. The world is becomin more wicked and cold. People with symptoms of NPD or being reprobate/wicked are increasing. I'm on the receiving end experiencing betrayal so I remember to get on my knees with his Word and pray to my strong savior (Psalm 140) for strength and wisdom in conducting myself. I am pretty much alone now. I keep getting tempted to go to the Calvary Chapel down the way but the last women's bible study i attended they spoke so highly og Greg Laurie. I know it's a false system but fellowship with true believers is something I miss. The in thing around here are these hipster churches that make me feel ill when I attend. Praying for you. You are a huge target making your persecution much more acute. Praying for God's strength and protection from evil. Psalm 142.

Anonymous said...

I Peter 4:12. Don't be surprised at the firey trials....instead be glad because these trials make yoy partners with Christ in his suffering and you will have the wonderful joy of sharing his glory.

Love you beb

Bible Believer said...

I agree about the world growing more wicked and cold. It is getting scary out there. The NPD reprobates and wax cold types are increasing. Having feelings now makes you a "bad" person. I meet some who are proud of their coldness and inability to feel or be "hurt". Sorry you have faced betrayal too. Yes I am alone except for husband and a few friends now and those friends are all long distance. Don't give in to Calvary Chapel. Maybe find an independent bible study without pastor involvement. That's what I have done in the past. You can get some truth out to people and maybe find some to fellowship with. Yes those speaking highly of Greg Laurie I would not fit in. The hipster churches are terrible. I am kind of surprised to have these wicked people even wasting so much time on me, but guess we should not be surprised at "trials" as the verse says above. I am no icon of perfection but definitely must be angering people in different venues. :/ Praying for you too to be protected from evil.

Anonymous said...

Dear BB, Having just found your website, and this article, I only want to say, you are not alone. The Most High has decreed that His people "come out of her", and it's a very lonely place out here, but He will never leave you.
Like so many have already commented, I, too, have lost pretty much all of my friends and don't associate with most of my family or neighbors. We moved into what turned out to be a very staunch strict catholic neighborhood, and as a former catholic it's heartbreaking to even try to talk to some of them.
May each one here pray for one's all we have, and it's all we need.

Bible Believer said...

Hi Julie, I must have forgotten to comment to you earlier. Thanks for saying I am not alone. I agree it can be a lonely place out there. Dealing with a Catholic neighborhood would be hard. I have tried to talk to Catholics and well it doesn't go so easy. Please pray for me thanks.