Sunday, November 29, 2015

Duggars: Slavish Stepford Wives for the Patriarchy

How much of this is "scripted"? This question was raised on the comments of this article:

"Josh: The Cheater"

This little blurb above doesn't offer much but I found myself thinking will these people do anything for money? My question revolves around Anna Duggar. She may be economically desperate but her own brother offered to help her if the news reports are accurate. The facial mannerisms and comments seem fake. "It was absolutely heartbreaking" she says, and there seems to be very little emotion or anger in her face and mannerisms that would denote the real reaction of a wife dealing with a husband that was reported as cheating with a porn star at least twice.

Perhaps they will fade from the scenes but the damage to Christians, is part of the script. Weak women doing the "stand by your man" bit, to the extreme. We have seen it with a long list of new world order notables like Hillary Clinton. The good old boys club wants acceptance of their cheating and sleeping around. One thing the wicked love seeing is women degraded and enslaved to men who treat them like chattel. Doesn't this woman have any self respect or has she sold her soul too? Maybe she is lying to us. She doesn't seem to even want to protect her own children which to me is her greatest sin.

Feminism has its major problems too, but realize the "controllers" want degraded women, who have no self respect or their own initiative who will remain as placid Stepford wives to the most wicked. This is the "patriarchy" they desire.

Two Sides of the Same Evil Coin: Radical Feminism and Patriarchy

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Anonymous said...

These people are addicted to social media and reality TV. It has been their way of life for so long they can't live without it. But as long as people continue to eat it up there will be a market for it. If they were true believers wouldn't they retreat from all the publicity and deal with their issues in private?

Anyone who claims to be a Christian and is on reality TV is phony as a $3 bill.

Take Duck Dynasty. The high school girl goes on DWTS and prances herself around and wears her "Christianity" on her sleeve and how she is being so modest. But the school she attend does not allow dancing - but a TV star who gets bucks for it they look the other way. Now she is sporting a tattoo that she says honors Christ and her Dad approves.

Celebrity "Christians" - what an oxymoron!