Tuesday, February 2, 2016

For Duped Right Wingers Who Plan to Vote For Cruz


Anonymous said...

And who would they prefer? Rubio who is charismatic but is questionable? Unpredictable Trump? Right wingers (as opposed to left wingers) are simply folks who are trying to sort out things. Cruz appeals to Christians because he purports to share their values socially, morally and fiscally. Why label conservatives as "right wingers"? This is the way the leftists speak derogatorily about conservatives and sounds like a hit piece.

Heidi Cruz did work for a financial giant but resigned to avoid a conflict of interest. She is a Republican who served under a Republican president.

Cruz is more dangerous than the alternatives on the other side of the aisle? Give me a break.

The Christian should not get caught up in politricks. Yes, we are citizens of this earth and this country and need to vote our conscience as God leads. Then we will be duped by no one. Maybe a Christian will be led not to vote. But it is our duty to exercise our right to vote for the person who will most likely lead the country in a direction where our religious liberties are not taken away and we can be about our Father's business. We are to occupy until He comes. The Bible tells us to lead quiet lives and seek first the Kingdom of God.

Sadly, too many Christians are sucked into the "Christian nation" fallacy and don't see the world for what it is.

John Cole said...

18-Year Old Ted Cruz Explains His Future Aspirations In 1988


Anonymous said...

The Iowa caucus was a farce and the start of the vote count manipulation. Want proof, look at the polls then the results. Anon, good point about Cruz's wife as that tells a lot. As for Christians and politics; Matthew 22:20-22 - Don

Anonymous said...

The deck is stacked, always. The dice are loaded. The coins are fixed. No way to avoid globalism.

Even the "alternative" candidates like Ron Paul and now Rand Paul, are a set up, they are jesuit-influenced controlled opposition. They say some truth, but truth always sounds nutty to the masses, and thus, the masses laugh at the "alternative" candidates and then go even stronger in their support for the mainline candidates. Some trick, huh?

So the answer is to preach the Gospel, that people would be saved out of this fixed world.

Anonymous said...

I have to say, I do question why you seem to attack the right more than the left..
What about the duped on the left.. I always voted liberal. I can assure you liberals are not more giving or generous. I had all liberal friends when I got really really sick for years;and not one of them ever came to help me in any way. Not once did they bring me food or help me with anything. The bleeding heart liberal thing is a lie. And all those new atheist who go left will eventually find this out...
Jesus is the only way.

Anonymous said...

Plus this all seems like fake political theater anyway..

Bible Believer said...

Cruz worked for Goldman Sachs and Obama has ties with Goldman Sachs too. It's how all the parties work together behind the scenes. Try and see outside the right and left box.

Thanks for link John Cole.

I agree this is fake political theatre. Even on the left Bernie Sanders is serving a like role like Trump. They always bring in the populists or in Trump's case the more nationalist guy to open the door for the CFR globalist. I am trying to warn my husband even Sanders will never have a chance or will be co-opted. I do not support the LEFT either. If you search for the word Clinton on this blog it will be obvious. Yes the "alternatives" including Rand Paul and those types are controlled to the max.

I've been denied help by both liberals and conservative and have gotten it from both. The UU church when I was living just about in the gutter never offered a dime or piece of food for help. Here political demographics don't always point to whether someone has a conscience. Hopefully we can help convict them of the truth of the gospel.

I posted this yesterday knowing most "Christians" I know out in the world are running to Cruz, they got every camp in it's prescribed place.

Anonymous said...

Plus I know a lot of liberal men who are totally sexist and some even patriarchal.
I thought the Obama elections had some of the most sexist and hateful things coming out of the mouths of the left,both against Hillary and Sarah Palin. I can't even repeat what I heard. It was disturbing.
They are also always sticking up for Islam,which doesn't even make any sense because a lot of Islams values go counter to their values. They almost always claim to be rational and science based and yet they believe you can change your sex because it's in your brain.
Women have been fighting for ever to get the notion that they have a different brain out of the lexicon,because men used it to claim women were inferior. Now trans men are bringing it back in.
I have had anorexia in the past. I know what body dismorphia is. I know you can believe your body is one thing when it is not. And the media can drive these thoughts deeper into your psyche.
Liberals are as insane a the right.

Bible Believer said...

Liberals are just as insane too. {yes there are people of conscience in both camps who simply do not know better and are deceived} so I mean this in the sense that there is general insanity there too. Just picture San Francisco in your mind and other things like that. What kind of "feminist" is Hillary Clinton when she stood by a cheating husband for years and years? She had no shame in standing by a man who became known for being a cheater. Same for Islam. Somehow they don't get that Sharia Law isn't that nice to the "empowerment of women". That one never made any sense to me too. Islam is counter to their values. So when you see these inconsistencies, something is wrong. The changing the sex stuff has no scientific basis, a lot of psychology is voodoo science. I personally know someone [long distance friend] who almost changed their sex, backed out and then found an opposite sex person to marry legally and was relieved they never were maimed. Those are the real stories liberals will never tell. Oh the body dysmorphia they are going to town, I understand, it's difficult. I almost died due to some changes in my own body because science was ignored but that's a long story. Right now they are busy confusing the young people about gender. None of that is science or rationality either.

Anonymous said...

There are liberal Christians that will vote for the left because they only preach a social gospel.I've read comments sections where they are saying Bernie is more Christian than the other candidates. He would model a Christian society the way Jesus would want it!
Bernie is not a Christian ,he is an atheist...
I don't buy into the left right paradigm, but I live in a very liberal area and I get tired of the hypocrisy on the left..I'm sure if I lived in a conservative area I would get tired of the hypocrisy on the right!

Anonymous said...

As believers we need to approach the political process carefully and prayerfully. We have to distinguish the disastrous from the possibility of electing someone who will not undermine Christian values for the sake of our children. We know the system is corrupt. But we still must face the fact that we have can cast a vote and not just allow the chips to fall where they may. We can't expect a Christian president, but at least one who has a moral compass. It is a confusing world.

There are so many fake Christians or those who maybe are true believers but have been manipulated or deceived. The only way to tell if a person is a true believer is to look them in the eye and have an honest dialog with them. We can't do that with any candidate.

Many Christians opted out of voting for Mitt Romney because he is Mormon. That may have given ur 4 more years of what we now have which has not been good for believers.

Anonymous said...

The lie of Global Warming requires Global Government. A Globalist will never address Illegal Immigration or Tariffs unless it is brought to light by another, then join on the issue for votes and in office do nothing. Beware of Professional Politicians! - Don

Anonymous said...

I stood there in a Baptist church (with an Assembly of God p'astor) and was lectured by a deaconess concerning her belief George W. Bush as a strong, born again Christian. I dared to confess with my mouth that I did not believe our president at that time was a true believer and she let me 'have it.' How dare I offer an opposite point of view to her belief system and human idolatry?

These blind Christians have a tendency to believe every word that comes out of these politicians mouths, whether Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative as the gospel truth without examining the fruits of their lives. We see "the public performance of political candidates" with most to all of it staged like a Hollywood performance for 'best actor' or 'best actress.' We do not really know our political candidates, their lifestyles, their private affiliations, nor the true nature of their hearts so it becomes difficult to vote for the best candidate, or as in my case as I am always being told by those lord it over types around me, "vote for the lesser of two evils." Seriously, what if the two evils are one in the same?

And now, I am being told by so called conservative church going male types, that our country would have been better off if women were never allowed to vote, for they are the ones leading our country down the road of liberalism. Their claim is that women are trying to take over everything in this country......all the while waving their Bibles in my face.

Beginning to think many of these church going domineering types will love Cruz's desire to 'take over the world' or the mandates of Islam's sharia law.....perhaps they are one in the same.

Anonymous said...

We've been conned for decades by the right wing ~ Claiming to be Christian when they run for office, then proving themselves war-mongering greedy opportunists once elected.
If you want to know what they will do in office, look a their campaign donor list. That money comes with conditions.

Personally, I'm tired of our tax dollars used for war and tax breaks for the rich while our country is falling apart at the seams. They always have plenty of money for war, but plead poverty using the national debt when it comes to us.
It's time to put ideology aside and vote our own interests. Which of the candidates will funnel our tax dollars into roads and bridges, education and health care and funds for those in dire poverty?

So far as I see it, that would be Sanders.

Check fruit on those 'Christian' candidates, and it wouldn't hurt to dig around the roots as well. We all know from our own experiences in life that people aren't always who they claim to be. (Smarmy false preachers come to mind here.)

Voting party anymore is a losing proposition. Go with your gut.

God bless.

Warning.Church said...

Ted Cruz is part of the American Evangelical Christian Mafia Machine. We encourage all to do research on the Christian Mafia, read investigative journalist, Wayne Madsen's 2015 book titled "The Christian Mafia". Here is a short video we did on how Donald Trump ran into the Christian Mafia machine in Iowa.


Anonymous said...

Anon at 8:12 AM

Your thinking is exactly what the left wants. Do you homework on Sanders and see if God would honor that choice.

The only good thing I see about the man is that he seems to be honest - an honest leftist who makes no bones about what he stands for. He is not trying to deceive anyone. Anyone who supports his ideology is not a true Christian. The man is an atheist and a socialist. Think about it before making such ludicrous statements.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps all these false conservative leaders running are to get you to vote for Sanders.
He is promising so much, it's too good to be true and when something looks to good to be true it usually is.
Plus it is very suspicious that both the alternative media and the liberal media puff up Sanders, and the right wing media all infighting over all their candidates,put down Hillary but never say a word about Sanders..Not a bad word about him. I find that very suspicious, and knowing the media so should most people who visit this blog.
Not one bad word about Sanders.Think about it..So he is perfect..Com'on...

Luca said...

http://www.mediasetdistribution.com/finished/releases/detail.php?id=961 what do you think of this italian Tv Series?

Anonymous said...

So the American Evangelical Christian Mafia Machine is also known as "The Fellowship" or as BB has written about on here "The Family". You are right William, that was a lie that Ted Cruz pulled to take the Iowa Caucus. Watching NH. - Don

Anonymous said...

The first thing you should do is look at who Wayne Madsen really is.
Donald Trump has always been a democrat. How is he running as a Reblublican.. People need to think this whole thing out.
Besides it's a selection not an election. Our system of voting is by no means secure.

Anonymous said...

http://www.nationaldayofprayer.org/registration Check out the speakers and scroll to bottom then select the Honorary Chairman link (go through the past chairmans). - Don

Anonymous said...

The reason the Republican candidates don't mention Sanders is because his ideology is crystal clear whereas Clinton comes across as less of a loony-tune. Trump did say that maybe Hillary won't be able to run if she is indicted. That would leave Sanders unless someone else decides to throw their hat in the ring at the last minute. Who knows? Makes for interesting theater................

Sue Botchie said...

Dear Bible Believer, so glad i found your blog, and will add to my sidebar soon. for-real Christian bloggers are few and far between.

Anonymous said...

To Anon February 4, 2016 at 1:17 PM:

I have done my research on ALL of the candidates. Sanders is the only one that has stayed true to his beliefs, which squares with his voting record. I don't always agree with his positions, but I have to say that he is honest. That's a rare politician, and one I'm willing to support.

By comparison, the rest of either party are shady in their political and personal histories. And again, look at who their big money donors are. They're buying favors.

Last election, I could not believe Christians were supporting Romney. They had absolutely no idea who the man was, other than a right wing conservative who sounded a model Christian.
I used to be Mormon. What I could tell you about Mormonism would curl your hair.
For one, they are polytheist. For two, they expect to be gods of their own planets, and yes, the magic underwear rumor is true. They're not Christian, but boy did the Republican Party market him that way.
Do you believe God is pleased you voted for Romney? I'm going with no.

Your vote is your own choice, but do dig into their history before believing their promises. Don't take any of them at face value, because ours and our children's future depends on it.

God bless.

Bible Believer said...

What religion is Bernie Sanders? Isn't he a non-believing Jew? {I am thinking Reformed, Bernie Sanders reminds me of UUs, I should google if he has done talks at UU churches, I used to run into a lot of Reformed Jews who would attend UU services]

Nope he is not a Christian.

I tired of hypocrisy on both sides. I see it going to the same place.

People I care about support Bernie Sanders, but mostly because they see him as helping them in poverty, like a desperate, "keep me out of the gutter" plea. Sadly I see Bernie as part of the system too. Even the ones who get gung-ho about "redistributing" the wealth, the poor won't see dime or there may be a few less welfare cuts, but the main rot and globalism will spread.

I tried to tell them, Bernie, is just being used to get whatever CFR member they want elected. He's serving the populist channel right now to direct the financially oppressed in America into believing in the system and at the last minute, Bernie will step aside or lose, or be a running mate of the top coporatist war monger and globalist. That's how it always works. Trump is serving that role on the right, funneling the outraged right wing "populist" independents, "nationalists fever" as it were. Neither are designed to really win. Isn't Bernie Sanders a billionaire too?

Bible Believer said...


I don't see any of them who have a moral compass. Sorry.

The one's who spout off "Christian" language and "God" in one way are worse then that ones who are non-believers, then you get your sociopath in "Christian" garb. A wolf wearing sheep's clothing is a shade more evil then a wolf who has his full wolf pelt on display.

Romney helped start Obamacare so what real difference would there be?

Bible Believer said...

Yes they want global government. Remember Trump will issue edicts against illegal immigration but he is just funneling the energy of the alternative nationalist right, just like Bernie Sanders is funneling the energy of the alternative populist left.

I will be shocked if either of them win. Hey I am only human and could be wrong but that's how I see it for now.

Bible Believer said...

I listened to endless sermons about what a wonderful Christian GWBush was. I protested in my first IFB and I and the pastor discussed things, and worked it out but years later, I do not think I opened his eyes. We still have some contact and from what I can tell he still believes in the right/left paradigm although he would be on the edge of the alternative right but not quite ready to make the libertarian leap which well they are NWO run too. He is probably readying his vote for Cruz now as I write.

I remember when those years in the 2000s, I was saved in 2002, and even by then was warning people about the right/left deception. So few listened. I met only 1 or 2 new world order aware people in the real world, while far more online. Most were deceived. In the last IFB I left, the adherence to Republicanism was stronger. There were no alternative right types or NWO aware people in that church. They celebrated Ronald Reagan from the pulpit which gave me a severe stomach ache and then of course the love of war was paramount. I have never visited an IFB where there was not this love of the Republican party. Maybe there are some in other states but I am done with the IFB "system" for life.

Yes how can we know these politicians, many lie. We know the false right left paradigm is working hard to deceive and then we have the media with their endless lies and distortions.

Blaming it on the women, sounds like proud men scapegoating. Yes the Patriarch types all long for the days, I guess when the Southern Plantation owners ruled or something.....

Many of them love authoritarianism, locked down authority....[Sharia law works the same think about it, there IS overlap with the Taliban and Sharia Law and Dominionism and authoritarianism]

Some seem to dream of the Republic of Gilead, from Handmaiden's Tale. It's run just like the Taliban.

Bible Believer said...

Agree about the campaign donor list.

Both sides are on Goldman Sachs as the video shows. There's more corporations and powers that be like that. I'm tired of the endless wars too. I wonder if Zika has something to do with like Ebola for Africa did.

Yes plenty of money for war and to send overseas but when it comes to Americans they always claim the debt is high and the country is "broke".

I know people voting for Sanders. Trust me I understand those who want to vote for Sanders because of help for the poor and putting some money in America. My eyes glaze over when I hear Republicans going on about socialism when they are some of the biggest "technical" socialists there are with their bail-outs. I think some seem him as the new Roosevelt or something but I conjecture is, they would never allow him in. I think he's the only one who voted against the Patriot Act.

However he is part of the NWO too, and supports many anti-Christian things. [yes expecting a perfect Christian politician is impossible but I can't vote for someone like him in good conscience either]

He is in with the same NWO movers and shakers so don't be deceived that way. I know it's hard. My voting ballots full of blanks where I would show up to vote on local proposals during presidential elections got sad.

"Members of DSA, according to KeyWiki, include Bernie Sanders, Major Owens, John Conyers, Cornel West, Gloria Steinem, Quentin Young, Socialist Party USA Leader David McReynolds and the imprisoned Russian spy Kurt Stand. Their founder is Michael Harrington, a former adviser of Lyndon Johnson in the War on Poverty, whom formed the DSA in 1982 by merging his Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee with the smaller New American Movement. "

Bible Believer said...

Yes the mormons believe in being gods of their own planets, I did some Mormon articles if you want to do a search on Mormon articles on this blog. Please feel free to add some of what you experienced in the comments. Joseph Smith ripped off a lot from the Freemasons.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bible Believer.

I absolutely agree with everything you've said here as to politics and parties. My point was to say that out of all of them, Sanders is the only honest one in the bunch.
I also appreciate the fact that he will stand up and call them out on their lies in his debates. That does take some guts.

I see voting anymore as walking up to a buffet table and choosing the dish least likely to make you ill. I'm also rethinking the idea that it's a duty we are to perform.

I will read over your articles on Mormonism, and thank you for your work in exposing charlatans of all stripes. I am enjoying your past articles here as we speak.

Joseph Smith was a mason and it gets worse from there. Look at the images carved into the temples for a start.
There are also some youtube videos out there which show some of the temple ceremonies. They are authentic, right down to the aprons and chants.

Anonymous said...

To February 8, 2016 at 4:41 PM

You seem to think God was not pleased with a Christian who voted for Romney when he ran last election. Well, hello! Is the Lord pleased with the Christians who voted for our current President? The only other choice would have been not to vote which many Christians did because Romney is Mormon and guess what we got! Is God pleased with that?

This is a secular country - we don't vote for people because of their religion. It is a fallacy to think that a true blue Christian will ever make it to the White House without selling themselves to get elected?

Who did YOU vote for? Romney or Obama? Or did you not vote? You seem to be good at giving advice but short on solutions. We can't fight the global agenda, but we can support people who will at least give us a decent society and be less liberal and the horrible laws that have been passed and legislated from the bench by judges appointed by liberals.

And Bible-reading Christian knows that this world is not our home and this is only temporary. We have to reach as many of the lost as we can while there is still time.

I am fully aware of what Mormons believe. The voter has to choose the least offensive candidate and realize that none of them are the ideal. The only One Who can be a righteous ruler is the Lord Jesus Christ. The sooner we realize that the better. If we choose to go live off the grid somewhere that is not the answer. Some do that, but what does that accomplish?

Anon, again, I ask you - who should a Christian have voted for - Romney or Obama?

You don't seem to have a grasp on how the process works. We are citizens of this nation until even though our true citizenship is in heaven. Until we are in heaven, we need to come to terms on how God wants us to live on this earth and be proper citizens here. What say ye?

Anonymous said...

Anon at February 8, 2016 at 4:41 PM

Your analogy about voting and the buffet is a good one. But if we don't vote, it is automatically a vote for the worst of the worst.

Sanders is certainly as honest as any of them, but he is honestly deceived and wrong.
That does not make him viable. His proposals are getting some following because socialism is always attractive on the surface. I think he is Jewish but what variety I am not sure. Some of the branches of Judaism are extremely liberal.

I think we are responsible to make the best choice available to us, that being ones who do have some kind of moral compass about what is right and wrong for the protection of our children and other innocents who are harmed by liberal policies.
We know the ultimate goal is globalism, but we can't paint everyone with the same broad brush.

Anonymous said...

I just went to the library which is right next to the masonic hall. Guess what the cornerstone literally was. A cement brick or granite(?) with a compass stamped into it and whatever else is their symbol..
Jesus is the cornerstone..
They are spelling out their beliefs in stone..Literally..
I agree with everything you said about politics BB,period.

Anonymous said...

Very odd indeed that Sanders' wife is Roman Catholic while he is a non-practicing Jew. You would think that at least some of his liberal agenda would conflict with her religion that is against abortion. Strange bedfellows indeed.

Anonymous said...

I do not believe the words; politics and honesty are synonymous in any way, shape or form. Reflect back upon every political candidate and you will discover that all have spoken lies, even after elected as president, the lies continue. I believe this means Sanders, Cruz, Clinton, Trump, and all of the rest of them have already spoken lies, will continue to lie, and after elected president, will believe the American people love their lies......to say that Sanders is an honest political candidate is another lie.

Politics in and of itself is of their father, the devil, and we must not worship it as the golden calf nor consume ourselves with "making this country great again." This is not our priority as Christ believers and followers.

Anonymous said...

To Anon at 5:26 a.m.

You are correct about politricks.
You don't seem to grasp that we are living in a FALLEN world, where evil has free reign. As Christians we are to be IN the world but not OF the world. This can be difficult to sort out at times. We have to live here, work here and we are citizens of a nation while here on earth.

There are some candidates who are better than others. And it is our responsibility to pray for guidance to know how to cast our vote.

Sanders may be the only candidate who has some level of honesty although he is definitely wicked in his beliefs, a deceived man. The other Demo candidate on the other hand leaves behind a trail of lies. Both they are both bad for the country.

As for the GOP candidates, at least Cruz has a semblance of decency. One cannot go by a statement he made 30 years ago. It would seem that he is the best of the lot.
Trump has a foul mouth that should disgust any believer.

As Christians we are to be salt and light. If we simply withdraw into our own little world and live like hermits, that is only thinking of ourselves.

We have a responsibility to contribute what we can to society to give the best possible scenario. There is a difference between a socialist who believes in no absolutes and a candidate who does stand for absolutes and a better moral climate.

We have a secular government, not a Christian one.

Bible Believer said...

What is so decent about Cruz? His wife worked for Goldman Sachs, he has the same ties to the NWO movers and shakers as the rest of them.

Cruz wants to shove the poor in the gutter, advance the Middle Eastern wars and do more bidding of the globalists.

I just don't get why you think the guy is so great. Because he spouts off a few "Christian" sound words?

Have you read my posts on this blog about the false cultural warriors, all they have done is increase the police state and wickedness from the right!

Cruz probably even knows he will help Hillary or Sanders get elected. When the right wing, has a buffoon like Trump, and a smarmy teachers pet like Cruz as the non-choices and the powers that be are cooking the books for Hillary so actively against Sanders, maybe he is even in on it.

As for the socialist what's so great about a guy advocating complete and utter socialism for the bankers and megacorporations?

My eyes glaze over when I hear people use that term on the right. They are all socialists in one way, the money just gets redistributed different places.

Bible Believer said...

Sound should be sounding words.

I'd rather not vote then vote for a right wing dupe who is in with the bankers, what some refer to the Illuminati, but I call globalists, new world order, and that goes for sanders too.

With sanders I may be less likely to starve in the gutter for the short term, but I tend to vote on my conscience which means NONE OF THE ABOVE.

Bible Believer said...

I know we all live in the world but one reason we got such crummy candidates who are all connected, is because we are told well you gotta pick one!

No we don't.

Some of us see through the system. Don't you get they have already CHOSEN WHO THEY ARE PUTTING IN?

[I would put money on Hitlery but could be wrong]

Bible Believer said...

Cruz is such a bad candidate that to me, he is the MAKE HILLARY PRESIDENT candidate. Same for Trump.

Bible Believer said...

I agree they are all liars too. Lying is what makes one successful in politics.

Anonymous said...

So what are we to do as Christians? That seems to be the question we should be asking ourselves and seeking the Lord about.
Should we go live in a lead mine off the grid and become hermits?
The hunker down preppers are doing just that.
Does it do us any good to pray concerning the elections?
The Bible says we are to pray for our leaders in government.
How exactly do you think we are to do that?
I would be most interested to hear what others have to say about that.

Anonymous said...

From Anonymous 5:26 to Anonymous 11:50 concerning your undiscerning statement, "You don't seem to grasp that we are living in a FALLEN world, where evil has free reign."

Interesting analysis since you have no idea who I am or what I do for a living, let alone my belief system. I am a born again Christian following Jesus, and believing that my salvation rests only in Him, and not that of any man or woman. I personally do not know what it is like living the life of a hermit, but have had my share of participating in church politics as well as the secular political system, and yes, both have its share of workers of iniquity. There are times when those within the 501c. 3 church system are even more wicked that their secular political counterparts, both systems are fallen, indeed.

There seems to be a push here to paint Bernie Sanders with a coat of golden glaze as if he is the picture of purity, honesty, and truth. Like I said, I participated in the political system and can reassure you, dear friend, that there is no such thing as an "honest politician." Compromise is the name of the game within any political system which may include some truth mixed with a majority of lies.

I will not insult you as you have done so to me. What I will do however, is to encourage all of us to read, study and meditate upon the Scriptures more, for in doing so we will discover how Jesus, our LORD and Savior engaged with the government of His day, as well as the organized religious system of that time. Our Hope is not in any man, government, religious system, or corporate business structure, it is only found in Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Cruz has been endorsed by Kenneth Copeland and Mike Bickle, wolves seem to sharpen their teeth together as they prey on the sheep of Christ.

Anonymous said...

Re: Anon 5:26 to Anon 11:50 on February 13 at 7:10 p.m.

Perhaps you are unfamiliar with the blogosphere. No one knows anyone personally. It is an exchange of ideas.

I don't think I was insulting to you and there was no intention to do that. You judged me as "undiscerning". To one who cares deeply about the Lord and His truth that is very cutting.

Here is my quote about Bernie Sanders:

Sanders may be the only candidate who has some level of honesty although he is definitely wicked in his beliefs, a deceived man. The other Demo candidate on the other hand leaves behind a trail of lies. Both they are both bad for the country.

Where do you find any iota of painting him with a purity brush?

I referred to politics as "politricks" to show my disdain for the process.

Unfortunately it is the only process we have in this democracy to elect officials.
In Jesus' time there was a dictator and there was no vote. So we have to take the principles and apply them to our present day system. Jesus did not live in a democracy. Would our Lord vote today? How would He react as a citizen in a democracy? That is the question.

Every system here on earth is corrupt from government to Christian circles. It should come at no surprise to us. The Bible shows clearly that this has been going on since the Fall. We are now seeing an escalation.

I too am a born-again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ and I am doing my best to live for Him and further His gospel to the lost as opportunity arises. There is much confusion about people who proclaim Christ but then act like the devil.

My point is that we have no choice until the Lord calls us home to live in this society or whatever society we are placed. The dilemma we have as Christians is how to relate and honor our Lord and not compromise.

I maintain that as corrupt as the system is, there is still a choice between the better of the worst. And it is to our benefit to vote for the one who will make our society a place in which we can exercise our freedoms. Many people do not have any kind of viable choice.

Some would say it doesn't matter who we vote for. Well, all I can say is that 4 years under Romney, a Mormon, would have been better than the current situation. An administration under any of the GOP candidates would be better then under either of the Dems.

Anonymous said...

It would seem to me that as Christians the Bible tells us to do what we can to protect the innocent and that would be to vote against anyone who is in favor of abortion or anything that negatively affects children or the newborn, those who cannot defend themselves.

We have a dilemma on our hands now as to the status of the Supreme court. That should clearly show that it is important who is elected president, the one who selects those who decide the laws of the land. If a liberal is in office, they will choose someone who will favor abortion and other matters contrary to God's laws.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? It would be helpful to have some "iron sharpening iron" here.

Anonymous said...

It also seems to me as a Christian the Bible tells us to do what we can to protect the poor and disabled and that would be to vote against anyone who is in favor cutting social service programs.

The point is we can go on and on about justifying who to vote for and who note to vote for.

God told Israel to choose leaders who wise, experienced, and had understanding. Look up these candidates voting records. Check if these candidates had scandals. Check how much leadership experience they have under their belt. Don't believe the prepared speeches.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 2:32 p.m.

Just how to you propose to KNOW the candidates? Times in Israel were different. They could actually "vet" the leaders and know for sure about them. Today is an entirely different story. Let's face it. Honest men like Dr. Carson won't make it. He may be deceived as to his religion, but he does seem to be a man of values. He probably has the cleanest track record of them all.

Cutting social programs for the poor is far different from murdering life in the womb. That is murder. The other is bad, but not as bad as snuffing out life.

I think many Christians are confused and the sheep are scattered.

Anonymous said...


Both are murder. The republicans made huge cuts to medicare. A certain life support program was cut and now people are dying. We can go on and on...

Anonymous said...

A fact check here, both Congress and pastors of 501c 3 churches are not required to pay Social Security taxes like the rest of us. Special privileges of the elite I guess.

Does satan know the difference between a republican or a democrat?

How about our Lord and Savior, Jesus? Would He be a republican or a democrat...and would he endorse any political candidate just like the false preachers and teachers do in the U.S.A.?

Seriously, I cringe when I hear political candidates speak Christianese, then lie through their teeth and actions.

Anonymous said...

I think it bears mentioning here as well as on another thread.
Glen Beck is taking up for Cruz and going on a fast and encouraging others to do so.
He is also going to appear on the campaign trail on Cruz's behalf. Really? A Mormon? If Cruz wasn't wearing his Christianity on his sleeve and using it to garner votes, then okay from a strictly conservative standpoint.

Glen Beck has called Trump a narcissistic sociopath. Frankly, it takes one to know one.

Anonymous said...

P.S. To answer your question, would Jesus be a Republican or Democrat. Well, as a Christian I don't identify with either. However, I do identify with the values of one over the other. One at least have some semblance of decency while the other is pure wickedness. One is better than the other, but not every individual of the better party is necessarily representing the values of the party.

For example, the Republican platform is prolife - the Democrat the opposite.

They are not perfect, but they are better than the alternative.

I don't think Christ would be political or even get involved with politics, but I do believe as a citizen in a democracy He would vote for the ones who would bring about the least amount of evil. A vote uncast is automatically a vote for the worst one. You don't have to get involved with politics to vote. Just listen, pray and as God guides, cast your vote. It may seem like a useless exercise at times, but it is a privilege that many people in other parts of the world would cherish having.

Anonymous said...

Blogger, based on the comments here, please do an article on the history of the religious right and how it was created.

Anonymous said...

Last anon, I really think that BB has quite adequately explained about the "Religious Right" and that those who follow her blog "get it". We don't need a history lesson. We are just trying to sort out the issues and determine what we as citizens of this country should do in the current circumstances. I think I can reasonably speak for others here that we are not members of the "religious right" and are not falling for their line.

The answers are not always clear but and we need to share our thoughts with each other and this blog gives us opportunity. We get the drill. We want to serve our Lord Jesus Christ and we are fully aware of the fake dominionist rhetoric and we don't buy it. But speaking for myself, we are somewhat conflicted as to what exactly is our duty to represent Christ in this world, how to be in the world but not of it.

Anonymous said...

You call yourself a Christian and you don't what your duty is to represent Christ in this world? He sent the Comforter to teach us all things and to bring all things into remembrance. We are to preach the gospel to every creature. We are to love Him and follow His commandments.

Anonymous said...

Last anon, you have no quarrel with me. Yes, I am a born-again Christian who believes that every believer is to represent Christ in the world. I do believe it is a priority to preach the gospel to every creature and follow the Great Comission given by our Lord Jesus Christ. We are to seek to honor Him and glorify Him in all that we so. We are to be salt and light to a dark world.

I also believe that we are to love one another. It sounds to me like you have an attacking attitude. I don't understand your hostility. We should treat each other with respect and use kind words.