Sunday, November 29, 2015

Christian Zionism Remains on the Move Calling for War

More political brainwashing sessions. Evil has happened on both sides. Christian Zionism of course is backing up without restraint, the war plans of the luciferian powers that be. As much as they flippantly speak of nuclear weapons, they don't realize their constant war mongering has helped these powers set up the re-ordering of the global chess board. Even the last church I left blindly "supported" Israel. It was more of a subtle issue only brought up very rarely. How many can even go to church anymore without the 'god of war' being more praised then Jesus Christ? These deceived people see war as glorious when war is death, destruction, endless horrors, children dying and pain and suffering for generations even afterwards. The knowing deceivers which I believe Hagee fits the bill, know exactly what they are selling.

"I Can't Wait for Armageddon!":The Deceptions of Christian Zionism


Anonymous said...

Hagee is a deceiver for sure. However, there are times when war is necessary to stop the aggression of the wicked. There is always going to be corruption and political wars that serve no purpose such as Vietnam, etc.

Those who have relatives in the military know that many if not most serve with a sense of duty. Many pay a horrific price for their service, some maimed for life.

A country must have a military to protect the citizens. It may be misused by people in power with evil motives.

Israel and the Jewish people are hated by anti-Semites. God's people have suffered greatly as they were dispersed with no one to blame but themselves, but they are still the vehicle God chose to deliver the Messiah. They are not the ones going around setting off bombs and killing innocents. Their military is not aggressive, but defensive. There are many facets to this issue. Right now they are blinded due to their rebellion. But God has not disowned them.

Too many Christians get carried away with turning a blind eye to Israel's transgressions, some like Hagee believe they don't need to be evangelized.

This calls for balance. There have been false accusations hurled at the nation of Israel and people who even deny the Holocaust.

As for war, they are not the warmongers. There are people who desire that they cease to exist. That is wrong. Time and again they have given up land in hopes of bringing peace but it only makes their enemies want more.

War is ugly - people get hurt - innocents are caught in the crossfire. But war is as much a part of the history of this fallen earth as anything else.

We have a police force to protect citizens, but in a fallen world things go wrong.

That is why we yearn for the next world when all will be set right, no more war and no more pain and sorrow. But that is not today.

How do we cope? We don't. God is our Refuge and Strength. It is a scary, violent world all over it seems. If we don't have the Lord, we have only fear and dread.
He has given us a hope that He is still on the throne.

Anonymous said...

"First, "Allah" is merely the Arabic word for God--the same as the God of the Hebrew and Jewish Bibles. To insinuate that Allah is somehow opposed to God is a demonstrable lie"

I do not think he was talking about the god of Islam, but rather the fact that word "Allah" is the Arabic word for God so therefore God and Allah mean the something.

Islam's Allah is the false Allah, while the "Allah" or God of Christianity is the True Allah or True God.