Friday, July 24, 2015

Wesley Clark: Internment Camps for "Disloyal Americans"

Why do they keep letting in the "radicalized" immigrants? Hmmm he won't answer that. They'd rather cancel all freedom of speech for USA citizens and make the official rules to "intern" anyone who disagrees. They are moving the goal posts and is this to be focused on the Sharia law crowd who are allowed to flow over the borders unhindered ? This has been the technique of all totalitarian governments.


Anonymous said...

He is an insider and knows what will happen. - Don

Faith Contender said...

It's coming.

Anonymous said...

And will we, the called out ones, be able to rejoice and sing hymns of praise and thanksgiving to our LORD Jesus Christ, and be the visible light of Him while imprisoned like the Apostle Paul in the Book of Acts.

Or, have we been conditioned by the likes of the 501c. 3 church structure, amongst the people there who continuously complain about this one or that one, complain about how much taxes we are paying to a heathen, hedonistic U.S. government, revolt and rebel with fighting and ammunition of sorts, or perhaps turn on one another in loyalty to the enemies in saving our earthly selves................

Will we be like Jesus in the face of death here on earth, or will we act like the visible, man-made institutional church with all of its whining, complaining, back biting, basically their 2 Timothy 3:1-9 skills and workings?

Bible Believer said...

Yes the example of Silas and Paul is an important one. Acts 16:25

Some are definitely trusting in their cache of weapons. Their prepping and gun collections. I agree many could turn on each other one day to save their earthly selves.

Here is one great deception, in the 501c3 church, the NWO right side, the politics of deceit, where people are led to fight the world powers carnally.

Luke 12:11

The "Christian nation" deceived will battle but not for Jesus Christ.

Bible Believer said...

I agree about him being an insider. He spoke of the 6 coming wars too.