Monday, February 29, 2016

Dark Act to Outlaw Labeling GMOs

The Destruction of Our Food and GMOs

Hillary Supports GMOs

Sadly I don't see most of the senators helping but this is an act they are pushing through very soon.


Anonymous said... Scroll down to funding. - Don

Bible Believer said...

Sigh, hard to get an unbiased resource on anything...

William Sculley said...

GMO's have been with us ever since we started breeding. A GMO is literally anything that exists because of human tampering with the genes by breeding, among other methods. Corn, before the Native Americans got hold of it, consisted of small, rough husks that had a small number of tasty seeds. Then they selectively bred the largest and sweetest plants to make them larger and larger. So by definition, all corn, no matter how organic, is GMO. All dogs, as well, except for wolves, are GMO's.

We haven't been able to escape GMO's for 8000 years. The hype around them now is just a result of the lack of education in our world.