Sunday, December 27, 2015

Anna Duggar: Cults Teach People To Ignore Their Own Feelings and Conscience

She's staying with her husband. The decision is between her and God, and is no one else's but it has troubled me for years how every woman in the public eye does a "Stand by your man"  decision no matter what action has been committed.  Satan hates women and the new world order wants to repress women as much as possible. They use the double fronts of hyper-feminism and patriarchy now. Is this for the formation of the future would be "Antichrist" "Republic of Gilead", Handmaiden's Tale style?  They want weak women who will stand by cheaters, and abusers who will help bolster the "good ole boy's" network. Already we see in the sickening Quiverful world while purity is pushed for women at all costs, purity isn't held to the same standards with the men. No one cares if the men are pure or stay virgins before marriage or don't cheat.

 Her husband needs to grow up, have a conscience and they both need to leave the cult for them to have a chance and so far I do not see that happening. I also wonder about the theory of this being a "play" in entirety. Her face looks all "crooked" to me. What happened to her mouth? She almost looks like a stroke victim. Can Botox do that? It is shocking. Grief and upset seems to have physically affected her. She also looks like she is saying words she does not believe, and her eyes say something else. She could be controlled and told what to say, or is too scared to leave.

The scariest sentence for me though was this one, "If I went off with what I was feeling I would turn a mess into a disaster". [1:01]

Since when do "feelings" always lead to disaster? I suppose the pod people formulas mean never having an emotion. While Christians need to test their feelings according to scripture, emotions are God-given, and emotions and our own intuition warn us of evil. This blog has warned for years that cults want you to shut off your God-given emotions to follow with blind obedience.

Crime victims speak of ignoring feelings that warned them of impending danger. Cults teach people to ignore their own feelings and conscience. They want feelings sequestered under the demands of the cult and for appearances. Here appearances count for everything in the Quiverful cult with women being exploited, used and abused. She's expected to stay with a man that cheated with two prostitutes and even beat one to the point that one is suing. The protection of her own children is put on the back burner as reality is ignored and the pretense of a future "happy marriage" is to be kept up in the world's eyes.

When she says "Help me to know how to respond to this?", she is showing us she is used to being given scripts within the cult. This wasn't a prayer to God but asking for directions from her cult overseers.

Just like the Duggars managed to MINIMIZE child sexual abuse in ONE SWOOP, "they were supposedly sleeping", it wasn't "serious", they will now MINIMIZE a male sleeping with prostitutes and cheating on his wife, and offer false forgiveness out for someone who is seemingly incapable of repenting. They have managed to MINIMIZE CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE and ADULTERY all within one year.

She very well could be a controlled pawn, or a young woman caught in a cult that doesn't allow her to think for herself, with full blown mental manipulation and mind control being foisted upon her, but the whole thing to me is an utter tragedy. Reality doesn't predict a happy ending here.  Some may say that is too "cynical" but I suspect the Duggars are serving their proscribed roles. They will have new Christian celebrities too, if the Duggars are rotated into yesterday's news soon too.


Anonymous said...

Drama for cash! I'm surprised the Duggars are not featured on Bravo. Oh well, TLC is right behind Bravo anyway. Reality this, reality that (NOT)...everything they and the housewives of 'wherever' do and say is all scripted. Just one great big façade of 'BS'. Ops! Did I just say that? I meant cheap (crass) entertainment. LOL Praise God my life is boring, and frankly, people who behave this way (loving the drama in their life) exhaust me. It's all about conditioning...desensitizing the masses and twisting truth. I think reality shows have this covered...anything to distort and tear down marriage and the family unit. This gal in the interview looked's in her eyes. My heart breaks for the little ones who are born into this 'circus'. Case in point, the Kardashians. All sold out, thanks to Mama (aka the 'pimp). Why did I bring them up on this thread? Because that is where all this 'BS' began. They, and their fellow evil minions, invented this 'format' if you will. Bottomline, it's all about the 'selfie' (me, myself and I). May God have mercy on us.

Anonymous said...

Hi BB,
As you said, "They have managed to MINIMIZE CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE and ADULTERY all within one year."
I see this sexual abuse and adultery charade as part of a bigger freemasonic plan to demonize Christians and to subliminally push the acceptance of pedophilia. I agree with your assessment about Anna's scriped contolled comments. Her eyes give her away, when she shows her devilish grin while she states "Not only is it a betrayal against me but it's a betrayal for those who call themselves Christian". BINGO! How is everyone "who call themselves Christian" involved in this scandal?
Anna then goes on to say, "That loyalty was broken" yet she did not shed one tear.
IMHO, The Duggars are probably Freemasons and this is all a part of sexual Freemasonic initation ritual where Josh had to leave his marriage vows and family at the door. By publically humiliating and embarassing Josh is part of the fraternal cloak of darkness. All the world's a stage, Anna, her sisters in-law and the prostitute are just jesters in this three ring Circus.

Unknown said...

Hi Bible Believer,
I do think she looks vacuous, and you are right, something is wrong with one side of her face, almost like it is paralyzed. I am very angry that there is not more outrage against her pig of a husband. Some men "of the church" needed to have a "come to Jesus moment" with him, I would rather see him with vacuous eyes and a paralyzed face for sure! It is just one more sign of moral degeneracy that "Christians" would allow for this. I do believe in forgiveness, but only for the repentant, and I cannot see that he is at all repentant. I never watched that wicked show, the people involved are fake, if they were really Christians, they would never have done a show! The whole thing is a farce, and I agree, tends to encourage abuse of women, which is rampant in some fundamental and patriarchal circles. I am not against Biblical order, I am against abuse and misogyny that charades as Biblical order. Submitting to your husband does not mean turning yourself into the rug for his feet. And if anyone thinks that the Lord is not enraged at this type of behavior, we forget that He said, the wicked do not go unpunished. I tremble for these people, it is not going to go well. Teri

Anonymous said...


Interesting post. Although I believe that it is possible that Josh can repent. However what I would like to know is where is Josh in all this? everybody is upset and annoyed with him as if they had all been cheated on. I mean 'come on'. I would be a bit annoyed if my brother (if he was married) cheated on his nice 'clean' wife, but not so annoyed that I get as angry and upset as his siblings and parents seem to be.

If anybody should be really upset, it should be Anna and I think it should be her decision to stay with Josh. However I get the impression that she was probably railroad into making that choice by her parents and in-laws.

The best solution that can happen from now on is that Josh repents (for real this time) and everytime he decides to use a PC, Anna is allowed full access to all his passwords and acts as an accountability partner. I do not see why this could not happen.

As for Anna's behaviour on the camera. Some would say holy spirit control not necessary 'Jimbob control'

Anonymous said...

Just like the rest of the family she is addicted to notoriety and all the attention.
Beware of "celebrity" so-called Christians like Duck Dynasty and on a different take, the TV evangelists and personalities. It is the lust of the flesh. They are deluded into thinking they are being a witness when they are actually bringing up true believers to ridicule.

Bible Believer said...

First anon, yeah reality shows are all one big extended selfie, are they not? I agree with you and yes the Kardashians started it all or the first example. LOL maybe they will go apply to be on BRAVO, if TLC dumps Counting On.

Yeah its all about deceiving the masses. No way they would allow a man who treats his wife with any actual love to be put on the air. We have broodmare Michelle and now "doormat" Anna who doesn't even care if her husband is a sex abuser.

Yes second Anon, I believe that was the plan. Minimize child sexual abuse--"They were sleeping" it was nothing, make that become more "acceptable", and the "adultery" too, all the "good ole" boy has to do is say "I'm sorry" and he can go back to beating women and cheating. Maybe Josh has been promised a political career.

I believe it is part of the freemasonic plan too, and yes they want to promote pedophilia and other debauched sexual things. Her eyes looked weird to me. I was thinking full mind control but is not that demonic possession too? yes thanks for pointing that out, "THOSE WHO CALL THEMSELVES CHRISTIANS" but hey the "Christian" stuff is part of the script. I am sure more and more the two narcissists in charge of that "family" are "in the know" and maybe some of the adult children are now too.

Dry-eyed crying. If you read websites about sociopaths, they say Look for the tears, if they cry but the eyes are dry run. Hers well up a little bit for the acting but there's few real tears.

I agree your theory is very probably. [closet Luciferians?] I also have wondered if Josh is undergoing these humiliations with a promise of a big-pay out of some sort in the end. Think about this, this guy has had his life and reputation totally destroyed and he's still loyal to the brand? You mean he will sleep with a hooker and beat her but he's too "scared" to go against "daddy"? I find that part really strange and suspicious. It's like he's being portrayed as a sex fiend but this is a sex fiend who is always "obedient" to his parents and marches off to rehab at their very command like a little kid getting time out. Maybe it's mind control school so he can get step-forded. They have to polish him up and thin him down for his future political career and get more dummies to fall over themselves since his "redemption".

Bible Believer said...

correction above, "I agree your theory is very probably true."

I think she looks vacuous too, and yes WHAT HAPPENED TO HER FACE? I know people can get a disorder like Bell's Palsy but that doesn't seem to fit with the weird eyes and how crooked her mouth is. If I had a friend or relative have their mouth go like that, we'd be racing to the ER for their stroke to be treated.

Yes it is weird, how Josh is being treated, with kid gloves and "you've been naughty" now its time for a little kid "time out" instead of any real standing against evil. All the phony Christians who simper about forgivness when it comes to Josh, sit there and enable evil. You know real Christianity is for the real world not pie in the sky dreams. I may write an article soon that is going to be a weird one, but just hear me out on this one. This one comes from some faith tests, but this idea is a different one I've been having, about how to many "Christianity" is a perfect life now fairy tale program. Well with Josh, here's this guy exposing his wife to STDS, beating women, and being a pervert, and they pat him on the head and go "Bad Josh" time for a "time out". He's not 10 years old or 14, he's a man. Time to grow up but then all the fuzzy wuzzy words they use that sound "Christian" but aren't to me all are based in the fairy tale world they present. of "Perfect family, perfect house, perfect marriage". In their world a sociopathic pervert with no boundaries and a seared conscience, can be a "good husband" one day. In phony fakey "Christian" world, evil is seen as a nebulous nonexistent sort of thing, the fairy tales matter more. So yes it is moral degeneracy. I agree about the forgivness being for the repentant. There's too much evil happening now in churches that preach forgive the full blown unrepentant wicked, and it's eating people for lunch. We are living in a hard core world full of sociopaths, narcissists and those seared to the extreme. People need to wake up. The churches with their namby pampy garbage are failing us all.

Bible Believer said...

Real Christians won't do a show.

They are encouraging abuse of women too. Oh I need to add that to the list. MINIMIZATION OF CHILD SEX ABUSE, ADULTERY AND ABUSE OF WOMEN. Yes that is part of the Luciferian/Freemasonic plan too, push ABUSE OF WOMEN, and general hatred and disorder and strife between people as well. The patriarchy movement is all about abuse of women. I agree about biblical order, letting husband hold top decision making and sometimes having to relent for household peace is not the same as these doormats who want to influence women [under false religious pretensions] to take abuse and be slaves. I agree many of these people are going to be facing it when it comes to the day they will be standing before the Lord.

Sallysays, I agree, the family are taking it all "personal" but that is part of the script. I'm creeped out hearing them all say WE, WE, WE where they barely seem to see themselves as individuals capable of their own thoughts and decisions. My brother did cheat on his wife, and I didn't sit around crying and wailing up a storm. He later divorced. He isn't a Christian. Even that is part of the programming, ie 'Be born in a Christian family, you'll be an automatic Christian" [Um NO]

It was creepy how adultery outraged them far more then child sex abuse, and they sat there under their evil parents tutelage, defending full blown pedophilia and destruction of boundaries, by their brother.

I think more could be going on, see above, with this show being used, but on the surface, the appearances have been made, that Anna has been pushed by Jim Bob and her parents to stay with Josh no matter what. Even on the surface level, her love of fame supercedes all else, [yes you are right too last anon--the attention] and think about this, what kind of wife who has been cheated on and so disrespected would want to go on TV to put her humiliation on full display?

I think Josh has had enough of accountability partners. His parents tried the control approach and all it did was form someone who learned, to get away with what they could without anyone knowing. Conscience has to be within.

Anonymous said...

"The patriarchy movement is all about the abuse of women." quote Bible Believer

Amen to this statement. You could not have been more truthful in making such a bold statement. The event called Promise Keepers is heavily promoted in the Baptist church I once attended (they had an Assembly of God trained pastor.) The lordship of the pastor (whose family immorality equals that of the Duggars and then some), along with the heavy handed leadership system (whose households were also full to overflowing with sin/sexual perversions/rape), were very intrusive and domineering over the rest of us 'lower' laity. It was and still is to this day a very oppressive religious system, even though some of the key leadership (deacons, deaconesses, and church board members have left due to the fact they were called out on their abusive leadership styles - amazingly, to many of us who were not allowed to use our gifts of the Holy Spirit).

Patriarchy breeds tyranny, oppression, and as mentioned above, a killing field of the gifts of God, the Holy Spirit. Only certain 'important' and self prescribed 'holy people' are allowed into these chambers of leadership, those who desire to be first, desire attention for themselves in receiving the applause of man, and who desire to creep into your household to destroy your marriage, your relationships with your children, your relationships with friends, and your reputation within the community.

And yet, these power hungry (Duggars included) religious zealots host a myriad of sin in their hearts, minds, and souls, all the while appearing holy to the masses in deceiving the rest of us that they are 'the best' representation of Jesus, the Christ.

In my neck of the woods, if a person questions the religion of the Duck Dynasty crew, it is almost as bad a blaspheming the Holy Spirit.

Why do those who love Jesus as their own, speak of the greatness of the Duggars and Duck Dynasty actors MORE than Jesus our LORD?

Bible Believer, I believe there is an equal playing field at the foot of the cross, and there are times when the women of the household makes more godly decisions than her husband as God's Word tells us that we, as man and wife are to submit unto one another. There is one word which describes the state of Christianity in a nutshell these days, and that word is "PRIDE." I dare say, what does genuine Christian humility look like according to God's Word, for I (including myself here) do not see godly humility exhibited nor lived out in what is called the American church.

Praying for the Duggars and Duck Dynasty folks......their lives are scripted according to this world.

Anonymous said...


When I was suggesting accountability partners, I was suggesting that they set up some sort of surf nanny on the PC so that if Josh wanted to access certain sites in the future, he will need permission from the person who set it up who should be Anna.

I know this sounds strange but in the real world, when a husband has a porn or sex addiction, they do set up some sort of procedure like that. They also work together with both husband and wife because if there is a problem in the marriage - it is BOTH their problem.

I do not understand why they sent him away and both him and Anna are not undergoing counselling together. How is that going to solve the problem?

Yes he needs a heart change, but according to my pastor who works with couples experiencing problems, people can fall into temptation therefore it is common sense to remove all forms of temptation away from them. I know of one pastor who said that when he was going away on trips, one of his children accompany him - that is if the wife cannot travel with him and he tries not to be alone in a room with a strange woman.

Also another pastor where I live, does not make home visits on his own when there are women there, he is always with someone else.

Of course Josh can still have access to magazines and books but I somehow doubt that he would be foolish to go into any shop or book shop and pick up a book that is inappropriate as everyone knows his face. Also if he tries to order online again surf nanny may block it and notify Anna. She can also check the bank statements.

Belle Singer said...

Hi I enjoy reading your blogs especially about the lack of true fellowship, I have only found it online I left the institutional church system about 7 years ago and have found no home churches here in the UK either. I like alot of others have found the same too and have found encouragement with real fellow believers online. I just wanted to say that these days true christians are a rare find, God bless you a friend in christ, Belle Singer.

Sue Botchie said...

Dear Bible Believer and Friends, what's doubly tragic about these salvation-by-works people is, they drive people away from even thinking about coming to Christ. i have read more than a few posts from atheists who either grew up in these vicious cults, or know someone who did, and there are more than a few people over at blogs like ex.christian who adamantly want nothing to do with the Lord Jesus or His redeemed, because they equate Christian life with cults. What a terrible loss, because many atheists have a careful and studious mindset. Hey Dugarzzz, and yer flying primates, thanks a lot ;( Love your blog, such a blessing.

Bible Believer said...

Yes they are all about abuse of women. Thanks for understanding.

Yes Promise Keepers helped with some of that Patriarchy stuff and also the ecumenical promotions. Wouldn't doubt some of that sheltering stuff and where one is to obey the pastor unquestioningly is related to it.

It is all about tyranny, oppression and authoritarianism. There is a reason they always pushed leadership classes down every one's throats. That's sad about Duck Dynasty.

I agree with you anon on the equal footing in front of the cross. There is no male or female...none of them remember that verse: Galatians 3:28.

It's all about pride and being on top. The pride of life, the look at me, aspirations, "Christianity" as a holier then thou, cloak.
Sally Says, I think you mean well, but I think such things need to be based on an internal change or they will fail. A grown man cannot be controlled by others. This is like trying to stop an alcoholic from drinking by hiding his alcoholic bottles, I never have heard of this working.

I think sending him away for so long is weird too. Anna has received no counseling either. With Josh, I do believe something internal is broken, a conscience could be lacking, he never learned right from wrong internally since it was so externally imposed which is a huge danger in the wicked controlling way the Duggars have raised their children. Josh Duggar always seemed like a grown up "Baby" man to me and now I know why.

I think avoiding temptation is good, and sometimes people will make decisions to protect themselves from it elicting help from others, but the decisions and the doing what is right must be internally driven to work.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks for your nice words Belle Singer, sorry you have found it difficult to find true local fellowship. It helps to hear from others in my case too who are in my boat, praying for you. God bless you too from me.

Hi Sue B. :)

Yes the legalistic and works driven drive a lot of people away. How many watch the Duggars thinking "I never could live this way and could never be a Christian"? Their lifestyle even financially and physically is impossible for most people.

Yes I have been over at and have read atheist blogs. Many grew up horribly abused and many abused them using the name jesus and Christian, so wonder they have a bad view of God, they definitely equate the Christian life with cults. There is a lot of physical and sexual abuse and many of their abusers said this was "Christianity". You are so right about that. I have written before the Duggars are inoculating many people against the gospel. It is a terrible loss, it makes me sad. Thanks regarding the blog.

Anonymous said...


Hi Bible Believer
I took a long look at my history of struggling and overcoming sins and I have to admit you are right, it does take an internal change within. The bible also mentions evil actions coming from the heart or something, therefore it suggests to me that changes must begin inside the heart.

Even Charles Spurgeon had a problem although he was in denial over it. This was smoking and the reason why he was in denial is because he never saw it as a big issue. I do not know if this contributed to his death at a relatively young age, but it does pint out that if you do not have an internal change in regards to certain issues, you will not be able to change.