Saturday, October 17, 2015

Running From the Churches

Many of us are in this position now, fleeing from the churches. I visited so many and what gets me was the utter SAMENESS of them all. I'm tired of the blue and white flag, tired of the brain dead, pro-police state, poor hating Republican politics. I've lately talked to some of my friends about the love of war that forced me out of my last church. I said the love of war socked me in the gut, as I felt the disappointment take me over. I didn't belong there anyhow since the Christmas issue had come up. Is there an evangelical church on the planet outside of the false cult of Jehovah Witnesses that teaches the truth about Christmas?

Sometimes I have asked myself, "Why are they all so much the same?" They are controlled from the top down. Even the IFB system has its celebrities, think Jack Hyles and others, influencing from the top. It's a sad thought for many of us as we stand outside the church system and realize fellowship has become a tough deal. It can be a lonely place. Anyone who is hurting and lonely, I understand. I lost most of my family by becoming a Christian, and well, there is no church family to be had now. For years I had one.

One thing I noticed in the last several years is the pastors have cracked down. I wanted to find an INDEPENDENT aka non-pastor led Bible study, where I could talk with others about God's Word and we could learn and discover it. I didn't find ONE, outside an known ecumenical one called Bible Study Fellowship, which in my area has full Catholic involvement and support. One acquaintance showed me the mind-numbing paperwork and boring questions.  So the pastors are making sure no dissent breaks out or no open discussion.

At the last church there was a Wednesday night Bible study around 10 people showed up to. Instead of sitting at a table for real conversation, 10 sat spread around the pews and the preacher lectured from the front. I later asked the pastor, "Are we allowed to ask questions or have any discussion?". I don't think he liked that too much. Let's just say the control factors have been strengthened.

I believe "Come out of her" applies more and more to the entire church system.


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Anonymous said...

The churches are all obviously lost now, and have been for a long time. From what I see, the majority who confess Christ are not of the flock at all, and that many use the cloak of the righteousness of Christ to hide their own grievous sin. Some of the most evil sadistic people on this earth go to church each Sunday, while every other hour of every day of the year they war against those that are good and innocent and those that truly are of the little remaining flock.

There is no church / ecclesia / congregation any more. The true little flock are but a remnant now. Many see the crumbling of our nations, others see the crumbling of the ecclesia. I can tell you now that lest it be for the little flock within the nations - the nations would have already fallen. The individuals within the little flock are being so heavily tested, tried and persecuted in their lives now, for once they fall, so do the nations. For it is upon the Grace of God upon these believers which is holding back the wrath of God which is soon to come these same nations.

The church is gone. And in these times so many now will realise that the temple of God is after all within man 1 Corinthians 3:16-17. Yes there is a very big difference to what the Bible teaches and what the so called church teaches. With the deceptions in this world right now, I not only believe we are in the final hours, I believe we are in the final minutes.

Even knowing of the deceptions and corruptions within the churches, I also see so many false teachers also telling people to abandon the churches... with the end result being the same for the enemy... the destruction of the church. With their ultimate aim being the destruction of the flock of Christ and Christ Himself.

Scripture tells us this will not happen.

Their plans will fail.

But expect so much worse to come before the fall.

As for JWs, they are from the Millerites. All their early literature carried the Babylonian sun disk, so many false prophesies, so many of their teachings come from masonry, the JW logo is a representation of the Tower of Babylon - an exact duplicate of a tower on a Diana idol from Ephesus, and is the same tower portrayed in the occult. They used the satanic Cross and Crown. The Watchtower is the Tower of Babel.

Research Rutherford. He's the one who did away with Christmas and the other pagan holidays, and the cross and crown. Yet he also brought in so many more heresies. I see him as the grandfather of all the modern TV evangelists who started all the riches for God movement.

Diana, based on Semirimas the so called queen of heaven, AKA Mary for the catholics, and of course Astarte and Ashteroth, and represented in every false religion on earth. Ashteroth translating directly as Tower Builder. JWs very name and logo are a representation of the tower of Babylon and the queen of heaven who is accredited with building it, the mother goddess.

Look today who else is trying to do away with the paganism which has been brought into Christianity, and it's the Hebrew Roots movement. Teaching us a history of the paganism of the church and romanism to try and draw in those of the little flock who seek God purely, and then the flock are poisoned with cyanide.

I look to Jeremiah in these times. Who could Jeremiah marry? No-one, not one, not a single woman of Biblical Israel was worthy. Every man, woman and child were condemned to their fate. I see this time now as just before God spoke to Jeremiah at his time. The final remnant are dwindling, and now we have almost no fellowship, and tomorrow is the Judgement.

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed watching some of the sermons on Old Paths Baptist church YouTube. Jason Cooley is the pastor and he preaches against Xmas and is non 501c3. But , just fair warning, he is not going to tickle any ears, or care if he offends anyone. Some people think he's too harsh. I like that he's not a men pleaser.


Faith Contender said...

Exactly (to anonymous above), this is the day of Jeremiah. When I read that book it reads just like it could be today in the US. I have no one to marry, I have no friend, no family either. I sound the warning trumpet but no one will listen.

I have recently made the big break too. I have looked for a long time because there are just so many churches here, but all of them miss the mark and I'm just tired of it. I worship alone at home, pray, read the bible, etc. As for fellowship? Good luck. I used to try to warn people at church but they are just so hostile to any sort of warning against the apostasy. It's gotten to the point where it was just too much.

The sameness is one thing, it's just all those recurring themes. Even if it looks like there are differences on the outside, once you dig a little deeper you find that they are all spokes connected to the same hub, the same wheel rolling along down that broad path.

For example, I always look at the website first. I might as well be looking at any one of them as you can't tell the difference. There is this neutrality, this cold, professional modern sleek look, a bunch of boxes or rotating slides, varying shades of gray or that texture background. They all mention 'transformation' and the same buzz words, 'cell or life groups' and something about 'finding your purpose'. When you dig a little you see links to church growth, purpose driven, emergent, etc. There is no mention of the cross, no symbol of it, no gospel message, not even a bible verse. You may as well have landed on a business site for networking. And the names, it's always something like 'Recharge Church' or 'Westlake' or something that has no connection to Jesus or the Bible. If you pay a visit, you get the same experience too. A large performance stage with neon lights, no cross, no warmth, just lots and lots of sleek metal and coldness. All the neo hipsters come up and do the rock concert thing, the guy with the goofy glasses does the announcements, and they all take their to-go coffees along with them. Then the personal trainer life growth coach comes up to give his lecture and pep talk, again no gospel, no cross. And the prayers are just to get you to look down long enough while they change the performers on stage. Once you find out a little more you see it's all about serving, all about 'building their kingdom' and dominionism, it's all about giving (to them) and that great 'revival' that is 'right around the corner' if you just give and serve enough. Then the ecumenism via locked elbows with apostates, and eastern practices with hosts that seem to make it to every women's group study like Beth Moore and friends. I kept running into the same things it was like checking out the same church over and over again. Fellowship was a joke in every way. And no one seemed to be aware of the fact that we are called to be separate from the world and its culture, uncompromised regarding its sinful ways, adhering to sound doctrine and refuting false doctrine, living a holy life and being loving and kind -because that's what the bible teaches. Over there it's all about the flesh. I don't think there is a saved or sanctified soul there.

It started reminding me of those old twilight zone movies where you knock on one door and the door opens and a guy has rabies or something and says... "come in my dear, we have been waiting for you!" So you run and try the next door, only to find the same thing and find that the whole town is infected. Finally, out of breath, you try the last doorknob. They open, it seems fine. You go in and are sitting around the living room talking, you start telling them what you saw and they assure you they do not have that sickness. Then they all start to foam at the mouth... and before you know it you are out as fast as those fleeing on the cartoon here.

Anonymous said...

This may or may not be a viable alternative for those who have not been able to find a fellowship of like-minded people, but I'll toss it out there.

God ALWAYS has a remnant, even in the organized church. This may be hard to believe, but down through history, it has proven so and God's Word validates it.

We can't expect to find any group that is fully on board with every point of our beliefs, but in the essentials of the faith we can agree on, it is worth a try. We are to be salt and light to the world and now it seems that there needs to be salt and light in the very Church! Many wolves have ravaged it, but we need the Lord's guidance to seek out those who are teachable and share our concerns.

God ordained and organized the local church, giving instruction as to the positions, various gifts, etc. That has never been nullified although it has certainly been distorted by the enemy and most of the Church is asleep, or ignorant. After all, we are sheep. If you study sheep and relate it to the Church, the true Church, the Body of Christ we can see how the wolves have had a heyday.

Being in isolation makes one vulnerable as well. Sheep are meant to be in flocks, not living in isolation. The apostasy has made it harder and harder to find fellowship with many disappointments along the way. But we can't give up - we have to press on with the strength of the Lord.

Honestly, we have to pick our battles with great wisdom and realize we may not win them all. That may be hard to accept with those of us with such strong convictions about things others haven't as yet seen the light about. It may require us to persevere and wait upon the Lord to reveal things. Some will be able to do so, some will have to separate. It should all depend upon how the LORD leads.

Those are my thoughts and I don't expect agreement, but it is my exhortation and given in love as one who completely understands the challenges involved. I am a work in progress and don't have it all sorted out, but I am firm in the bedrock solid doctrines of the faith that do not allow for any compromise. And I firmly believe that we need to find a way to get out the Gospel and disciple new believers whether it be in a local fellowship or an online ministry, etc.

Anonymous said...

BB, that is the building system I left 10 years ago and my thought is another form of fascism. - Don

Anonymous said...

I think it is a total blessing that God is drawing us away from a Babylonian church system. If His flock were so content to sit in church pews, taught by satanist, heretics, false preachers and thieves it would be a tragedy. So the Lord had to make it so unbearable that we could vomit within these organizations. God never intended for us to be members of a social country club and call it church. This type of system was propogated throughout centuries by man and it glorified men not God. So we should be most happy to see His flock leaving Egypt to go to His promised land, the land of rest where we seize from our flesh-driven works. God told Hosea to marry a prostitute to show Israel her unfaithfulness. But we as believers should never marry a harlot system to prove our unfaithfulness. The Israelites had inter-married and Ezra the prophet was more than appalled; Ezra 9:3 When I heard this thing, I tore my garment and my robe, and plucked off the hair of my head and of my beard, and sat down confounded. Now the "church" is not appalled but they applaud things that God deems abominable. Whole hearted devotion is required not an improvisation of Christ-like character to deceive even oneself.

Anonymous said...

Leaving the organized Nicolaitan church system was extremely difficult for me, for when I left, women, with whom I had no close personal relationship with, called me via the telephone to ask why I had left. Several women accused me of backsliding because I did not attend their church all the while not asking me if I was attending another church; note: this charismatic/Pentecostal type of church with an Assembly of God pastor believed they knew Jesus BETTER than any other church around. These women did NOT even visit with me in the church system for they had their own little 'clicks' to tend to on Sunday mornings, so it came as a surprise when they "reached out to me" to find out why I left. Praise our LORD, the Holy Spirit, is still working within His temples, for through His power, I was able to hold my tongue and not give an answer to protect my soul from the onslaught. Instead, I asked them this questions, "Why did you call me? Is it to find out why I left your church so you can go back to your Bible studies, your cell groups, or your church friends and be the center of attention for five to ten minutes while you gossip to everyone as to the reasons for me leaving?"

Most of the gossipy women became disoriented and the conversation ended immediately with their strong desire to hang up the phone, but at least one woman had a right conscience and spoke the truth, saying, "Yes, I cannot deny that what you have asked of me is the truth."

So there we have it folks....a true picture of 'the church.' These busy body women really did not care about why I left, and it was so blatantly obvious to me because we did not have a godly relationship while I had attended that church for years and years and years, so why all of a sudden did they 'care?' To pretend to all of a sudden care about another soul when they leave a church system is a LIE.

What I have seen within these types of churches, are people who love their 'church board/church leadership' positions for they love the applause of men and they LOVE to lord it over people in telling us how to live our lives, even when they are committing the same SINS, or in most cases, their sins are more legion.

It is no wonder the organized church systems are a mess for human idolatry is rampant.

Anonymous said...

Ironically, some folks detect something awry with no recourse, leave their church and jump from the frying pan into the fire by being deceived by another group slicker than the first. I have seen it happen. I have to ask - where is the discernment and concern for the admonition of our Lord to be alert and test the spirits and not give sway to our emotions. The deception is so varied and clever these days that it is like finding a needle in a haystack to find a local church. It may even seem fine at first, then things start to surface.

The Body of Christ is like it says, a Body, not an arm here and a leg there. God has clearly set up a structure for the organized church. What are we to do?The Bible instructs us not to forsake the gathering together of believers. That must mean that God has a place for us no matter how bleak the landscape.

There are sources on internet radio and on the web not connected to fake tv evangelists. We must not forget - God has a remnant and we can't give up. He still has a task for each of us to fulfill with the gifts He has given us. When I make this point, I have 3 fingers pointing back at myself as it really gets hard at times. We hunger for fellowship that seems elusive. Even if we find just one like-minded person with which to fellowship and pray it is a start. And often the only fellowship we can find is online like the ministry of BB or some nondescript preacher who has not yet fallen prey to the apostasy.

Bible Believer said...

Anon I agree about the churches being lost. I would faint if I ever saw an evangelical church that wasn't deceived by the brain dead Republicanism [Democrat party is for the liturgicals and liberal churches]. Churches have become more outreaches for political and social control. I agree the majority are not of the flock. There are some saved who have not come out but many in the churches who fit in the "good but lost" category and others who are knowing deceivers and use religion as a cover. Self righteousness and legalism has grown in the churches too where everything is about having a certain cover. Look good, and "fit the Christian ideal", we saw that with the Duggars. There's many wicked who hide behind church membership and wickedness. Most power mongers in many communities are hooked into the church system. Even the mafia went to Catholic Mass. They will war against the good. I know I'll never be back in as part of a church body. The pastors want to silence everyone. It's about political control and oppression. This is why we see so little differences. Perhaps a few remote rural areas still have true churches but they are rarer then Dodo birds now. Yes they cry about the decline of America but ignore the wickedness right in front of their faces. Plenty of false teachers wait to scoop those up who have the discernment to flee from the churches. I searched for a house fellowship even here, all I found was a weird SDA offshoot and a Charismania one that was about to turn into a full church. Some will lead with fake deliverance ministries too. Yes they are working all levels to push people into the ditch who don't follow the light of God's Word.

I should do a post with JW and Mormons connected. It does not surprise me since their leader is buried under a big pyramid, the Mormons borrowed from Freemasonary and I wrote about this on this blog. Perhaps its time to turn to them more and expose more. Yes even the name the Watchtower praises the tower of Babel.

JWs steered the world wrong, protesting Christmas so everyone who knew the truth about that would look like a foolish JW who denied the divinity of Jesus Christ.

I agree with you about the Tower. I believe they have subliminal images in their books too, I saw a website about this years ago.

The Hebrew Roots people are playing the Judasizer route. Funny how more of them have gotten sucked into the ecumenical movement. It does not surprise me.

Jeremiah faced a lot of loneliness [outside of his relationship with God] I can see why you focus on him as example.

Bible Believer said...

Faith I agree too about the Day of Jeremiah, I need to do a bible study on that. Sorry you are so alone. I have almost no family left though I have a good husband. I have lost friends in the church system too. I warn and am considered "crazy" even when I expose the most mild things. Some of the false friends if they had seen this blog would have probably run to get commitment papers, they were so in love with the "system" which is one thing the churches have made sure of. The corporations sell their "jesus" junk and the pastors act like lying businessmen.

I am glad you made the break too. I won't go back in to listen to brain dead politics and celebration of holidays like Christmas I consider repugnant. I put up with a lot for a time, thinking of the blessing of Christian fellowship or even wondering if I could share some truths--not to elevate myself but to see if anyone else was on the same page. All of the churches here too miss the mark too. I tired too of the constant Ayn Rand inspired exhortations against the poor. I saw the most love for the poor in one church but sadly it is Lutheran with their own severe errors. I am on my own at home too. I can't find anyone, except for long distance and online to talk about spiritual things with. Even there you have to be very careful. People in the churches get upset upon the most mild. They believe every word out of the preacher's mouths is absolute truth. I did tell one lady leaving my last church why I left, she seemed to listen. I think she is a well meaning person. They do deceive the simple in one horrible way. She told me, "You are so smart" but I didn't see these things due to being more intelligent, God told me they were wrong. I hope she will see the truth too. Most are hostile and you can feel growing anger. I lost a friendship 3 months ago over religious differences. In her case, I didn't force myself. She tried to censor me even about mild warnings fearing she would look bad in the community.

Yes they are very much the same. I have seen one goateed faced pastor I have seen them all, and they have almost the same exact politics and thoughts. Of course there is the leftist/rightist division but I have not met a maverick yet, and the only one I found on line once that actually pastored a church was mixing numerology into all his sermons so I knew he was a snake. Some flock to someone like Steve Anderson believing he is a maverick, one that stands against the NWO, but he is just more of the same with a different flavor.

Bible Believer said...


LOL about your mention of church websites. Hey do you mind if I quote that. Ive had some of the same thoughts about the church websites and the same logo and other garbage on them. It's all corporate nonsense and other garbage. Ive visited some more modern churches even for kind of "research" for this blog, years ago. Felt weird in all of them. I feel like I am meeting caricatures of people like the neo hipster with the thick black glasses and woolen sweater, the bald guy with the goatee and plaid shirt. They all have money and the same way of talking. Tons of coffee and lattees. The chairs are a bit more comfortable but the music hurts my ears and is as rowdy as a rock concert. There's pamphlets and pod people coming up to have me fill out paperwork with my name on it, love bombing and wide fake grins. Agree about the personal trainer, success guru coming up to give the psychology lecture. They seem to want a lot of money. They want you to join cell groups and come up with 100 bucks on the spot for a weekend retreat, no make that 250 with the hotel included. Some of them had the snake oil pastors, that would have 5 assistant pastors. They would make a grand show up on stage. One I visited the guy praised Christmas for a whole hour and I walked out. The IFBs had a different flavor a bit less pizazz on stage but Jumbo Trons and preaching about wars and dominionism too. Flag waving and always great patriotric displays on July 4th and Memorial Day. I'd get the Tea Party gospel in spades. The pastors always had slicked back hair and three-piece suits.

Just like you felt you were revisiting the same church over and over, I had the same exact feeling too. Even the IFBs weren't that far off with the brain dead Republicanism and other stuff, they just had less programs. All the bible studies were controlled. Facilitators, and written books, not a free-thought allowed.

I visited a Reformed church to see a movie--it was secular based documentary being shown to the community as a whole--I was kind of on a research trip--it may be something I'll post on later here, I got the same Republican preaching pastor, and tongue clucking about why won't the poor help themselves and more "building the kingdom". The guy probably thought I was nuts but I felt convicted to walk up to him after the show--the documentary was exposing globalist charities--"Poverty Inc" and I told him globalism was wicked and that the churches were helping to build the kingdom of the Antichrist. He had his pictures of his mission-vacations to the Dominican Republic all over the church.

Everything is about joining with the system and selling out to it. Its all about joining with the world and advancing this world with no thought of eternity. Loving and kindness are set aside for money making and making a name for themselves. LOL about the infected town. Yes that sums it up. It is how I feel. I feel like the infection has spread everywhere. I said Pod People, the "Body Snatchers--Soul Snatchers?" have taken over the churches.

I was in tears when I left the last church. I knew I was done right at that point, there was no more looking. I believe God is calling people out of the church system as a whole.

Bible Believer said...

Ill check the link out. I agree God always has a remnant. I am not sure about it being in the organized church though, in days past yes and I believe there are people even now who are truly saved still in the church system who have not come out but the organized churches are worsening fast. The few who are saved in the church will continue to be called out as things wax worse. One of my IFB pastors preached that someone had to be in a local NT church or they were sinning against God. I told them what of people who live in areas where there isn't a decent church. There is a line where one can be too much of a legalist, and one where one is compromising too much. I do believe if one is sitting in a church and being upset by what is being preached almost every week, it's time to come out. People who don't love truth, will not have anything to offer your Christian walk. Even with the last place I would have stayed if they had been open to any truth and allowed free-speech. Everything was way too controlled. I knew it was being run that way for a reason. I also knew I would be of no affect there given the silence and little conversation that always stayed on the "weather" and "how are you?" level.

So I tried what you said, visiting IFBS who have some essentials of the faith but they are compromised too. I wrote about many warning of them years ago but I realized even the sameness there and commitment to Dominionism. I didn't see any salt and light in churches except the first one I was in "my good IFB" where there was some free conversation allowed and people desiring truth. Maybe being such a new Christian I was blind to some faults but the people were sincere. Even finding sincerity today seems to be harder and harder though many in the pews are well meaning sincere folks. In the first IFB there were some people who shared my concerns and were teachable. Later on I tried for a year and knew it was going nowhere. I was shut off at the pass. So yes this is an issue where every person will have to see where God is leading them. I could be moving away from where I now live so I am unsure of what the future holds.

I do believe we are in the time of the great falling away warned of in scriptures. I believe that Christian fellowship is the ideal. Find it where you can but it should not come at the expense of endless false doctrine. I am responsible for what I know too. I agree about not giving up too. This world is growing tougher and tougher. That's one thing in the churches, they have bought into the American "dream" and illusion. Many want people to hide their troubles and hardships and worship at the table of the successful. I believe that is not comforting fellowship but just a place that will wear down the true Christian. My last church didn't have much patience for the poor and since I am among the poor's numbers it was not a good place for me or my husband.

I believe in people going where the Lord leads. God may want us in a place to warn and exhort, but there is a time where there is no choice but to leave. This is phenomenon even the media and others know about. They are saying many have left the churches and becoming "nones". Remember the church system is not the CHURCH spoken of by Jesus Christ. He spoke of the ekklesia. Tithes, and the rest do not come from the bible but are man-man traditions.

Bible Believer said...

I am glad you left the organized Nicolatian church system too anon. I agree about the busy body women. I have been hurt by local "church women" that did not attend my church but treated me as a project and used false "do gooderism" on me. I know what you mean about busy body church ladies that use your personal challenges to gossip and create havoc. I was mostly ignored by the church ladies in the church I just left, they were surface friendly and one was truly friendly so these things below do not describe them but other church women in the community.

I have had new thoughts about the "appearances" of holiness and what many see as a good Christian and how so many toxic people use it as a mask. Many twitter on about the wickedness of others while ignoring their own. Everyone is a "loser" in their book or a "hoarder" or a "Jezebel".

I have heard it all about women who were less then perfect housekeepers and they seemed to glory in the misfortunes of others and couldn't wait to find out yours to add it to the list. I am glad you confronted those gossipy women and set them off kilter. I cut ties with the false "church ladies" who used my illnesses to make me their mark. This is a big problem in the churches. I have felt the pressures are worse in an upper middle class and wealthy community where I do not fit in, and where the idea of a "good Christian" has far more to do with American upper class standards and properness rather then anything in the Bible.

Those kind of women can do a lot of damage and I am glad you are away from them. They never cared about you and wanted someone to gossip about. Same as me with my health problems and poverty--lower socioeconomic status. I saw how they talked about others they saw as "not measuring up" and I know I erred greatly not breaking away from one right away, though I did defend the people she talked about and let loneliness lead me into a bad friendship.

If they didn't care while you were there, then the care upon you leaving was just a lie. Many of these types do seek the applause of men and the fake holiness that will give them the love of the world. They indulge in works not because they care about the poor or suffering people or have compassion but to mark their church resumes and lift up their standing in the community. One thing that affected me personally, remember I wrote about this, I am too poor to be in a church. It displeases even the pastors who live quite a few notches above my life style. They aren't getting the tithes they want. These false church ladies are good at fake "pity" and "play-acting". I am glad you are away from them.

Bible Believer said...

Agree last anon, maybe those places are places we do not expect. Even when done with the buildings, we are still in the church and can preach and be out there for other Christians.

Blizzard of Bugs said...

For you who are running from the churches: be encouraged the Lord Jesus Christ is with you. He will not leave or forsake you. Be strong in the Lord. I was having a discouraging day. My wife and I were sitting in our car talking; for those who don't know I had to discontinue meeting with the church I was a part of. As we were sitting a brother in the Lord, older than myself, walked by and came over and encouraged my wife and I with God's word. God is amazing. He loves all his children, whether we be suffering persecuted, troubled, joyful etc. This man knew of my wife and my families situation in regard to our "running away", and I was amazed at the Lord's sovereignty. It is not the first time I have been amazed and it won't be the last.

Anonymous said...

Thank-you for your compassionate understanding here Bible Believer. I praise our LORD Jesus for you and I love you as a sister in Him alone. Church assemblies contains some of the most abusive (verbal and emotional, and in some cases, physically) people pretending to be followers of Christ, believing their salvation lies in in church attendance and doing things/deeds to earn their way into heaven. And yet, their hearts are more wicked than those they proclaim to be unbelievers.

The Holy Spirit is still working and moving in the hearts and minds of those who are truly His, whether we are alone, or meet in groups of two or three in praying, worshiping, and fellowshipping together for where two or three are together, Jesus says He is there also.

In prayer for you Bible Believer as you encourage many of us who have come out of the harlot religious system. May our continue to bless you in ways that are eternal.

In Christ's love,
Anonymous, October 21, 5:45 AM

Anonymous said...

dear bible believer you ever heard about Herbert W Armstrong and denies the trinity and believes in british israelism.

Anonymous said...

BB, I hope you don't mind me commenting on the last anon post, if so, feel free not to publish this comment.

From my own understandings and prior research:

Armstrong is another Millerite derived religion - same as most cults and the SDAs and JWs, Christadelphians etc. Each new breakaway group from the Millerites seemed to target a different audience and demographic amongst Christians, and Armstrong went after to corrupt a group of Christians who believe that Caucasians are the true Israelites, who emigrated into Europe from all the former Greek colonies mentioned in the Epistles of the Bible, and that the Apostles were only going to the dispersed Israelites scattered abroad - eg James 1:1 and 1 Corinthians 10:1. There are many other Scriptures they use to back up their ideas, but these are the most direct to comment on here.

They also look to documents such as the Scottish Declaration of Independence from many hundreds of years ago which declares the Scots to be Israelites as a matter of fact and nothing to be disputed at all. Read it, it's online.

You have mentioned the term British Israelism, however this is an incorrect term for this group and their beliefs. They believe ALL Caucasians are Israelites (as opposed to other whites such as Slavs), and the term British Israelism only denotes that the Judah Kingship bloodline first went from Egypt, into Ireland with Jeremiah and the daughters of the last King in Judah prior to captivity, then into Scotland with immigration, and then into England with King James 1.

Further, when I did research this some years ago, I also found that any people or group which calls itself British Israelism - are yet another deceitful group, just like Armstrong was employed to corrupt this specific belief system. A more common term is Christian Identity.

When I did look at it, I found it a fascinating study, and when I see the western Caucasian countries and people being so deliberately destroyed today, I do sometimes wonder about it and that it would make sense. But to be honest, the research into the migrating people groups from the Greek colonies in Ephesus etc, through the Caucasus mountains and into Europe, following the language changes and all of that - really is not my strength. And I no longer believe anything presented in books or on TV as being at all factual... so where would you even start to begin to research properly in the age of deception?

And at the end of it all... how does the Gospel change one iota for me? None whatsoever.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. 17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.

Amen to the Gospel and Salvation in Christ, and the love of God towards us.

Anonymous said...

I relate to Faith Contender. I told someone just last week I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone! I've given up on looking for a church. I left Calvary Chapel when they brought in rap and heavy metal concerts to 'win the kids.' It's so crazy - I came out of that stuff - what about me? How will this help me? It didn't help my friend with one foot in the world. Now she has two feet in the world!

And they had the Beth Moore videos with the breath prayers, etc. The pastor said Beth Moore says she has nothing to do with contemplative prayer and hinted at my being unloving.

The last Sunday School class I was at a couple years ago at a Baptist church that sang old fashioned hymns (I miss those hymns) told us to empty our minds and only pray scripture - don't even use our own words - pray scripture. And they spent a whole service trying to influence us to vote for Romney.

Every now and then I search through church websites to see if there is a church that is not all hip and cool - so tired of the bald guy with the goatee, the announcer with the big black glasses, and the big stage productions with the trance-inducing music, etc.

One church here had a goateed pastor leave his wife to move in with a another woman. This woman dumped him and he ended up in a mental hospital. Now he teaches on 'relaunching.' You can't make this stuff up.
Another church in my area describes their pastors as having great facial hair. One of the staff is described as being 'hot.'

I am considered strange. But I know Jesus is with me. I am in his Word and get wonderful encouragement. Yes, the days of Jeremiah. The people are told lies and they like it that way. It's good to hear similar stories. It's a very lonely road at times.

Anonymous said...

Do you know what is interesting? The similarities between those in a "church" and those who are not. They both don't want their realities altered. In organized church meetings there must be no intrusion or infusion of truth. They cannot be threatened with anything that will overthrow their happy place. If you go deeper than an orange peel, you're considered someone who divides the body of Christ. The same with unbelievers outside church establishments. The spiritual delusion that has contaminated both Christian and non-Christian is the false concept of being given life here on earth only to fulfill our dreams and desires. The world becomes numb and self-medicated by illusionary realities. This keeps the believer and non-believer occupied with this world system, exactly what the devil wants. TV and movies are the greatest proponents of numbing and dumbing down society; bringing more depravity into a system that already is influxed with satanic and demonic influences. So we have believers ingesting meals of degeneration and unbelievers who do the same. No wonder we smell the same aroma within a church system and those outside. The fragrance of Jesus cannot be duplicated with counterfeit devotion.

William Sculley said...

I'll just leave Paul's command here: Forsake not the gathering together of the brethren, as some are doing.

The internet is not a substitute for the GATHERING of the Brethren, which is what Church means.

Anonymous said...

Lisa here. I totally agree B>B . Recently I have been invited to 2 bible studies. The first used Beth Moore teachings. First of all, she should be silent in church. Secondly, she is yoking up with Catholic ecumenism. I watched her video where she has the people facing in the four directions and praying. Witchcraft. Although very subtle so her sheeple wouldn't think twice about it. The next study was led by "America's Pastor" Rick Warren. He's not my pastor. The agenda had 7 weeks of study lessons. I.E. How to be happy. Find happiness in your life. On and on ad nauseum. My Catholic mother went. I told her to take notes. He used 8 bible versions in 1 teaching. I myself have heard him tell his people, "We must believe
God's word". I would like to meet Mr. Warren to ask him which bible is it? I am a
King James Version bible believer myself. Why do all the new-age teachers have to use 8 bible versions? You can understand it better, they claim. An 8 year old can understand the KJV. I have been wanting to start a bible study at my home, so I have been praying and seeking God's will about it. I also can't find a church. My family tells me I am crazy, a conspiracy theorist, I'm taking things too far, I need to get back out in the world and have more fun, I have become a leper to them. Praise God!! The devil attacks me too, but I belong to Jesus Christ and am covered by his blood. Amen!!!

Bible Believer said...

Beth Moore yes is one of the worse. I looked for an independent bible study recently and refused one that was a Beth Moore focused one. That's creepy about the praying. I was going to post soon on this book from the library, that turns prayer into witchcraft, it talks about "speaking things into reality" I nearly threw up. I have to check it back out to do an expose. Yes Rick Warren pushes the inverse "best life now" stuff too. Keep doing what you are doing. You my have spiritual divisions with those calling you crazy. Yes I have been told the same, in my family they are Catholic so I was evil for leaving long ago. I have been told I am a conspiracy theorist and taking things too far too. Praying for your bible study.