Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Pope At Congress

Years ago I wrote on message boards, "The Catholic church is taking over the USA government". That Spiritually Smart guy wrote and warned about Red Masses and Jesuit operations on his website. I believe the Vatican has worked hand in hand with all world governments for all world history today, but even the Pope himself is just another puppet for Satan.

The USA used to be a "Protestant" nation and one can just imagine during the 1920s when they had Al Smith running for president how much outrage this would have created. Of course Protestantism is just another fix in the mix and "controlled" as well.

Watching every Congressman give repeated standing ovations to the Pope, tells me there is nary a real Christian in the place. Did you read about the Congressman who took a glass of water, that the Pope had drank from, drank it himself and then poured it on his children? What an idolater! If you want a transcript of what was said instead of watching the entire video, you can read it on this blog-that guy doesn't like the Pope either but he needs to realize Catholicism itself is false.

It was the usual mishmash of promoting the "common good", some nice vague words about hardworking people and focusing on Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Dorothy Day and Thomas Merton, as American heroes. America has it's own "secular religion" and it matches well with the Pope's false teachings.

Merton who basically was a New Ager in everyway that mattered, is praised as a "promoter of peace between peoples and religions". Of course the advertisement for the one world religion was there as well, as far as words against "extremists" and "fundamentalists". It is strange how he tells our morally corrupt Congress to not be caught up in seeing good and evil. Seriously that is not a problem for them! He also praises the different religious denominations in America. Sadly the majority are under his thumb and sway. He doesn't bother to mention "jesus", or "christ" even once. Well Jesus has nothing to do with this showboating.

I find it most ironic that someone who serves as a "king", in his little walled kingdom in Italy even dares to approach discussion of "democracy" and the death factory known as the Vatican with it's history of Inquisitions, child sex abuse and instigator of wars seeking a global abolition of the death penalty. Of course the Vatican program of overwhelming America with immigration is in this speech. They won't send them to his home nation of Argentina.

It's disgusting to watch our government officials bob up and down like marionettes in happy enthusiasm for the antichrist Pope. I tried finding out if any one of them sat out this farce for religious reasons but only found a Republican from Arizona protesting climate control.

Boehner keeps crying his eyes out. It's beyond disturbing.


Anonymous said...

Catholiism/Vatican has always controlled the world system, satan's world system.

Christsfreeservnt said...

The Pope’s primary message to governments, to the church and to the people of the world, which he forcefully pushes, is that the “freedom of God” is expressed in tolerance and acceptance of all religions and all walks of life, and is less concerned with “doctrinal purity.” He sees the church and/or the people of the world as living in a “common house,” which can no longer tolerate unfruitful divisions produced by differences of beliefs. In fact, he sees exclusion (from the family of God) of people unlike us in faith and practice as wrong and as a “perversion of the faith.” He said that the church must live in this “concrete world.” Concrete means: “formed by a coalescence of separate particles into a mass; united in a coagulated, condensed or solid mass” ( In other words, the church must live in this New World Order (one-world tyrannical government and one-world religion).

The “scandal” the pope seems most concerned about is not that for generations Catholic priests and bishops have been molesting innocent children, but what he considers to be the wrong of following the gospel of Jesus Christ as taught by Jesus and his NT apostles in which he/they preached repentance for salvation and forgiveness of sin, death to sin and living to righteousness, and that faith in Jesus Christ is the only way to God and heaven. He continually preaches against such narrow-mindedness (in his sight) and the holding to the doctrines of the faith over tolerance (acceptance) of other faiths and other walks of life. His job (and Obama’s) is to try to persuade, by force, the church and the governments of the people of the world to unite with this New World Order and one-world government and religion. In America, Rick Warren (N.W.O.) has helped pave the way for this, too.

We need to see the pope’s words and the words of Obama as coming from the mouth of Satan and this “beast” (Rev. 13) New World Order, and we need to reject the messages. We need to know the true light of the gospel of Jesus Christ so that we can discern the fake (artificial) light coming from the mouths of these two messengers, and others like them. This is about the defeat of independent nations and the destruction of the church and the gospel of Jesus Christ. The pope’s feel-good messages are not what the Bible teaches, and they are in direct opposition to scripture and to God. These men are predators, not our friends. The “light” they share is of Lucifer. We need to know the truth of God’s word so that we can discern their true character and influence for what it is – a big fat lie of Satan, just like the words the commander spoke in behalf of the king of Assyria (Isaiah 36-37). Jesus said that his sheep won’t follow strangers, but they will run away from them. We need to run away.

Ruth said...

AMEN and AMEN Christsfreeservant!!

Ruth said...

Christsfreeservant, I don't know if you read HONY, Humans of New York, here is an example of what you are speaking about concerning the acceptance and tolerance of all religions etc. the pope is pushing for.

"“Everyone here has been very nice to us. When we got to the beach, there were people there who gave us food and a hug. A priest even gave us this carpet to pray on. He told us: ‘We have the same God.’” (Lesvos, Greece)

This s family is one of many thousands fleeing their homeland, in this case Bagdad.


Anonymous said...

The pope speaking to our national government, ie., Congress? Where are all of the people calling for separation of church and state? Our children's graduation speeches are censored by the authority within our public school's saying, "you children cannot speak about God or Jesus because not everyone believes the same as you do, so you must eliminate those names/sentences from your speeches." Public schools are owned and operated by our government, and yet we see a major religious figure from a false religion speaking to the government, and the government of our public schools bans the LORD?

I smell hypocrisy here. But then again, the false religion led by a false god will be the final government before Jesus comes again.

Bible Believer said...

Agree anon.

Yes Christsfreeservnt, it's all about one world religion promotion. Every religion supposedly leads to god. Yes all the last Popes have preached against real Christians, calling them dangerous, narrow minded, and haters. "Right" and "left" have goose-stepped most of the world into the NWO. Did you see the picture where they had Obama with a "horns" in it? More psy-ops for confusion in my opinion.
I agree they both are working direct for Satan. Implementing the global plan to centralize power and lead the world into worship of the beast.
Humans of New York definitely has that one world message thing going on.
You won't ever see a real Christian pictured on that website. They seem to put up a huge number of homosexuals.

I'm not sure if any of the atheists complained or not. I googled to see if any had. The Freedom from Religion people protested the Pope speaking to Congress,

but even there it seemed the voices were few and far between.

Yes its ironic a child will be tossed out of school or punished for reading the bible but the leader of a false religion which many people in our country do not belong to can go to our legislative hall and preach to them.

I sure didn't see any atheist or Unitarian Congressmen protesting the Pope. It's all hypocrisy. They have been calling Frances the "rock star" Pope which is even more nauseating.

Christsfreeservnt said...

Thank you Ruth and Bible Believer for your comments to me in response to what I shared, which I was taught by the Lord during my times with him in prayer and in the study of his word, in practical understanding of what is truly going on in this world of ours. I appreciate your insights.