Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Wild Goose Festival Continues

Sadly many of the followers there are well-meaning people who want to care about others and seek truth but they are deceived by UN millennium goals and false "social justice". Who isn't for justice but sadly they are being taken down a false road. Remember Frank Schaeffer is the son of the pseudo Catholic religious mover and shaker Francis Schaeffer. His son serves the UU/UUC/liberal Christian-Emergent crowd and he helped formed the foundations for the Quiverful movement. Brian McLaren is a big part of this festival too. Keep in mind just like the right wing "Christian" world, the left Christian world has it's celebrities and heroes too.  Hey notice the Urantia book table, at the 5:50 or so mark? Of course New Age concepts and teachings are fully acceptable at Wild Goose! That book has extra-terrestrial spirits bringing new revelations, if I am not mistaken.

A pastor Fromburg speaks of breaking down divisions among people and false unity. The tattooed female "pastor", Nadia Bolz Weber, speaks of faith being a positive "social change". The change of this world comes first, but sadly many of the changes are elite driven.

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Anonymous said...

That one lady says how beautiful this 'Jesus Christ thing' can be when it's lived out without being judgmental and oppressive like Christianity is thought to be.

I thought, yeah, when you love God's word and experience the regeneration of the Holy Spirit, you become hated for wanting the change in your life that leads to holiness, to godliness, and the rejection of the appearance of evil, the rejection of the empty false teaching. To the world you are now judgmental, oppressive, and hated. Just like Jesus said you would be.

The world loves the false jesus that died so they can party and be the best version of themselves.

Anonymous said...

It's anon again. I keep thinking of that lady saying Jesus Christ 'thing'. No fear of God. Reducing Jesus Christ to a 'thing.' Something of her own vain imagination.

Anonymous said...

"Wild Goose Chase" is more like it!

Bible Believer said...

I agree!

Yes calling jesus a "thing" she has embraced a false jesus.