Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Watch Out for Windows 10

Windows 8 is bad enough, I have to search for everything even to shut the computer off. Whose brain works with this nonsense? If I had time I'd strip Windows 8 off this computer and go back to 7. I shut off updates too as much as is possible but it seems some sneaks in anyway. The trojans sent to my computer never end too. This one almost got destroyed by two last week. I actually have to strip my computer completely clean at least once a year. I agree with the blogger of the link below since this commercial gave me the creeps too.

"[0:8] imagine...these kids won't have to remember passwords...or obsess about security...

[:18] every screen is meant to be touched

[:22] they'll expect their devices to listen to them...and talk...and sing...tell a funny joke

[:30] and as they grow and get better at things their technology will too

[:41] because these kids will grow up with Windows 10

[:47] the future starts now...for all of us.

Windows 10 Big Brother Promo Reveals Children Of The World As Target Group -- To Be A 'Spirit Guide'?


Anonymous said...

Here are some links to very good anti-malware and trojan hunting and removal software.



BB, if I had an email address I could send you info on how to re-install Windows 7, if that is what you had originally on your computer. The "Authorized Windows Software sticker" with the code number is all you need.


Bible Believer said...

Thanks Joel for the links. Definitely can use something on here.

I probably can put up with Windows 8 on this computer but definitely refusing to upgrade!

I had a friend tell me they downloaded Windows 10 and their computer crashed.

Anonymous said...

I still use Windows XP on my computer. I also use a generic Android tablet.
I wouldn't touch Windows 8-10 with a 12' poll.

I actually had to do some work on a couple's win8 tablet. After I fixed the problem still couldn't figure out it shut it down.

Michael Sean said...

I downloaded Windows 10 last week and my computer went crazy. I couldn't get online because my virus protection would not let me. A total waste of time. I went back to Windows 8 straight away.

The commercail is also shown here in the UK and it is bizarre. Using kids to talk about a creepy technological utopia makes it worse.

Ron said...

As with any new software release, you should wait 6-12 months to install on your computer. The reason is simple, give the developer time to work the bugs out of the system. I'm hearing from many sources this is one of Microsoft hitting a home run. Windows 10 shows the company has listened to the masses, and hopefully people forget windows 8

Bible Believer said...

I prefer Windows 7 but XP would be good too. Any program to stop the constant updates would be nice. The older programs keep out the updates, though if you go very far back, you have to make sure the internet has no add-ons, but most of that is garbage anyhow. I have read places where they have warned Windows 10 has upped all the spying gear. We are inundated with cookies and the rest. I wish someone would do a complete stripped down internet and go back to basics. Our computers would probably speed up 10 times without the surveillance garbage. Of course I would like appliances and other things that just go back to an OFF and ON buttons too, and simplified.