Sunday, November 29, 2015

None of Them Will Tell Us The Truth About Poverty

An ecumenical/NCC connected "Christian" group called "Circles of Protection" has interviewed all the presidential candidates about poverty.

Even "conservative" Ted Cruz, somehow believes the USA can fix the world's poverty. How? When so many Americans are poor themselves? The globalist views have infused everywhere.

My household has recently sunk into worse poverty. It's hard to explain how, but the free-lance/piece-meal work my husband has been doing, and the rising prices are hitting home hard. One thing that is not talked about out there is how a lot of labors have been chopped up into low paying "contract" work. The even poorer millennials are scrambling together often putting together piece-work labors. It's a far harder way to live.

Full time jobs are disappearing far more then is admitted. We have just been able to keep a roof over our head and have not missed a meal yet but the pressures have grown greater. Poverty for most Americans means you face loneliness and rejection. You are not see as a real human being. I have been at the charities and seen the looks of pity. I am going to write an article soon on how "Christians" treat the poor from a more personal perspective soon. This includes the churches which treat you like a "lesser" and like you did something wicked to end up where you did. In America having a proper middle class or above household is almost an expectation for many churches. You truly are an outcast in "Christian" culture. The poor more often then not are NOT members of the churches helping them. The poor are separate. They go to the "community meals" and more but know no church home awaits them because of false teachings, and gung-ho Republicanism. Imagine someone on food stamps, listening to the pastor rail on about "Those who don't work won't eat" and how the poor are sinful and in the next breathe ask for more money. Well I will write on these things in more detail soon.

 Many pay in this society for not selling out in this society to mammon. We have seen huge lines at food pantries and soup kitchens locally in town. These types will tell us "Things are getting better". As I have written before, culturally and socio-economically I do not fit the normal "Christian" world or culture and I left my last church as much over the false teachings as the socio-economic divisions. None of them are fixing the corrupt job system or the outsourcing or facing facts globalism is destroying life for millions if not billions. "Just throwing money at poverty doesn't work", that one made me laugh. Well if no money, do something about the jobs, but we know that won't happen. He's still selling the Ronald Reagan trickle-down theories.

How are they going to fix things with their "right to fire" laws and support of new world order immigration that is most often used for cheaper wages for the elite? It's funny how his videos refer to the disabled when most like this want to cut and slash every program for the disabled to death. They don't do job placement anywhere for the disabled either.

Huckabee's video

Bernie Sanders Video

The Democrat party at least admit the poor exist and the poverty is growing, but they sell themselves as the party of the "little people" while throwing people under the bus just as much as the other side. Bernie Sanders is correct about the working poor having to go to food pantries. They always toss a populist or two in the mix for the early show time to prep things for their NWO choice. Bernie may really "care" about the poor, but don't think for a minute he's going to be allowed in. He has some other scary "liberal" political beliefs to go with the admitting the truth about poverty.

Ah here is Hillary, nice pyramid hands Hillary, she tells us the "economy is improving". You know right then that she is immediately lying. It's only improving for the 1 percent. I actually don't disagree with raising the minimum wage which may shock some here, but then watching people lined up at the food pantries who can't even afford to eat who WORK FULL TIME stinks. It is wicked to make people live in destitution who work in my opinion. Even the Bible speaks of a fair day's wage for a fair day's labor. Hillary gives her nod to the poor while planning worse destruction for this country.

We have poor in this society because of greed and sin. When Jesus said the poor will always be with us, sadly the truth is in this fallen world, too many exploit others and seek out their own gain.


In Christ Alone my hope is found said...

Strange name for a group that she thanks, albeit a 'Christian' group, she says, she "wants to thank the Circle of Protection".... Google that term and you see the organization she refers too plus many Wiccan websites that use this term, 'circle of protection''s used to protect the witches when they cast spells....very strange indeed..

Anonymous said...

Go to a 3rd world country and one will see poverty. America does not know true poverty. The day the sport stadiums are empty, the shops, bars and restuarants have to close their doors due to lack of business, and the gambling casinos don't still rake in the dough that will be the day.

Yes, there are those who are struggling financially. But compared to the poverty of some countries they are rich. Yes, we have children who go to bed at night hungry but often it is because their parents have spent their money on addictions whether it be alcohol or drugs.

Yes, things would quickly change if there was no more credit cards. Most are spending over their income due to lust and pride and instant gratification.

The Salvation Army (don't agree with their doctrine) does good for the needy especially during the holidays. I don't think they look down their nose at those they serve.

I fear that this article paints with a too-wide brush. I personally know of a Christian organization that feeds the homeless and shares the Gospel and doesn't make them feel inferior. Christians volunteer and then visit with the needy and show them love and concern.

A local school takes on a family and takes them food, etc.

Yes, there are those who are genuinely in need and are struggling to make ends meet through no fault of their own. Those who have been out of work due to down-sizing and other reasons. They need a help up, not a hand out.

I see people standing by the side of the road with cardboard signs - many of them are professional beggars. The real people in poverty won't be found doing this.

This is a multi-faceted problem. Our government is set up to assist those who are disabled. Sadly, there are those who are dishonest and leech off the system. Cheating is rampant whether it be infidelity, lying or cheating on taxes or exams, or whatever. Honest people pay the price. I have read of some instances where people lied that they had cancer just to get money for a facelift.

I believe that every Christian should trust God to be their Provider. That does not mean that our government is not responsible for helping take care of the helpless in our society. That is what we pay taxes for, but those dollars are so misspent.

There is much fraud in food stamps and mothers who continue to have children but no father. They should be looked down on disdain and other others get put into the same category who are not that way.

It is messed up all the way around because of the fallen world in which we live.

I agree that the politicians have got this wrong. After all, they are politicians.

Bible Believer said...

I think third world poverty would be easier then poverty in America in SOME WAYS

At least in the third world you are just like everyone else around you. Unless you are a slave in the factory or have been trafficked, the social ties are far stronger for you. You have some kinfolk around you. You have been taught how to survive and there are shared resources. You know how to hunt, fish and trap and grow your own food. You aren't viewed as an outcast.

Remember that article I just did about the poor younger whites having higher death rates? Well the other cultures in America are more family oriented and closer-knit. Poor younger whites are disenfranchised even often from their own families and social circles.

Poverty in America is "easier" in that there is running water, heat, and even if you live in the worse area, you can still find a charity somewhere to feed you.

However the social costs are far greater.

I suppose the physical costs of poverty [lack of running water, medical care, etc] are far higher in the third world but the social costs [in many cases are less]

It is a multi-faceted problem.

I am poor enough to know that there is a hidden world of poverty in America. Its side by side worlds and one is almost invisible to the other.There is a tier even below me, of the "hidden homeless". The poor are more and more hidden. It's weird when I visit some people like viewing a whole other world.

I have seen good and bad churches when it comes to the poor so you are right, there's some that are still good but you won't change my opinion that the poor have been more disenfranchised from churches in general.

Bible Believer said...

Circle of protection reminded me of witchcraft too, kind of like prayer circles.

Anonymous said...

Your point about the societal differences in 3rd world countries is certainly valid. However, there is a high level of domestic abuse and child molestation due to the powerless state of women in particular. Girls are taken in my sweet talkers who leave them pregnant and with no support. There is no true law enforcement so domestic abuse goes unpunished as does child molestation.

The only thing that is countering this is those Christian groups who are evangelizing where the heart is changed. It seems to stem from the men in certain cultures.

Also, there are only 2 classes: those in poverty and those who are rich. There is no middle class. The poor are easily manipulated by politicians who promise them a better life but only to get their votes and then nothing happens.

I certainly empathize with people like yourself who are barely keeping a roof over the heads and food on the table. Honest working people. It is the folly of our government to give benefits to those who have entered illegally, better than our own citizens. This is the injustice.

I pray your situation will improve and that more work will come along to better provide your needs.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Anonymous,

The sad truth is that you can work till you drop, and still end up starving -- or nearly starving -- thanks to three decades of trickle economics, and the acceleration of technology that's eliminating many jobs that kept folks from the poverty line.

Just wait till you enter the piecework netherworld -- you'll be singing an entirely different song then. I speak from experience. Peace.

Anonymous said...

Word of caution here: please do not confuse addressing a growing problem here in this country, calling it out as the Democrats do, with actually CARING and LOVING the people who are impoverished. There is a huge difference between labeling and actually caring for the good of the people. I used to be a staunch Democrat and that party cares about as much for the poor just as much as satan cares about the condition of the human soul/salvation in Christ. Both are lost.

Anonymous said...

Poverty is that much worse when you're homeless, have no food, and see people around you with plenty of everything, but not willing to share. Ive never been to a third world country, but Americas heading in that direction. In about 20 years all you'll have is the rich and poor.....James

Bible Believer said...

I agree there is horrible child molestation and domestic abuse in some of these other countries but it's going on in this one too. Of course both are not always class based. The sweet talkers are here too. But even there with the globalism infused into the churches, poor Americans are treated like whiners and that they should go cry for the third world. This is part of the formula don't you get it, to turn THIS PLACE into the third world, where life is just as cheap here? The Republicans have bamboozled most of the Christians into saying, well you don't have it so tough. I know what it is like to dumpster dive for food and sleep on old blankets on the floor and not even have a bed FOR YEARS.

I know being poor in America is a different world from being inside it. Some Christian groups do help things, I agree. However many are hurting the poor or ostracizing them. I agree there is no middle class anymore. The poor in America are hidden away. Even the world of stadiums, shopping and restaurants, is not my existence. I see an occasional restaurant with a cheap special where the food costs lest then the grocery store--lunch under 5 bucks. I only have internet access due to special circumstances. I got my last computer for free, from a school getting rid of old computers for free [a trash clean out]

I agree about the illegal immigration, as I wrote before that is used as a weapon by the powers that be to suppress the wages.

Given my health I have waited for my situation to improve for years. Age discrimination and the rest are in full swing for my husband.Get poor enough as "throw-aways" the world is not a welcoming place. I pray to God about this all the time.

Bible Believer said...

I think the Democrat party stinks too. Both parties have thrown the poor overboard in America. The Democrats are betrayers with their throw open the borders to every group they can think of. Both parties supported the TPP, and the rest of the garbage. I was a Democrat years ago too. I am sick of both parties and the Republicans, one thing I noticed about their videos is they all displayed this idyllic world from the 1950s. The Democrats you are right only pretend to care.

Even admitting you are poor in some Christian circles is very scary.

Bible Believer said...

sorry anonymous, that you are having to work so hard and still are in poverty. I see people who work even two minimum wage jobs who can't even afford an old car to get to those jobs. They are lying to Americans about reality and the middle class and above live in a world people like us can't even imagine. The piece=meal garbage like the 1800s has returned, I have read even intellectual labors have been returned to this. What do you think Uber and the rest are about?

Most "Christians" out there defend the systems of oppression on the poor. The globalism has brainwashed the middle class and above "Christians" to renounce the poor around them in some cases.

I never met one person in my boat in any of the churches. The poor like me knew they couldn't "afford" the place.

Bible Believer said...

James, I think America is already there, but they keep the poor hidden away from the "winners" of the Hunger Games in the USA. I see the homeless around here who are often ignored. In one church I got rebuked for hanging out with some homeless people. Why wouldn't they be my friends, I was only one notch above them?

I think American poverty is worse because at least in the third world you are not shamed and others are in your boat who share in your troubles. Here you are shoved underground and ashamed, almost having to hide your poverty so your landlord and others don't catch on.

Once you slide below 'genteel' poverty where there's no more rent money, food and/or old car to get places, thats when the fun really begins.

One thing Ive noticed about the 'doing well" crowd, many sold out for their cash.

Bible Believer said...

Where I live now has EXTREME disparities of wealth. It blows my mind how some almost say the poor are not there. They got a burned out neighborhood here even with falling down shacks and poor in the rural areas too living in shacks of their own. I am noticing this, among the middle class and above, the poor literally have become INVISIBLE.

I find that to be an interesting American phenomenon.

Anonymous said...

What really amazes me is how everyone seems to feel like they have really earned their lot in life. I know people who have been given multiple houses and inheritences and trust funds, but they will look down on even the lower middle class,with the attitude that they have somehow earned it all.
They will even complain about money in front of you, and never see their blessings. It never ceases to amaze me..
And inflation ,aging, illness, old homes,old appliances, old cars,etc.etc.etc.;can become quite an economic drain on even a lower middle class salary..

Michael Sean said...

It's no different here in the UK. The Conservative government have really gone out of their way to attack the most vulnerable in society. We have disabled people commiting suicide after having benefits cut, and being told they need to go to work. The funny thing is jobs are scarce. It's a huge scam. With tens of thousand of 'refugees' coming in year on year caused by the military adventurism in the middle east, and billions miraculously found to fund war, a housing shortage, and a health service that has gone from being one of the best in the world to one of the worst in the first world, this country has disappeared down the toilet. But hey, we have celebrities right? Celebrities make our day brighter...and our minds dumber. We have a two party dictatorship, and with each successive government the gap between rich and poor gets wider and wider. Europe in general is in the business of commiting cultural and religious suicide right now.

Anonymous said...

I noticed they did not include Trump in their list of candidate videos:

I wonder if they even asked him their "100 questions," or maybe they did but he did not provide a reply/video(?)

Bible Believer said...

This may surprise some I've hinted at it before but I come from a well-off family. They aren't ultra rich but think 6 figures. Let's just say I live a whole other life and even now with God's help I'm dealing with disengaging from their lies they taught me [I had to make the choice to walk from very wicked people in my case and the religious differences between huge--as I have said, division came to me in this lifetime already] So yes I am familiar with those who have so much wealth and then disparage people for not attaining their same lifestyles anon. It's horrible.

I think of how these folks would complain to me about how they couldn't find the right CD or exact color of a 40,000 car they wanted and it boggled my mind. Yes inflation, aging and illness affect income and I know even the lower middle class and middle class are being crushed under property taxes and health insurance costs.
Being disabled is a sure path to poverty and many people enter their 40s and 50s who are on the lower echelons and see their health break down. Remember those videos I posted about Gen X and younger generations now dying younger. The economic struggle played in. I work at being content. Its not easy. God hasn't allowed us to miss meal yet though we have had to improvise A LOT. I haven't been homeless. I don't take that for granted. I know how easily it can happen.

Bible Believer said...

I get the feeling Trump refused. "Caring about the poor" isn't a concern of most of his supporters even for him to play act it like the Democrats.

Bible Believer said...

I have friends overseas and have been reading about things happening in the UK and yes they are lowering the hammer scapegoating the disabled. It sickens me how they have no problems with the endless "refugee" help but then throw their own people away. Of course that is happening here, with the endless forced immigration.

I read some of those articles about disabled people committing suicide. It is horrifying. I escaped homelessness just barely but lived in the rented room tier for years. For many disabled homelessness could mean death. In the USA, I have been told the social workers don't allow this to happen but then the system is broken and many falling through the cracks.

I have heard of people in the USA getting tossed off or denied any benefits. Even with the "get a job" crowd shouting at them, no one seems to care that even NOW minor health problems or any differences where someone could work, people are being openly discriminated against.

I know another hearing impaired person, and a lady with severe lymphedema who can barely walk, who all have been denied disability and they can't find a job. When my husband grew older, his industry died out and now its all temp and contract work. He freelances but it's about equal to minimum wage. He can't do manual or physical labor due to his health problems and age. The jobs and work are scare and very low paying. There will be no retirement. Retirement has disappeared now for most under 55.

Most forget that most people on welfare now are WORKING. In fact most states in the USA unless you are permanently disabled, they are putting time caps on welfare for life of only a few years. I have a friend in Australia who is partially disabled, and he sees refugees get benefits, houses, and good jobs. He lives in a rented room.

I am noticing even in my own neck of the woods, while people my age go unemployed, Indians from India are getting all the jobs, with H1B Visas for a local manufacturing that dominates our city. It's changing the entire demographics here. They are peaceful and polite but it's like being an outsider in one's own hometown. They can get good middle class jobs while many here cannot. I know people with college degrees, working behind counters.

It looks like Europe and Australia both are catching up with America in the distance between the haves and have-nots. I agree about Europe committing cultural suicide definitely. Europe is basically being invaded at the behest of the globalist controllers.

Anonymous said...

Agree, the reason we will not be told is so the all people can be lead back to Babel. Another tool the builders can use in their "great work" which is the NWO. - Don

Bible Believer said...

I agree. It's to lead everyone to Babel. They want a scared crushed population. I have noticed the fear out there you can cut it with a knife, even among the far richer. This is the outcome of destroyed faith and destruction of endless social networks.

Anonymous said...

I use to follow politics almost like it was a religion. I worked third shift, and got home just in time for Washington journal on c-span. It took me a while to realize politics is theatre, and it's all staged. Both "parties" are controlled by the same corporate entities that dish out campaign contributions. They win either way. These corparate entities are the "fronts" that are used by the wealthy to gain power, and control. Since scripture says "we battle not against flesh, and blood", there's no doubt who these wealthy people owe their allegiance. Since the love of money is the root of evil, how evil are these people? "poli" is Latin meaning many, and "tics" are blood sucking creatures. That saying always puts a smile on my face.......James

Bible Believer said...

LOl about POLI-TICS, many tics [ticks] that sums them up well. I used to watch Washington Journal on Cspan too. It is definite theatre, James. They already know which one they will be putting in.

Joy said...

Going back to one of the earlier comments about the INVISIBLE poor, reminded me of a scripture passage I've been pondering recently. When Hagar was in the desert, after God spoke with her, she was so impressed that He was the"God who sees me." We need to see the invisible ones. I usually grocery shop at the 99 cent store, and there are a lot in poverty and homeless. I talk and smile and my children smile and talk to the people in line. I also keep bottled water in my van to give to the hot and thirsty. But ask God to help you see the invisible, the immigrant, the poor, the disabled, the lonely.

"We loved you so much we were willing to share with you not only the gospel of Christ, but our lives as well." I Thess 2:8.

Anonymous said...

After giving this much thought, it occurred to me that there is a side to this that so far I have not seen brought out.

Yes, the Bible tells us to have compassion for those in need - that does not include illegal immigrants or those who are scamming the system rather than make an honest living.

If one is a believer, God is the Provider of what is needed. Salvation is the utmost need of everyone, rich, poor or somewhere inbetween. I admire ministries who feed the hungry but don't leave it at that. The Bible says we are to give in Jesus' name. The poor person's status may not change, but their spiritual status can.

God can and does provide in miraculous ways for His children. I have known people with a large family and the husband had lost his job and they didn't have anything in the house to eat. They prayed for God to provide and told no one. The next morning they found provisions on their doorstep. It was not charity, but a love gift from the Lord.

In the Beatitudes Jesus says that the poor in spirit will be rich. That does not mean materially, but rather that in their humility He will bless them in ways they could not have anticipated.

We can rail on about the corruption in politics and the failure of the governemtn to address the issue of poverty, but what good does that do? If God has placed a person in a situation with dire needs, they should present their petitions to the Lord and trust Him to provide. If one has been blessed with much, one should give to others. We are to be good stewards of whatever resources God has provided for us.

Even churches may fail us and not have the proper attitude. They will give an account before God. It is a shame but the Catholic ministries are huge and operations and provide meals. But there are still organizations and individuals who genuinely care about the homeless and those in need. There are even children who are collecting used coats for those in need or are living on the streets. We shouldn't sell short the resources that are available to those in need.

God's children don't need to go begging, they just need to trust Him to provide. He may use very unusual ways of doing that. That does not mean that life on a meager wage is not challenging and at times stressful especially if one has children.

It is far better to be in need and have a humble heart than to have much and be filled with pride.

Anonymous said...

And if the Vatican sold all of its vast riches/possessions, just think of the poor that could be fed, clothed, and given refuge to live.....oh, how we love to elevate certain religious systems above and beyond the work of our LORD. Father, have mercy upon our souls.

Anonymous said...

Hi BB,

The attitude of many middle class Evangelicals towards the poor and the needy is the antithesis of that the Jesus of Nazareth of the synoptic gospels who welcomed outcasts. Many modern Evangelical churches despise those who are poor and this occurs in Australia, not only in the USA and Britain.

Sorry to hear that you have been treated badly by some churches. They are not worth attending if they show this kind of attitude. Aren't Christians meant to show compassion and kindness to others and have a special concern for the less fortunate members of society?


John Arthur

Bible Believer said...

Yes that verse says something. Many of the poor are invisible. Look at the churches, they are busy going overseas to take religious vacations instead of helping the poor among them. I see poor and homeless all over. I am poor but there are people who are POORER all over the place. They live in shacks, even and there is the hidden homeless too. People do turn a blind eye to them. The poor and this is kind personal for me too, weary of the false pity and the attitude of "correction" some take with them. "What have you done wrong to end up in this place?" is the attitude and I see it in Christiandom too. My husband said he tired of the constant demands for tithing in the last church, he saw the pastors new shiny car and asked me later, "Was it time for another one?" Even being against the NWO use of immigration, if I saw a poor immigrant, I would want to help them. We can't just shout go back to [country they came from] and let them starve in front of us. I go to this Mexican grocery store sometimes[its far cheaper food for us hope this doesn't make anyone mad but our household needs to eat] and almost burst out crying one day seeing some of the men lined up and many of them were MAIMED. :(

We should have a heart for the poor and outcast of society.

Bible Believer said...

I agree God provides, be careful though here, you can still end up poor especially according to USA society and be a believer. I am seeing a trend out there where the poor are condemned in the churches massively and seen morally lacking. The morals are being determined by the sociopathic controllers not God in this instant. God promises food and shelter but not a McMansion and a new car every two years. I believe the gospel needs to be given with the help. Lots of the apostates are on feed and save the world campaigns with no truth. I am glad that family got help. I agree the poor have spiritual blessings. Being poor can bring the spiritual freedom that no one owns you. I ended a friendship recently because their employment brought them into evil deeds I could not abide by. They had refused the gospel enough times, I knew it was time to walk. They have no financial difficulties in their life, but they sold out.

Yes there are people who are helping out there. We know there are Christians doing God's work in helping the poor. Some churches are still feeding and clothing the poor.

Be careful though of the right wing's view of the poor. The self-reliant Ayn Rand gospel, has taken center stage in too many hearts. They condemn the poor. I do think one has to trust in God to get their needs met. Even if a government seeks to help the poor and keep beggars out of the streets, we know corruption, war and more happen in this world.

Bible Believer said...

Oh and for the above, we know the left wing exploits the poor. The one world religion types use "help the poor" as a siren call for false social and other programs. The UN has built itself up on such siren calls.

John Arthur,

Sorry this is happening in Australia too. I have a poor friend in Australia I met online. They are a Christian but can't find a church home either. I dare say this is a worrisome development in Western nations. He has found condemnation out there too. Social status is mattering too much. If a church doesn't have a heart for the poor it's better to walk out. One red flag is not seeing one poor person or even childless or single adult in the church population.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible the reasons the institutional church despises the poor is because:

1) Even though these individuals, like the rest of us, are indoctrinated in the church to give more, and more and more through systematic sermons intentionally and humanly designed to make everyone feel guilty for not giving up everything they own to "the church" to feed their pocketbooks and ungodly agendas, like building bigger and better everything to accommodate their materialism. The poor amongst us cannot give more and more and more, for they are struggling just to pay their staple bills; food, clothing, living expenses.

2) The poor DO exist amongst us in the churches, and most of the money collected in our church in the form of "offerings and tithes (yes, our church teaches the tithe)" are rarely given to the meet the poor's needs because they are a drain on the cash flow for leadership's humanistic, never spiritual, agendas.

3) The money the church makes off of the pew sitters goes to pay for nice homes, handsome salaries, and terrific insurance plans including health, life, car, etc. so the pastor and his family are set for life. Meanwhile the poor amongst us are told to go to social services to receive their 'benefits' because the church is overloaded with paying the pastor and their 'leadership' these loaded salary packages. YES, TO THE SHAME OF THE CHURCH, OUR CHURCH LITERALLY DRIVES PEOPLE TO THE LOCAL GOVERNMENTAL SOCIAL SERVICES CENTER TO RECEIVE BENEFITS MEANWHILE THE NEW TESTAMENT CHURCH NEVER HEARD OF SUCH A THING.

4) The poor amongst us are an embarrassment to our churches because most have become APOSTATE in preaching and teaching the lies that born again Christians are supposed to be healthy, wealthy and prosperous. I have literally experienced religious abuse by these liars during my illness of three 'important' man within the church said, "You are sick because of your own sin." And the woman 'leader' of the church prayer chain (gossip line) said to me in church, when I needed a hug and someone to listen to my fears, this and I quote, "Oh, we do not speak those things into the air," as her arms were profusely waving.


Anonymous said...


We are told by church leaders and those who deem themselves as more important than others, that when people are 'poor' or 'experiencing sickness or hardship,' this statement, and I quote, "You are NOT in the will of God if bad things are happening to you. You are sinning in some way and you need to repent because God has better things in store for you."

5) The poor in our churches are never treated as equal, co-heirs of Jesus, the Christ, for their belief system indicates there is not level ground at the foot of the cross, one must meet certain materialistic/humanistic criteria of human success in order to 'make it' into heaven. The sacrifice of our Savior is never enough to enter His Throne room.

6) Church goers love to make a 'big show' of their efforts in doing 'good' to and for the poor through their boasting and bragging of their own works during social fellowship (I worked at the soup kitchen during thanksgiving, oh how great I am), the articles and pictures of themselves they submit to local media outlets, the arrogant fake testimonies they give standing up in front of the congregations, and the public pride of making sure everyone knows and sees the amounts of money given to the poor......all to be praised and applauded by man, and yet, what does Jesus have to say about public exhibitions of good will? Rare is that human being who desires absolutely NO GLORY for him or herself for they are basically extinct in this age of self glory/esteem. So the poor amongst us, to our shame, are used as publicity pawns as an embellishment to our own vain glory.

These are but a few of the concerns regarding the visible 'church' and the poor who live in every community. Perhaps, while we are patting ourselves on the back saying "Oh, how good are we for doing this and that," we need to take a careful examination of own faith in relationship to Christ, and understand that 'the poor' amongst us have souls, complete with spiritual and physical needs and are none-the-lesser than those who have riches.

Prayers for those who are poor, in spirit and in material needs. Lord, convict our hearts and minds, and lead us to worship You through our prayers and giving. Thank-you to all for sharing your hearts; it is a wake up call.

Marcos said...

I live in Brazil. There is no social support anymore in Third World countries, as families have succumbed to immorality and fragmentation here too. To be poor here is ten times worse than in the States. At least hard working people have opportunities in America, there is much less crime and the public spaces are beautiful.
Whatever you do, do not trust liberals or marxists.
We had 13 years of marxism, and the poor have been crushed. Banks had record profits and the leftist politicians stole billions of,dollars.

Bible Believer said...

Sorry you do not have social support there even too. I suppose the NWO is working hard to suppress all places. Yes here we still get to eat [well most of the time] and have running water and you are right about the public spaces and finding safe areas [usually in smaller towns and more rural, but there are parts of even big cities one can go and be safe. I do not trust liberals or marxists either, I believe both right and left are evil. Sorry the poor have been crushed there. I have read books about Brazil which I know is not like living there, but it seems your society is one of the most oppressive between rich and poor and I have read what happens to the street children there. Politicians are all thieves, I don't trust a nary one of especially the high level ones who sell out to get to where they are. America had some freedom which allowed for prosperity for a time and I think this is going by the wayside really fast. Many people who were formerly middle class and upper middle class have fallen fast down the ladder. I will pray for you.