Tuesday, November 3, 2015

"Negligence Lawsuit Filed Against IBLP"

Negligence Lawsuit Filed Against IBLP

"Late yesterday afternoon we received an email from a Texas-based law firm notifying us that a lawsuit had been filed against the Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP) and its current board members, John Stancil, Anthony Burrus, Gil Bates, Timothy Levendusky, Stephen Paine, and David York. The lawsuit (which we have reviewed in its entirety) was filed by five women who allege they experienced “sexual abuse, sexual harassment and inappropriate/unauthorized touching” while “participants, interns, or employees of IBLP.” Four of the plaintiffs have previously published their accounts here on Recovering Grace.

One of the law firms representing the plaintiffs is owned by David Gibbs III. You may recognize that name because his father, David Gibbs, Jr., has a long-standing relationship with Bill Gothard and the IBLP organization. In fact, it was Gibbs, Jr., who conducted the “internal investigation” paid for by the IBLP board in early 2014 (for a refresher of those events, review our response to the IBLP board statement from June 2014). Gibbs III has previously been quite outspoken against his father’s work, stating that it “helps cover for alleged and/or eventually convicted abusers, or the churches or ministries they work for.

The lawsuit, which was filed in the Circuit Court for Dupage County (Illinois), alleges that IBLP was negligent over the past several decades by failing to properly address alleged sexual abuse and harassment by IBLP employees and that IBLP failed to properly report known or suspected abuse to the proper authorities. The lawsuit further alleges that IBLP’s conduct was “wilful and wanton” because IBLP demonstrated an “utter indifference to and/or [a] conscious disregard for a substantial risk of harm” to the plaintiffs, and that IBLP and its directors engaged in a civil conspiracy to cover up the allegations."

Notice Gil Bates is on that list?

Five Women Sue Bill Gothard's Ministry that has Ties to the Duggars


Anonymous said...


If there was more honesty amongst people regarding these matters of inpropriety, none of this nonsense would need to happen. It griefs me when Christians of all people place too much trust in a man (Gothard) when the bible clearly states that "curseth be he that trusteth in a man".

I can only guess what the culture is like at IBLP. Someone makes an accusation and is told to 'keep quiet' or else she would cause trouble not just for the perpetrator but for the family too as the family cannot cope with such an issue and "we must be a shining example" to everybody else including those heathens out there and yet your poor children suffer which leads the same heathens to scoff and to mock christians. These parents should be arrested for child abuse and I don't swallow for one moment that they are naive as many of them have lived in the world and have degrees like the Bates parents.

I guess I am rambling on here and I am not trying to insult anyone here but the fact that these people are following a man for family guidance and advice and yet he has never been married himself is insanity personified. The senior pastor at my church who they would sneer at(and yes my church is not perfect at all) would be better qualified (being married for over 30 years with both daughters married to pastors).

Yes, it looks like Gil Bates is part of the board. It could be just guilt by association. They appear to be 'clean'. Perhaps they are what we would call ' a diamond in the rough'

Faith Contender said...


Yeah, wow, that is a shock.
Anyway just letting people know I will be on a 'sabbatical' from blogging (my blog included) to focus on various other aspects of ministry at this time (home church, etc.).
For anyone on here who has not already, I encourage you to repent. It is still not yet too late. Turn your life over to Jesus Christ before it is.
For brothers and sisters, your loving and sincere fellowship will be deeply missed during my sabbatical from the blog world!

God bless!
Faith C.

Anonymous said...

....and the homeschool movement presents itself to the world as whiter than snow. Wow!
Sexual perversion has its tentacles in all forms of education, including homeschooled families.

Lord have mercy on us.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious, what is Faith's blog site?

Also, Gal 4, don't know if you've seen this article about Michael Snyder where he says America's problems are that they aren't listening to the prophets like Jim Bakker. Seriously. You can listen to it here: http://www.charismanews.com/opinion/52813-michael-snyder-america-doesn-t-want-to-listen-to-prophets (no endorsement).

Bible Believer said...

LOL I found the video, and posted it. It blew my mind. I always preached never trust any source 100 percent and liked Synder's website for a long time while remaining cautious because well the guy did sell prepping supplies, but he shown himself so definitely to be a sold out one. Not very many real people out there. I promise if Jim Bakker invites me to his studio, I'll laugh and say no but then my name isn't on this website anyway. I find myself thinking was he a phony from the start or just sold out recently?

Bible Believer said...

It is sickening how these religious networks are being used to hide all sorts of sexual perversions. They are as bad as the Catholic church. I support homeschooling less then I used to. [well public school is no great shakes either] I think it can still be DONE RIGHT so don't get me wrong but there's too many abusers that can take advantage of the isolation of the children. It's an abusers paradise when the children are hidden away from others especially in our socially disconnected society.

Bible Believer said...

Take care Faith, sorry to see you go. When you come back stop by. God bless. :)

Bible Believer said...

I can't believe they follow Gothard so blindly. I think they all should be arrested too. We don't know what Bates knew but then if you think about all the pornography and perversion being linked to the Duggars, the picture is not so great since the Bates were close friends. Gothard never had a family or any children so what does he know. He is about as worthwhile as the Popes and their celibate [or homosexual] men teaching people on perfect family lives.

sammiie Z. said...

So stupid. Stupid page. Stupid blog. Goerge carlin? A slave to "lucifer" thats so dumb. All of this is dumb. I bet you never questioned the shit in the bible you read or question if its real or not because you are afraid to go to hell... thats hoe you easily get pulled in. People like you will never learn to wake up. People like you are so afraid and are so tied up on fear they will never learn the real laws and truths of the universe. They will never break out of ignorance because of how society and religion are. Maybe one day your soul will break free...