Saturday, August 22, 2015

Tom Horn's Latest

Yes another one of the Missler/Bible Prophecy etc, set are on Jim Bakker's show. It looks like the "B" list of religious celebrities have found a new home. The 2nd commandment breaking statue, and triangle table and two pillars speaks for itself.

Is there any esoteric book, these phony preachers won't make a nod too? Perhaps next is using the "Egyptian book of the dead" to interpret the Bible. I read the Zohar or parts of it, it is an evil book, that even shocked me in my non-Christian days. It is part of Kabbalah.  He sure doesn't follow the Bible's warning about false prophets. He says the prophecies apply to 2012-2016. I heard the same thing about the year 2000.  They preen on about antichrist rabbis who reject Jesus Christ and support false temple rebuildings and support Kabbalah writings.

 Agenda 21 is evil but what about these guys? He talks about his Vatican based book and the Pope's encyclical. Funny he mentions the movie, "The Day the Earth Stood Still". I have seen that movie in it's 1950s form before and always thought it was used for some early globalist propaganda with the message to the world as a whole being: "Get it together or the aliens will make you get it together". Tom Horn claims the Apache have named Mount Graham which has the Vatican Observatory on it as a portal to another dimension. He mentions Malachi Martin and Art Bell, two who I consider disinformationists now. He tells us that the Vatican and government insiders say something is approaching the earth. Some time ago, I wrote articles questioning all this alien deception stuff and how it could be used for future deceptions.

Deceiving You With Aliens and Nephilim


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Then he brings up the Islamic Nation. You mean there is an Islamic nation? I guess their dreams of the Islamic Caliphate have indeed come true and war in Dabiq and hints towards powerful angels coming out of the ground who will do away with one third of mankind. Supposedly this being a clash of civilizations headquarters since the Ottomans fought Muslims there in the Middle Ages, history is supposed to repeat itself. I hate seeing false preachers wrest bible prophecy to death in eagerness for war. Bakker pipes in and says Iran will lie and refers to the book of Daniel to say they are lying kings. This kind of stuff makes people reject bible prophecy as 20 years ago, we heard the same thing about Operation Desert Storm with the first Bush.

Then they bring up CERN and it's Haldron Collider and the god particle. I have written and warned about CERN too though it is doubtful we have the full story. He talks about CERN bringing in collision of different "dimensions". Horn seems a bit too smiley about the gate-way opening. Then the video ends with an audience member praising their teachings.


Anonymous said...

I just chuckled when I saw Horn's book "The Final Pope" with a picture of the side of Ratzinger on the cover. These guys are always looking for something to talk about. (2 Timothy 3:1-9) - Don

Bible Believer said...

LOL, that is funny.

You know when they spout off one false prophecy after another, it seems it would wake people up.

Here's one where they claim in a graphic that the Vatican will be nuke bombed in 2013.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why Tom is using the devil's horn sign in the video, weird.

Bible Believer said...

Not surprised at that....