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Suicide And Substance Abuse Spike White, Middle Aged Death Rate

Other groups and minorities have suffered greatly and have had higher death rates for decades, but this article makes it obvious Generation X isn't doing as well as the Baby Boomers and older Americans. Generation X has hit it's 40s and 50s. While they point to substance abuse as a cause, the dying economy has more to do with it too. It has not escaped my notice that people of my generation seem far more ill and are dying younger then their parents.  Baby Boomers and older Americans hold 47 more times the wealth then Generation X and the millennials.

In my old rural town, some people were finished by their 50s with chronic illness and some of these folks had been clean-living but under incredible stress for years, and had no decent jobs or medical insurance. While drugs have played a part, the economic realities are in the forefront too. The middle class is dying and some are literally dying younger because of the changes to their lives. One video does discuss the economic implications: [mild language warning:]

There are spiritual implications here too. There are not only physical costs to the decay of society, greed and drug use, but spiritual ones as well. Life spans are growing shorter.  People are giving in to despair with the suicide rate skyrocketing. The social break down of society via corruption and sin is evident in these numbers. When I was young they always spoke of "progress" and told me as a teen how we would live into our early 100s.
It was all deception.

Proverbs 10:27 The fear of the LORD prolongeth days: but the years of the wicked shall be shortened.

The Vanishing Male Worker


Anonymous said...


The other big white elephant in the room that is never mentioned by such media articles is the massive increase in RADIATION. It's not just the "GMO food," "vaccines," "chemicals," & all the "regular bad stuff" we constantly hear about.

The article mentioned the year 1999 as the beginning of that middle-agers' death spiral. So what changed IN THE ENVIRONMENT in the latter 1980s & throughout the 1990s that would cause middle-aged people to begin dropping like flies (and bees and birds and fish) by 1999? > >

1. CORDLESS PHONES emit radiation 24/7 even when they are on their base. If it was a 900MHz cordless, that is 900,000,000 (900-million) Hertz of ElectroMagnetic Fields permeating your environment & body every second of every day. If it was a 2.4GHz cordless, that is 2,400,000,000 (2-billion 400-million Hertz). And they are probably up to 5GHz soon, or already by now (5-billion Hertz).

(The human body and its organs operate between 2-20 Hertz, so all these other "man made" frequencies are Over-Powering the body's natural frequencies and wreaking havoc on every body system, immune, cardio, vascular, central nervous system, musculoskeletal, neuro/brain, endocrine, liver, kidneys, etc. It is slow-kill death.)

2. CELLPHONES emit Pulsed Microwave Radiation, one of the most deadly kinds. Pulsed Microwave Radiation was invented by the militaries to induce harm to their enemies, not health! Germany knew of it in 1932. In the 1970s, Russia used it to radiate the American Embassy in Moscow. When the USA found out about it, they let it continue for TEN LONG YEARS without telling anybody, so they could "study" how it would affect their own American Embassy employees! Of course the Govt. eventually got their butts sued for causing cancers via MWR, but what do they care, they got their "studies"!

3. CELL TOWERS are humongous radiating monstrosities. If you live within 1/2-mile of one, you're basically in the "You're Dead" Zone.

4. COMPUTERS emit ElectroMagnetic Radiation via their harddrives and monitors (fluorescent tubes), and laptops are even worse, some emitting up to 150mg's (Milligaus)! The safe limit is less than 1-2mgs!

5. GROUND CURRENT: In 1992 Utility Companies, too cheap to run "neutral" return wires to their Substations, began putting rods in the ground instead & letting the electricity find its own way back to the Substations running across the ground everywhere, which, when it passes by your house or apt. or office, will run up through the metal plumbing and saturate your environment.

6. SMART METERS: The 1-way-RF-(Radio Frequency)-Meters became a staple beginning around the mid-to-late-1990s. They were/are especially bad if the meter was on the wall on the other side of your bed, or if you're in an apt. complex & there's a whole bank of them on a wall nearby, etc. (The Govts. have known re "RADIO SICKNESS" since the days of the Telegraph & the Trans-Atlantic Cable, as the Telegraph Operators would get sick from the RF. Military men who work in "Military Communications" > RF exposure, also have been getting sick from it for a long time. Ham Radio Operators get more cancers than anybody.)

7. DIRTY ELECTRICITY: To back up a few decades, after the "Middle East Oil Crisis" of the early 1970s, TPTB decided, in order to "save energy," that all things "Electronic" should have "Switch Mode Power ... CON'T...

Anonymous said...

...Supplies" (SMPS) built into them which turns the Electronics On/Off repeatedly at a very fast pace. This creates "Dirty Electricity" aka Pollution in the Electric Grid & it will spew out of all your electrical outlets. So all Electronics since then, tons of them by now, are increasing the "pollution" in the Electric Grid & in everyone's home environment who is connected to the Grid. (Cell Towers alone have sheds or smaller buildings under them or near them that are each FULL of "Electronics" creating Dirty Electricity that is also adding to the Electrical "Slow Kill" Pollution.)

8. WIFI, HOT-SPOTS, & Everything-WIRELESS: It's the same Pulsed Microwave Radiation, which is the REAL name for "Wifi" & "Wireless" but you won't hear Apple or Comcast or ATT telling you that! Wireless Baby Monitors, too! Comcast brags in their press release that they are so happy they have finally installed 400,000 HOT SPOTS in Florida! (They don't call it "HOT" for nothing!) Now add ATT, Verizon, etc. & you can imagine how the atmosphere everywhere is totally saturated with RADIATION, everywhere anybody goes, stores, restaurants, gas stations, schools, work, churches, gyms, etc., it's there! And even along the streets because now they are installing "Radiating Streetlights"!

9. LOW FREQUENCY RADIATION: It occurs naturally (volcanos, earthquakes, avalanches, glaciers, etc.; a lion's roar is ELF, Extremely Low Frequency which vibrates the ground around him & vibrates the body of his prey, which is how he paralyzes them before attack!), but it also occurs via man-made sources such as jet engines, machinery, & the Power Grid's Powerlines have always emitted ELF!
--"Boom Cars" & "Gamers" emit LFR-Noise via their stupid boom cars & gaming machines, torturing their neighbors & neighborhoods & causing houses and the people in them to literally vibrate! There's an old site online about the latter, I think it's called "Lower the Boom."
--As for people who work around LFR-Noise/Vibration for long periods of time, like airline pilots, machinists, disk jockeys, etc., over a period of time it will cause the heart to turn hard as a rock but without showing any inflammation! A research study in 2004 from Portugal went into detail about this. It's called VAD (Vibro-Acoustic Disease). They were able to autopsy the body of a man who volunteered for that because he had been deathly ill for hears from LFR-Noise which killed him.
--The Feds' prior GWEN Towers (taken over by the Coast Guard) used LFR because the low frequencies "hug the ground" vs. in the air, & they travel much farther & can penetrate anything, mountains, oceans, etc. (hence all the fish dying, too). The US Navy uses LFR to communicate with submarines. CON'T...

Anonymous said...


10. ADVANCED SMART METERS: The newer AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) Smart Meters are the most lethal of all. It's not just the meter itself but the WIRES BEHIND THE METER that then connect to your building's wiring that is the problem. Those SmartMeter wires are 900MHz (900-million Hertz) and 2.4GHz (2-billion 400-million Hertz) which are then pulsed through the Electric Grid's measely 60-Hertz, overpowering the entire system, & everybody in the buildings!
--If the Utility is using an RF-MESH-AMI system, it uses your inside wall & ceiling wiring as "Electrical Conductors" which means we then are living/working INSIDE an "Electrical Circuit," very dangerous.
--When the Utility increases the "Power Density" (Spring & Summers & Winters in Florida, maybe only Winters up North(?), it can make the entire building literally VIBRATE as it oscillates the wall-wiring, & any metal (concrete rebar, plumbing pipes, metal roofs, etc.), along with emitting an obnoxious menacing "HUM" noise that that will penetrate your ears, head, brain, eyes, heart, chest, organs, stomach & vibrate those too (people have no idea what real "torture" is until your internal organs literally vibrate!). Metal fillings in teeth don't help! They turn your head into a battery!
--BTW, turning OFF the Circuit Breakers or the Mains supply does NOT stop it because the MWR/RF via the AMI SmartGrid system rides along the "naked" Unshielded wiring whether your power is ON or OFF.
--If the rural Utilities are using the PLC-AMI system (PowerLine Communications), it leaks out Microwave Radiation from the powerlines because powerlines are NOT SHIELDED, neither is anybody's wall wiring (unless people knew about this in advance &/or worked in industry who knows about it, & when they build NEW buildings, they will SHIELD all the wiring during construction). PLC also creates an "Antenna Effect" in all the building's wiring, home, office, etc., basically the same thing as RF-MESH systems, & just as slow-kill-deadly.
--BTW, whenever you see the words "DATA" or "COMMUNICATIONS," what they are REALLY saying is MICROWAVE RADIATION, the correct "technical/military" term.
--Some Utilities may have even begun using an AMI as far back as 1987 (per one "Sales" Power-Point Presentation I saw, it said FP&L began using AMI technology in 1987! Was it a typo? I dunno!) But by mid-2000's, still part of the years of that middle-agers research study which went through 2013, more AMI SmartGrid systems began to be installed; and even moreso from 2009 forward when Obama put the free-carrot of CASH out there for Utility Companies if they would "bite" & get on board the SmartGrid-DeathGrid Train, all for the sake of "Green Energy," of course!
--If you google for questions like these, you'll see more & more people are feeling the effects: "Why is my bed vibrating?" "Why is my body vibrating?" "Why is my house vibrating?" "Why is my head vibrating?" etc. etc.
--Not that anyone here would, but tell others: Don't fall for all the New Age garbage at youtube re how great these "vibrations & frequencies" are. NO THEY ARE NOT a GOOD thing! This is Eisenhower's "Military Industrial Complex" Nightmare come true! The Military invented MWR & handed it over to "Industry" (Utilities, Telcoms, etc.) who repackaged it in pretty colors and bows & sold it to the public so we can slowly-kill-ourselves & be none the wiser! (With Utilities, they MAKE us PAY them to slow-kill us. What else is new, eh?) CON'T...

Anonymous said...


11. 5-GHz ON THE WAY: The Economist magazine (of the "rich & famous" elite) issue earlier this year, May I think it was, had a Tech article that said their next big thing is to get rid of the cell towers & just put "mini-towers/boxes" running 5-Gigahertz (5-billion-Hertz) on EVERY SINGLE BUILDING EVERYWHERE, every single house, every single store, every single office bldg., etc. etc. No wonder the "elites" have underground bunkers & cities prepared. Underground is the only safe place from Radiation! And you have to get at least 39" underground as MWR/RF can penetrate the ground at least that far.

TO WRAP UP: There are 20,000+ studies showing EMR (ElectroMagnetic Radiation of which LF, RF, MWR are a part) is harmful to humans and animals. But the FCC in 1996, at the behest of the military and Telcom lobbyists, etc., set the "legal limit" SO HIGH that nobody can be found "guilty" of harming anybody with EMR. Other countries have their limits very LOW 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1.0, etc., but USA+Canada set their limits 10,000 times higher than that.

Names/Experts/Sites to learn more:

Smart Grid: Curtis Bennett,, Electrician, ThermoRadiation expert, Building Technologist; & he teaches doctors, via their CME courses, about this since 99% of doctors don't know beans yet.

A few doctors that DO know:
--Deitrich Klinghardt, MD, PHD, in Washington State; has a medical practice website. One YT interview of him: "EMR, the Health Hazard of Our Time."
--Sam Milham, MD, MPH, retired, in his 80s now, California (see his book/website, "Dirty Electricity & the Diseases of Civilization").
--Shawn Schmidt, DC, up in Michigan, has youtubes & a website.
--William Rae, MD, Environmental Health Center Dallas, website, & a few online interviews. He was a former cardiologist but switched specialties due to the Environmental Hazards of Modern Society!
--David O. Carpenter, MD, MPH, University of Albany, NY, Environmental Health Dept.; he's also getting up there in years.

Magda Havas, PHD, has a website, Canada; & is in the process of posting 8,000 MWR research documents accumulated from 1970 forward by US Navy Archivist, Zorach Glaser, PHD, retired. (She went to see Mr. Glaser in person & he bemoaned, "I have no one to leave all my work to." She said, "May I PLEASE have them? I will put them on my website." He said, "YES YOU MAY!" Whew! That lady is on the ball. All Dr. Glaser's work may have ended up in the trash bin whenever he dies! -- Havas first got involved in the early 1990s when the reports first came out that children living near powerlines were getting leukemia. She currently works with people with CIFDS, MS, etc., going to their homes to test for MWR/RF, DE, etc. as more people are thinking the causes of all the "modern mystery diseases" are Radiation-related. -- And when she heard about this next guy, she also got up and went to see him in person, too...

Dave Stetzer, Stetzer Electric, Wisconsin, has website; expert re the Electronics issues, Dirty Electricity, the Power Grid, Ground Current, etc. He got involved in the 1990's when all the dairy cows up there were becoming maimed, couldn't stand up, were falling over, couldn't produce milk, etc. & the farmers came to him pleading for him to come investigate. He says he didn't really want to at first but they wouldn't leave him alone so he finally did. It was Ground Current running across the dairy farms maiming the poor cows! Stetzer himself has heart problems, I think he's in his 60s now. CON'T...

Anonymous said...


Barrie Trower, PHD, UK, MWR Expert from his military Cold War years (no website, he's old school, handwrites in Copperplate Font!; doesn't use computers nor email, etc.) but has been interviewed all over the net, radio & youtubes. He's almost 70 now.

Victor Nixon, M.Sc., SCADA expert for Electrical Installations, deceased (the PLC SmartGrid up in Philly killed him within 3 years, he was only 59 when he died in Sept. 2012; but prior to that he did a ton of research about it). His reports are still online; &/or one lady that met him & probably has copies of his research is the site. (Nixon originally thought it was a local Philly PowerGrid problem, but after researching and "feeling totally hopeless" and said he felt like he would crash in despair, at that moment in time he ran across the above lady online. He at first couldn't believe the same thing was happening at her house in Massachusetts, so she said, "COME AND SEE." So he got up and went & it was so strong there at her house, he said he had to leave after about 12-hours as it made him collapse to his knees bowled over. The frequencies penetrate your gut and chest like an "invisible drill bit" >> that's how I describe it, but Nixon had written in a googlegroup that, "It gets me in the chest and the gut," so I'm sure that's what he meant.)

Jerry Flynn, Canada, an older former military guy (no website), who has been rudely awakened to the EMR horror. He says he used to LOVE his gadgets & thought he was so cool for having a Blackberry, etc., until his daughter asked him, "Dad, what do you know about Smart Meters?" He said, "Nothing!" Ha. So he went researching & "became a believer." He has done a few good "historical'" presentations/lectures on youtube on this subject.

Boil-The-Frog-Slowly Radio site has many interviews with most of these people & more re this subject.

Another guy with a website, or .org, can't remember which, mostly focused on cellphones/celltowers/MWR, is Arthur Firstenberg who was in medical school in the early 1980s and collapsed one day when they were working with cauterizing equipment (which emits radiation). He couldn't move for 3 days because it is like a "kick in the chest" that will flatten you out. He has written two articles way back, which are still online, one called, "Killing Fields" re how radiation is harming people and the environment. I forget the other title.

Another guy who also mostly focuses on cellphones, is Lloyd Burrell in France. His site is He was rudely awakened circa 2000 when he would get piercing sharp pains in his head every time he put his cellphone up to his ear. It was downhill from there. He has many youtubes on how to minimize the dangers from cellphones, computers; how to do shielding of your environment, etc. He's gone a little too "New Age'y" for me, though.

Another PHD is Joel Moskowitz at University of California, Family Health. He has an email newsletter, twitter, website, etc., keeping up with the latest news re MWR/Radiation/EMF/EMR.

My Famous Last Words: "I never thought it would happen here." (The Local Utility said they were only going to roll out SmartGrid to 1/10th of the population. Wrong!)

Only 1 more paragraph to go... :)

Anonymous said...


If you wonder why you never hear birds singing outside your windows anymore, they don't come around when the SmartGrid is in high "Power Density" mode. When it is in Super-Low-mode, they will actually come singing again! Several months ago I saw an article re a mass exodus of peacocks over in Pakistan or somewhere like that. The article was clueless, but my first thought was > SmartGrid! And yes, it's global. There's a paper online by 5 Pakistani engineers about it. Their conclusion: "This monster they have created may not obey its masters once it is let loose from its cage," or words to that effect. Very sobering!

"...and He will bring to ruin those ruining the earth..."

Sign me: Electrician's Daughter

(Everyone please help wake up the saints because so many people do not realize what is making them sick!)

Bible Believer said...

Thanks for your posts. I believe they definitely are doing a wide human experimentation with all these power grids, WI-FI and more. I have WI-FI and use a cordless but still wonder what these things are doing to people. There's not many birds who sing around here. All the cellphones and rest are worrisome. Remember the articles about birds falling out of the sky and things like that maybe those were electrical bursts. All the wireless--now with free WI_fi in almost every coffee shop and other places too, they don't know the long term effect. I'm stuck with electricity, sleep on a CPAP, and use one machine for lungs--nebulizer, but I still have wondered about these things and what they are doing. I believe of course Gen X is dying off faster due to economic pressures. The scapegoat generation for the most selfish generation ahead of it [yes generalizing here there are good Christian and individuals this does not apply to in every generation] but there's many environmental factors.

kate davis said...

Electrician's Daughter-- I am an electrician's daughter too :) Great comment! I have been watching Klinghardt's stuff....the thing is, they ALL go a little new he does this ceremony with people standing in as your ancestors, in a circle, to heal you from generational curses, etc. Only the blood of Jesus Christ can do that. Anyway, it does not invalidate anything he says about emf but I get so disheartened once I dig a bit deeper on many of these people that are sharing the truth. I guess it should not surprise me when unsaved people act unsaved.