Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas and Sun Worship

Praying for everyone today. Christmas is celebration of the winter solstice, when the sun "comes back" and the days grow longer in winter.  It is sun worship to the core. The false church sun-based calendars rule the churches. I didn't realize Santa wore a Phyrgian Cap like Mithras but it doesn't surprise me. I don't agree with the "sacred name movement" name for Jesus in this video. My warnings about Christmas are all over this blog. I don't regret warning people against Christmas. My stance against Christmas has grown stronger.


Anonymous said...

Good morning- soon after I awoke this morning I thought of you. A lonely day- I thought- I am not . at least. the only one who is not celebrating Christmas- (the rest of my family is) I stayed home alone/ God bless you-

Bible Believer said...

Thanks good evening to you now. It helps me to know too I am not the only one. I had my husband with me today but he isn't bothered about Christmas and me not celebrating it. I know that has to be hard to stay behind home with everyone else celebrating it. It can feel like a strange day, that is for sure but it's better we know instead of those fooled by the Christmas delusions.

Anonymous said...

Hi BB,

Yes, I basically agree with this video about Christmas, and with all of the accouterments of Christmas being of pagan origins. So I attribute no Biblical significance to this tradition. What is left for me is a time to get together with friends and family. Some are Christian and some are secular. I have explained to both groups why I disagree with this tradition. I only participate as a time to get together with loved ones. In my family of origin, two of my brothers, and their spouses, also disagree with the tradition on Biblical grounds. This year one of my brothers decided not to have a tree. His 20 year old son got mad and erected a stuffed animal dressed in a Soviet Marxist flag surrounded by fir branches! It was the son's way of protesting his father's refusal to engage in the non-Biblical tradition. I thought it was funny!! (And I am praying for my nephew.)

In Christ Alone my hope is found said...

Hey BB, this day has an awkward to feel to it now for me....this year I'm working on Christmas Day at the fire dept...I still can't escape some of the festivities as families of other firefighter show up wishing merry Christmas, my response being, "hope you have a nice day"...not knowing what else to parents don't talk to me and so I don't feel the pressure on that side of the family but my wife's parents still celebrate and think it strange we don't...I feel like I just want this season of holidays to come and go quickly now...even eating dinner at the fire dept tonight felt strange as this was their Christmas dinner...we always eat every meal together as a crew and I need to eat so I figured it would be okay for me to do that...still, I felt like it may have been food offered to idols, in a sense....BB, I feel so weird, like the more I know about the Lord the less I fit in...i feel bad for my kids, I feel like, and I'm ashamed to say this, not meaning it truly, that the Lord keeps taking away from us....and doesn't substitute....I feel the more I know the Lord the less I want to do certain things. But how do I show my kids...they are young, naive, they just see a holiday and other things kids get to do and not fully understanding why they can't...I teach them and show them and we watched videos on Christmas, Halloween, Easter but I'm just not sure or don't know if they really understand...I'm afraid my two girls will never meet a man that will feel the same way we do about the holidays, about the truths of the world in which we now live....I hear Christmas music playing all day at the fire station and it brings back's very difficult time and maybe it will get easier to overcome these thoughts....I use to love the holidays so much and the traditions I see bring back happy memories and now I have to try to somehow reject these happy thoughts, keep the music and words from playing in my head when I hear it on the radio while others play it and all the while convince my kids and wife and family that we are doing this for the Lord...please pray for family and I as we learn to let go of our Idols and walk with the Lord...this road is only getting more difficult as we learn how to offer our reasonable sacrifice...thanks BB, hope you had a nice day...will be praying for you too..

jon cramer said...

Had a wonderful day with wife today and enjoyed it by not celebrating Christ's-mas. It is nice not to be bound up by celebrating the pagan holidays and experiencing all the pushing and shoving in the stores. yes sir it was a wonderful day.

Christsfreeservnt said...

My husband and I made the decision several years ago now to stop celebrating Christmas. We had been cutting back for years, doing away with parts of it little by little. We never did do the Santa thing, though, not even when our kids were little. We have 4 married children and their spouses and 12 grandchildren, so it was a tough decision to tell them we were no longer going to celebrate Christmas. The 2 of us spent the day alone, well the whole weekend alone, really.

So, what do you answer people in public when they tell you "Merry Christmas"? Do you say "Thank you," because you know they are saying what they think is kind? Do you ignore them? If there is time, I do tell people we don't celebrate Christmas. Some people don't like that at all, and some feel you are doing something sacrilegious because they think you don't celebrate Jesus. I try to tell them I celebrate Jesus every day.

The Lord gave me this writing on this subject 3 years ago:

Bible Believer said...

Hi thanks anon. There's no biblical foundation to any of the traditions. Even the nativity scenes which one could say are based on the Bible I believe break the second commandment. Yes I understand getting together with friends and family and sharing meals. I am glad you have been able to explain to both groups why you do not celebrate. I have told many friends, and well I no longer have a family but even there, my beliefs about Christmas were not understood years ago. My husband is accepting, but then he is so busy focused on working [freelance doesn't follow M-F 9-5, he's home but working] and caretaking responsibilities, "holidays" are barely on his radar.

I am glad you have brothers and other relatives who are awake to the truth. I will pray for your nephew too. Wonder if he listens to Fox news, with the Soviet Marxist angle on the stuffed animal. You know all that "defense of Christmas" stuff.

InChristAlone, it's okay to eat the food but yes understand why you feel that way. Working as a firefighter you will be surrounded. I couldn't avoid Christmas music and other things in stores. We still live in this world. Yes many will consider you strange for not celebrating Christmas, I've been there. I don't have contact with many of my Catholic relatives who would be horrified at my rejection of Christmas.

I understand you feeling weird, I struggle with those things too. I don't fit in at all anywhere it seems. Not that people are mean to me but I'm not being drawn close. I can't enjoy the things they simply don't think about or take for granted. I know having children this would be more difficult. yes you don't want them to think you are ruining their fun and that is it. I am glad you explained it to them and I will pray too. The pressures of this world can be tough. It took me years to break away from Christmas, when I became a Christian, and I understand those feelings of melancholy and you hear the music, and rest and sometimes feel alone in it all. It was hard for me seeing pictures of people's happy gatherings and Christmas trees and presents and some thoughts snuck in about people seeing me as an old fuddy-duddy who is not very fun. What else can we do knowing what these holidays represent? We are responsible for what we know before the Lord. I am glad you are trying to teach your family and help them understand these things. So few doing that. God bless you.

Jon, I have relief too not having to worry about the shopping and more. I used to make gifts because I could not afford them and it was a great strain, sometimes I would buy things at thrift stores. I have seen people literally crying over the financial and social pressures of Christmas. These are some things not talked about. Many people who cannot give the presents and more feel very bad.

Christsfreeservt, I am glad you stopped celebrating it too. I spent the day alone with my husband too. We are very isolated here, considering moving because of the social isolation but am glad we had each other for the day and know there are others who are alone. So do all your married children still celebrate it? I know its tough.

With people in the world, I usually just nod and smile when they say Merry Christmas or say thank you. I'm not going to win anyone over being rude. I have told most friends I don't celebrate Christmas. I will say Happy New Year or something like that. Yes some think you are against Christianity or something, it's tough. Good blog writing, I agree about Satan equaling Santa Claus. He gets top billing and yes "jesus" is presented as a helpless baby in the manager. I have written here Jesus has no birthday as an eternal being. Yes He came to earth and was born, but we were never told to celebrate His birthday. Eternal beings have no beginning.

Christsfreeservnt said...

BB - Yes, all four of our married children, their spouses and all 12 grandchildren celebrate Christmas, so that makes us the odd ones out this time of year. I think it is harder on them than on us, though, because we had celebrated all their lives up until about maybe 5 years ago. Every year up until we made that final decision, for maybe another 5 years or so, I kept asking myself why we do this, and what it really has to do with Jesus Christ. I found myself growing more and more discontent with what was fashioned as a celebration of Jesus' birth, but I saw so little of him actually being even acknowledged. The Lord kept encouraging me to Biblically search it out, and so I did, and my husband and I talked about it together, and together we made the decision, and I don't think either of us regret it. Sue

Anonymous said...

Matthew 10:36 And a man's foes shall be they of his own household.

My Narcissistic Family cannot part with Chris-Mass.They want their bread and circus and you better wish them a "Merry Christmas", Damnn-it! My Catholic Mom says to me, "You can keep Jesus in Christmas, just don't do the commercial presents". Ugh! Everybody in my household just loves the commercialsm of Santa with new iphones and stuff from Daddy, yet they want no part of the Gospel message and to turn away from their idols. I tell them about Christmas stemming from paganism Babylonian sun worship and all I get is a literal "FU". :/

Bible Believer said...

Yes that's tough Christsfreeservnt, I will pray. I am glad you are an example to them and hope they wake up. Yes because it has been just the last 5 years it make take them time, hopefully one will investigate and be open to the truth about why you left Christmas behind. I am glad you and your husband don't regret it. God bless.

Bible Believer said...

Anon my family is narcissistic too. They rejected the gospel, and well if I brought up not celebrating Christmas, they would have cussed me out too with full F bombs as well. One relative mocked me over discussing bible prophecy and I have not been to the sociopathic matriarch's house and walked completely since I [and others]was forbidden in an email sent to the entire family not to speak of "God" or "religion". Division came quick for me when I left the Catholic church and worsened after I became a Christian. Consider going 'no contact" with them--bible says to depart from the wicked, I walked on from mine, it is a very long story, and I was dealing with full blown reprobates and a very complex story but God had to give me strength to walk. People who hate the gospel will part ways from a Christian given enough time, everything will come to a head. Yes the wicked will get full blown angry about Christmas. Writing the Satanist article yesterday I saw a video where the Satanist said he liked Christmas and celebrated it.

KJVmom said...

I am one of those who is letting go of Christmas by inches, so to speak; my convictions increase every year. I can relate to some of the other posters in dealing with family. Of course the unbelieving relatives celebrate it with gusto and wouldn't understand the problems with Christmas, but the immediate family is a real challenge. I tried speaking with my grown son, a believer, about the tree and what amounts to forced giving with the presents and he was not receptive to what I said. He certainly didn't justify his actions with the Bible, really he justified much of the nonsense because we live in America and that is the way it is done; no mention of Christianity being counter cultural. My youngest really went nuts over the holiday, even decorating her room. I would rather not have guests over right now, the decorations hurt my testimony. My husband loves the tree and some other decorations but thankfully does no outside ones. At least no cookies were made this year. I gave up Halloween whenI first came to Christ, and in the last few years gave up Valentines, but Christmas is difficult in so many ways; I will be praying much about this. And, BB, you are blessed to have a husband who seems to respect your position. Keep up the good work.

Michael Sean said...

I have no issues with Christmas as celebrated as the birth of Christ. No it is not Biblical, and that is not a claim I think anyone makes. I have never celebrated it as a pagan ritual in any sense, nor did I celebrate it at all when I was an athiest.

My problem with Christmas is that Christians have allowed it to become a secular celebration of materialism, and based around the material needs and wants of children. We have also allowed Jesus to be usurped on his own birthday celebration by a fat mythical toymaker that every child is told to believe in, then eventually told is not wonder they leave the church in droves when they become teenagers and young adults. If Santa is not real why bother with Jesus...same thing to them; Christmas = myths and fantasy. This is the true shame of Christmas for me.

The benefit of Christmas to me is that it does bring the Jesus into the conversation, which is a rarity outside of social network memes these days. It gives us a chance to have a genuine conversation with those we know who are non believers...and that is pretty much 95% of people I know. We get to defend Him, and correct myths and outright lies. We get to defend Him with some form of apologetics that tends to catch the non believer off guard, and in my experience most people become bamboozled when you can answer their questions with intelligent reasons for Christ, and can pop a few myths on the way.

So I will continue to celebrate Christmas and I am not a pagan because I believe that Christ was the Son of God (the one and only soverign creator and author of all; the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob) who came to take away the sins of the world, God in the Flesh, fully man and fully God, the Son of Man who led a perfect life and became THE sacrifice for our sin, and to do what we could never for ourselves. No it's not the true birth date of Christ, no it is not Biblical, but that does not mean we cannot chose a day to remember his miraculous birth, and the reason for it. I just wish we had not allowed it to become hijaked by the secular world.

Anonymous said...

I read through a lot of material on today. WOW!! We haven't celebrated Xmas in 3 years, and so glad we came out of that!! It is definitely a strong delusion. The devil will deceive you into worshiping him. Dec 25.has always been celebrated as the worshipping of the Sol- Invictus. Or aka Baal. Satan himself. I encourage anyone who is still partaking in this worshiping of Satan to seriously consider the consequences of offending God, over offending man. And that is exactly what it is worship!!! You can't say " God knows I'm not really worshiping Satan as I have rituals to Satan and pretend it's Jesus. Take heed!! I encourage anyone who thinks Xmas is a light matter to study it. And do research on Xmas and where it came from. It is complete idolatry. Each year I have learned more and more since discovering the truth and I will honestly say that as horrible and sick as Halloween is, I believe Xmas is worse. Not only are you worshiping Satan, ( even if you think your not) But you are under the pretense of worshiping Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!
You can not drink from the cup of the Lord and devils.


Anonymous said...

Michael Sean, I agree with you. I acknowledge the pagan roots of the holiday but I also know that as you say it opens up the opportunity to dialog about Christ. Christ did not live in isolation. I believe we can have honest differences on this issue and should not judge one another.

Anonymous said...

I say this in all sincerity, and with humbleness, I do not judge anyone over this matter. But I know that

For we must all appear before the judgement seat of Christ; that every one may receive the things done in his body, according to that he hath done, whether it be good or bad.

Knowing therefore the terror of the Lord, we persuade men...
2 Cor.5:10-11

I am only trying to plea with those who are continuing to participate in worshiping Satan.
I know that sounds harsh and "unloving", But it would be unloving to not warn a brother or sister who is either deceived, or who knows the truth,but participates anyway.

Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.
James 4:17

I was deceived also, and I am so very thankful that someone warned me. It absolutely horrified me that I was worshipping Satan. And my children were too. I repented for such a serious offence to our Lord. How it must grieve Him. And even though I didn't understand that I was worshipping Satan, I was! Satan deceives people into worshipping him. He comes as an angel of light. Not with horns and a pitched fork.

If we could just know in our heart that we worship God, but do a ritual to Satan, then that would be like Shadrach, Meshac, and Abendigo saying. Ok I will bow to the statue, God knows in our heart we really worship Him.

Some will say, well God knows my heart. Yeah, he knows mine too.

Jeremiah says
The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?

Our hearts will deceive us. You can't just say it is ok because you believe. The devils believe also and tremble. Jesus said, if you love me you would obey my commands.
Do you honestly think that He would come and hang out at your Christ- Mass party ? Or would he be flipping over the tables!

I pray that if you celebrated Christ-Mass this year that you would repent and turn from your idols and serve the Living God!!


Anonymous said...

I don't want to come off as something that I'm not, cause I know that it can be difficult. I had no problem giving up xmas, knowing that it is completely offensive to God. But, sometimes I don't know what to say to people. When I would tell people we didn't celebrate xmas, they would think we were pagans, or J.W. And after explaining it to several people with a look of horror on their faces I grew weary. We went and visited neighbors last year after xmas, and I was asked if we had a nice xmas. I said yes, not wanting to have to get into that awkward conversation at the time. That evening the Lord chastened me. If you deny me before men, I will deny you before the Father. I was completely grieved and repented.
I know the flesh is weak.
That's why I plead with my brothers and sisters in Christ.
Repent, and start warning people about xmas. And please pray for me as well, pray that I would not be concerned about offending men. And that I would not be so concerned with what they think of me. I have warned more this year than last. And I don't go around telling everyone xmas is evil. But if I am asked, the Bible says to always be ready to give a reason for the hope that is in you.


Anonymous said...

I hear Faith and her sweet sincerity and desire for purity. She is following the dictates of her conscience.

However, the message that we are to take to the world is the Gospel. That is more important than explaining why one doesn't celebrate Christmas and making that the all in all. Christmas is so engrained our society that most people celebrate it whether they are Christians or not. It is more of a secular holiday than a "religious" one. However, it does leave the door open to speak to people about the Lord Jesus Christ, why He came and that He didn't stay a baby. That is more important than speaking out against Christmas.

The majority of people are not aware of the pagan roots and even sincere Christians celebrate it as the birth of the Lord in their minds to honor Him. God looks upon the heart, doesn't He? Perhaps He sees one who observes the holiday according to their conscience and truly loves and honors the Lord, equally as those who abstain from the holiday. Is that not possible?

I know people who have been able to share the Gospel because during the season unbelievers are more open to listening. We are to be a light in a dark world. Some choose to do so by not celebrating Christmas - others see it an an opportunity.
Let us not judge one another as to what days we observe. State your reasons as BB has done and leave the results to God.

You are finding how difficult it is to deal with the topic in such a way as to not be identified with aethists or Jews or cults. The emphasis seems to be more on the abstaining than by reaching out to others to give the Gospel. If that is a misconception, please forgive me.

We are to be in the world but not of it. What that means is different for each person to determine the boundaries between them and the Lord.

Some of the opinion to abstain carry it over to Mother's and Father's Day and even birthdays. The same goes for the resurrection of Christ. It can be properly acknowledged and celebrated without calling it the pagan "Easter" and not get into dying eggs or bunnies, etc. Satan will try to taint everything but we cannot control that in a fallen world. Again, we must seek to be a light and reach the lost. Sadly, there is not enough of that going on these days in the churches because they are largely compromised. But we have to keep pressing on.

Anonymous said...

Faith, if I might add something. If one has repented and truly received Christ they are His child period. They have the Holy Spirit to convict and assist in living a holy life. To accuse a fellow believer of worshiping Satan is a serious matter. Are you saying that all Christians who observe Christmas are worshiping Satan? God chastens His children. If they are going astray they will be convicted and chastened until they turn from their ways.

There are many critical and important issues. If one has searched their heart on the issue of Christmas and believes they can honor Christ during that time, are they still going to be declared a Satan worshiper? Satan is the accuser of the brethren.

I don't mean to be harsh either as you surely are a sweet and sincere lady who has a strong conviction about this. Some people in the Bible didn't want to eat meat offered to idols. But the Apostle Paul says if you can do so with a clear conscience the food is good and it is alright to eat it.

Bible Believer said...

People have freedom to choose what to do with Christmas, and I am not the Christmas police, but fact of the matter is, there is too much compromise with accepting of Christmas, even with people who realize what it is. It is easy to go along to get along with this one. Also what Jesus is promoted by Christmas? Think on that one. I am responsible for what I know regarding the sun worship of Christmas and what the holiday really entails. Michael Sean it bugs me you admit the holiday is not biblical but still want to celebrate it nonetheless. Hey I am not perfect, I went to a church that fully celebrated Christmas hoping some would be interested in the truth even knowing. I can't do it anymore. I don't want to be mean to people. I may even say Happy Holidays and Happy New Year because rudeness helps no one, but how many people just give in to the Christmas juggernaut because it is easier? Sorry you are facing those things KJV Mom. Yes I am fortunate with my husband respecting my position. If the entire world gives in to Christmas and the Christian who makes a stand against it is rarer then rare? Whose ever going to know the truth? I know this one personally brings sacrifice to life. I don't celebrate Easter either. Hey I know what the solstice calendar represents, I don't want to be a hypocrite. Too many put the pressure on, FIT IT, and you won't upset people.

Bible Believer said...

There are many Christians who celebrate Christmas who don't know and don't understand what it is. I do believe God will look at what we know. Someone who knows what Christmas is and still celebrates it, will be held far more responsible.

Michael Sean said...


I am pretty certain that knowing that Christmas is not Biblical, and celebrating it with other Christians as a rememberence of Christ's miraculous birth is not going to be lodged against me at the Bema seat. Using Christmas to talk about Christ with unbelievers, and the curious, does far more good than any harm I can think it causes. I will tell you somthing else I do not believe; Christmas was originally a Pagan celebration. That is very contestable. I cannot find a pagan holiday that takes place on the 25th of December from any time. Most of what we know about ancient paganism is guess work and misinformation as most of their practices did not survive, or were written down.Cettaonly the only Mystery Religion we have any real knowledge on are th Gnostics becasue we have their writings. Other Mystery religions are just that...a Mystery, they were kept that way on purpose. Much of what we know about early pagan practices comes from the Bible itself, or Greek and Roman history. We have early pagan writings that go all he ay back to Sumaria, and Mesopontania like The Epic of Gilgamesh and the Enuma Elisetc... but they don't give us much information on practices and celebrations. I now about Sol Invoctus, but anyone putting Sol Invictus on December 25th would be wrong seeing as it it a post-christian cult of the sun god (around 247 AD) and that most academics would now put it around the 23rd again for the logical reason that it is during the sostice. The tradition of dating it on the 25th comes from the 12 century and is now widely considered false. What we know about Saturnalia comes from one source, and again was believed to be held between Dec 17th-23rd.

There is now evidence to suggest that Christians thought this date as the brithdate of Christ much earlier than previously thought:

"When translating Hippolytus' Commentary on Daniel, written just after AD 200, Schmidt notes that five of the seven manuscripts contain December 25 as the date for Jesus' birth and another offers the 25th of either December or March.4 Clement of Alexandria in this same time offers the date of March 25 as the date of the incarnation, that is the conception of Jesus, in his Stromata (1.21.145-146).5 Both works tie the idea that Jesus's death would have happened on the same day as his conception."

The idea that celebrating Christ's birth is somehow sinful, and actually paganism, is very Puritanical, and indeed we find the idea has roots there. Festivities were not big on the Puritan's list of things they thought they should be doing. Work very much was.

The upshot for me is this. Most of the claims that Christmas is actually a pagan celebration or fesat that I have heard comes from the New Agers, Jesus Mythicists, athiest, and those who want to discredit Christianity any way they can. The burdon of proof is on them, and I haven't seen it.

When I get to the Bema seat my shame will be great, and my sins will be read to me by the multitude, but the least of my worries will be if I celebrated the birth of Christ or not as a feast day, on th worng date. I'm pretty sure the Lord will not accuse me of paganism or Satan worship at these times. In fact I'm certain.

In Christ,