Monday, October 26, 2015

Teenager Dies in Fatal Church Beating

This was a sicko cult. The report says the son wanted to leave the church. So these murderers kill him and almost kill his brother. As I wrote in Oppression of Youth, there is a totalitarian attitude towards young people that is growing out there in the false "Christian" world. Some of the cults take it to the extreme. What kind of sociopaths stand by for hours watching a boy get beaten to death? The Michael Pearl influences have lasted. "Beat your children into submission" is the message among these depraved psychos.

I have met people who have told me they were beaten down during "exorcisms" and "deliverances". Grabbed and thrown on the ground with people shouting at them, some were restrained. These people are dangerous and you wonder if there is some possession happening as they all joined in, in beating a teenager to death. The boy's brother was beaten very severely too. He testified they were beaten with a cord.

Teen Describes New York Church Assault

Word of Life Church's Path From Bible Group to Lethal Sect

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Anonymous said...

A tragedy for sure. Maybe it is a psy-op? Certainly if it is real, the media is pumping it to make believers look bad. If it is a psy-op, even worse.