Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Question About the "Crisis Actors" Conspiracies

Remember they are running multiple layers of deception out there. Could they be tossing in a few would be "actors" in the mix for real events to create doubt and confusion in the "conspiracy community" so the real people behind the scenes and motives will be covered up? I think it is very likely. Many of the "conspiracy people" posting this stuff like the guy above, could very well be sincere. They are just missing some of the layers. This guy is right about the doctrine of devils. He is right about the message behind "God isn't fixing this" to demoralize people and separate them from God.  Mix it in with "rumors of war". Here's a question, I've been pondering.....

 It's getting odd how every time a shooting happens, we are told by conspiracy people, "It really didn't happen!" If the elites don't care about killing thousands, tens of thousands, or millions in their endless planned wars, why are they going to create "clean" shooting scenarios where no one really died? One example would be the book, "No One Died At Sandy Hook". Is this to make them appear more merciful? Something is odd to me about these constant "crisis actors" conspiracies! Why does "FALSE FLAG" now mean "IT NEVER HAPPENED"?

I agree with the guy who wrote: "The "official" versions of conspiracy theories are also conspiracy theories, BY DEFINITION."

This one is getting very popular, just google "Crisis Actors" and it's all over the place.

Definitely the new waves of "Islamic" terrorist events is to push war with Syria and then Iran. These are questions I don't expect to learn the truth to. but consider this a warning that many conspiracies are conspiracies themselves.  While I am sure many consider me a "conspiracy theorist" of sorts, where's the theory in conspiracy? I know most of what is out there is bunk. They are still stirring the pot of truth and lies. They want a confused and scared populace. They are gaslighting us all.


Soldier of Jah said...

My girlfriend works at a Christian ministry directly across the street from where the suspects lived in Redlands. She saw all the swat teams, media crews etc. At our Congregation many people knew people that were there at the shooting being that San Bernardino is right next to Redlands. Some of our congregants even know people who died. This for sure happened.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks Soldier of Jan for informing of us this. I saw people writing outraged on some conspiracy articles, but we KNEW people who died. Here's the thing I've lived in enough small towns that if NO ONE DIED the population would know it. I think San Bernardino is bigger but how in the world could they say people died when no one is gone missing?

This is all reminds me of Holocaust Denial. I can't believe the Holocaust deniers because I have talked to people who were THERE during WWII. One guy freed the camps. I don't think they could produce that many liars. My in-laws were teens in WWII and witnesses to the whole mess. How do they explain all those dead people?

Even there, that lie seemed produced to make the satanic controllers more "nice and forgiving". Why on earth would they preserve 14 lives-and only fake their deaths so they can set up more war to kill thousands overseas?

Anonymous said...

It's to get you to question reality. They want you to have no stable reality. Lack of stability makes people easier to control, and mess with their minds. That's my guess as to why this has all come up lately.You probably can't trust the internet any more than you can the msm..

Anonymous said...

Agree with the "to question reality". As SOJ mentioned also, a firsthand report at the scene does wonders. There was a supposed Jade Helm round up in Clint, Texas and someone called a local gas station to verify it was bogus. It may take several local area calls to verify, but it can be done. I do think you are right BB, they are mixing the pot to create confusion. I would not count on no dead bodies as TPTB do not care if they can explain it away. - Don

Anonymous said...

I can't believe anything I see on TV. Maybe nobody died. A person could come on the internet and say, "I knew people that died" so on and so forth. How can I prove they are telling the truth?

Everything is a lie. Of course there are crisis actors. That doesn't mean that nobody died. But it also doesn't mean that any given number actually died, either. Everything is a lie.

Shimmy said...

I agree with you 100%. I think it is to add confusion to those searching for the truth of what happened and to confuse some of those in the "conspiracy communities" on the Internet. When I first started hearing from people saying no one died, I thought it was a little irresponsible because if in my opinion I wasn't there as a witness, then I can't say 100% that no one died or got hurt. I do believe that many of these events are being used for an agenda such as gun control, support for more war and turning different groups of people against each other to cause conflict and an attack also on our freedoms, but that doesn't prove that no one isn't getting hurt either or killed. I know there has been a lot come out about how some of ISIS beheading videos are fake or staged, but then you also have many other horrific images and videos on the Internet that really do show people really being beheaded along with accounts from many of the people of the Middle East and Africa that have been a witness to the atrocities of these terrorist groups. You also have people now saying the earth is flat and some people just don't believe anything anymore. I think it's very important to be vigilant and use critical thinking when it comes to what is happening around us. I don't think we'll ever know the whole truth 100%, but we can strive to get as close to it as we can. Great blog by the way.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you posted on this topic BB.

I started following the conspiracies so many years ago now, then after taking in all their info, I drifted away, but every now and again I'd go on a binge after an 'event' happened, to see how fast these people could come up with their theories and explanations and how they'd say that whatever just happened was really just a hoax.

Like you, last time I looked at a mass shooting and crisis actor conspiracies - I found myself thinking these guys aren't so bad after all, they're not really killing anyone, its all fake for the TV news. Then like you, I had major conflicts trying to reason with it, knowing these same bad guys have killed hundreds of millions in the last couple of hundred years alone. I left it and didn't think about it for a while again, it was a conflict in myself, and after all there is daily life to get on with.

It was some months later that everything clicked for me about conspiracies and their leaders. My conclusion was that it doesn't matter whether the conspiracy is true or false, or if there are a 100 variations of beliefs about any one topic - think 9/11 - what I woke up to was the conspiracy leaders were a conspiracy in and of themselves. That there was no truth movement at all, only these leaders with special insight and knowledge that no-one else had, telling us how and what to think, and then those who follow and repeat the leaders words in a million different youtube channels.

I am right now working on a new website about this same topic of 'truth tellers' and deceptions, both in the secular and Christian world. That not everything may be as it seems with these guys. I hope to launch in the next few weeks. Not so much exposing or going into deep details of the conspiracies, more like taking an overall view of where we are being led if we follow these conspiracies. Find the end result they are each leading us to, and we find the motivation for what they are doing, and why.

There is a much bigger picture at play here, and we are all being led down a path we are being told is truth and freedom, but which the faithful already knows full well will lead to destruction. Conspiracies and truthers - we're all being played big time.

Anonymous said...

Since Satan is the god of this world, we should expect nothing else but confusion, lies, half truths, and chaos. All thanks to Adam and Eve and their eating of the grape. The wizard behind the curtain is Satan. But we can take comfort in knowing that Jehovah is more powerful than Satan and God knows all. Satan is but a gnat compared to God's power. Eventually all lies will be exposed and God will set things right.

Anonymous said...

Confusion is the aim of the game with these people. Breaking down every possible thing, belief and understanding in this world as being a lie of those we are told are in power.

I keep thinking of those military movies where they say they need to completely break down and destroy a new recruit, to rebuild them the way the army wants them to think. I can't help but wonder if that is what is going on here? They're completely destroying the entire fabric of reality of the world. The bad guys and the truthers working together for their same goal? Look at all the societal changes they are corrupting so many to believe in, and so many do believe. And we know God will give people over to reprobate minds, to believe lies, to be seared and to be judged, so no I won't be following these people.

As Christians, we need to always be wise, never follow any leader who if offering us hope or truth in this world. The Word is our truth and the Spirit our guide. Whatever is happening is happening at God's timing and at His will alone. My view is that I look at it all, I examine it, I try and find where they are trying to lead me if I followed them, and I try to put the pieces of the puzzle together, always guided by Scripture as best I can. But I never participate and I never follow any of them. The entire world is a deception right now as they break down everything to rebuild the world the way they want.

We all want to think it's the end times, as I also sincerely do, and everything points to this for so many, but this too may be misleading for us. Whatever is happening right now may just be a reproof by God for this time. I don't know. I just know that we know not the day nor the hour, and that incredible shifts in world powers have happened so many times before. We'll all know everything in an instant at that time we each stand before the Throne, or before, God willing.

If there has ever been a time to be set apart, separate, holy from the world, it's right now. Minister, yes - participate, no.

jah is NOT JESUS said...

yeaaaa... soldier of JAH? like jah rastafari? must be true what he says cause he has a profile pic on his yea people mustve died for sure!!!! ummm and how would anyone know if a simulated entity, a complete cgi created VICTIM was dead or alive in the first place? BB come on, i love you but dont buy this....San bernardino area is huge. millions of souls there..

thanks soldier of jah rastafari..go wash your car guy.....i highly doubt anyone died

Anonymous said...

Matthew 10:16 "Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves."

Bible Believer said...

I agree Don, they are mixing the pot.

How can we prove these things? We can't. Sadly there are things in the world, it is "impossible" to find out but we can know the web of lies is being woven layer upon layer.

Thanks anon, I agree with the agendas they are carrying out.

THanks to the anon, who went through what I did and telling us about it, when you saw all these conspiracy websites saying no one died and then knew there were conflicts. Why would they spare a few to a hundred lives when hundreds of thousands or millions in wars, were not big deal to them? Most of the conspiracy leaders are controlled op. Finding REAL people who are trying to dig through the mazes, is the exception rather then the rule. I agree with you about the truth movement, most is bogus to the max. From Alex Jones and even the little lesser known underlings with websites and websites that cater to the 1-3% to throw them off the track.

Please share your link when you have it up. I agree about conspiracies and truthers being played big time.

Anonymous said...

Soldier of Jah is Kayfabe
And according to his other blog, it appears he is also a Seventh Day Adventist

Bible Believer said...

I wondered about the Jah thing.

I was thinking more Freemasons then Rasta people.

On an issue like this, you'll get the information controller "comments"

Soldier of Jah said...

Yeah anon, you figured "my big secret" out lol! Jah is just a prefix for Jehovah, read Strongs concordance. Yes I am a Seventh-Day Adventist, we hold to the SDA Pioneers doctrines and are not part of the mainline church. My girlfriend works for a SDA ministry that is right across the street from where the terrorists lived. Our home fellowship is called Seventh-Day Adventist 144,000 Remnant.

Lynn said...

BB, there's something fishy here (generally speaking). The following casts all kinds of questions over the events taking place in the news these days.

There have been, and continue to be (and this is where it gets really interesting) too many instances of relatives of freshly slain family members stepping forward so soon afterward and delivering flawless public statements, ones that could rival anything a professional writer and actor could churn out, when one would expect them to be dealing with raw emotion and struggling to deliver their prepared statement on some observable level. This gal is simply too polished, and her speech sounds like a creative writing exercise. She was smiling right before delivery, and was not a believable family member in my estimation.

Take a look at this short video if you would. It's an example of a just-too-perfect speech, one supposedly from a grieving family member. Yet in my estimation, only a hired actor can account for the flawless delivery of such a well-contructed and informative speech.

Clearly, SOMEthing's going on these days with some of these events. We have entirely too many family members giving too-soon performance-perfect interviews, throwing first pitches and/or performing before a throng of people in a stadium (e.g., Newtown/Sandy Hook surviving sibs and classmates delivering a song like a consortium of trained seals -- did anybody think that STRANGE beyond belief?!? That was one heck of a precedent setter, wasn't it? -- a total performance. I couldn't think of something more unnatural, more inappropriate, more unbelievable. Bore all the hallmarks of a staged, scripted, planned event.

Anonymous said...

Yes Jah can be rastafarian. But it is also used in the bible. Only once,tho.

Psalm 68:4 "Sing unto God, sing praises to his name: extol him that rideth upon the heavens by his name JAH, and rejoice before him." I was assuming here that Jah is short for Jehovah. Maybe I am wrong.

Anonymous said...

Regarding "Jan" I don't see him as an operative. He is off base with the 7th Day and he is a follower of Kayfabe who has been proven mixed up. However, this does not negate the report that he gave. Sometimes I think we are too quick to discount these kinds of things.He can be off base in some beliefs but at the same time give an honest report. There are many 7th Day folks who are misled doctrinally but are decent, honest people.

I agree with BB - the extreme conspiracy buff are out in left field. I also agree that the pot is being mixed to cause confusion. It is ludicrous to believe that the San B. attack was faked and also the Paris attacks, etc. The web of deceit would be way too big to pull off. Immediately the conspirators were saying the church shooting in S.C. was fake. They come out with this every time. They are just as much a part of the agenda of confusion as the perpetrators.

We have to be wise. We have the Holy Spirit. We need to be in God's Word and stay away from conspiracy theorists who are the true operatives. Yes, there may be some fakes, but to say these are all fake is lunacy in my opinion with all due to respect to those who differ.

Anonymous said...

Off topic a little, but in accordance with an earlier comment, has everyone seen this short Tim Martin film about William Miller's Adventist movement? Its very good and interesting about the roots of where all modern Christian derived religions come from.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks for telling me it's in the bible but we have to be careful of the cults using the term.

SDA is a cult, soldier of jah.

It teaches works salvation--baptismal regeneration, false vegetarianism, follows the Jezebel Ellen White who preached false prophecy [I own some of the SDA books]. Even the off-shoot groups don't realize they are still entrenched as a daughter of Rome.

I agree many SDA's are sincere people, sadly they have fallen for some insidious deceptions. I should post more on SDA here. It seems to be scooping a lot of people up and growing.

Bible Believer said...

The Great Disappointment equals being deceived by false prophecy. Not a good root.

I own an antique copy of Uriah Smith's book, false teaching abounds, even from the root and the founding of this church. Maybe I should get it out and post on it.

Bible Believer said...

"Willim Miller was a farmer, and Baptist preacher, who, from 1831 to 1844 began the Millerite movement, preaching the immanent return of Christ. After the War of 1812 he was converted and began a systematic study of the Bible and in the process he discovered the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation, especially Daniel 8, which seemed to predict that Christ would soon return to earth. Hundreds of ministers and laymen joined in preaching the message. By the expected time for Christ's return, Miller had between 50,000 to 100,000 followers, commonly known as Millerites. After the disappointment of October 22, 1844, which Miller and many of the leaders of the first movement accepted as the date, groups of Millerites formed what later became the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Pioneer Ellen White has written positively about Miller in The Great Controversy and elsewhere. She heard him preach, and accepted his teachings, going through the disappointment at age 16. She believed that his preaching fulfilled the prophecies of Scripture, and saw him being guided by the Lord.[2]"

Anonymous said...

One thing not mentioned here about 7th Day Adventist belief is the practice of Sabbatarianism. They insist that they must observe the Sabbath Day from sundown on Friday to sundown on Saturday. This is a core belief of this group and adds to their legalism. They do not believe in jewelry, even wedding rings. Their dietary rules have value in themselves from a health standpoint, but they are legalistic.

Sadly, many Christians do not think of SDA as a cult but that is exactly what they are. They are a mission field and need to be approached in gentleness with the Word of God to counter their false beliefs beginning with works salvation. When that battle is won and they are truly converted then the rest can be addressed. One of the potential candidates for President, Ben Carson, is SDA. He seems like a decent, honest man. As we are a secular nation, I would rather have him in office than some others who belong to religions that are cultic also such as Roman Catholics. Again, politricks is far removed from the spiritual except that God is still in charge. We have an obligation to vote our conscience, but it is getting harder to do that.

I hope that "jan" will come to see the truth and be set free.

Anonymous said...

I’ll send you a link when the site is online in mid to late January if you like BB.

Unlikely I’ll post a link on your blog though, as I want to leave this site in the hands of God. If its worthwhile to Him, it will succeed, if not then it will fail, and I’m fine either way.

Also not linking because the site will come under heavy attack on every site, blog and forum where its linked to or posted about. Folks never take it too well when you tear down their idols. Conspiracies have become like a religion to many, or are now intertwined with Bible prophesy for others. And lets not forget that the conspiracy movement is an enormous investment for the NWO, they created it and have a purpose for it, so I also expect their trolls to attack it viciously at every turn. So I'd prefer not having your comments section turned into a battleground of trolls every time I post a comment with a link in my name.

Hopefully it will help Christians to perhaps realize the conspiracy and truth movement is not what we think it is, as well as awakening some non-Christians to see things differently too, and maybe some may be led to Christ through it, as there are equally as many Christian articles..

I’m seeing this as a Gideon moment (I am not like Gideon and God did not tell me to do it), just a small man trying to tear down an alter of Baal, and yes I’m expecting to be ferociously chased by villagers and wolves in sheep's clothing with pitchforks afterwards. Judges 6:25-30. So be it.

Scott Wasinski said...

There has been more than enough proof and evidence to show beyond any logical or reasonable doubt that only two people died in this staged event. The "shooters." Jah is either lying or believing a lie. Saying that he is part of the 7th day cult named after a false interpretation of the 144,000 Hebrew virgin witnesses (12,000 from each tribe) that ascribes to Satan's pyramid structure of corporatization, He has already shown himself to be either deceived or a deceiver.

And the real primary agenda here is to evolve the definition of a terrorist to describe evangelical believers in Jesus Christ that are NOT a part of the lamestream government recognized religious systems. and promote the unique rfid signature on all secure ID's and passports. You will not be able to even domestically "fly on a plane" without one in this coming year.

And the Marxist-in-chief says ""if you cannot fly an airplane, you should not be able to buy a gun, That's just common sense"

It's all about being on a government watch list. The Planned Parenthood hoax was quoting the shooter to have been posting comments online of eternal torments if people didn't accept Jesus. and that Jesus was the only way to heaven. So, after doing a LOT of investigation into the "shootings" that the media blitzes, I have watched the over all theme be

1. What could we have done to prevent this? (more laws and policies)
2. What signs did these characters show in advance? (mental distress, non conforming to mainstream group think) isolated "lone wolf) (religious fundamentalism) (conspiracy theorists) (Preppers) (Quoting themes from the bible) (radicalized...again, non-conformist to mainstream religious group think) paying cash for items,
3. Why didn't the family see these signs? (creating skeptical fear among the families and friends of true followers of Jesus Christ as we are aware that the days of vengeance are very near and warn people to repent to Jesus Christ or there will be hell to pay.
4. create a data base for all people that are not in the mainstream, and pleading with people to report "Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name's sake. And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another." Matthew 24:9&10 Mark 13, Luke 21, etc, etc, etc...
5.showing ID has been a boiling frog for purchases and now these staged events are promoting the ID system whereby one cannot make a purchase or travel without.

162 "mass shootings" under Obama

over 100 draconian legislative initiatives and executive orders. We are headed toward the great tribulation and everything is set up to bring "order out of chaos" and isolate the Bride of Christ that will not compromise the truth of the Word of God, nor will we take th eID of the beast nor worship his image.

Consider this: we are told numerous times throughout the Word that we are the temple of God. Apart from his temple in heaven, there are no references in all of the new testament regarding end times that indicate a physical structure of the past ordinances of the law I.E a 3rd Jewish Temple. The mark will be in the forehead or in the right hand, I sense that the abomination of desolation has much more to do with ecumenicalism and a universal indwelling of a spirit through this system than it does with the teachings of "eschatological doctrines" that come out of the leavened schools of philosophy. But what I can say is that these staged events are advancing the final lock down of the world under the antichrist's reign.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks anon, please send me the link when you get done with your site.

Yes when websites are new especially is when the attacks will come. I will pray for you.

Yes you will get the opposition types coming and the trolls, and those invested in endless false scripts. Real websites with truthful people are rare.

Scott where is the evidence only two died? What made you decide that?

SDA is a false cult even the offshoots. The roots of Ellen White are false. The early books aren't some foundation of truth that was later skewed, it was false from the start. SDA preaches works, false vegetarianism, and soul sleep. The errors are endless. From what I can tell SDA is bowing at the foot of all the Christmas worshiping mainstream Babylonian churches too.

Thanks for warning about real ID, yes they want us all part of the mainstream Babylonian churches. Yes its lock down and weed out on every level. Just wait until they tie employment to having the "proper views" and clearance. It's already happened to a certain point. I agree with your list, all order out of chaos plannings.The population even more compliant willing and obedient, to take the mark of the beast.

I reject the third temple and have warned against it. Satan's deceivers are teaching "Jesus" will rule from a rebuilt temple. You can see how they are setting up for the antichrist rule via the joined together church system, false 'end times teachings" and more.

Scott Wasinski said...

Hey BB, I am in agreement with you on many (if not all) levels. Sadly I just now actually took the time to analyze the well written and very well prepared speech that Obummer gave an hour after the San Bernardino "incident." a 13 minute speech was fully prepared and well rehearsed in less than an hour explaining the religious "radicalization" of terrorists. He talked about the technology to be able to "cut their funding"(buying or selling) and change the visa waiver program (currently you don't need the rfid card, but that is going to change if you want to travel domestically this year) The DHS states on their website that no sooner than 2016 domestic air travel will be restricted for those that do not have the new ID (which is the number of the beast)

As far as the two people that were assassinated, Take a look at the black vehicle that there is c=video footage of. The police supposedly had a "shoot out" with the two "shooters" but apparently these two people had all of their windows up,because every one of them was shot out. If they were in a shoot out, wouldn't it only be logical that at least ONE of the SUVs windows would be down, making it possible for the "shooters" to actually shoot? I have done a lot of study on all of these false flages and I can spot the bs pretty well.

There is absolutely NO Closed Circuit footage of any of these "attacks"...Paris, Sandy Hoax, Charleston, Planned Parenthood, and no pictures of any bodies, yet the two San Bernardino bodies are visible, because the FBI had them assassinated for whatever reason.

Oh, and all of the areas where these attacks have taken place just so happen to have active shooter drill the day of the events or just prior to, ao that all the DHS, FBI, CIA, ATF, police, emergency workers were all ready to roll when the drill goes "Live."

Scott Wasinski said...

I must correct the earlier statement about the Obummer speech. The one that I saw was 3 or 4 days after the event. I have not found the one that he gave an hour after the shooting. I would like to find that somewhere other than CNN where you have to agree to sell your great grandchildren's rights just for using their site.

William Sculley said...

You do know that the second photo was photoshopped to add her appearance to it, right? In other words, they faked the story completely.