Saturday, August 29, 2015

Spotlight Trailer: Movie About Exposure of Catholic Church Sex Abuse

Nothing perfect will come out of Hollywood, but obviously this movie is of interest detailing the exposure of the sex abuse in the Catholic church circa 2002. Those who remain in the Catholic church who have fully functioning intellectual capabilities, have no excuse, they were told and warned of the evils of the clergy and the system.

Luke 8:17 For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.

Sex Abuse in the Catholic church

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Michael Sean said...

As someone who was brought up in the Cathloic church I am well aware of the failings of the institute; the Marian worship culture, the idolatry, the Papal fraud of Apostolic succession, Transubstantiation, and the sex scandels. The problem for the vast majority of Catholics is that they are cultural Catholics. I was brought up Catholic because my family are Irish/Irish decent. The Irish moved towards the Catholic Church as protection from the British. The Church did nothing to prevent the British turning Ireland into their breadbasket. However the distinction between Catholicism and Church of England/Protestants is important to them. It's political and cultural as well as religious.

Most Catholics I have knew did not know the Bible and placed complete faith in their priest to disseminate the Word of God to them. The priest had a lot of sway in family life. My grandmother was only allowed to marry my grandfather, who was a mixed race son of an Africa American protestant immigrant, when the priest got involved and convinced my great grandfather that he came from a good, respectable, and hardworking family. So what happened when a when a priest was a deviant? He was believed to be good simply because of his office. Children were frightened to death to accuse a priest of something as vile as sexual abuse. He could continue abusing and doing mass. At one point Catholic families believed that if a son became a priest they would all enter heaven, so many young men were forced into the priesthood against their will. I know of a number of men who had mental health breakdowns being forced into the priesthood. Some failed to make it, some were terrible priests who cut sad figures, some made charismatic priests who indulged in women. Non of them actually wanted to be there. Even today I know of priests who are gamblers, drinkers, and in love with money and celebrity. One such priest here in Manchester has his own corporate box at one of the big soccer club stadiums.

The issue we have with the Catholic Church is that for many it IS Christianity. For the belivers and converst it is the oldest expression of the faith from the apostles onward, for those of other faiths, agnostics, and athiests it is a staw man to be blown down.

I barely take notice of the Church anymore, but when ever I hear the current Pope speak I cringe at his eagerness to appease any modern trends and worldly cultures; gay marriage, aliens, anthing. The Church does not even put on the appearence of Christianity anymore, and that is a shame and has dire consequences for the multitudes ho rely on the Church for their spiritual nourishment.