Saturday, August 22, 2015

The False "god" of Dominionism

1 John 4:8 He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.

The "Christian" world is grossing me out more and more. That's one hard thing about writing this blog, being informed about all the craziness, but even in day to day life, "Christianity" isn't looking so hot. Remember the IFB pastor who left and became an atheist? I think that guy so encased into the church system looked around and figured out most of it was bunk but sadly not having a true relationship with Jesus Christ threw everything out with the bathwater. We have tons of atheist-makers out there now. Tons of them!

 One thing the false "god" of Dominionism wants appeasement, he doesn't want a real relationship with you. If you are trying to fake out God you will fail. Maybe the ex-pastor would have gotten somewhere if he had told God, "I am an angry!" or told God what was really bothering him. When I found out he was a Calvinist, he basically left a Catholic inspired pit, to go become an atheist and humanist. The man is in the same exact place I was when I was 17-18 years old, except in his case, there is less room to maneuver given his age.

There are many people out there, who see the "Christian" money-making, abuser, show-a-thon, get nauseous and reject the gospel and reject Jesus Christ, based on the devil's liars and deceivers. I hate seeing this happen. The "god" of Dominionism [Lucifer] along with his helpers like the Duggars are leading many to hell.

 I do meet nice and sincere Christians all the time but many of the organizational facets are so wrong, you see people being exploited and spiritual abuse is rife. Some may be horrified I am putting down the "Christian" world so much but my Christian faith is intact and our bible warns us of the counterfeit. In this world, one better have their faith rooted in Jesus Christ because if the circus aka "churches" of the world are the root of your faith, it's going to fall apart like the proverbial house built on sand that Jesus warned of in Matthew 7.

I hate to say it and even my older age makes this obvious but things will be growing more "gross" and outrageous. It has been stepped up year by year. Revelation makes that clear. Many of the "Christian" preachers are going into the esoteric world I explored as a UU to get "new material" to bring in the rubes. I posted on Tom Horn again, because I was sickened, seeing him use the Zohar as a source. They advance every evil thing one more step every chance they get.

I have noticed how "Christianity" for many has become about following rules. It is about blind obedience. One always sees atheists and other sorts speak of the authoritarianism of "fundamentalism". They are right about that aspect. Who am I to argue with them on that specific?  I touched on this theme in my old article warning of authoritarianism on youth: The Oppression of Youth and Dominionism. Well the oppression is not just for the young, its for all of us.

They present "god" as a cruel father ready to strike them down at the littlest diversion or breaking of a rule. One thing I have noticed is some people follow a cruel "god". This is the "god" I was trying to ditch when I ran to the UU church from my Catholic upbringing. The one that supposedly was going to send me to hell after I ate a bologna sandwich on a Friday during Lent.  The false church where one little sin, could make me feel as if I had been cast to hell. This is the "god" that told one woman with cancer, that he was teaching her a lesson as her body rotted from the inside out, and the "god" that led another person to think everyone without a perfect life is "demonized". This is the "god" I rejected as a young person. This is not the God I believe in today. So many seem to want to direct people back to that "god" that wants to crush them.

I spent ages 5-33 rejecting the other "god" being forced on me while searching for God. The one who haunted the candle clad altars and stained glass church interiors of the Roman Catholic church where at just 9 years old, I had to tell an old man in a black outfit, all my sins to keep out of hell. I was just ten years old and every time I entered a Catholic church I felt the darkness and actually had anxiety attacks, but thought "I" was the problem at that point in time. Then later they led me in the same direction in the UU church, telling me the world will be "as one" and that life was about following the rules and conforming and bending on one's knee before leaders.

I have chosen the true God of the Bible who loves us instead.

1 John 4:15 And we have known and believed the love that God hath to us. God is love; and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him.

I'm out of the church system for now and honestly after my last try I am relieved. It is like a weight lifted off my shoulders. A freeing feeling. No more trying to wedge myself in a world, where I simply don't fit. God says get out and I'm out. My desire for fellowship led to that other try and it was like trying to slam a round peg into a square hole. There were too many times silent in a pew especially in the last place, I could not take it anymore . I may do a bible study or something along that line but I won't be attending a church unless God leads me to a rare independent. It's not here though.

 The one-man show always bothered me where all the churches seemed to revolve around the pastors.  The error of the Nicolaitans is not just for the Catholic priests but for the churches that all revolve around "one" man too.

I never felt comfortable sometimes even when the Baptists got out the chiclets and little glass of grape juice. Of course I believe in what Jesus mandated in Matthew Chapter 26 but it wasn't supposed to be so ritualized. The Eucharist of course is one of Satan's biggest lies going leading millions into the pit of idolatry.

This is a strange place to be, a Christian but knowing organized religion is bunk. I'm done with the pastors, churches, and rest. There are some people from my first IFB I still have some contact with and I care about them, but I've stepped out of the churches. I'm done with the IFB system entirely now with it's love of Republican politics, flag waving and cultural aspects that just do not speak to me. One thing that still boggles my mind is the growing well SAMENESS of it all. For independent churches most seemed more alike then different.

I have wondered about the cruelty I see in "Christian" circles, and it seems some of the people who have hurt me the worse are self confessing "Christians". It seems to me some of the most pious acting people can be the most dangerous.  I dread wolves in sheep's clothing and there are a lot of them out there. My faith is not dependent on these people which keeps me moving forward but I think of how many seemed to be tied to the false "god" of Dominionism.  Many of these people their life is all about conforming and they hold a very authoritarian view of the world and have been trained to wrongly judge others. While the Left abuses "Do not judge" to enable endless sin with homosexuality and other sexual sins at the top of the list, the right abuses judging to trash anyone who doesn't conform. Usually these are things of conformity and having the "appearances" of holiness which usually being in the right social class and "looking" the right way. I don't think God desires fake people but wants ones who will be and stay real.

There are too many Cookie cutter "Christians" saying and doing the right things for appearances with smiles on their faces and hatred in their heart. When non-believers tell me how much they hate the Christian world, there are times I shock them telling them I see some of what they are talking about and then work very hard to bring them to God's Word and teaching them what Jesus really said.

Sometimes even I felt the pressure at times to be a good "Christian" puppet when I socialized in some "Christian" circles. I wonder myself at some of the times I may have faltered while announcing I was a Christian in this way.

 I usually failed to conform due to other circumstances and social class, this was far harder then it was for most. The world of Christmas cookie parties and coughing up 80 dollars for a lady's shopping trip weren't always easy.  It was a strange world, where I always felt on edge and never could relax. It troubled me I felt more relaxed around some unbelievers then I did with some of the "Christians", because I was always afraid of saying and doing the wrong thing.

This is the world of Pharisees that puts so many on edge. At times I would meet Christians where it was not like this, they cared about and loved me as a person and loved Jesus, it wasn't about rules, or fitting in. There when I meet a true brother or sister in Christ, the joy is great.

For years on this blog, I warned about how the "Christian" world has praised war, and hatred for the poor where they listened to the Republican party instead of the Bible. Being a poor person you do not fit in the "Christian" culture and you realize that alone quick. They insult everyone on welfare or social security rather then offering any true help. I can't tell you how many times I have heard church "Christians" talking about the poor and how they are all lazy. The church of the "Tea Party" reigns in most evangelical churches.  If you are in a church that seems to worship "mars" the "god" of war and puts down the poor for being poor and defends the bankers, rethink that place.

 Being a "thinker" in many "Christian" places--Oh I hate to write this lest I get mixed up with the extreme liberals who scream Christianity is only for fools, means you are a person outside the camp. It's like conformity is the first item on the list. I think the "Christian" world is getting even more war mongering and increasing in hate for the poor. If the "Christian" Right lines up to vote in Trump, narcissist extraordinare, we can all vomit. He's probably a puppet to do the song and dance show for the one they have planned, but watching the right get into their arranged places is always horrifying.

While this blog discusses some conspiracy and I believe many "conspiracies" are true, I believe the conspiracy world is used to whip up the FEAR factor. While I still see the occult symbols and more and post about them, lately I noticed over the last year, I stopped reading conspiracy websites as much. In a way I grew bored with them, it had the same theme over and over. Basically "This is going to happen, and you are going to die!" I have bad enough health problems that almost took me out long before Planet X or the poisoning of the Gulf or Fukishima radiation.

 Most are disinformation anyhow and it's not like they are going to tell us the truth. Those of us with curious minds, often will want to know what is going on but most of the time we aren't being given all the facts and have to make do what with what we can research ourselves or have God show us.

It's all Stockholm programming on a wide scale. I may post about some things here, but one thing I have thought about is they do seem to focus on the Christian world in whipping up the fear factor. Have any of you wonder why in America liberals are told the world will continue as always [well outside the peak oil set] and their 401 Ks will stay intact while the right wing is told to go shake in their boots and get their bunker ready?  Many of the liberals are clueless and deny many realities in the world like the economic collapses, but then why are they focused on having Christians in America especially be scared of everything? Oh and it's not just death and cancer and the usual horrible things life can bring and has always brought but asteroids, aliens, and CERN unleashing demons on us. [I'm even wondering if the CERN stuff is disinformation too, yes I've posted and warned about it too, but who knows? They throw in a truth here and there, and CERN's love of Shiva is indeed creepy.]

Do you ever see any of these people preach FEAR NOT?

Isaiah 41:10 Fear thou not; for I [am] with thee: be not dismayed; for I [am] thy God: I will strengthen thee, yeah I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.

There seems to be a focus on Christians in making sure everyone is scared out of their boots, and there even seems to be an American cultural aspect to this where they want American Christians to be the most freaked out and afraid. The "god" of Dominionism--Lucifer wants everyone scared out of their wits. Frightened people are more malleable. Fearful people are more angry. Fear and love don't go together.

I believe for many of us who have come out of the church system, we will find we will be forced to separate from what is seen as "Christianity" more and more by the world.  Many of them already follow the antichrist. Remember that. I try to tell the truth to those I am led to but it is not easy.

So these are some issues I am thinking and praying on recently.


Michael Sean said...

Thanks for this article.

I live in England and Dominionism is alien to me. I have read with interest about it, and it gives me the creeps.

I do not belong to a church. When I do find a church I may attend ot usually turns out to have a lesbian vicar, or they are Unitarians or something. I don't consider myself any domonation other than Christian. Here in the UK we are subject to ridicule as Christians. This country has fallen into utter disbelief, and the disbelief comes in the form of anger and outright intellectual dishonesty. The New Athiests have their own TV shows attacking straw men, and we Christians have absolutely no platform to respond. There are debate shows on Sunday morning here where the debates are set up between someone like the late Christopher Hitchens and some liberal vicar who has absolutely no real grasp on the gospel. Never someone of the caliber of N.T. Wright. The propaganda here is non stop.

I absolutely understand why young people here would reject the bible as authoritive. They have it ridiculed in front of them by athiests and Christians alike. This culture shoves sexuality and transgender down their throats, and promotes the worst kind of role models.

I too am guilty of years of unbelief, intellectual dishonesty, and promoting the worst kind of ideas to my circle of frienda and family. Only through the grace of God have I been able to come to my faith, and I pray others are as lucky as I am.

Anonymous said...

The links in the comments of your "Corporate America" article are quite a wakeup jolt into the whole "Christian Building" game. The Elite really are 50-100 years ahead in their planning, same with technology. It is astounding to watch "the System" coming together as we observe the big push. Matthew 24:8-13 - Don

Anonymous said...

People will line the streets to see their favorite god in the political, religious, and social realm, and yet, not spend five minutes with Jesus, meditating upon His Word. And yet, those who profess Jesus with their mouths, speak out their hearts, "I am so proud....."

In the pew sitters/churches pride, they will vote for someone as lost as Donald Trump and consider they are doing the bidding and representing God, our Father.

This picture grieves me. LORD have mercy on our idolatrous nation.

Faith Contender said...

Ugh. Tell me about it. Yesterday on the news they showed Trump and he was saying 'what a wonderful man Billy Graham was.' Firstly, uh... no, he wasn't. He was a wolf in sheep's clothing, one of the many leading the church back to rome. There is a photo of BG bowing before a pope and taking their communion, totally different as they believe the priesthood is necessary to put Christ back on the cross and offer Him over and over again in their transsubstantiation-thinking the bread and wine are the real body and blood, anathema to true Christians since Christ's sacrifice is complete, done for once and for all as Hebrews says, so they have another Jesus, not our Risen Christ. Big difference. I once confronted a pastor of an evangelical church about this BG thing (he promotes BG) and he gave me some junk about how he was witnessing to the nuns and leading people to Christ and just playing along. Well uh, no, it doesn't work that way. You can't just play along to win something or to get along. You don't lead people to Christ by compromising and dancing with the devil and eating at his table. That only leads them away from the real Christ, for anyone that was witnessed to and all the public watching, it leads the person away too since they are publically denying their biblical faith. (I doubt any witnessing was done, it was just an excuse, he is just a rcc puppet leading them back to the vatican.)
But what does Trump know of these things? He could be in on that game, or just playing an 'evangelical card' in the campaign game. Him as a Christian is the biggest joke ever though.

Karen said...

Y'know, the "I'm a True Christian! I know what you're thinking better than you do!" attitude gets really old, really fast. "That IFB Pastor" has blogged clearly, in detail, about his reasons for deconversion. Unlike you True Christians, the rest of us don't have an ideology/theology that we need to twist the truth for. Perhaps you could try taking us at our word.

I'd be surprised if this gets through comment moderation, and I'm not coming back to look for it; I'm addressing the blog author directly here, and I really don't care who else sees the conversation. But we Nones, especially those of us who have thought long and hard about what we believe and don't believe, tend to get a bit cranky when we hear the condescending "Oh, that isn't the REAL reason you left religion!" Um, yes it is.

Bible Believer said...

Karen I used to be a NONE. I was against Christianity for years. As for the "true" Christian, the same could be applied to the atheists too. Which of you are total materialists? I was an atheist, humanist and UU for YEARS. The IFB pastor is exactly where I was at 18 and I sat around reading Freedom from Religion newsletters. It's always weird to me how the atheists and humanist set never see through the right and left showtime and go running to the embrace the left so whole heartedly with little deviation. I even read Bert Erhman too back then as well as actually owned a library of books that sought to disprove the Bible. I read Joseph Campbell too and studied comparitive religions and myths as well. I don't claim to be the world's best Christian but there is a difference between the Antichrist followers and what you can "true" Christians. This is the difference of believing the pastors and the religious organizations and actually going to read the Bible for yourself and what Jesus siad. I do take you all at your word, I didn't believe in God either for years, so you all don't shock me. The IFB pastor instead of looking at Jesus Christ, left because of the rottenness of the religious system. I left the IFB churches too. Even years ago on this blog I wrote about the falseness in that system and how politics and corruption run the show. He sees the left as "his hope". Well I've already been there, and it's a bag of hot air, and actually operates the same as the religious right with it's ideology that is enforced. The UU had its "dogmas" even claiming it didn't and in the left the powerful are just as worshipped as the right. I know why I was an atheist, humanist and then also a UU theosophist within those 13 years. Sure intellectually you have examined things, but I am asking you to examine them further. You reject the "god" of Dominionism, find now go find the real God of the Bible not the phony one handed to you by pastors and members of the "The Family".

Bible Believer said...

Karen here is my testimony link...

My links on fundamentalism IFB...

It may be time to explore the atheist/freethought world and their links to the halls of power. I'm sure they are there. Even the Freedom From Religion Foundation has invited Ron Reagan to be a speaker. More people influencing for wickedness. Oddly even the professional atheists, Unitarians, etc all support the one world order and "Dominionism" in their own way. UU ministers were World Federation members. I heard sermons on how the world should be as "one" all the time.

Bible Believer said...

Michael Sean,

From what I know of England the place seems "progressive Christianity" dominate and "Christianity" is far more rare. You don't have the right wing Dominionists we do here. You have the Church of England which frankly is like Roman Catholic left married to Unitarianism. I understand you not belonging to a church. I'm in that boat now too. I am sure the atheists may be confused by those of us who have broken away from the "religious system", they see God as so defined by it, but I understand it took me time when I left Roman Catholicism for the final time to pray and learn about the issues, and how Jesus's true church was not in brick buildings and religious showtimes.

England and Europe in general are far more atheistic and secular. It's true. I pray for any Christians in England and Europe because I know it must be tough. You have the extreme liberal set, Muslims and the secularists and humanists and not many others. Yes the sexuality and transgender agendas are about 20 years ahead where you are at instead of here.

I have two cousins who have joined the UU church, and that is from my past sins, they learned about it from me in my 20s and when they went liberal, they sought a place where their more leftist outlooks would fit. They hate what they think is Christianity but the UU church is joined with Rome and the Dominionists in it's own special way.

It is true it is only through the grace of God I was able to find Him, via all the lies and deceptions and I pray that is true for the others. Even for the ex-IFB pastor and his readers and the atheists online and I personally know. The phony baloney pastors and their fake churches are indeed the atheist-makers. The Catholic church made me an atheist, and today that doesn't shock me. I understand why young me who did not know God in truth went that way but I don't want others lost in that pit. I almost did die when young and would have been in hell else for the grace of God.

Bible Believer said...

Yes those links say it all. The commenter even discusses the New Age links too, that does not shock me. We know the money makers and power brokers are there too. The "Christian Building" game yes is 100 years in advance. They are planning things that will take decades to implement considering how far along we are before the end. We see the false church system being developed. I remember warning about the parachurch system and how it would unite all the denominations years ago on this blog, now that is a given. I suppose when I read the Corporate Christian book, it will show the amounts of money poured into the false religious and political system. "Rome" continues today, and as Revelation 17 tells us it is all interconnected. Some are shocked at those of us who have turned our back on the religious system but still expouse love for Jesus Christ, because they sadly see Jesus Christ as one in the same with this false religious system warned about in Revelation.

They do not realize all the religious systems, every false religion, and even the atheist and New Age networks are being converged into the Antichrist system where power will be worshipped and people are put in their places to accept this consolidation of power.

Yes they line the streets to see their favorite god, like "Trump" and ignore Jesus and God's Word. The false "Christians" worship the "jesus" they have been handed by the power brokers and that is why their "jesus" the antichrist has brought them into the lust of power and the worship of it and money. This is why they praise and idolize even those like Trump or even the Rabbis who reject Jesus and turn to false books like the Zohar--thinking of Tom Horn here.

Bible Believer said...

I'm not surprised Trump praised Billy Graham. It's all a back scratchers society isn't it? The famous all advance one another. I suppose the Pope is up next on the list and maybe Trump will meet the Pope?

Sure Billy Graham was a pied piper to Rome and helped conslidate 'state and religion' joined together, with his pastor to the presidents act.

Every false evangelical church praises Billy Graham. Come to think of it even some of the fundamentalists softened on Graham from what I could tell.

I think Trump is being used as their puppet now to bring in who they really want. I could be wrong. I have noticed a lot of people like Trump and that is scary. I am old enough to remember the Trump of the 1980s and am in shock, how memories have gotten that short.

Anonymous said...

I was brought up in one of those false American Millerite cults in the 70s and early 80s.

I hated all of it. The false brothers and sisters, the rigidity of conformity, the outcasting, the "everyone who is not one of us is evil" mentality and restrictions, the family "discipline" taught, the hypocrisy, the coldness, the being brought before councils of elders for examination - by my own parents who were supposed to protect me from these pharisees. I could go on, but you get the picture.

Despite all of this, I loved God with all my heart as a young boy. I searched through all their false books looking for that love of God, searching desperately for insight into His love... I had no understanding at all of Jesus, who He was and is, and why he was even mentioned at all. I was without Christ as my King and Saviour.

I fell away at 14 years old. I was ostracised and not spoken to by the cruelty of those who called me brother, or whom I called uncle or aunt. Those who showed me false love for my entire life, and now as a young boy still - they were all of a sudden so cruel. Relationships with my parents didn't fare much better.

I walked away from God, I already had no idea of His Son... and I walked straight into the wicked ways of this world. I became lost for decades, without my God, without any Saviour, my life became desperate and like hell, worshipping and following and loving everything that was wicked. I cursed the name of my God and Saviour, I spread hate and slander of His name, I disputed with all who believed - yet no-one was able to answer my questions and disputes that I now so easily can. I was an atheist. If there was a god - I hated him. And I went to war with those who believed - trying to destroy their faith. I also believed I was a very good person, a humanist... something along the lines of what the UU would believe?

Yet throughout all this time, my God loved and cared for me, and provided me with everything I ever needed.

But my goodness, did He chastise me all the way!

Then one day after years of so much evil being thrust upon me by a servant of the devil, I had made up my mind to also become evil. That no matter what it took, I would destroy those who were seeking to destroy me. The gloves were off. And the entirety of my naturally kind nature was scheduled for annihilation. I had made up my mind to utterly destroy my old self, and to bring on a new evil self, to end those who hated me and terrorised my family for so many years. And that I would then take what was mine and what I deserved on this earth. I had made that final decision to knowingly and willingly become evil. Without any thought of any god in my mind, I chose a path of hate and conquering all who stood in my way.

And at that very same exact moment I had chosen to become as evil as was required to survive and become rich in this world, in my absolute anger and hate of the world around me... I was saved. And I was led directly to the King James Bible within minutes. Within the hour I had my first King James Bible being delivered to me. The next day I prayed for the first time in my life.

I was 43 years old, I had spent 30 years in darkness, and all my years before that were all a false light.

I now have Jesus Christ, my King, my Saviour, my only Hope, my every day, my every thought, and my God.

My story, for Karen. I know you care. I know you'll be back and will read this. I know this will mean something for you, one day.


Bible Believer said...

Thank you for telling your story Steven. Praise God, you have Jesus Christ now after being oppressed by such false religion. Sadly the false preachers and cults are leading many to reject Jesus Christ. False religions breed atheists and distance from God. I almost died as a UU God rejecter, though it was Catholicism that led me away from God. I hate the rituals of that religion and the endless "rules". I am sorry you had to deal with the rigid conformity, outcasting and coldness. Yes even when you were brought before the Pharisees your parents failed to protect you. I understand you falling away and leaving. Yes if you leave a family religion often there is a price. I really have no family now outside of a few limited contacts because of my leaving of the Catholic church myself and yes there was ostracization. That hurts. I was 17 when my troubles began so can't imagine it for a 14 year old.

Yes many become atheists and reject who they think is God at the foot of the religionists. I was the same exact way. I spoke against God too. Yes it sounds like you were along the same line of the UUs. I loved the UU church at the time because they advanced free thought and spoke against God too. There's many unofficial UUs out in the world.

It's frightening you choose to become evil, but so glad you were saved at this point before you would be totally spiritually destroyed. It sounds like God stepped in. If you read my testimony, I was not born again yet, but immediately called out of the UU church. I never would have imagined me writing a blog like this one day. I would have told a person they were crazy. Praise God that He came in to well save you immediately. I told people I was "fetched", God basically came and GOT ME. I don't know WHY, but it happened. I was immediately told to get a KJV when I was saved.

The love of Jesus Christ will conquer the hurts of false religion and their brainwashing and trying to lead us into the pit. I see God as literally rescuing me and He rescued you too.

Michael Sean said...

You know I have been thinking about the "progressive Christianity" issues we have here in the UK, and I just remembered a conversation with someone at work who is a church goer (The vicar is a Lesbian of course). She told me that she could not stand the Pauline Epistles, except she refered to them as "those letters...Corinthians and the others". Her reason was that they bored her when she heard them at church. She didn't know Paul was the author of all of them. I attempted to explain their massive importance to the Church and the faith, but she just said "hmmm".

This is where we are at. I'm not sure why she even bothers professing faith and attending church, I will have to ask her one day. I feel the answer may be something I'm not expecting. It all seems like when I was growing up going to Catholic church with my family, and breaking wind on purpose so my dad would throw me out. All because the priest's droning bored me.

Anonymous said...

This is the tide of a false Christianity. God is sending out His waves to toss these false converts back and forth into the torrential hand of His storm. It is to sift those who are truly His and those who are not. Deceived believers are blinded to this system of falsehood. Many are invaders of evil and darkness, but have presented themselves as angels of light. These buildings will not stand and those who have created an idol with them will be swepted in the tide. They have honored men before God, trusted in a false system rather than trusted in our One true God. Purification of His bride must come as she has become an adulteress as Hosea's wife. Her eyes have closed and she cannot see. She esteems those who God rejects, abhors and hates. They are false messiahs worshipped and adored by wicked and unfaithful hearts. The bride has become a harlot, chasing after many lovers, she pays them for greed and her covetousness.

Anonymous said...

This is the tide of a false Christianity. God is sending out His waves to toss these false converts back and forth into the torrential hand of His storm. It is to sift those who are truly His and those who are not. Deceived believers are blinded to this system of falsehood. Many are invaders of evil and darkness, but have presented themselves as angels of light. These buildings will not stand and those who have created an idol with them will be swept in the tide. They have honored men before God, trusted in a false system rather than trusted in our One true God. Purification of His bride must come as she has become an adulteress as Hosea's wife. Her eyes have closed and she cannot see. She esteems those who God rejects, abhors and hates. They are false messiahs worshipped and adored by wicked and unfaithful hearts. The bride has become a harlot, chasing after many lovers; she pays them for greed and her covetousness. Men have perpetuated a religious system that keeps on going like Corporate America. It runs on tithes and offerings to fuel its economy. If it begins sputtering, a building fund is announced for the good of the people, all for the good of the people. Who signs the deed and who it belongs to is anyone’s guess? But it’s all for church business and building up an entertainment center to cheer the crowd. The profitability of a building is much more desirable than a piece of dirt.

Anonymous said...

Look at the picture up top. Whose 4 foot arm is that next to the 4 ft baby with the vav/victory hand sign? Oh and those giant dudes holding that sign...they might be as big as those guys that jumped off the north tower back in late summer 2001....I was expecting some comments on that. Be not deceived yall


Anonymous said...

In criticising the photo you missed the meaning of the post. (1 Samuel 15:22 & 23) Don't miss the point, y'all. - Don

Anonymous said...

I agree with the previous post. The 4' arm is sticking out all by itself, totally detached from anyone. Trump is suppose to be 6'3" so the guy holding the sign has to be 8 feet tall or better. Looks like a staged and doctor'd up photo. DT uses the word H_ _ _and D_ _ _ . I don't think he is trying to preach a sermon. His ok sign with three fingers up is the mark of 666. But who knows maybe he is saying A ok everything is dandy. When he did the Hannity interview, he formed the triangle sign with his hands the whole time. But again, it could possibly be the most comfortable position to sit in.

Anonymous said...

If we were to look at the visual instead of the meaning of the post, I would think the sign is more important than the supposed 4 ft arm or baby. Look at the words in blue and notice the red word missing (Christ). - Don

cdf said...

After the first few comments I couldn't read any more and so I jumped ahead. The false god of dominionism is not the point. The point is that satan is the ruler of this world. Evil multiplies. Deception is the order of the day. Except that the true ruler of this earth is Jesus Christ. Hasn't that already been done? Isn't satan defeated already? Why is that maggot still trying to rule this world?

Disgusting. Israel is disgusting. Their flag is the blue-on-white hexagram. The six-sided star. The star of remphan. As far as I'm concerned, that's moloch. Or some other false god.

Anonymous said...

Hi BB, my intent was just to reach out to Karen. Evil might not have been the right word, but it was close. It was more like a determination to deliberately put aside every moral fibre I had lived my life with, not to harm innocent people, just to be more like everyone else in this cruel world, to learn to use their methods to just 'exist' in this life which is now so mean spirited and evil. And this was just a survival mechanism kicking in.

But yes, in those same minutes of that anger and that final determination, I was saved. I won't go into details, that's between me and my God, and for me to confess these things openly - would seem like a betrayal. But for the atheists, pagans and shills who are here reading... no, I did not hear voices, and the Holy Spirit did not command me to do anything. As any true called Christian will testify - that's not how salvation or the calling works.

As you say BB, its not a choice. You don't get to decide, you cannot choose, you cannot ask for this - John 6:44. The Holy Spirit does come upon us at that time, and does overwhelm us and changes us forever, and puts into every fibre of our souls - the hunger and desire for God and His Son. Paul and other Apostles called themselves prisoners of Jesus Christ... I understand what that means now, we cannot escape, neither would we want to try.

When my young boy used to ask me "what happened to you dad" - even before I knew the Scriptures I would say to him that I was just going about living my life, same as every other day, and then in an instant I was lassoed, branded and imprisoned... Like God Himself had said and commanded - "You Are Mine" - and so I was His. There is no choice, and we cannot choose to be Christian, we are gathered as wheat into the barn by the husbandman, marked on our foreheads by the angels.

My first words in prayer were "Father, let me not be deceived". And not only was I led to the KJV before that prayer, but after that I had an overwhelming determination to prove the KJV had been tampered with. I knew the KJV was the true Bible from my salvation, but the next day - I knew that if this were the best english translation, then the devil would be after it.

That's when I learned about the Pure Cambridge Edition (PCE), of the KJV, and that publishers have been tampering with it in recent years. And I then learned about the other perversions of the KJV. There is a growing movement to preserve the Pure Cambridge Edition, and it’s probable that this very movement has been the reason why more changes haven't been made in the KJV already.

Those are just some of the first minutes and the first 24 hours of my salvation. From atheist and God denier and blasphemer and false accuser of the Bride, to being a slave of Jesus Christ forever. And of course within weeks I was convicted of my sin, I could barely cope, function or even walk... stories of Paul's salvation could not console me, I was a broken man, shattered. I not only knew I deserved hell, I was praising God that I deserve that fate. I was guilty as charged. I both did and didn't fear hell, I just knew I could never be forgiven and that God was a perfect Judge. At the same time I also knew Jesus came and was sacrificed for my sin - but there was no way I could accept or believe His Atonement could be for me or cover me. But as John Bunyan describes in his 'Pilgrim's Progress' - Jesus Christ does always lead us to the cross, to His death, His resurrection, and His payment in full for our sin, and it is then that our burden of sin is lifted from us. And yes, praise God, I was led there, and found peace and reassurance in my King.

Life has not been perfect ever since, I still sin, as do we all. I struggle, I learn, I grow... it is a long journey for us.

I wanted to reach out to Karen. That the only difference between us - is time. Possibly a different time for salvation, but that we weren't that different from each other, even just a few short years ago.


Faith Contender said...

I have no idea how what Karen is saying has anything to do with this, there are many out there who got irritated with the attitude of many professing Christians here, and yes that is a problem. But Jesus is real and those who deconvert are wrong. I pray they find their way back. Anyway, you see so many who are on one end or another, it was either the gung ho republican rich crowd always supporting another war, but very critical of the poor and judgmental, trying to find fault with others. Then it was the progressive Christianity crowd who tossed the truth out the window, said 'oh, we just need to be loving,' but then slashed away at anyone who didn't agree with THEM. I would love to see the ones who are in the truth of the bible, and are loving and gracious, filled with the Holy Spirit and all His fruits, like the early church. There are others out there somewhere...
But anyway, back to Karen. I DO know what I believe and don't appreciate the assumption that Christians don't. I can explain the reality of the world better than all those fools out there who are atheists and none's, etc. That is WHY I am a Christian, aside from the fact that Jesus sought me out and came to save me! It IS real and true.

Faith Contender said...

On another note, has anyone read the comment by Hillary comparing anti abortionists to terrorists? I have been watching this closely and there have been MANY comments from Obama, Biden, Hillary, etc. attacking Christians for not going along with the gay agenda, abortion, etc. and calling us terrorists and other nasty names because of it. I see that they are going to use the election campaign as a platform to launch their anti-Christian propaganda in an increasing manner. There are also some interesting articles about increasing persecution in the military against Christians and the bible on the Crossroads website, if you click on news at the top. They conducted the same type of purging in society during the holocaust. History repeats itself.

Bible Believer said...

Yes the anti-Christian propaganda is getting whipped up. I haven't read that article, but that proves how evil Hillary is considering what has been exposed about Planned Parenthood as of late. The Duggar stuff has helped the anti-Christian talk. Yes the right side of the NWO and left, are both wrong and I agree about the "de-converts". One thing they won't persecute the conformist "church" "Christians", it will be the real ones.

Bible Believer said...

Yes the picture is probably a "manufactured one". I just used it to illustrate the article chosen at random. I have met "Christians" who support Trump who in the 1980s was celebrated for his greed.

Anonymous said...

dear bible beleiver and you deceiver and Your Thanksgiving holiday comes from ancient Druid England (Harvest Home) via ancient Pagan Rome (Cerealia). Rome’s harvest festival traditions come from ancient Babylon worship of Ishtar (Easter) and Tammuz, et al.

cdf said...

Jesus Christ. Isn't that the name we're all looking for? Is there another name?

No? Yes? His is the only name I trusted when I thought I was going to die. I hope you feel the same one day.

Anonymous said...

When you read the sign, the written in blue part actually says LORD for PRESIDENT TRUMP. The top line is only Thank you Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bible Believer,

What is with Anonymous and their Thanksgiving Holiday obsession? It is getting old and is off topic every time this individual addresses posts that do not even mention 'thanksgiving.'

Please know this Anonymous 8:28, that all the while you continue to chastise Bible Believer here on this blog, 501c. 3 churches for the most part here in America, celebrate and worship the same holiday as invented by our government.

We attend our church, read the bulletin that says "Happy Thanksgiving," we bring our food dish to pass (and if another so called Christian woman is jealous of the food you bring, she will self righteously insult you to put you in your place because you are receiving too many called Christian women can be more vicious than a whole brood of vipers put together....been there done that), we eat volumes of food all the while sitting at tables gossiping and mocking those we do not like sitting at the next table in our church, and we wish each other a Happy Thanksgiving on our way out the door.

Never mind that fact that maybe only one or two are not considered overweight, meanwhile the rest of us are what the Bible calls gluttons. And you will never hear in the church system, no, not one word concerning the topic of Thanksgiving.

So what is up with you Anonymous?

Bible Believer said...

I don't get the thanksgiving obsession either. It's kind of strange. It's not like I can afford giant banquet tables and visit with the relatives I had to depart from. Most churches do celebrate Thanksgiving. I asked that poster to present their case on Thanksgiving and all they do is bug me about it like a flying gnat. Yes Thanksgiving can go into "gluttony", where people get proud of pigging out even to the point their stomachs hurt.

Anonymous said...

Yes Bible Believer, been there and done that many times....the over eating hurting stomach is called gluttony. A church nearby here had a pastor speak on gluttony and how Christians sin in the food and drink area of life. Needless to say, the congregation left the building in a quiet state of being, not much joking around and laughing after that sermon. Most in that church system are overweight, including their children, most of whom do not respect the adults let alone themselves...another topic, sorry, concerning the next techno-know it all generation.

And to Anonymous once again.....our Baptist and Assembly of God churches love celebrating Halloween with their "Harvest Festivals" because they don't want their children to "feel bad" for not being able to dress up in costumes and go trick or treating in their communities like those other "worldly sinners out there." So instead, they have their churched children dress up in costumes and celebrate the "harvest festival" in their church buildings, complete with games, tons of candy, food galore, lots of partying, with just as much occultic symbolism as the rest of the world. But since it is conducted in a church, that makes everything godly, right? After all, we don't want our churched children missing out on anything, for it will hurt their popularity in the community. What a 'witness.'

And we sit in these churches and are made to feel guilty as the leadership begs for money donations to support their harvest festivals. And they call this "church outreach."

Anonymous said...

There are many women in our church that follow the dominionist movement. These individuals are some of the meanest, nastiest, and self righteous people you ever did meet....and they claim they are never wrong concerning Biblical issues. Bleh!