Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Weirdos Who Show Up At This Blog

This showed up on my comments feed today. Some may ask why post this? This freak has been posting on my blog for YEARS sending these strange Illuminati advertisements, I have at least 50 of these back in my spam files. I suppose it's some guy who thinks there is no such thing as the "new world order" or Illuminati, who wants to mock me and this blog but the joke grew old long ago. It's stale. I mean the guy made his point about THREE years ago. Hey at least use believable phone numbers and emails! There's too many strange people out there.


Abigail said...

BB, I'm going to be brave and post in the weirdo section! Haha! You sound like you could do with a reminder of the many of us out there who love and appreciate your ministry here to us. In the face of discouragement, please know that brothers and sisters in Christ whom you have never met pray for you, care about you, and value your work here. Your words have given me such strength to stand for truth, trust the Spirit's conviction in my life, and bear the cross daily of not fitting in with the world around me. You really have been used by God to have a huge impact on my thinking! Thank you for the hours you pour into your ministry of this blog. Someone else wrote how every time you say you wish you could move that they wish you would move near them. When I read that I was nodding in agreement and thinking "Yes, me too!" You will be amazed some day when your Savior puts His arm around you, introduces you to all of us who read you daily, and smiles and tells you "Well done!!!!" You hang in there, Sister! Your hours of devoted work are making a difference that you cannot see but which your Father does see. Even the non believers who read your thoughts are impacted by them in ways that the Holy Spirit is quietly using. Think of Saul's reaction to the pricks of conscience caused by Stephen's martyrdom and unnamed Christians' testimonies. Those believers probably thought that their words and deeds had no effect on Saul, but brilliant Paul never forgot a thing those people said. The Holy Spirit used anonymous believers then and He is using you now, even when you don't see it yourself. Can I beg of you one thing that would make your blog an even bigger blessing to us readers? PLEASE figure out a way to let us post comments on older articles and have some kind of link or notification on your current page to notify readers of recent comments, even on very old posts. I think about some older topics and have thoughts and theories I'd like to share, but I know my feedback would be minimal so I don't put in the time to post a comment once the topic goes stale. Sometimes I just need time to think or study before I'm ready to put my thoughts out there. I guess I'm not as fast at processing things as you are! For instance, I have some child-centered ideas for dealing with holidays but I hesitate to place them 3 pages back where InChristAlone I think it was might not see them. Keep an eye on that Starbucks article, InChristAlone, because I have some ideas to help your family honor God AND have fun memories together!

Bible Believer said...

Thanks Abigail for posting on the weirdo section. I am glad for your encouragement and sometimes it does help a lot to read it, and know I have Christian brothers and sisters thinking of me and praying for me. Yes I wish I could move around some of you too, then I could have someone to talk to without worries of offending all the time! :P Yes the non believers even reading have to be impacted too. I sure hope so. I know some read here out of interest on politics and other matters. I will look into putting up comments feed. That would show some of the older comments, some articles even a few years old are getting comments. I may be doing reviews of older articles with newer information added to them. I do link even to 4 and 5 year old articles but think it can be of interest in recent developments. Thanks for helping out your Christian sister on ideas for fun memories that honor God. And thanks for your kind comments.

Michael Sean said...

Don;t take these messages persoanly. They are targeting the site rather than you, becasue there is a conspiracy element to the blog. Believe it or not these same messages appear on quite a few message boards, and comment sections. When comments sections aren't properly moderated they can block them up. It's the craziest thing that they are using the idea of joining some sort of elite club that runs the world to seduce people. This comes from all the "Jay Z and Beyonce are Illuminati" nonsense. It plays on people's desire for glamour and prestige. Yes people would genuinely sell their sole for that life, and do. The whole thing is a scam, but on another level it would not surprise me in the least if they also functioned as a sort of intelligence gathering scam, to see who would genuinely ring these numbers.Useful idiots for future reference.

Bible Believer said...

Michael, that is interesting that these messages have shown up at other message boards and websites, thanks for telling me. Sadly they would have some ready to sell their souls and call the numbers and I definitely can see them using that information.

Anonymous said...

Hi BB,

Although I disagree with much of your theology, you don't deserve to get the kind of nonsense this guy displays. Better to forget him. Posting his material might encourage him to send you more of this kind, not less. He is plainly unhinged.


John Arthur