Saturday, November 28, 2015

Kerry Says Re-Ordering of Middle East is for NWO


Anonymous said...

They are taking down adversaries to the NWO of course, but I see a bigger picture at play here.

At the end of it all of what they are doing, they are going to bring these nations under the NWO as well as to finally create a country that they will call Israel to the exact borders as outlined by God in the Bible, and it will be given to those which claim to populate a country they call Israel today. Which secular country has no right to the name for the country, nor the country of God's promise. There is nothing nor any person nor any nation blessed outside of Jesus Christ, and I think we all know that the foundation of this country is part and parcel of the NWO for their agenda to claim sovereign rule over the earth by the decree of God.

Jordan and Saudi Arabia will not stand in their way.
Iraq is gone, Syria is about to go down, Iran is next.
And I believe a part of Egypt is required and maybe Lebanon?
Brought to you by the American taxpayer.

They will bring these nations into submission, but will they create the borders they are seeking?

I cannot see these enormous border shifts happening without a war of enormous global proportions?

Only God knows how far this all will go, and when He will say "Enough".

I think they are setting up to build a country they will call Israel, to the exact borders in the Bible, from which they will claim divine right to rule over the entire earth from Jerusalem. Look at the speed everything is changing and happening so fast now.

Their plans do not matter, nor will I follow a false saviour of the world. They will fall and they will fail. After the nations of the earth are judged. And as Adam saw the first days, we may see the last? Who knows? Everything is in the hands of God alone.

Bible Believer said...

I don't know if we will see the last. I am old and sick enough to doubt it for my own self but it's being set up.

Yes they are bringing the nations into the order they want for the false antichrist kingdom which I agree with you will be the false "divine" rule from Jerusalem, the false temple, and antichrist kingdom. This is what they are having those Hagee dupes scream for.

Yes Iran is definitely next on the roster. Syria will go and then them. These are the wars outlined in the PNAC, and all this was planned long ago.

Yes all reordering the world, with American taxpayers paying for the police men of the world.

Anonymous said...

Agree, Evil-World News has a post about Rothschilds' having purchased Jerusalem in a 1829 newspaper they procured. - Don

Bible Believer said...

Interesting I will have to check that out. The Rothschilds definitely have focused on Israel.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to reassure that I am not disparaging any people at all. No matter who they are or where they live.

Every people and country on earth are playing their part in the NWO, no-one is different and no-one is separated.

Yes, I do see the country they are calling Israel today is being set up for a very big and important part in all of this, and will most likely be the plan to be the new capital of the NWO. With borders as ordained in the Bible for Biblical Israel, and that thats how the rulers will claim their divine right to rule, with all religions following them.

As for the people in that land? They are just as set up as the rest of us, to play a part.

And seriously, if this country was supposedly the reincarnation of Biblical Israel and were supposedly living under the First Covenant still... then where are all the Judgements of God from Deuteronomy and Leviticus and elsewhere? They should be stoning homosexuals yet Tel Aviv is the homosexual capital of the world. Why aren't they separating women during menstrual cycles? Death penalty for an abortionist? Separation after touching a dead man or animal? Plowing the fields, the refuges for manslayers... Where is Levi? The national tithes? God turned the land of milk and honey into a desert wasteland - why hasn't it been restored to milk and honey and full of produce again? If God blesses all nations who bless Israel - why has every nation who has ever supported this Israel been cursed and all of them are about to fall from their gross sin from exactly the same time period they all started supporting this nation? All the Judgements God gave to Israel to settle all and every dispute between people, why aren't they being followed? The forgiveness of all debts? Turning prisoners of war into slaves and then freeing them? Disobedient children being stoned to death. None of it exists.

Where are all the Statutes, Judgements, Commandments and Ordinances being practiced?

Forget about any temple... the two temples existed on this earth for fractions of time, they didn't matter to God, they mattered to men so God allowed them briefly. Only God's Laws matter and that they are followed.

Where are First Covenant Laws being practiced still, if this nation is operating under the First Covenant?

Staying home on Saturday and not eating pig doesn't cut it - these are less than 1% of the First Covenant Law.

And where is the separation of Israel from other people and races? Biblical Israel was commanded never to intermarry or inter-procreate with any other people. This goes back to Isaac and Abraham too, before Israel existed. Each time there was a mixed multitude - God separated them and removed the mixed offspring, God sent the mixed into the desert to die after Egypt because they were the cause of the idolatry, and God said that it takes 10 generations of constant Israelite only mating to bring offspring back to Israelite purity that He would ever accept them as Israelites again... yet in the country they are calling Israel today is all sorts of different people groups.

As I said, I couldn't care less who is who and what is what or if their skin was blue or neon pink. There is no salvation or blessing outside of Jesus Christ for anyone.

With all these things in mind though, I just simply see that we are being sold a false bill of goods on this one.

Nothing adds up.

Except the possibility that some people who are ruling this world want to create a belief amongst not only Christians but amongst other religions too, that they have a divine right to rule the earth from Jerusalem, and that they are ordained by God to do so.

My hope is that all people of this earth, no matter who they are, come worship our saviour Jesus Christ.

The entire NWO would be ended in seconds if we did.

And should all the nations worship Him, they are promised to all be blessed forever.