Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Go to College [Before the Bubble Bursts?]

This one is sad. Why are they so focused on advertising college? There's been rumblings of Obama pushing state-paid community college. I've mentioned this before but the college bubble where people realize the degrees and extensive student loans are not paying off will be bursting soon one day. How many college degreed people does one need in a world where there's less and less middle class jobs. This goes along with the news, that the middle class in America is now no longer the majority. I have told young people to rethink the automatic college direction. Sure some fields you have no choice but to go but then one wonders if they will require a bachelors one day just to run a cash register?

College Conspiracy


Anonymous said...

Debt slaves for life, that is the goal.

College to get a janitor job? Maybe. They'll check your "education", and references, and Facebook wall, and eliminate virtually everyone from getting any job (not to mention the jobs replaced by robots).

And then everyone will be forced to be on government assistance, and the end result is the mark of the beast.

Bible Believer said...

The job system is failing. There's no more middle class jobs. Even doctors are being driven out of business with Obamacare. The local radiologist firm is even going under as the radiology readings got outsource to India. I hate how they keep pushing the false promise of college as the ticket to middle class security. It's a lie. If anything someone with their own concrete practical skills in a trade they can outsource is far better off but even there they have circled the licensing wagons and more. Jump through endless hoops, just to make a living and even then be told no.

The job system has become a weeding out system. Get a little bit "too old" or a few health problems or a disabled spouse because they costs the health insurance too much you're out for good too. Don't blame the one's on assistance, don't say you do, but yes they are setting up the system of control. The student loans for mostly useless degrees, are making people debt slaves for life. The jobs they supposedly "educate for" simply are not there. I often ask why do people have to go to brick and morter buildings and pay someone tens of thousands of dollars to teach them things now easily found on the Internet? [sure some practical fields have labs, like science or auto mechanic school] but the majority of degrees aren't like that.

Bible Believer said...

Some entrepreneurial types thought the internet would change the way college is done, but the system is too entrenched. Many making money hand over fist, problem is, it seems the young will see their older brother or uncle or aunt and sister living in their parent's basement with their student loans and start asking if it's worth it.

Anonymous said...

I think it is more about the programming. They teach, but it is not to think for yourself and definitely not the way of truth. - Don

Anonymous said...


Over here in England, we have a similar situation where those who are graduating cannot find work or if they do, they are menial work jobs or what they did to pay their way though University.

I went to University and no way am I working in a professional job. Instead I spend most of my days job searching completing applications for jobs that do not exist (agencies post up fake jobs) and up to five days applying for ones that do exist only to be turned down. This has been my life for the last five years. now have gum issues, and have lost weight. I once managed to get a job only to be told that they will only accept paid work references and not ones from my voluntary job.

I could go and on - (the student debt still outstanding over 10 years) but you get the message.

And nobody wants to discuss the issue over here. I am told constantly by my church pastors that I can get a job and that the economy is blooming yet why are 3 million people unemployed and everyone I have spoken to unemployed do want to find work so it is not laziness. These guys have experience, qualifications and are very friendly.

If I was a parent of today with teenaged children, I would encourage them into entrepreneurship at an early age perhaps selling homemade bracelets on e-bay at 8 or whatever and volunteering for a youth charity thoughout their school years, then once they find a job, only study part time for their degree and not full time. You only need a small amount of money £5000 a year for that and this is via distance learning. I still agree with college though just make sure you have your kid start working at a very young age.

And you know what, sometimes I hate myself for feeling that you are a nobody if you do not have a degree or a job. I have to keep on convincing myself that having your salvation is the most important thing because the world likes to guilt trip people into believing that they are failures because they are not Mr Bigshot of the universe. Jesus once said what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world, yet loses his soul. this is what I chew on.

Bible Believer said...

I agree, its about the programming Don. They want butts in seats for that. They don't care about preparing them for life or giving anyone practical skills.

Bible Believer said...

Sorry to hear things are going badly in England too Sally. Yes its like that here, hatred for the disabled, and no real jobs in the paper, we have the fake jobs.

My husband hasn't had a real job in years, he has to do freelance, basically piece meal work that pays about equal to minimum wage. He has health problems and well once he hit a certain age, in his field they start cutting you off and out. It can be a stressful way to live. He works all the time but the pay is very low.

Before I got sick, I pieced together 4 jobs at a time. I was turned down for better jobs due to some health issues when young. They write a lot of stupid rules even here, like companies refusing to hire the presently unemployed. The whole thing has become a "weed out" system.

If I had a young person, I would want to tell them to go the entrepreneurial way, and work for yourself and don't be dependent on a JOB, 'just over broke'. Jobs can be taken away and lives destroyed by a wicked man or woman behind a desk. The person who took away my husband's last job in 2007, [told him, "youre not a good fit"--actually he had a good review just one month earlier, and I think they threw him out because of my medical costs on the health insurance] basically ruined our financial life on this earth for good. He was let go within a week of the three to four month period where I went on his supplemental insurance. We were pushed into poverty AGAIN. We had gotten out of very severe poverty into the working class just 9 years earlier and were shoved back in again quite quickly though our level of poverty now is not as bad as it was before. Nope, no one can't depend on jobs anymore.

Bible Believer said...

So sorry you have gum issues and have lost weight. I am old enough that student debt was not so much of a problem, but I know young people are being buried under it now. I read somewhere where they admitted it is now impossible to work your way through school which basically says you have to go into debt or else. I have told young people I know to do Vo-Ed in high school to get a basic job to support themselves when they get out but many are given the "college dream". I bet the Vo-Ed people who were made fun of in my high school all went on to much more financially secure lives but of course financial security isn't everything.

Yes the church pastors are clueless. I'm going to write more about how it is to be poor in the churches now, but they all follow Republican politics here, where they look down on people like us. I felt like my husband who has caretaking responsibilities towards me was looked down on for his style and level of work. I left of course, I am done. I think if someone goes to college they need to be cautious and go into something there will be work in it. Something they cannot outsource or a computer make obsolete.

My own family rejected us over our poverty but they are wicked sorts who have been blessed by this world and then some. So I am sorry you have gone through this too. We struggle with feelings of not belonging anywhere too. Working class in your 30s is a lot easier then destitute class in your 40s and 50s.

I have been praying to God too, and don't know why God wants me in this position sometimes. we do get worn out. I look to the book of Job. My faith would have been destroyed if I was one of those "best life now" Christians who expect endless blessings in this world, I do think God has blessed a very poor woman with computers and internet hook up for a reason though. I do struggle because I have been called a failure too. In many USA circles, illness and other challenges don't matter. I know many who have been called failures just because people behind desks didn't want to give them a chance. We are college educated and the snobbery we have encountered has been horrifying. We are seeing even poorer people and weak and vulnerable treated worse and worse.

I know people who sold their souls for money. This world system will chew people up and they do sell their souls all the time to fit in and for the good jobs. People will do wicked work for their jobs too. I pray things get better for you.

Anonymous said...


Thanks For your kind words BB and I wish the best for your husband and the many others out there of the faith who have not given up on God.

I have noted your comments on your husband. There are people over here, who have over 20 years experience within their field and two degrees and were responsible for 29 people in one department yet they cannot find work after being made redundant from the company they worked for for over 20 years. They are being told that they are 'too over qualified' for the roles and they just would not 'fit in'. For them the two options are either work for less than one third of their previous wage or being self employed. One lady I heard of is now working for an 18K salary instead of 40K.

As for the snobbery you have encounted. Really sorry about that. The love of many will wax cold. I am seeing a lots of people begging on the streets where I am. They come to poorer areas like mines because people will give them money. Never wealthier areas.

Some churches out here do help out but churches like mines do insist that being poor is a mentality problem and that you can do something about it. They take tithes and seed offerings. Why do I still continue to go because they are ever so positive and you just want to believe that it may work.

In terms of the people that view us with disdain and reproach. I guess it is easier for them to be mean and apathetic as they are in their cushy jobs. but yet I can see that in their eyes that fear, that deadness that one day they may lose it all. They are trapped in a constant circle of remaining employable by courses and pro bono work and it is a nightmare. You are expected to study, study and gain more experience just to keep on working or else you will be out on your rear and then 'it is all your fault' as society teaches you. It even extends to wickedness such as being pally with your heathen boss who keeps a copy of the church of satan bible in his drawer, loves to slander people, watches porn and treats his girlfriend like rubbish. I encountered this at one work place and did not suck up to this guy, so when the culling came, I was out on my ear.

My only consulation is that one day all of us will have to stand in front of God and give account for the way in which we treat others. Jesus said do not hate the poor or despise their maker. Perhaps you should remind these people in your church about this.

Anonymous said...

"The job system has become a weeding out system...."

BINGO! That is exactly what it is today. (except if one is a part of the GOBN)