Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Was the Zika Outbreak Caused by Genetically Modified Mosquitos?

Have you heard about this Zika virus spread by mosquitos? It causes it's own illness but has been linked to the birth defect of microcephaly. This is a big deal, it means severe disabilities and retardation and it used to be extremely rare.  It's a pretty big deal with an entire nation tells all of it's women not to have babies for two years.  Sounds like more population control!

Was the Zika Outbreak Caused by Genetically Modified Mosquitos?

Some Believe it is the TDAP Vaccine that caused the microcephaly.

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Bible Believer said...

Check this out....


Anonymous said...

Matthew 24:19 And WOE UNTO THEM THAT ARE WITH CHILD, and to them that give suck in those days!
Here's more on the Zika Virus

FDA Debates Releasing Genetically Modified Mosquitoes In USA-Zika Virus Reported In Several states

Zika Virus The GM Bio Weapon I Warned You About 2 Years Ago

CDC Bio Weapon To Be Administered With GM Mosquitoes (2014)

Anonymous said...

Agree about population control. Typical about the name of depositor in comment link. My wife and I were discussing that the people that have money can leave, while others can not. - Don

Anonymous said...

I think it is weird how this just popped up in the news and in 2 days it was a worldwide epidemic. Are people this stupid.Sorry ,I really could not think of any other word.

Bible Believer said...

The first link, I have a screen shot of it on another computer, show where they have a patent for Zika. Name on the list is Rockefeller. Pretty obvious stuff, yeah the name of the depositor Don mentions. Yes the people with money can leave dangerous areas with this mosquito. I am curious how much of a territory it covers in America?

After Ebola, I know they have their hoaxes and fear campaigns. Not sure where this one is running. That's why I posted about some believing it was a vaccination and not Zika.

I had seen info on the GM mosquitos last year. I remember thinking NOW THAT IS A BAD IDEA.

Interesting concerning Matt 24:19, but then we know they love twisting bible prophecy to whip up fear for their hoaxes.

It does seem the very wealthy would be prone to "pin-headed" babies too. Why unleash a bio-weapon that could get you and your children too? This is one reason I don't trust this. Mosquitos can enter the compound of the oligarchs too. Even screens don't serve as a fix all. But then maybe they just plan to travel north where the mosquitos range doesn't reach.

By the way the lack of winter is bugging me. Health wise I benefit from it, but let's just say having a thunderstorm in the first week of Feb in my neck of the woods is UNHEARD of.

Not trying to be politically incorrect but those with microcelphy were historically given the cruel name of "pin-heads" and were used as "freaks" in the circus and as beggars in places like Brazil and poor third world countries. It is interesting to me they would have manufactured this sort of birth defect.

Thanks for the links to videos anon.

Bible Believer said...

I feel like this is a NWO spit in the face somehow. Would take more research. In my mind I am thinking of this creepy sickening comic I knew of in the 1990s called Zippy the Pin-head. It was like MK ultra land or something and most of it made no sense. I hated it even when I was a non-believer.


They can use the fear hoax or not, to limit births etc. I found myself wondering too what will be the ramifications of such a Catholic country like Ecuador basically saying use birth control for two years.

Anonymous said...

Get this new wrinkle.

There is an organization called "Women on Waves" that is offering women who are pregnant and have contracted Zika free abortions on their ship which is in territorial waters out of reach of the countries. Wonder how that will sit with the Catholic influence in these countries?

Now it is documented to have been spread from an infected person through sexual intercourse. Think of the implications of that!

It started with malaria, then dengue fever, then chikengunya and now Zika. Also, it is believed to be a risk to the general population and those with health issues who can contract Guillain-Barre Syndrone which causes paralysis and even death.

Some think it is an attempt at population control. I rather think it is to control the flow of world travel or destroy economies. Also shut down those who travel to those areas for humanitarian and evangelical missions. A big blow to the airline industry. The repercussions are endless. There has never been a vaccine for either dengue fever or chikengunya. If there is a vaccine for this, who knows what the side-effects would be?

The poor countries will get worse and their health conditions will get worse and the people will suffer.

An interesting point is that this is midwinter and mosquitoes are out in the rainy season which starts in late spring. Also, this variety feeds in the daytime and breed under beds and in closets and are much harder to eradicate.

Scott Wasinski said...

"After Ebola, I know they have their hoaxes and fear campaigns. Not sure where this one is running. That's why I posted about some believing it was a vaccination and not Zika."

There are some people that have done a lot more research than what you see in the headlines. Skimming headlines will always mislead you. This Zika Virus is just one more of many previous initiatives to acquire more control to the WHO so that in a state of emergency they will have the power to stick a needle (MK Ultra serum?) in all peoples, regardless of their personal convictions.
Here's some well researched information. These "baby deformations" are a lie.


Anonymous said...

Scott Wasinski, I doubt that these deformed babies are a lie to their mothers. To think that all of them are in on this and these babies are computer generated or something is ludicrous. Yes, the origins and the agenda behind Zika may be questionable, but let's keep our sanity!

Do you think Dengue and chikengunya are hoaxes also? I know people personally who have contracted these diseases and it was through mosquitoes.

I can believe that there is an agenda to overrule probation against abortion and force the issue. But these women and their babies are victims, real victims, not actors.

Lynn said...

Definitely worth examining, as it appears to address the more likely cause (and its attempted coverup) of microcephaly:

“It’s Not the Zika Virus” — Doctors Expose Monsanto-Linked Pesticide as Cause of Birth Defects
By Jay Syrmopoulos on February 14, 2016

[See article, and follow the internal links, at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/doctors-groups-deny-microcephaly-zika-connection-blame-monsanto-linked-pesticide-birth-defects/#YxJx10fVFIECmm5x.99 ]

From a link discussing the effects of mass-spraying with chemical poisons (having previously mentioned the treatment of public water with pyriproxifen which is known to cause the birth defects, comes the following:

"Brazil fumigates against adult Aedes using Malation, a carcinogenic organophosphorate
compound according to WHO. Paraguay acquired thousands of tonnes of clorpyriphos in
order to kill mosquitoes, although we know that clorpyriphos affects the developing
brain of foetus and newborns. In Argentina, vector “control” is carried out using
pyrethroids, which is a little less toxic but banned in Europe because of its effect on

For doctors in ABRASCO, the problem is that behind these decisions we find the World
Health Organization and the Pan American Health Organization, holding "Pesticides"
committees that maintain no dialogue with the environmental, sanitation and health
promotion committees. In these agencies, the committees prescribing the use and
regulation of the purchase of supplies for vector control for the entire world are
imperial. It is these agencies who convince and endorse the tendering processes for
national governments.(1)


Lynn said...


Chemical larvicide component indicated by the Brazilian Ministry of Health against Aedes may be related to the malformation

Published: 02/12/2016 23:55 Updated: 02/13/2016 17:19
Argentine researchers reported this week, arguments that point to the suspicion that a chemical known as pyriproxyfen, the larvicide used in water and recommended by the Brazilian Ministry of Health to combat the Aedes aegypti, can be directly related to microcephaly, according to the newspaper Zero Hora. The larvicide is produced by Sumitomo Chemical, a "strategic partner" of Monsanto, based in the US. It has been used in drinking water tanks since 2014 in Brazil, in areas with poor sanitation, such as the Northeast, the region with the highest incidence of microcephaly. The pyriproxyfen came to be used after the previous larvicide, temephos, proved ineffective against mosquitos. The Argentine scientists in the report questioned why other outbreaks of zika around the world have not been associated with birth defects in newborns. It is suspected there is another factor at play beyond the Zika virus in regards to microcephaly in that, in Colombia, three thousand pregnant women were infected, but no cases of microcephaly related disease have been recorded. "It's no coincidence" says the report on the malformations found in newborns of pregnant women who live in places where pyriproxyfen started to be used in the water. [Article originally in Spanish, and translated to English, w/ slight editing.]