Monday, January 25, 2016

Inside the Lucis Trust

None of this surprises me, it looks like your typical Unitarian-Universalist church library if there is one in a particular UU church.  Well Theosophy forms a lot of undercurrent beliefs for UUs and yes all those philosophies and "religions" do marry together in Theosophy. Never seen that type of flag before, with the five pointed star, wonder what is behind there? I don't know much about the videographer. 777 is usually an "insider marker". So posting this for information and not endorsement.

From the Book "Introduction to New And Alternative Religions in America"


Anonymous said...

Hello BB,
From: Roy

Mr. Chris Hudson or The Forerunner 777 is Seventh-Day Adventist. "Present Truth - by Chris Hudson" -

Mr. Hudson is just like his fellow "brother" SDA Adrian McQueen of "Even At The Doors" channel on Youtube -
"EvenAtTheDoors" -

Anonymous said...

Here is a good interview; - Don