Sunday, September 20, 2015

Pope's Upcoming Visit to America

Expect more false messages. The meeting with Congress is the first time a Pope has met with Congress. Both false parties will cheer and America will be given more lies.  This shows the Catholic take-over with our government. The outlawing of drones doesn't surprise me, but that's the smallest concern with the meeting with Congress and the United Nations.  [not an endorsement of any of the videos but for information]  I also consider the "red moon" signs another distraction. The progression with "Climate Change" and "Agenda 21" at the UN definitely will happen.


Anonymous said...

So-called "evangelical leaders" are saying NOTHING against the catholic false gospel of works that leads to hell.

Franklin Graham, who is a false teacher just like his dad Billy Graham, criticizes Obama for who Obama is sending to the pope's visit, rather than criticizing the pope for being a false prophet, as every pope is a false prophet.

So Franklin Graham and his dad are both false teachers, and always were.

Anonymous said...

I read during Obama's visit to the Vatican that Pope Francis ask him to lift the embargo on Cuba. Of course He has urged Congress to do so and the Pope has visited Cuba before the US. All of which is a push toward Globalism. - Don

Anonymous said...

It was very sad to see people just worshiping this man, calling him holy father. The media just so in awe of him. Where is the reverence for Jesus? It's all on some man who says he forgives sin and everyone is so wonderful. While children's lives have been ruined and he covers it up. A friend of mine hatrs religion and thinks God is giving us more than we can handle and laughing at us because a cousin committed suicide after being molested by a priest