Sunday, January 17, 2016

New Lawsuit Against Bill Gothard

New charges allege religious leader, who has ties to the Duggars, sexually abused women

Ten women on Wednesday filed a lawsuit against Bill Gothard, who for decades was a major force in the conservative Christian homeschooling movement, charging him and leaders in his ministry with sexual abuse, harassment and cover-up.
Gothard, who urged Christians to shun things like short skirts and rock music, is accused of raping a woman. The same woman says she was raped by one of the ministry’s “biblical counselors.”
The lawsuit is part of a battle between dozens of women and the Institute in Basic Life Principles, which was until recently an influential homeschooling ministry, and its charismatic leader Gothard, who urged Christians to focus on their “biblical character” and have large families. Gothard has never been married.
Gothard, 81, resigned from the ministry in 2014 after more than 30 women had alleged that he had molested and sexually harassed women he worked with, including some who were minors.

The whole cult is rotten to the root. No mystery then why the Duggars themselves have sexual abuse in the family and I think only the tip of the iceberg has been exposed so far.


Christsfreeservnt said...

I think, if the truth be told, we might find that this is much bigger and far reaching than we could imagine. I can personally attest to the fact that this kind of stuff goes on within the church and among (coming from) the leadership. I have been in Christian ministry most of my adult life (I am 66), and have worked as a church secretary at several different churches over the years. I think the problem has gotten much worse in recent years, or else it is just being exposed more. I can't help but feel that, with all these pastors having private internet access in their offices, and oftentimes with little to no accountability for their whereabouts, that this has only intensified and increased over the past 20 to 30 years. I believe, from what I have read, that there is a high incidence of pornography addiction among pastors, so it only stands to reason that inappropriate behavior may follow suit.

Anonymous said... And of course
I have need to mention the SUN symbol in the christianity today logo. - Don

Anonymous said...

There was this family I knew that was just rude from dad to mom to most of the kids. It was hard to fathom that a family that claimed the name of Jesus, could be so unloving. There was another spirit at work in most of them. It sure wasn't the Holy Spirit.

And then the dad said to us, "we are a Bill Gothard family, we follow his principles". We haven't seen them in a couple years. I'd love to run into the dad to just be able to say, "how's that Bill Gothard thing working out for you all?" :)

Bible Believer said...

It's not just Rome that has the perverts in the pulpit, it does seem rife through out the whole wicked church system. I had the thought the other day, that pulpits are actually more attractive and likely spots for narcissists and sociopaths to end up. They are charismatic, they clean up well, they are not nerdy, they know how to get the cash, they are not shy and they speak well and like attention, so probably the position of pastor actually draws a higher number of them and think how the perverts, would desire a position where they are never questioned. I dare say that the personality qualifications for the job, actually set things up for the worse men to be drawn in. It is true they have free time, less accountability and aren't punching a time clock so there's more free time for mischief. With pornography, it definitely twists men's minds. I wouldn't accept a husband having any of those magazines in the house. If teenagers see that stuff too young, it turns them into perverts. Probably what happened to Josh Duggar along with other sex abuse.

Bill Gothard's refusal to marry and seemingly "celibate" life seemed unnatural too, which pointed to more funny business going on. Honestly I am surprised it's girls he went after. But maybe we will find out young men were in the mix too one day.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks Don, yes they have the SUN symbol right in their logo. Wonder what the difference is in the ones who go for the Saturn symbol as opposed to the Sun symbol?

Bible Believer said...

Not surprised to see a mean and rude Dad follow Bill Gothard. I think his cult is attractive to wicked men who want full reign over their children and adult children and wife. It's strange to see people who should no better going to run for a PRIEST that will make more rules not only for church attendance and not being able to eat fish on Fridays during Lent but even more rules for their own household. I realize I was surrounded by Quiverfuls and Gothardites, though it was only merely hinted at the Calvary Chapel I visited and the last IFB. One family had 12 children in the last IFB and were held up as the church's standard.

Anonymous said...

Saturn is Lucifer and the Sun is enlightenment, so both are illumination. Jeremiah 10:2 - Don