Thursday, October 1, 2015

Man Arrested for Stealing Snacks Starves to Death in Jail

[not an endorsement of RT but for information]

Police Allegedly Starve Mentally Ill Man to Death for Stealing $5 in Snacks

 Unable to pay his $3,000 bail, he spent the four months in jail.
Society is getting more hard and cruel. This is what happens too when a country has closed down all the mental health facilities [yes I know many of those are corrupt too] and turns into a police state. The people watching him starve to death had to be sociopaths and the devil's children. They disgust me.
 Our jails and prisons are getting scary. There is neglect happening to people that is loathsome. I know of two people personally who went into jail and were denied medication they needed to stay alive. One was denied heart medication for 5 days.  He protested and begged them to get his medicine and they ignored him. This man in the article refused medication and was too mentally ill to take care of himself but there have been cases where people have cried and protested and been denied medical care in jails. One man I heard about was denied seizure medicines for a month.
 In our local jail, I have read that they make people sleep on the floor which would be dangerous to any elderly or disabled person unable to get up off the floor, and that they feed them old bologna and that the place is very under-heated in the winter. Jail literally can be an extreme danger zone for elderly, disabled or other people with chronic medical problems. Even my old rural jail in my old county would release people at midnight, when there was no bus or other transportation offered in the middle of winter. If it was not for some Christians in that community giving them rides to shelter, some may have died.
The evil right side of the NWO wing, preaches no mercy to prisoners. The Republicans pushed the police state and heavy on the law and order garbage for decades. The South in the USA seems especially cruel to anyone in prison. Many prisoners are treated like they are not human, and here you will see the heavy hand of racism that enters the picture as well in some places.
 I think of shows like "Beyond Scared Straight" where they believe more trauma programming will turn wayward youth on the straight and narrow, and think to myself, America has become one brutal place! We have become notorious as a place for our cruel prisons and the high number of people locked up and thrown in jail even for more minor non-violent crimes.
Jesus Christ speaks of visiting the prisoner.
"36 Naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me: I was in prison, and ye came unto me."
None of these people are following Jesus Christ when it comes to prisoners. One sign of growing evil in America is how prisoners are treated.


Anonymous said...

"Throughout the state we are only fed breakfast and dinner Friday through Sunday. Without store items on the weekends, they basically force us into starvation."

read more here

Bible Believer said...

Be careful of that website above, it says the FBI tracks it but then don't we have the NSA tracking everything anyhow?

It calls itself "Maoist Internationalist ministry of prisons" Not sure if that is self irony,

I believe what they say though especially with cost cutting measures. I think the prisons definitely have cut the food budgets down and probably the staff to run the kitchens, etc.

Bible Believer said...

It's pro-Aztlan, so sadly the prisoners are hearing the NWO speak too. They are right about the "imperalists" forcing a mass migration to Europe.

Anonymous said... - Don

Luca said...

what do you think of the show Beyond Scared Straight?

Anonymous said...

yes, I do not agree with MIM beliefs or mission. However, I posted it because the prisoners are complaining about the very same thing you warned about.

Anonymous said...

The "tough on crime," law 'n' order mentality disgusts me. I suppose it makes me a bad conservative (I might even be one of those ACLU libruls) but this mentality of despising prisoners (almost always poor and minorities) and embracing every form of gratuitous cruelty against them is evil.

Oddly, the same "Christians" who are up in arms about abortion and gay marriage just loooooove this kind of cold-hearted treatment, as if using the power of the state to kick people when they're down makes one tough.

The same conservatives who fought the Cold War and dreaded the Soviet Union have never seen the irony of constructing a police state here at home.

Anonymous said...

Anon said: "Oddly, the same "Christians" who are up in arms about abortion and gay marriage just loooooove this kind of cold-hearted treatment, as if using the power of the state to kick people when they're down makes one tough."

Yep, you said it. That and those "Christians" that are always like, "let's blow this country and all its inhabitants into the next world. Kill 'em all and let God sort it out!"

Sick and twisted.

Anonymous said...

they did this in the 1980's so it's been abusive in incarceration for a long time ... try being pregnant in county jail for 90 days ... no pre natal vitamins, only powdered milk, one day a week they gave you sandwiches all day, breakfast at 4 am, the worst in dry cereal and a doughnut, soup so greasy, small portions, just eating the raw carrot sticks caused me to vomit, some of the food came from the local food pantry where it was donated expired, the jailer got to pocket the excess food funds ... try eating this when you have morning sickness or just food revulsion from pregnancy ... one woman got food poisoning and they refused her medical until she was so near death they had to take her out of her cell on a rubber sheet to the emergency room ...

KJVmom said...

How sad this is, yet probably not altogether unexpected. It is interesting that this post comes just a few days after I participated in a county jail ministry with my fellowship. The ladies didn't appear to be in any kind of ill health,, were delighted to receive the Bibles I brought, and paid close attention to the lesson; one even had questions about repentance. I think that if any abuse or neglect were noticed by our members that our elders would speak up. The sheriff likes to have us come. I' m thankful to God that we have this ministry , but it's heartbreaking to hear what's happening in other jails, knowing it grieves God as well. BTW, I' m also in the Deep South.

Bible Believer said...

I've read about those private prisons, they are more abusive.

I once told someone don't ever go in a for profit nursing home, the lust for money will over come true care, same for the for profit prisons where they probably starve them to keep more cash and limit staff to the lowest numbers possible.

The whole "love the police state", "tough on crime" nonsense makes me sick too. It has helped advance more evil in the prisons systems and reduction of rights. I don't even call myself a liberal or conservative anymore because both terms are overloaded with other meanings. There is a hatred of prisoners that is disgusting, like they are not human beings. Many people in prison are in there for drug and other charges not for violent crimes.

Oh yes the culture warriors love the tough on crime junk, it's one reason the idea of MERCY in society has vaporized. I don't see the power of the state to put people in cages making society less evil ridden and corrupt. Yes those same "conservatives" don't get that irony that they are responsible for building a very similar police state. The rest of the world is looking at America more and more with horror the same way totalitarian governments in the past were observed.

David Barton will keep telling us all too like I posted today how everyone wants to hear endless rotating repetitive sermons. Why should I want to hear about the gays again? I only know two homosexuals and they are acquaintances. It's not even part of my life.

The fake Christians love war, I've noticed that. I've met some who have called me a peacenik for being away the endless plan for a new American century nonsense.

Anon, I feel for anyone who has been in jail. I am actually scared of ending up in jail and dying in one because of health problems, like what happens now when they don't give prisoners their medicine. I know they are endangering people. That one famous sheriff in Arizona the conservatives salivate over, has actually had people die in his jail, one woman who was pregnant miscarried due to the heat and bad food. We are talking total sociopaths. I believe those torture chairs they put people in are abused too. So yes Ive heard about pregnant women not being given extra food or helped out in anyway. So sorry you had this happen. That had to be painful. I hope your baby made it through.

KJVMOM I am glad your jail, is run properly. I think in some small towns, insanity has NOT taken over and they still have Christians ministering to the place to keep some decent order. I didn't hear the same stories about bad food and sleeping on the floor like I have heard here like in my own county though the Christians had to give transport to released prisoners in my old county. I hate to say it but some Christians ministering in a place, probably is what keeps it in line. They don't want hungry prisoners telling the local [real deal] Christians all they got to eat was some rotten bologna.

Bible Believer said...

correction "away" should be "against"..

Bible Believer said...

One thing people don't know about is many poor people end up in jail because they cannot pay fines or fees. It is not that hard to end up in jail. I have never been in jail or arrested, but being poor, it is a danger if you get traffic tickets, or parking tickets, or get another court cost you can't cover or pay often with jail time is what you end up with if you can't pay a fine. I also believe once you are caught up in the court juggernaut, you are in their specs and well more apt to get more problems in the future.