Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Satanic Statue Unveiled in Detroit

This is all show time to get people up in arms as the real Luciferians do their thing at higher echelons of power. One ironic thing is seeing the satanic idolaters and Catholic idolaters having "statue" wars with each other.

Of course they will skew the concept of "religious freedom". Every human being has true freedom in God, it is not "granted" by other human beings even if we pay a price like martyrship for our beliefs in this world.

 I suppose get enough outrage out there by the Satanists doing their thing, and some will call for the state to crack down on unsanctioned events. Now here is something else, one of the Satan statue fans says "This is about separation of church and state". Well see there that's another inversion. Just about every Christian reader on this blog supports that. Who wants the state telling you what to believe? There they will get people to believe that is a position of the "enemy" to run right into the Dominionist's waiting arms. They all are deceived by Satan.


Shelly said...

I've been praying God will smash it to pieces.

Bible Believer said...

I believe that could happen soon. There are a lot of outraged people. This is all theatre show they are using to manipulate people of course.

Anonymous said...

What I find so ironic, is when people ge upset about the Baphomet statue in Chicago, but all the Baphomet imagery all over the entertainment industry doesn't phase them.

Anonymous said...

Most Christians are oblivious to the fact that most of media is infiltrated with satanic symbols, philosophies, phrases, and plot lines for most pastors/leadership have not been educated in this area.

Even in our local communities, the masons are worshiped and adored as 'great men of gawd' for their philanthropic work to be seen in full view of man. No good deed goes to waste for their pictures are in newspapers, they are interviewed over the radio, and people come to pay tributes to them for they are seen as more valuable to the commune/community. Wickedness is done in secret but the good deeds which are paraded before men and women, are never done in secret to really Glorify the King, Jesus. Funny how the world is in comparison to the teachings of Jesus....Matthew 6.

Anonymous said...

Since when did an "angel" crush the head of the serpent Satan? We are not to have idols of any kind. They should have crushed the Catholic image they brought!