Thursday, October 1, 2015

Michael Synder with Rick Joyner

I warned last week of him showing up on the Jim Bakker show. Well write him off as another member of the false alternative right. We definitely have encountered those types over and over. I do not like inconsistencies in people where they write about one thing and then go hang out with people who support something else. Warning of the Pope and the false one world religion on your website and then going to hang out with a Knights of Malta false preacher who promotes unity with Catholicism every chance he gets, is a bit of an inconsistency!


Anonymous said...

Prophetic no, pathetic yes. - Don

Anonymous said...

Michael Snyder is a set up. There to be a fear monger in the way of Bill Hicks, I mean, Alex Jones.

Bible Believer said...

Pathetic yes. Yes Synder is "one of them" too. I used his links before and thought okay yeah this guy could be making some profit with his conspiracy articles since he is selling prepper supplies right along with them but hoped he had been sincere even with his money-making ventures.

Sad to say he seems part of the "network" too. Just another Alex Jones type. So few "real" people and him hanging out with the likes of Jim Bakker, at the very least says "sell out".