Friday, December 25, 2015

They are the same as the Westboro Church.

A Satanic group was granted permission to do a "ceremony" on the Michigan Capitol steps. This is the group, the Satanic Temple of Detroit led by Jex Blackmore [Max Black] that has been going around doing different publicity events such as "unbaptisms" and unveiling a Satanic statue.

Remember when I posted about Westboro Baptist Church and asked if they were fakes to deceive? Well I have the same questions and thoughts about this group.  The Westboro church leader died recently, I'm not sure if that has led to them falling off the radar yet or not.

Lawmakers by the way approved of the Satanic religious display in 2014

This year, they were approved for saying "Hail Satan" from the Michigan Capitol building steps. I did not embed the video but here's my warning:  In the link that leads to the video, they "Hail Satan" and do ceremonial 'theatre" actions in it.

How much you want a bet if someone wanted to be approved to go preach the gospel of Jesus Christ directly from those steps, they'd be turned down?

This is religious theatre meant to deceive the plebes. Do I believe these people are "actual" Satanists? Some of them probably do dabble in the black arts but I see them as a "religious theatre troupe." The leader has claimed he does not really believe in Satan and has the goal to stop all political religious displays. Of course the heightened outrage will give more attention to the "culture wars".

Well look at this blog, I've warned about the real Luciferians for YEARS. Real Luciferians are angels of light, they aren't wearing black and plastic horns to scare your grandma. This group is being used for the religious and socio-political angle all over the country. Whose financing all the travel and more?


Anonymous said...

There are two types of satanists though, atheistic and theistic. Anton Lavey was an atheistic one. They do believe satan to be but a symbol.

Bible Believer said...

Yes this is true about Anton Lavey. I think the founder of this group follows in his footsteps with those beliefs.

Anonymous said...

Hi Galatians4blog :) I enjoy your posts.. Thank you!
I think this Satanic spectacle is a manufactured "Hollywood" portrait of "ooh-Satan worshipers" by a culture that flaunts it everywhere and then pretends it looks like this (not JudeoChristianity, not Christian Zionism, not AIPAC). Yes it's true "Do what thou will"... also, "I'm a proud American, let's nuke 'em". It took me a long time to realize that Westboro was performance art by the Usual Suspects.

God Bless You!