Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Making the World Cry Over the Lion Instead of the Dead Babies

This isn't a Christian video but the man asks some important questions. He is right to point out how so many care more about a lion that got shot then the dead babies. He is right about people losing touch with reality.

To be frank, I think all these things are being used for psy-op. I told a commenter the other day that I agreed with them about the exposures of the true evil of abortion being used in some way.  Maybe the lion shooting is some kind of ritual? We know they like to "announce" things in these type of happenings.  Does the lion's name mean anything? CECIL? Cecil Rhodes?

Hmmm I guess so....

"Cecil and a lion believed to be his brother were noticed in Hwange National Park in 2008. He was named after the British businessman Cecil Rhodes (as was Zimbabwe itself, when it was known as Rhodesia). In 2009, Cecil and his brother encountered an established pride, which resulted in a fight in which Cecil's brother was killed and both Cecil and the leader of the pride were seriously wounded. Cecil retreated to another part of the park where he eventually established his own pride which had up to 22 members.

 Cecil became famous in Zimbabwe, and was identifiable by his black-fringed mane and a GPS tracking collar. The lions in the park, including Cecil, have been studied by scientists from the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit at Oxford University as part of a scientific project that has run since 1999 and his movements had been followed since 2008.

 Cecil was one of fewer than 20,000 lions in Africa. In 2013, 49 lion trophies were exported from Zimbabwe"


Anonymous said...

I found the statistics I talked about in another post. In 2013, 72% of those getting an abortion were already mothers, up from 61% in 2007. Also in 2007 15% were married.

Both of my grandmothers had surprise pregnancies in their early 40's. My mother's little sister is 16 years younger than her. And my father's dad was over 50 when he was born. But now it's so easy to choose to have an easy family. More than 50% of women will have an unplanned pregnancy in their lifetime - what will we do about it? As a society we pretend it is the unwed teen, but it is not. It's the woman who finds out she's pregnant while she still has a baby, or the woman who's youngest is entering jr high and doesn't want to re-enter that stage of life. Or the marriage isn't stable, or the job. It breaks my heart that society has made it so easy to choose.

Lamentations 4:3
Even the jackals present their breast to nurse their young; but the daughter of my people is cruel, like ostriches in the wilderness.

Lamentations 3:40-42
Let us search out and examin our ways, and turn back to The Lord; let us lift our hearts and hands to God in heaven. We have transgressed and rebelled; You have not pardoned.


Anonymous said...

dear bible believer do you support the death penalty.

Michael Sean said...

I've been wondering about this whole Cecil the Lion thing for a few days. The reaction has been utterly disproportionate considering what happens in the world around us daily.

I think it may have something to do with the promotion of the natural material world, and our place in it, in that the murder of a lion would be put on par or even considered a worse crime than the murder of a human being. Social media is awash with pictures of "evil" hunters with their kill tugging on the heart strings of the masses. Animals in pictures are fluffy, cute, and harmless, not smelly and vicious. It is also full of snappy quotes/memes from comedians and actors dismissing God and religion, as if we should base our moral and intellectual standards on such people.

Animal worship is nothing but paganism dressed up in new garb.

Anonymous said...

This article breaks my heart for animals have more of a right to live than people. Our society has digressed to the point where the love of man is growing colder and colder and the conscience of man is becoming more and more seared as if with molten branding irons....I watch and listen in our communities and see pets loved and cared for and treated with more respect than people treat each other; same goes for what is called the Christian community for I so no difference in the behavior of so called born again Christians.

As in the days of Noah......as in the days of Noah.

Faith Contender said...

This is like... strike 3 for the U.S. First was the marriage verdict in June, then the satan idol, then the baby auschwitz. People are saying there is a judgment pending that is going to happen soon, we know it will happen but if it's soon I won't be shocked.

Uh, and the animals! I noticed this for many years now. They have elevated animals to a level above humans. Has anyone seen those rich people who carry their "babies" around with them with a bow in their hair? They worship their pets! It's always some cute pure breed puppy who lays in the lap of luxury, gets spa treatments, has health insurance, gourmet food, goes to a dog hotel when the rich owners are out of town, the list goes on. No one cares that there are humans out there who don't have these things, these dogs live better than most of working America not to mention the homeless, etc. And pet stores are a big business, all the trinkets, the food, the vet, the pet insurance, it's big $$$. When I was young, we had a cat. It was cheap and simple to care for him. Not like today! And all this stuff about rescuing the animals! Oy, play the violins will you?! I love animals too but let's get the priorities straight. And there is one pet food called "Iams", sort of sounds like "I Am", so now what are they going for, deity? Where I live it is like avenue of the hounds. Everyone has at least one dog, and they walk those dogs and parade them around and let them drop their dung everywhere without picking it up! Reminds me of India and how they do with the cows, they worship the cow and let it do its business all over and leave it laying around everywhere. Ah, the fruits of false religion... ! Meanwhile babies get butchered and people go without a roof over their heads and food in their mouths and all that stuff we see all around. Sad!

Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

And this happens about the time that the 1968 Rhodesian flag appeared in the news ...

Bible Believer said...

That surprises me that so many were mothers who had abortions, so you kill your already born child's siblings? Of course only 15% being married is interesting compared to the number of those who have had children already. It's all about the money, no "choice" involved. I wonder how many wives are pressured by wicked husbands or boyfriends to get abortions?

"dear bible believer do you support the death penalty."

No as a general rule.

Bible Believer said...

It is sickening, millions of babies lives ended and one lion and guess which gets more attention. I agree it is paganism. Google the "animal rights movement". I have not had time to post on it, but these are people who want to give animals the same rights as humans. Some have recently demanded it for chimps.


I notice the animals are presented all as perfect, and no reality is shown, maybe that's why Timothy Treadwell thought he could go live among the bears and not been eating. Predator animals kill and eat other animals and sometimes humans.

They want the pagans and the lost to no longer value human life and elevate animal live above it.

Bible Believer said...

Anon, I see animals and pets cared for and love more then some people.

If you want proof of this google "pet hotel and day spa"

Here is one:



Here is room services, ice cream treats, day trips to McDonalds, a seared steak specials to be bought at this pet hotel:


dogs and cats staying in luxury while homeless people sleep in doorways.

Bible Believer said...

Yes DAW, you are right. [Roof and his "emblems"]

Bible Believer said...

I see the wealthy in my town with their animals and they spend a lot of money on them. A lot are pure bred dogs and they are getting the fancy lodging, medical care and more. People tell me about diabetes and thyroid treatments for their dogs, while I know some who can barely get medical care. I have heard of dog parades and pet cemeteries too. It is like Indian but it's dogs and cats instead of the cow.

Anonymous said...

One more comment, this one about lions, not babies. This is an interesting article from the African perspective.


I've lived in mountain lion territory, and while I've never seen one, I'm sure they've seen me. I have gotten to see bobcats on several occasions . We've seen the carcasses of the deer killed by mountain lion and then picked clean by vultures, once right on our gravel driveway. I've taken precautions, not allowing a solitary child out, but making them go together. We've chased off the bears that become too bold. I have some real concept of what it would be like to live with lions nearby, but for most Americans, a lion is an idea, a symbol, not really real. It's an easy thing to rally around, a safe thing to express an opinion about.



Anonymous said...

Part of this is because of evolution. People are taught that humans are nothing but intelligent animals. Instead of being taught that humans are not animals and that we are made in the image of God.

Anonymous said...

I know two people who cannot watch shows about animals in the wild because they can't take it when an animal gets hunted down by another animal. But they can watch the most vulgar movies and TV shows with violence and murder done to other people with no problem. It was so crazy - one day watching this incredible show about animals, and two times my friend had to walk out and go to another room because she couldn't stand to watch the animals hunting each other. She cried and jumped up, oh no! she can't bear to see this!! And both times I told her - you watch a lot more horrible violence than this on a regular basis in the movies! She said - it's not done to animals. My husband and I joke if we're on a boat going down, our friend will save her dogs and let us drown, she loves them so much. She actually was doubting God and asking how could he allow pain and suffering to animals. Not humans - animals. Yes, as in the days of Noah.

Anonymous said...

Interesting posts Bible Believer, wow, pet motels?

It seems to me that wherever we go, pets accompany their owners, and what is more disturbing, many expect you to praise, laud, and glory their pets and become offended if you choose to ignore their living presence. And it's just not the little animals people want praise for, some desire the praise and glory for their horses, some desire public admiration for their goats, some want acknowledgement over their good deeds/volunteer work at animal shelters and the like. Some animal shelters are far more lavish than human shelters for those who are in need.

Even pastors have succumbed to believing the lie. Our church did a Randy Alcorn so called Bible study in which Alcorn twisted Scriptures to say that our pets will go to heaven with us and we will see them again some day. Then during what is called praise and blessing time in church, we call it boasting and bragging about ourselves time, some people parade up to the front and give a testimony about their pet, how grieved they are, and their comfort is in knowing their pet went to "pet heaven."

Yes, things have gotten pretty crazy in church land concerning pets, the idolatry of animals, and these animal owners who call themselves Christians get extremely offended when you do not worship their animals....been there, doing that. Sorry, just can't worship their animals nor all of their good works they proudly display, all the while born again Christians are suffering and in need around them and all they can say is, "Buck up and get with the program and sent you to the nearest counselor to pay big bucks to get some help."

Perhaps the golden calf is not out there some where, but right in the midst of the pew sitters in the 501c. 3 church organizations, and the people there are too blind to see. When your dog makes a better listener and loves on you more than the people do at your local church, then you shall know it has been given over to satan.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:01,

Do you support the death penalty yourself? And please explain your views within the public forum so as we may learn the true nature of your heart.

We are waiting.............

Anonymous said...

My father is wealthy and has 5 dogs he elevates as little gods...
He could care less whether I live or die... Wouldn't help me if I asked..
People are totally warped today..Seared..
I also live in a neighborhood where everyone has a few dogs.. It's insane.. One of my neighbors lets his dog sit out and howl for hours...He could care less that it's horrible for us to have to listen to..Let alone the animal is obviously unhappy..
When I was young very few people in our large neighborhood had a dog..
Nowadays a lot of them are viscious dogs..But their owners all claim "oh no, my dog is harmless". Yeah right..
The lion is an occult symbol and an elite symbol..

Michael Sean said...

I spent two of months in India a couple of years ago. Fantasic expience, but I was uttelry baffled by the way cows are treated. It's not like the cows look in good health anyway. They look malnourished and aimlessly walk around cities and towns. Cows are not supposed to be hanging around major cities and towns. Although I believe that you are not supposed to harm a cow, or push it away, I saw plenty of stall owners discreatly shove them away from their produce as the cow moved to eat it.

Hindus worship cows for what they give and the little they take. However to me that is like a remarkable craftsman giving you a beautiful chair as a gift, and you give credit and praise to the chair for existing, but not the craftsman, his work, and his gift. I think this is what awaits us as the world moves ever closer to self deification; the gorification of the thing and not what produced the thing...and as we know Satan himself is a thing which was created who desperately wants to be worshipped as the creator.

Anonymous said...

You are right, it is a diversion tactic. I ran across an article that explains this technique as well as Jade Helm 15 is a test of this system. www.lawfulpath.com/ref/sw4qw/index.shtml FYI - Don

Bible Believer said...

Yes Joy, Africans don't cry for the lions because for the ones who live in remote areas, they know the lions have killed human beings. There are areas of the country even the USA where it is only a fool who allows a small child out in the woods or the back 40 alone. Coyotes and other animals are out there. There was one woman in my area, who laughed about a pack of coyotes behind her house and I saw her as being fool-hardy. Sure they may avoid humans but what if more hunger comes? Some people cry over the wolves too forgetting what life was like when you could be traveling somewhere worrying about the wolf-pack. Some of this comes from the disconnection from nature. They see nature as a Walt-Disney movie. Yes around mountain lions you must be cautious. It is the same thing. Americans in rural areas are more apt to carry guns even for that reason alone.

I agree about evolution, it elevates animals above mankind. We supposedly are just another animal to those folks.

I've seen the people too anon, who can't watch Lassie run into trouble but will watch action movies where 100 people get shot. She probably would save her dogs first. I have met people who care nothing about other people but their pet dog is like their everything.

I agree about the people who want praise for their pets, like it's a trophy and extension of them. are crazy about it. You can even be allergic and they won't care. I once was at a city park in my area and these two people [they seemed to be a bit older then me] actually were pushing their set of dogs--there was 4-5 small ones in two baby strollers with carry-on bags. It blew my mind! They had toys for them and blankies and special water bottles. Yes you see the liberal churches go on about animal souls and they do the weird pet blessings and speak of dogs going to heaven.

I think some of the closeness with the animals, is a sign of the growing coldness among human beings. The dogs and kitties don't betray your secrets I guess.

Yes that anon asks me questions and never answers.

Yes I have seen the wealthy people with their dogs like the dog babysitters. They don't just get one or two. One wealthy friend of mine had her millionaire mother with her 12 dogs. I had pictures of Sharon Osbourne surrounded by her dogs, that peed and tore up their mansion house. [I had a relative watch the Osbournes years ago] Sorry you have a father like that. I'm in the same boat with the chilly ones who could care less. I feel uncomfortable around the people with pit bulls, I hope that fad is dying. One of my friends from college, was upset when I told her, I was not comfortable in homes full of pit bulls. Even her mother was fostering them and she had two young boys, I wanted to throw up.

Yes considering the cows, and Satan and animal worship here is the applicable verse...

Romans 1:25

Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.

Bible Believer said...

Interesting website Don, yes they are using this for a diversion, definitely....the elite do see humankind as chattel and cattle.