Saturday, October 17, 2015

Using Climate Change for the One World Religion

Eco-spirituality is mixing with the one world religion. World Parliament of Religions has jumped on the bandwagon too. We know Climate Change has been advanced by the Pope and is forming a foundation of uniting the world's religions. The climate has always "changed". The powers that be want control of the world's resources and want to "sell" this using false spirituality and unity.


Michael Sean said...

It's the same old paganism dressed up in works. Let's save the world and pray to some undefined 'god', but pat ourselves on our collective back anyway. The "great awakening" mantra is so corny but it seems to convince some people. I think it plays on an inherent narcissism in all of us; that we truely are special and immortal beings of infinite power. All we need to do is realise it, or remember somehow. Drivel.

Spiritual utopia blah blah blah. This whole thing just stinks of man made new-age gobbledegook. It never ceases to amaze me that these things seem to lean towards the Indian subcontinent. As if truely spiritual people have to be Hindu or Buddists. I've spent a lot of time in Asia and I can tell you there is nothing spiritual about those cultures. India is a truely messed up culture. I have never seen so many people who have lost their minds. Maybe only Cuba came close as a culture that believes, and indulges, in some seriously dangerous religious practices.

Anonymous said...

I ordered a copy of "Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse Of Global Transformation" today off of Amazon. I found the author has a website; Scroll down and watch the second video, I think you will find it interesting. - Don

Anonymous said...

I also came across an online copy of the Technocracy Study Course from 1934 - Don

Bible Believer said...

Agree Michael, its the econ-spirituality and Gaia garbage. New Cage [a friend provided me with that term] movement. It's humanity thinking they can solve every problem when they have failed at so many and caused many more. Yes the "great awakening" thing makes me barf. Still remember my art history professor in college, who I got good grades from but who believed in this stuff going on about how war would end once the people of Gaia came together as "one". this is all the same thing. Save the planet and be as one. That's how they are advancing the one world religion and you know they have more planned crises to push it along.

I knew a Christian who went to India and told me they could feel the demons as soon as they got off the plane. Knowing what I know about Hinduism and Buddhism, I can see exactly why there are so many messed up minds. Not to say demons and false religion haven't run amuck in America but some places are even more directly in bondage to false religion.

Bible Believer said...

Interesting website Don, I tend to think the technology is just a branch, [or mountain] of the NWO...but I'll check it out. Its definitely an area that needs more explored.

Anonymous said...

This should help, the Technocracy Blog; - Don

Anonymous said...

You will want to listen to this interview starting 1:16:00 - Don

Anonymous said...

I do think Patrick Wood does have a handle on the BIG picture, listen to this interview from 28:30 - 35:50. - Don

Michael Sean said...

Hi Don, thanks for the links. The "Technocracy" want to control even our lives and movements. It's the same as Jacque Fresco's Venus Project. Laws, movement, and even our thoughts being controled by a council of elites in the guise of academic brilliance I believe possibly goes back to Plato's Republic. Having never read it I cannot say for sure. However the idea that beliefs would also be controled, with certain world views considered dangerous is always on the table. The end game as always is to destroy Judeo Christianity in all it's forms, to remove Christ from the picture of human endeavour, and create their own technocratic Edan presided over by the god of forces.

This ends badly for them. Very badly.

Anonymous said...

Michael Sean, agreed. Interesting use of the term "the god of forces", reminds me of Daniel 11:38. Patrick Wood has said in some of his interviews that Technocracy IS the beast system. He intentionally does not wear Jesus on this sleeve, but one can tell that he is a believer. I am still investigating at this point as I have not come across one theory that pulls it all together like this. - Don

Anonymous said...

This video is amazing! Two thoughts; notice Dr. Stan, CNP member, squirms all the way through the presentation and notice the map @ 28:53 is the same as the UN flag. - Don

Anonymous said...

99.99% of 'truth telling leaders' sharing conspiracies - are shills of the enemy.

So much of what they say may have truth to it, laced with the compulsory poison of course.

The reason all this information has come to light in the past 10, 20, 30 years, is because the enemy has released it, and has released it for a purpose. Everyone in the conspiracy movement is there and believe what they believe because these shill leaders have been provided to us to convince us to believe so.

That's not to say that much of what they say is true, and that indeed a great enemy now rules over the nations of the earth.

But always remember, all truth leaders - are shills.

Including the people recently commented upon.

The enemy has a reason and purpose for creating this movement and exposing himself and his past deeds.

We can take in the information, but we must be ever so careful.

So many of us can see this immense deception playing out around us today. But what about tomorrow?

How many of the elect will be left tomorrow, before they too are deceived?

We have no other truth teller to listen to except Christ, and we need to remember that always.

The Bible tells us that the age we are now in will be the greatest deception ever seen on the face of the earth. Everyone on earth will be deceived, and many amongst us here will also fall for the right bait given at the right time.

No disrespect meant to any poster at all, but there are no real truth telling leaders in this world - only deceivers.

Any real truth teller or genuine leader against our enemy - will get JFK'd.
Any shill who tries to break free - will get William Cooper'd.
Low level puppets who try to say 'no' one day - will be Cosby'd or Rolf Harris'd.

Anonymous said...

Your comprehension and consequent articles are so spot on and revelent to the believer and those straddling and I believe are used of God to give them a true perspective of the critical situation this wicked world now finds it self causing both to give pause to see the plan of God unfolding before their very eyes and the nearness of his judgement that both may repent.

My wife and I are "now well stricken in years," Octogenarians in fact and by the grace of God are now begining a ( non reg.) home church in the thumb of MI. in addition to our attempt to do so here by our home near Metro Airport west of Detroit.
God blessed greatly once again Thurs eve where a saint was blessed by a single Vs[ Col 1:23], wherein she found the solace and encouragment needed to bolster and undergird her faith. She she was in such dispair because of the horrendous oppresion she suffered from a late spouse who became deeply involved in the devilish teachings of Best, Lloyd and Pugh to name a few and her husband while confessing to be a Christian was an absolute tyrant, forcing her to watch videos and read the occult Lit. and ranting many hours a day over and over re the blasphemeous teachings of those those devils. As she unfolded her terrible story(I knew she was being oppressed but not aware of the extraordinary extent. . Admittedly, she acquired 'some' of that damnable doctrine but praise God was set free and now relies on Sola Scripture. The 200 mi drive seems small in the face of such blessings we see and are blessed as well.
Dear souls, who are also folks of senior age, praising God, hungery for the Bread of life, taking notes, asking questions as we minister the truth of Gods Word. It dosent get much better on this side.
And BTW, we suffer the same loss of fellowship and near the same circumstance as yourself, you are not alone, there are more of 'Us' out ther than you know and hopefully the numers will keep growing before it is everlasting to late.
This is the 'Norm", see;
1Ti 4:10 For therefore we both labour and suffer reproach, because we trust in the living God, who is the Saviour of all men, specially of those that believe.
2Co_4:17 For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory;
Isa 59:15 Yea, truth faileth; and he that departeth from evil maketh himself a prey:
Php 1:29 For unto you it is given in the behalf of Christ, not only to believe on him, but also to suffer for his sake;......Thanks be to our great and holy God that we should be counted so worthy.,,,

That said, I feel directed to assist in some way - financially- or ?- towards the continued success of Ga 4. I am not quite sure how to do so but if you would contact us I'm sure we and/or our small church might be helpful.

Blessings to you and yours ....
JH ... Phil 2:16

Anonymous said...

If you call someone a shill it would be helpful to ALWAYS REMEMBER to provide proof backed up with facts. Also, you need to think about why you are so upset. You do have a right to an opinion, but that can easily turn into a rant as witnessed. And yes, I still think you need to write a book or something, good therapy for a wordy windbag. - Don

William Sculley said...

Being responsible for the environment is not a religion. Knowing that you have a real effect on the world around you, including the environment, is knowing that you are real.

It's funny, a lot of the events in Revelation are things that Climate Change can cause.