Saturday, August 29, 2015

For Those Who Deny a New World Order Exists

The term NWO could be replaced with some other words, "globalism", it could even mean a re-ordering of the political map which every major war has done in our history. It is silly to me when people deny that a "new world order" exists because the politicians and world leaders certainly think it does! Yes there is a lot of disinformation in the "conspiracy world" but folks need to pay attention to what is going on. [not an endorsement of Infowars]


Anonymous said...

The ones who deny the NWO also very likely think that the Bohemian Grove is just an annual meeting campout for politicians and business leaders, right (wink, wink) - Don

Bible Believer said...

yeah they believe all the official stories, don't they? I don't know how they can ignore so much that goes on, it boggles my mind.

Michael Sean said...

Although in the past I have entertained the view that the world is building towards a one World Super State I'm no longer so sure. The problems behind the idea of a cohesive attempt at building a genune One World Government are many. I do not deny that there are people in places of influence that would like to build towards such a thing. The problem is that there are competing ideologies, and powers. Power is not, as some would like to think, all one big behind the scenes back scratching party. Power is a struggle, and those who would weild it are at war with each other. Yes there are alliances (the Anglo American one for example), but even these alliances are tenuous most of the time.

Here is an interesting article by Will Banyon over at Terry Melanson's Conspiracy Archive.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Yes, Bible Believer,

Within the realm of what is called Christianity today, when born again believers speak of the one world order/new world order to most of the Republican conservative church folks, you are labeled a "nut or conspiracy theorist" by their mouths and most just laugh at you. And yet, these conservative religious folks vote for their favorite self righteous Republican candidate and boast of their conservative presidents attending Bible studies and prayer breakfasts to be seen by men as to their fake faith in Jesus.

I, personally, was verbally scolded by a woman within the Baptist church denomination, when I did not agree with her belief that former President Bush (the son) was a strong Christian. My belief is that he is an imposter and not truly born again by the Holy Spirit. Her argument was that he is conservative, attended Bible studies and prayer meetings in Washington. My argument was that he and his President father spoke/speak of the coming new world order and had/have memberships in occultic organizations that are anti-Christ. Also, Bush, the son, was the first President to celebrate Ramadan in the white house inviting muslims to join him in that pagan celebration. A true, born again Christian would not do so no matter what the cost.

Bush was also asked to preside over their gay friends' wedding ceremony, but he declined and did attend the wedding with his wife as guests. Also, when these so called conservative, Republican presidents are elected, if they really believed in what they say, why don't they just end abortion with the stroke of an 'executive order' for they have the opportunity to do so.............hmmmm?

And what I find so incredibly amazing, is the fact that these so called churched Christians would even consider voting for a Mormon in the last election, as if his belief system is any different than our current president.....then turn around and scold/chastise me for not voting.

Many say on other sites that America is a Christian nation. Does America resemble Jesus, the Christ in His teachings, or does America really resemble Babylon?

Anonymous said...

The factions between all worldly and secular organizations exist. Because satan wants to be head of all people as their king, he has infiltrated the minds of these new world order advocates to bring this about. If people cannot unite in thought and mind, it would be much more difficult to accomplish. So the media with every angle portrays the greatest need for a united global consensus. It all is organizing under one roof for easy propaganda. It is told that there are only 6 media giants that control all programming. TV, movies, ads, entertainment are ways to program minds to follow the course of this world. It's a seduction to draw us away from the Lord and into a reality that will keep us imprisoned to flesh driven desires. Jesus wants us out of Babylon, out of a need for her to control us. The Lord says He will give people over to a spirit of deception to believe a lie because they failed to believe the truth.

Anonymous said...

Corporate control is the name of the game: Tax exempt Foundations @ 22:25 - Don

Anonymous said...

Media is a powerful influence, there is no doubt. Lately, I have seen 'the church' having a greater influence on the masses with the convergence of denominations under the banner of 'unity.' This word 'unity' has become the poster child for the growing religious movement that masquerades as Christianity in this nation and most people have bought into it because it is a Gospel-less entity. And when believers do not buy into this 'move of god', believers are labeled divisive, trouble makers, and rebellious. One pastor went so far to label those who did not agree with his charismatic/Pentecostal teachings as having 'jezebel spirits.' This pastor was relieved of his pastoral duties a couple of weeks later due to sexual impropriety on his part.

So within the realm of visible Christianity, the unity pull is strong and those who do not succumb to this false unity, are abused from the pulpit pastors, the leadership, and those who deem themselves important in the church systems. In the end, it is all about worshiping this man or woman, or certain families who are deemed 'more spiritual' within organized religion for the clutches of the pride of life, the love of money, and everything we value in this world has taken over the most of the church systems.

History speaks truth that religion has become one of the most powerful tools of satan in eliminating certain people groups who choose not to unite with evil.

Bible Believer said...

Michael Sean, I can see factions of the NWO competing with each other. Probably ones at the top keep the higher up the echelons underlings controlled that way. Remember it's unity in diversity even for the religions, they'll do it with the states, as they push globalist agendas. I am unsure of how "formal" that would all end up being.

The church I left recently anon, was still stuck in Republican brainwashing mode. I misunderstood the pastors seeming acceptance of my views. It still shocks me after there being so much information even on the Internet that a collection of people who call themselves Christians don't even get a few basics or ask any questions. It was a lonely place to be. I wanted to vomit as they praised Ronald Reagan. Of course sitting there and being a person of lower economic means, hearing the usual haranguing bout those who don't work won't eat [yes it's in the Bible but so are many other verses concerning the poor] just wore me out.

I have been verbally scolded too for not believing Skull and Bones Bush was a Christian. Supposedly these types want us to believe that everyone who says they are a Christian actually are. Yes Bush even praised other religions, I posted some things long ago exposing the man's totally universalist viewpoints.

I had a "conservative" relative get angry at me for asking why a Christian would vote for a Mormon? America resembles Babylon.

You can see the people now who are united with the satanic globalist dreams and who believe in all they are told. The corporations are helping out with it all expanding their tentacles worldwide.

When I started this blog, the whole "para-church" thing was new, now it's a given and accepted where denominational differences have become more erased outside of the few independent fundamentalists. But even the fundamentalists are tied in politically and otherwise.

It's true everyone who rejects the unity is deemed a trouble maker. Just talking about a one world religion or new world order now will get you labeled a nutcase. That hasn't changed. I believe most persecution of Christians will come from the false Christian church. Right now the persecution [in America at least] means some social problems, and being called crazy, or the isolation. But we know one day that will worsen.

cdf said...

Good 'luck' with all that. Too many words but not one name. Nice. And I haven't even finished reading but I already know.

Anonymous said...

Would Christians in this country accept the call to hide or care for other human beings in their homes or elsewhere should the same case scenario happen here as is Nazi Germany.

Or, given the state of the character of most Christians, would these people "turn the 'rebellious (the born again Christians who know and see the truth)' into the anti-Christ one world system. I have thought of this often, as most of the Christians we come in contact in our area are not loving, caring, nor are they trustworthy, and often work behind the scenes in our churches seeking to destroy the work of the Holy Spirit in those who truly desire to seriously, willingly, and lovingly desire to follow Jesus. These people are betrayers to the Body of Jesus Christ already for they seek praise, adoration, authority and control for themselves without giving any glory to Christ.

May our LORD have mercy and grace upon this chosen people, all of us born again believers in Jesus, alone for our salvation, in the days that lie ahead. The salt and the light of this earth aren't always those who appear more self righteous and holy on the outside, for our LORD already knows the workings of each individual's heart. Praise our LORD Almighty.

William Sculley said...

The existence of global economy and global culture is inevitable. The only thing nationalism ever did for the world is create Nazis.

Bible Believer said...

I take it you support this William?

Anonymous said...

martin luther was an anti semitic and written a book called jews and their lies.

William Sculley said...

I support a government that is as unobtrusive in the personal lives of people as possible while maintaining a stable growing economy and peace in the community. If unity is necessary to achieve that goal, then so be it. Otherwise, I couldn't care less. I see nwo posts as distractions from the real work of faith.

When it comes to the Church and faith, however, I pray with Christ that all who claim His name in their confession will be one as the Father and the Son are one. Anyone who opposes the unification performed by Christ is Antichrist.