Sunday, September 27, 2015

They Have Made the Family An Idol For a Reason

Rick Warren speaks the day before the Pope does at the World Meeting of Families

[warning Catholic website]

"PHILADELPHIA – The eighth World Meeting of Families closed Friday with an appeal to the wider family of Christians, both Catholic and Protestant.
“What we need is to revitalize our worship. We need to minimize our differences, we need to mobilize our members, we need to evangelize the lost and we need to reenergize our families,” said Rick Warren, pastor of the evangelical Saddleback Church in California.
Warren delivered the closing keynote at the event that morning alongside Cardinal Seán Patrick O’Malley, archbishop of Boston, on “The Joy of the Gospel of Life.”
That came as Pope Francis spoke alongside leaders from Muslim, Jewish, and other faiths Friday at a multi-religious gathering at Ground Zero in New York."

Warren has been moving closer and closer to the Catholics and now openly consorts with Catholic programs and clergy.

Did you notice how he said, "We need to reenergize our families." not we need to save souls.

Jesus in the Bible talks about how division will come between families including mother and daughter and son and father. What of the religious figures who push the "family" at any cost? They know kinfolk ties more then any will demand a conformity to a false religious system much more so.

Some time ago I wrote this article, Family An Idol of It's Own?

It's interesting to me how the evangelical "culture warriors" stressed the "family" and the Catholic side has their World Meeting of Families and do the same exact thing.

Warren goes on to say: "
"At both events, the megachurch pastor said, the pope repeated a phrase that has stuck with him: “Today families are being threatened. They’re being threatened within and threatened without.”
In his characteristic, engaging style, Warren listed a number of those threats to the family, including “sin is normalized,” “abortion is legalized,” “Christians are demonized” and “immigrants are stigmatized.”

Salvation is individual, and no family will get you into heaven though you will become a member of God's family once you are a Christian.

I believe the false "Christian" focus on the family creating an idol of it with the Duggars as one of our more extreme examples is to help keep people in the false religion fold. The Bible warns there will be many Christians dividing from their families. There are people out there who no longer have families because of their religious convictions. I have already noticed the churches are openly discriminating against those with no families, the childless, the single and never married, and those who have had to walk away from families in false religions and wickedness.

Luke 12:51-53King James Version (KJV)
51 Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division:
52 For from henceforth there shall be five in one house divided, three against two, and two against three.
53 The father shall be divided against the son, and the son against the father; the mother against the daughter, and the daughter against the mother; the mother in law against her daughter in law, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.

Micah 7
For the son dishonoureth the father, the daughter riseth up against her mother, the daughter in law against her mother in law; a man's enemies are the men of his own house.
Therefore I will look unto the Lord; I will wait for the God of my salvation: my God will hear me.


Anonymous said...

Rick Warren, the satanic false teacher. He also said that "bishop" Fulton Sheen was an influence on him. Sheen, who was a catholic "ecumenical" guy that also influenced Billy Graham. A total set up. Graham and Warren were both created by the catholic church to try to win people to catholicism.

Anonymous said...

Obviously Warren believes the evangelical gospel and the Roman Catholic "gospel" are both credible to reach the lost. No surprise to the discerning who have identified this wolf long ago, but he is becoming more and more blatant.

As a side note, a movie just came out called "Captive" about a woman held hostage by a murdered and she calmed him down by reading Purpose Driven Life.

Anonymous said...

That "captive" movie that the anon poster commented on, is a fraud. The woman held hostage used the "purpose driven life" to talk herself out of it, but what it doesn't tell in that movie, is that she also shared her crystal meth with the captor, and then the captor converted to islam after getting into prison.

So the "purpose driven life" leads to meth and islam.

Anonymous said...

I think the purpose driven life would rather drive someone deeper into insanity and evil! It has the word "driven "in it! Although, maybe it should be "drivel"!LOL!
It's late I'm a little bit snarky!

Christsfreeservnt said...

I believe that movie is based on a true story. I heard that story years ago. It may have been fabricated, though.

Lynn said...

Once you know the underlying spirituality of someone, it doesn't matter how good their work appears and sounds on the surface, assume the presence of a spiritual undertow.

And knowing what I know of Roma Downey's spiritual underpinnings, I cannot recommend a single thing she produces. I won't even "look" for any good in it, cuz a dark spiritual agenda accompanies it. Miss Downey cannot be trusted to convey anything trustworthy or true spiritually speaking.

Notice her euphemism for the gospel... This movie is not about the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is a Communitarian feel-good "gospel" that the world can embrace and hail in pursuit of World Service, or "Purpose".

Anonymous said...

Of course Baphomet is at the helm of the Pope's Festival of Families (2015)....

Bible Believer said...

Moving and posting for Abigail:

Wow,you've been a busy girl this week,BB! I get so excited when you put up new info because you have led me to discover and accept such truth in the year or so that I have been reading your blog. I don't comment much but I want to thank you and the other commenters for giving me things to think about and reassurance that I am not alone in this upside down world we live in. I did want to share a little more of my personal life with you in the hopes that it would encourage others whom God has lead closer to Him at the expense of family ties. Both my family and my husband's family have rejected me as a direct consequence of my obedience to Christ.These rejections represent some of the most painful experiences of my life. I am a people-pleaser--I was raised to be one by my angry, critical father and my emotionally manipulative, fake martyr mother. People misinterpreted my people-pleasing tendencies as easy-to-be-controlled tendencies and, for the most part, I am. I generally put my preferences last and I am fine with that. I don't even realize when I am doing it because it comes so naturally to me, so I don't resent being bossed around a bit. Unless it involves disobeying my clear Spirit-given convictions or hurting my children! Then these people realize that I am not able to be pushed around and that enrages them! Incurring the disdain of my inlaws was extremely shocking and painful but that pain is nothing compared to the pain resulting from my own family's rejection. The pain and guilt is magnified by the fact that my family masquerades as Christian. They are all so fake! I have always been disgusted by the contrast between the public perfect family show and the real backstabbing, gossiping, dysfunctional mess that was and is my family. Despite their hypocrisy and selfishness though I love them and want them to love me. But love to them is control. Only God's love is perfect enough to control me (because I daily choose to submit to His control). Humans that demand control of their children's lives and emotions are playing God. When they demand that their control supersedes God's in my life, they really cross the line. Which brings me to the Duggars. I think you are right that they were set up to tap into the power of family worship! I know first hand how hard it is to lose family just for refusing to be controlled by them, whether they be worldly (my inlaws) or churchy (my family). To anyone out there who has been led away from family in order to follow your Shepherd my encouragement is to FOLLOW YOUR SHEPHERD! This path has been hard but so worth it. Their love was never real and it doesn't compare to His love. And,unlike them, He promises to never leave me or forsake me. Don't let your family make you feel guilty for following your convictions. I believe guilt is Satan's twisted version of Holy Spirit conviction. Guilt paralyzes but conviction inspires. Guilt makes us feel hopeless but conviction says Jesus is your Hope. Guilt says "You are a terrible disappointment and look at how you have failed me!" but conviction says "I am right here and we can fix this together!" Follow your Shepherd. Don't expect the goats (my inlaws) or the wolves in sheep's clothing (my family) to understand or to approve. Let them bleat and growl and snarl and stare. Keep your eyes on your Shepherd and never look back!

Bible Believer said...

Thanks Abigail. I basically have no earthly biological family left. There is a limited contact with a few and they are pulling away [as am I] because I left the top dogs within the family and refused to submit to them. I was surrounded by people without consciences. [Long story]

Sorry you had to deal with not being treated right. I agree about people pleasing being a danger and some taking advantage of this. Often if one is scapegoated it sets up behaviors where abusers can take advantage as you go out into the world. My family acts holier then thou in the Catholic context but cares nothing about God. They have had dinner with bishops even, and one cousin of my mother is a priest who I looked up who has done ecumenical ceremonies.

Having fake Christians, would be even worse. Yes the Duggars are being used to promote the family as idol. How dare you leave your family is the message. I was treated as a wicked person in the churches for departing from my family with the few I even told, I mostly kept my mouth shut. Everything in the churches was about family "togetherness". My first IFB was not as bad with this, some were like me having left their families, but the later churches I visited and attended, family closeness was everything.

One sign of false churches to me is when there is nothing but close knit families in them and no single or other people who came in having departed from their families from being saved. Religion of inheritance is how many people end up in cults life long. They become whatever religion their family and parents are or were.

I agree follow Jesus Christ. We are to follow His leading. My family oppressed me for years for leaving the Catholic church even during my UU years but this worsened when I became a Christian. I don't want to follow where I believe most of my family is headed, in my case there is overt wickedness to them not just covert things.

So yes the world is invested in telling people FOLLOW your FAMILY, God's Word says FOLLOW JESUS CHRIST.

Bible Believer said...

Yes Rick Warren has been a pied piper from the beginning. Maybe he should just start wearing a priest collar and get it over with. I saw Sheen on TV some years ago, the man looked like a vampire and preached nothing but pure Catholicism.

That movie sounds ludicrous. Let me check that out.

What is that one big advertisement spot for Purpose Driven Life?

So the criminal converted to Islam? Hmmm a lateral move, gospel of works from the Purpose Drive Life. Let's not forget Warren's pro-Islamic statements.

It's all about promoting "world service".

Anonymous said...

BB wrote: "gospel of works from the Purpose Drive Life"

You are right. The purpose driven life is a works-based religion. Rick Warren is a catholic man.