Thursday, November 12, 2015

False Religious Right Busy Shoving Christmas Down Everyone's Throat

Every year the "Merry Christmas" set goes ballistic. Not everyone celebrates Christmas. I certainly do not. Must we have it shoved in our faces every minute? For the non-believers, all these types of fights do is create more animosity and rejection of the gospel. This meme says it all considering the "pagan goddess" on the cups.

As for the Christmas trees:

Warning People About Christmas is Not Easy


Anonymous said...

The original Starbucks coffee company logo was not as veiled as it is today; - Don

Anonymous said...

There are times when those who profess to be Christian, Christlike, followers of "The Way-Jesus" are just plain foolish, fake, and transparent in that everything single breathe of life becomes "an activist cause." I sit back and listen to how church folks are concerned about the Orwellian state of our nation right down to our local law enforcement becoming more militarized, and yet these same people are worried about a secular business not recognizing Christmas on their cups. And these same so called 'freedom fighters' desiring to manipulate and control a business to bow down to their religious tyranny?

And then to include the word Christian to fight a war over who is recognizing Christmas or not?

Oh what an idol Christmas has become in the hearts and minds of the 'churched,' meanwhile Jesus is standing outside of the door, patiently waiting to be invited into their lives. The remnant of Christ are but few. Humility in the life of the visible church is but a rare jewel.

Anonymous said...


I was going to go to Starbucks to get a pumpkin spice latte in London but decided this year not to again as I might be bringing a curse into my house. They seem to be embarking on an agenda to offend christians and I find it pitiful. I think prayer is needed for the CEO and the chairman of that company rather than The christian 'right' or anybody else ranting on air and playing into their hands.

For the record, my decision to boycott Starbucks has nothing to do with that pagan mess called xmas.

In Christ Alone my hope is found said...

BB, I read the comments on the link you posted from last years blog on Christmas. I did post there last year about being in a state of not sure about what to do with this day. Since then my wife and kids and I have decided that we will not participate in this day, traditions, or festivities associated with it. We watched a 3 part video on you tube and some others that show a lot of origins of the day..the only day we will still celebrate is Thanksgiving, as I see nothing wrong with its origin and use it as a day of rememberance for what the Lord has given us in our lives... Is there any other days that we as Christians can pull from the Bible without going back to the Law that we can 'observe', I like to give my family something truthful to look forward to...does anyone have any nice family traditions without the holidays they do? In other words, is there something we as a family can do to honor God in other ways than just ignoring the pagan traditions?

Anonymous said...

My intent is to worship and praise the One True God everyday, regardless of what the pagans do. I will also speak of the Lord Jesus Christ to others when occasion arises and what he has done for all people. My take is that the pagan holidays are like "meat offered to idols" in the New Testament and what Paul says, "they are nothing". Others will not agree with me and that is OK. BB and I do not see eye-to-eye on this issue, but she is still my sister in Christ. We each must deal with our conscience and strive not to offend others. Another excellent blogger and sister in Christ, N4TM, closed her blog over this issue. The best family tradition that you can have is to pray and study the Bible together everyday. (1 Corinthians 8:1-13) - Don

Anonymous said...

All the rhetoric coming from Christians about the all red cup is so pathetic. What should really offend them is the pagan goddess symbol and Starbucks embracing of the LGBTQ community. Their flag outside their Seattle corporate office is a rainbow of colors.

But almost every Christian I know gets their coffee there. I won't darken their door - exception when someone gives me a giftcard. I go in and spend it all at once so I won't have to go back. Maybe I should just toss it, but that would profit them.

Christians have largely lost their way. This so-call "evangelist" who carried his GUN into Starbucks...........what am embarrassment!!! No wonder the world sees us as a bunch of nuts! Most are!!!

Anonymous said...

The problem doesn't lie in the traditions of man...whether they be Merry Christmas which means the Merry death of Christ, or Easter, the pagan fertility goddess. The problem is found in adopting the cultures around us as if they were our own. This is what the Israelites did and they became idolaters. Solomon started as a God-fearing man and then became a godless one. Think about all the influences we have that directs our attention to the flesh driven nature. It is diabolically opposed to God's holy perfection. We never want to trample over the Son of God and our inheritance by assimilating ourselves into a pagan society. If we do, we will become deceived and further the apostate world of believers. Whole hearted devotion is a love for God above all else.

Bible Believer said...

Yeah they changed it Don, I am old enough to remember the other one.

The activist causes are always for these stupid things. They ignore big things like homelessness and war and go ranting and raving about their holiday cups. Most of the church folks I know support the police state and think even my most mild views in that regard are horrible. Its getting creepy the control freak stuff with businesses. Are we going to have days where we have to only go to stores that agree with us religiously and politically. Open discrimination for all in the marketplace? These types don't think things out at all.

They love Christmas more then Jesus. It's all about the holiday and the shopping and whole mess. It is an idol, with the shiny lights and presents and more.

I pray the Starbucks execs get saved.

Starbucks logo is just as pagan as Christmas is.

Blogger in Christ, I am glad you are departing from Christmas. I believe your family can still have fun together without Saturnalia in the mix. It was difficult for me when I saw through Christmas but easy for two childless poor people to leave Christmas behind. Thanksgiving I am okay with, pray your own prayers of thanksgiving to God. I wonder if your family can come up with your own traditions, maybe bible time, or even doing things for one another. As Don said Pray and study the Bible together. Share time with your children.

I agree Don we have to deal with our own consciences on this. I wish N4TM had not ended her blog. With Christmas I know it's a tough one.

Why did the man carry his gun into Starbucks what was he going to do, defend the cups? Did he consider himself a one man Army for Christmas?

I agree about becoming one with pagan society. It's warnings in the bible for us, as compromise can be step by step, in regards to what happened in Israel.

Bible Believer said...

correction above, NOT becoming on with pagan society.

In Christ Alone my hope is found said...

Yeah, I understand not following pagan traditions. And I understand studying the Bible and such with the children. I just want to try to show my kids that we can still do something in honor of the Lord. The Jews had their festivities in the Bible which was a time of enjoyment but maybe that was only for a specific time appointed by the Lord. Still seems that we as Christians can develop our own traditions and maybe it's just something that will be a more personal thing at only our family will be a part of and thereby we will seek to honor God...

Anonymous said...

“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:32)

After examination I could not reconcile this day with Scripture, and find the word *****mass blasphemy. It is an ABOMINATION, spiritual adultery, idolatry, a mockery, and trampling on the blood of the Holy Jesus Christ.

A witness against.

“And you timid pastors, why do you fear to warn your flocks against the idolatries of the mother of harlots? Why do you hold out one hand to Rome's heathen festivals while holding the open Bible in the other?

What would Christ say of you? What would the Christian martyrs say—what would the faithful reformers say--what would the Puritan fathers of our country say, if they could be here and see you allowing the faith they fought for and died for to be sacrificed upon the altars of Babylon the Great by their own Protestant heirs, now stupefied by the pomp and glitter of Rome?

The spirit of God said long ago, "Come out of her, My people, that ye have no fellowship with her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues" (Rev. 18:4). But weak Christians and lukewarm churches have not come out of Babylon's festivals. Rather they have invited them into the midst of their holy places. They have kept them there. They have loved them well. They have fondled them and embraced them to their bosoms.

Hence, according to God's promise, we have Rome's festival plague upon us. She is daily pouring out her vials of blasphemy around us. Daily a flood of iniquity from the great dragon flows forth. And if the blood-bought Church does not repent of her idolatrous folly, and come out of her sins, who can tell what hour we shall see the hand of the mother of abominations of the earth destroy our church and nation?” R.F. Becker


Anonymous said...

there are some in the merry christmas set very anti-semitic saying there is a jewish war on christmas like david duke.

Anonymous said...

The anonymous at 11.15am

Unfortunately Christians have been adopting the cultures around them for many years now. It is why the churches have gone the way they have now that everybody is confused as to what is Christian and what is not.

Case in point, I am at a church that although they do not observe none of these holidays such as easter, Halloween, xmas (they know that they are pagan), they tithe and they believe that women that do not wear makeup are suffering from low self esteem and have issues. You are critiqued on your dress sense and made to feel like a pariah for not dressing up.

Now don't get me wrong, I do not have an issue with wearing makeup and wanting to dress up and look pretty, but I am on a very low income, job hunting and therefore I cannot afford to look pretty all the time.

My outfit is clean and tidy and consist of jeans and a sweater, my hair is neatly combed and is hidden in a scarf. I always adopt good grooming habits.

Anyhow I don't want to divert away from the main topic. These 'Christians' need to focus on some general house cleaning that is cleaning out the churches of Bill Gothard style doctrines. I am sure that Jesus would not have concerned himself with the issue of Starbucks cups. Also we need to return to practising what Jesus said and sharing the gospel with others especially poor people who feel obstracized by the churches as it is.

Anonymous said...

Wow, there must be a lot of power in a Styrofoam cup to worry the false Christian community. Meanwhile, the poor need help to pay for the staples of life, the widows need care, and the downtrodden are desperately needing to hear the good Word from our LORD Jesus Christ through His vessels.

Who would have thought that a cup of coffee in throw away garbage is at the top of the list in the minds and hearts of those who appear to follow a jesus of their own making.

Abigail said...

InChristAlone, I've got some ideas for you! Center your celebrations around school breaks, not the holidays they represent. If your children aren't in school, go by the public school calendar so they are busy away from neighborhood festivities. You are celebrating the special time and love you have for the family God gave you. You don't want your children to feel unloved and cheated by being a Christian who can't have any fun. We're allowed to have fun! But, in the Jewish holidays, God designed the fun to be centered on thankfulness for Him, His providence in every season, and our families. That can be much more satisfying to your children then the world's fun of greed, selfishness, drunkenness, gluttony, etc.! I have come up with 14 practical suggestions to make each school break a time of family celebration. If I run out of room, I'll continue on a second post:)--1-On the first morning that you are all home from work and school together,have a scavenger hunt with a little prize or larger gift for each child at the end (There are lots of how-to's online)-2-Each day of break, one child gets to choose dinner and help you shop for ingredients and cook it. This is special time,not chore time, so gauge it to your child's level of interest and ability and don't drag him on other errands or long grocery runs.-3-On last day of break, make a dessert together or bake cookies.-4-Make a theme fashion show where each break one child chooses the theme (zoo, farm, Bible story, historical dress). Children love to play dress up and you should play,too! The rule is all costumes must be made with things on hand. You can spend hours doing this together! Have silly prizes or ribbon awards.-5-I encourage you not to skip birthdays. This day should be a day to show your child how thankful you are that God gave him to you.-6-Go for a walk in a beautiful location. Each child should have a bag or box (egg cartons are fun) to collect treasures. Afterwords, at a meal, each child tells why they picked the treasures they did.-7-Go out to a beautiful place together. Pack lunch. Each child picks a setting and has his picture taken there. Frame the photos as keepsakes of the day.-8-Enjoy a nearby body of water together. Fish, skip rocks, swim, ice skate, rent a canoe or paddleboat...-9-Pick a room (a bathroom is perfect) and decorate it together. Make tissue paper flowers to keep up all summer break, hang white strings of lights with paper snowflakes on the ceiling and leave them there all through depressing winter, paint a tree on a sheet or shower curtain liner and cover with painted or paper cutouts of handprints and footprints to look like fall leaves.-10-Celebrate Christ's Resurrection on the proper day, not the day the Pope picked. It should be 3 full days after Passover and you should celebrate accordingly! This would be a gift-worthy occasion in honor of Christ's gift of eternal life. Pentecost's gift of the Holy Spirit also represents a great teaching through gifting time.-11-Camp out in a tent in the yard or under blankets in the living room. Have a fire and toast marshmallows.-12-Have unique meals like breakfast for dinner in PJs, appetizers only night, restaurant copycat recipes, BBQ in the dead of winter, put food coloring in their milk or mashed potatoes just to be different.-13-Rake leaves, shovel snow, plant bulbs or flowers together or for a neighbor. Limit work time to an hour even if it isn't done. Remember the goal is celebrating family and God's creation, not chores! Throw snowballs, jump in the leaves, play in the sprinkler.-14-Go online. Any number of holiday activities can be modified to fit your new theme of celebrating God and family. Don't stress yourself or overstimulate the children trying to make everything perfect or too exciting. Just focus on making memories of time spent together on each day of the school break.