Thursday, August 6, 2015

Brian Brodersen: "Catholicism is Christianity"

Years ago I warned of false teachers who said Catholicism was Christian but warned of some errors. There are no surprises here. Now they are just more upfront and direct about it.  Calvary Chapel pastors have shared an ecumenical stage with Roman Catholic bishops already. He brings up the issue that the Catholic church focuses on the church itself as the mediator between God and man which is true but his ecumenical answer in calling Catholicism "Christianity" remains. It is even worse in my opinion, he was raised Catholic and supposedly is "born again" but remains spiritually blind or as a knowing deceiver obtuse about what Rome represents.  Of course he does not warn her what Catholicism really is. He does not tell her that Catholicism worships "another jesus" nor does he warn of Babylon.


Anonymous said...

There is a blog called Soul Refuge and the fellow that owns this site was a Roman Catholic member for quite some time. He is, since 1987, a Born Again Believer. This website gives very good information on the lies that come from the Catholic Church and the Vatican.


Anonymous said...

I agree, that is a great blog! I look at that one all the time. It has good info. exposing Catholicism and Hebrew Roots a little too. He has a post about how when the pope comes in Sept. to the US, Rick Warren is the keynote speaker! (It's like beast one and beast two!) That will be interesting next month to see how events unfold! He's going to NY to the UN building and to Philly, the city of 'brotherly love,' and it's all around Sept. 20, the international day of 'peace.' Interesting.

Yes, I do recall when Brian B. said all of that on the air sometime back.

Anonymous said...

2 Timothy 3:1-7 (v.5) - Don

Anonymous said...

They start by calling catholicism "Christian", which is a statement generated by demons. Then they use the stupid "protestant" title, which is also a statement generated by demons.

Why would you want to be known as a "protestant", a word made up by catholicism?

They don't even get the concept of born again right, either. They refuse to use the world BELIEVE, as the Gospel of John does. Believe in Jesus, and have eternal life. That statement is what they refused to use, and the catholic establishment put an anathema on, to the potential damning of billions of souls.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks for the blog address, I will check it out.

I reject the title Protestant. Most of the Protestant churches are servants to Rome. Anyone remember that video of the Pope's last visit to America where every representative of so called "protestant" churches welcomed him and kissed his ring?

William Sculley said...

It has more right to the title than any Protestant (and yes, you hold to Sola Scriptura, making you unequivocally a Protestant. No matter how much you deny your nature, it will not leave you) group has. The Roman church was established long before any of the Protestants, including all who falsely claim to not be Protestants while holding to those beliefs that are core to Protestant faith. If you hold to any or all of the five Sola doctrines, then you are a Protestant. End of discussion.

Bible Believer said...

It's a word coined by the Catholic church PROTEST-ANT

Based on protest. Why should anyone accept it?

Obviously you know by now many who read this blog and others are out of the church system as a whole. Wouldn't that change your definition?

There were other Christian groups besides Catholicism and Orthodox. The "winners" of history often want to obliterate their competitors even writing them out.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, many Christians have sipped too long on the ecumenical "Kool-Aid" and believe that practicing Catholics can be Christians in the true sense of the Word, that of believing the uncompromised Gospel of the Bible, that salvation is not of works.

It is a false system, a false, counterfeit "Christ". It can save no one. Can a Catholic hear the true Gospel and believe it and yet remain for a time in the Catholic Church? I believe so. However, there must come a time when the light comes on and the Holy Spirit convicts and one must make a decision as to what master one will follow. If one knows the truth and yet remains in the system because of tradition, culture or family pressure, then the conversion was not genuine.

And those who say they know priests who are truly "born again" and preach the true Gospel are sadly mistaken - a priest who administers the blasphemous Eucharistic "Christ" and goes along with what Rome teaches cannot be truly saved. If they were, they would, like other priests and nuns, leave the church.

Pastors are largely compromised themselves or they are cowards, afraid of offending man before a holy God. One does not need to be nasty about it. Let the Word of God speak for itself and expose the error.

One of the things that causes confusion is that there is an element of truth in Catholicism such as the Virgin Birth, etc. but it only serves to deceive. Truth mixed with error is the most clever deception.

Thank you BB for posting this to expose Brodersen. Also, there is a video on Youtube exposing the Brodersen brainchild, Creationfest in the UK which has so many Anglican and Catholic connections that are not readily apparent. It is so well done and worth viewing.

There are Calvary Chapel pastors who are not "Brodersenites" and don't even participate in CC functions. But that is not enough. They need to break the tie completely. We need to pray for those men to realize they need to break free totally and completely from this affiliation.

Yes, there ARE some good pastors out there who preach the truth and expose error contrary to what some believe. They may be few and far between, but we need to pray for them to make their position official.

William Sculley said...

BB. Methinks thou dost PROTEST too much to NOT be a PROTESTant. The PROTESTant movement was called that because the Protestants protested against the doctrines of the then power-corrupted Roman church. Lack of organization is exactly what characterizes the modern Protestant church! Look at them! So ecumenical that it truly doesn't matter whether you go to a Baptist or a Lutheran Church. They all partake of the same buffet. It's just that some of them don't like the crab cakes and others don't like the Seafood Medley.

You, sir, partake of that exact same buffet. Oh yes you do. You LOVE Sola Scriptura. But you don't like the very concept of organization. Never mind that the FIRST thing the Apostles did was organize themselves. They spent the entire time until Pentecost organizing, and even while they were preaching, they were continuing to structure the Church. Read the Scripture and you'll see organization all over the place. In point of fact, Structure and Organization are part of God's Modus Operandi. Look at Israel. God's first Church is the only form of faith the Apostles ever knew. The Church (In Hebrew, Qahal) of Israel was God's prototype of worship. And they had liturgy, rituals, incense, oils, candles, and many other items.

Tell me, when was the last time that incense arose around you while you prayed to God "Let my prayers arise as incense before Thee"? When was the last time you confessed your sins before the Church as it says in Scripture to "Confess your sins one to another and you shall be healed"? When was the last time that you took of Communion? Does it not say to take of Communion? Is that not assumed as part of Scripture? Christ doesn't directly order you to do it. No. He assumes that if you are truly a follower of Christ, your desire to receive Communion would so consume you that you would run to the Church to partake of the Body and Blood (He says it is the Body and Blood. I do not ask how. I do not question why. I have faith that what Christ said is 100% true with no error).

In fact, you ignore the very Scripture that COMMAND you to not forsake the gathering together of the brethren. How can you have any fire in you, oh log, if you are not in the fire with the rest of the logs?

It is not noble to refrain from Church attendance. It is either ignorance (when done without knowledge of God's command) or belligerent disobedience. You cannot claim to have Christ without the Church. That is fact. How can you have a head with no body? Where does it breathe? How does it move about and do work? It doesn't, for all you have is a plastic model. It has the illusion of godliness but none of the power attached to it.

Rejecting the Church because it is structured is like rejecting the Paramedic because you don't like the color of his scrubs. Your sternum is visible. Just let the paramedic do his job. Your heart is in danger, alone in the sea of Galilee, standing on the water because you jumped out of the boat without permission. Get in the boat. Sure. It's smelly. It is filled with sinful people who are judgemental, hateful, lying, cheating, stealing, homosexual, murderous, lustful, disobedient and downright evil. But the Church was not meant to be a museum of the saints! It is meant to be a hospital for the sin-sick. And every man, woman, and child is welcome.

It doesn't matter if the man coming to Christ for salvation is the current Most Wanted criminal on the FBI list. He is still welcome to come to Christ, for He will save all who come to Him in true repentance. None are turned away. And that's what you don't like. You want a haven where the riff raff don't come. You want a place where nobody will make you uncomfortable. I've seen that much in the posts on here. That post where you last went into a church. There wasn't a single issue you had with that Church that were truthfully relevant!
hurch. If you do not, then you disobey God.

William Sculley said...

The Church doesn't expect you to change. That's what Christ expects. He calls for you to change. The Church is simply where He leads all mankind. That is the heart of the very word. The Church is not a vague, mystical list of all who believe. The root of the word means "to gather". You cannot be the Church without gathering. It simply is not possible. And it is Satan who tries to tell us we can.

So in the end, yes, you are Protestant. If you want to be NOT Protestant, I would suggest you stop protesting the doctrines of the Church that Christ established and come home. Even in the time of the Apostles, those who rejected Church gatherings were seen, and Paul was very clear what the Church should do: "Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching."

So, Bible Believer. Do you TRULY believe the Bible? Or is your faith more in line with the buffet style habits of the Protestantism that you claim to not partake in?

You can't find me a single verse that says "ignore the command of Paul if you don't agree with the Church or if you personally deem that Church to be heretical". The command is simple. Go and gather with the C

joe Rodriguez said...

There is ONLY ONE mediator between man and God and it's not the church, It's Jesus. Catholicism believes God tortures people for eternity by allowing Satan to torture the souls except there is nothing that says that the spirit of a person is alive after death. So no one is alive in hell or heaven, this is why Jesus will resurect all on judgement day, If they are already in heaven or hell, then what happened to judgement day? The borns agains also are confused as the Catholics regarding these matters.

William Sculley said...

Roman Catholics don't teach that the Church is a mediator. They teach that the Church is an intercessor. An Intercessor is like a witness, while a mediator is like a lawyer. The intercessor witnesses to parts of your life, while the Mediator argues on your behalf.

As to whether or not people are alive after physical death, your post ignores one crucial fact: Those who follow Christ will not see death. Death was defeated by Christ. "To be absent from the Body is to be present with the Lord." One does not need a body in order to be alive. The Angels and Demons have no bodies (the word Noeticos is used multiple times to describe them. It is literally translated as "bodiless powers").

As to eternity, the Catholics do have several things wrong. But they confess Christ crucified and risen again. So I will not say they are not Christians.