Saturday, July 18, 2015

Satanic Abortion: Planned Parenthood Uses Partial-Birth Abortions to Sell Body Parts

Warning on this video: graphic and discussion of selling of body parts.

Planned Parenthood has been exposed. Many have warned how they profit off the donation of fetal body parts for decades. Everything done in darkness is being exposed to the light. This murder mill is being exposed for what it is. This "doctor" in her callous and sociopathic discussion of baby body parts, is definitely one of Satan's own and possession wouldn't be too much of an extreme theory either. This is a murder market where they are selling body parts of aborted fetuses under the guise of "donations".

Of course, it doesn't seem to make sense that it is all for "research" either. Why are livers popular? Regrowing livers for the elite? What do they need the heads for? Satanic rituals?  Here you see human sacrifice being done for Molech via the human holocaust of abortion while body parts of human beings are sold off for profit. I don't know much about the group "Center for Medical Progress", their website doesn't provide many answers but this group has now showed the world, the depth of depravity this world has sunk to.

Planned Parenthood took this one seriously enough for their president to come on in this video and condemn the staff member for their "tone". That's an understatement of the year.  Condemning her employee for lacking "compassion" is hypocritical when there is no compassion when it comes to the murder of abortion.  Notice how she uses the word "tissue" over and over, for the disbursement of baby body parts.  Hey they did this for decades calling fetuses "just a clump of cells". They claim this is all "donation" for medical research but obviously given the above video, some money is changing hands, people are profiting off murder and death.

Planned Parenthood Head Apologizes for Official's Fetal Organ Comments, as Fall-out Grows.

"The video shows Nucatola at a lunch with two anti-abortion activists posing at representatives of a biotech firm apparently interested in talking about fetal tissue donations. It shows her munching on what looks like salad and sipping on red wine while discussing fetal lungs and “lower extremities” in hot demand.  

She says in the video: "We've been very good at getting heart, lung, liver, because we know that, so I'm not gonna crush that part, I'm gonna basically crush below, I'm gonna crush above, and I'm gonna see if I can get it all intact."

The evil of this is horrifying.

Leviticus 18:21 And thou shalt not let any of thy seed pass through the fire to Molech, neither shalt thou profane the name of thy God: I am the LORD.

Revelation 21:8 But cowards, unbelievers, the corrupt, murderers, the immoral, those who practice witchcraft, idol worshipers, and all liars--their fate is in the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death."


Anonymous said...

Horrifying. This is why the judgment is coming down on our country any minute now

Anonymous said...

I am told over and over that we Americans live in a Christian nation. I am told by conservative Republican church people that George Bush, his father, Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford, or any other Republican president we have had in the near past is a Christian and because they attend a Bible study once and awhile, they are followers of Jesus. I am told the Republican party is Christian and the Democratic party is pagan because the Republican party is against abortion, gay marriage, and believes we have the right to our guns.

I have worked over the years for the Republican cause in politics; I have worked long hours for the cause of ending abortion at social functions, and I have given volumes of money to the NRA, believing in my heart that I was doing all of this 'good' for the LORD in Honoring Him and His Ways.

And at the end of the day, tired, sweaty and worn out from a long day's work, my hands bloody from manual humbly bow on my knees before the LORD Jesus Christ in the middle of my grassy yard, in worship and prayer to the One Who made me in His image.......His truth revealed to my being through His Holy Word concerning His ways verses man's ways. I was an idolater, a wretched worm of a human being.

I am convinced that I did absolutely nothing for the King of Kings for I did not share the life saving Gospel with one single soul at any of these "do good" functions. The Name of Jesus was never, ever mentioned, the word "sin" did not even make it into the top "10", and the true Gospel of Jesus Christ was never spoken of in love to one single human being, and yet we/I had the gall to believe I was "making a difference." Collecting money at fund raisers never witnesses to one single soul, it only seeks to inflate the narcissistic character of elevating man to the place of self righteousness and godhood. Oh, how satan must be partying with joy over man's vain glory!

How can a person change their minds/hearts/souls unless the Gospel of Jesus Christ is shared, and the lost soul accepts Jesus as their LORD and Savior, and at that moment God, the Holy Spirit fills their hearts and illuminates their mind/souls changing the individual from within?

Before I was saved by the blood of the Lamb, I too, believed abortion was the 'right' of the individual, until the Gospel was shared with me by unchurched 501c. 3 believers and followers of Jesus, who love and serve Him without the tax exempt status of governments. How amazing it is to me, that the Name of Jesus is absent from all of these so called Christian works and deeds events, and that people of so called faith are content with the status quo of never sharing the Gospel with one person.

If we indeed live and work and play in a Christian nation, why then is abortion still legal here in the land of the free and the home of the brave.......

It is because there is no such thing as a "christian nation."

Anonymous said...

I saw this over at William's blog too. Looks like some States are looking in to this, as they should. There are more than five as my State is investigating too. Hopefully the States will start to wakeup to the facts of Federal overreach and poor oversight. (2 Timothy 1:12) - Don

Anonymous said...

I could not watch the videos. I am aware of what this is already.

For anyone who may read... weep and pray for the dead... and understand the evil that now rules our world... Do not avenge, for it is not our place. From the hundreds of years from Christ's crucifixion onwards, the early Christians did not avenge the evil done to them. They left all in God's hands, and so must we. God destroyed all of Babylon and her daughters, and today she rises once more as Scripture tells us she would.

I could respond to this in 10 comments. I have decided not to. For if the Spirit has guided you - then you should already know the words I would speak. If you are lost, then go back to the First Covenant and look at what everyone was doing, understand the need for the First Covenant - lest God destroy the entire world for its wickedness and idolatry. Understand that all false religions have a single source in Babylon, and this is what the Israelites transgressed into following every time. Every Judgement of God upon Israel was because she went back to Babylonian worship. Even Solomon did exactly this.

This is exactly the same. This is Babylon.

Find a free copy of Alexander Hislop's "The Two Babylons" and read it. It's not copyright, it's legal.

The killing of babies is Babylonian worship to Baal aka Moloch aka Dagon etc, and Ashteroth.

Also understand that the killing of babies was not limited to the passing through the fire. Dead babies were also laid within the foundation bricks of houses, and were sacrificed on alters. Each year at Ishtar (Easter) the priests of Baal would impregnate the temple prostitutes, and the following year the babies would be sacrificed to Baal (lord) aka Moloch (king). As an imposter to the Law of God given to the Levite priesthood - the priests of Baal would eat the flesh of the dead babies.

Eggs were dipped in the blood of dead babies - Easter Eggs.

This is where the word cannibal comes from.

Caan / Kuhn / Cohen etc + Baal = Priest of Baal. The priests of Baal ate the flesh of sacrificed babies.

Don't believe modern dictionaries that say cannibal comes from Columbus, or French etc - its a lie. Go to old dictionaries.

When we wake to realise that the NWO is Babylon restored - we begin to see the bigger picture of the truth.

Why are these body parts so valuable and what happens to these dead babies parts...

You tell me.

It's time to wake up.

And when we do, we then fully understand God's hatred and treatment of the Amalekites, the Canaanites and the Philistines.

We cannot stop anything by protesting against anything. Did a righteous Israelite ever protest at a Baal ceremony as the trumpets blew? Would it have made a difference whatsoever? NO. All we can do is spread the Word of God, and weep and pray for our brothers and sisters who have been so led astray, separate from the wicked, and leave everything in the hands of God to both punish and restore...

I have seen so much wickedness and evil since my eyes were opened in my walk with Christ. I never knew wickedness existed before this time. Today I see so clearly, and when the day of Judgement comes upon our nations - no I will not weep, for I will know that God is Just, that His Judgement is perfect and deserved.

The NWO is not the enemy of the righteous as we may believe - it is God's Judgement upon the wicked. And once the wicked are destroyed - then so too shall these same Baalist NWO then also be destroyed. God never changes, until the last day when we will hear the thunder of His voice from the Heavens.

I have said before in similar comments, all these children need is the umbilical cord cut, wrapped in a blanket and put to their mother's breast, instead they are killed with incredible violence and brutality. And perhaps we should call it Live Birth instead of Partial Birth...

Perhaps, if we can, and when we can, we pray for these children. That our Father love and care for them, as we know He will.

Bible Believer said...

I agree, this will bring judgment. How many deaths have there been? 50 million?

The whole Christian nation thing is an absolute lie. While there are more Christians in the USA then some places, it is not a Christian nation. Yes I remember being told all those presidents were Christian and Graham was their minister and advisor and the Republican party was a "Christian" party. Even the church I just walked away from believed in the Republican lies. I took the pastor's smile of non-offense at my beliefs in the wrong way. He still was stuck in the matrix of Saint Ronald Reagan. Praise God, He woke you up from the idolatry of the right wing side of the NWO. I had the years too where I wanted to be a good "Christian" and thought the Republicans were the alternative, it did not last as long for me, but this is what they tell everyone. Politics is a complete dead-end, even the Libertarians and Constitutionalists have nothing to offer but the same NWO connections, answers and myth-making. Yes political ventures allow no gospel sharing, it is often focusing on the belly like that one verse says. I have made my errors too and believed that I must vote no matter what even if half the ballot was empty but politics has grown only darker.

Politics and narcissism go hand in hand, as the politicians all want attention, money and power. God is pushed aside automatically in that world. Yes Satan is partying with the politics.

No political system is going to save this rotten world. Some falsely believed in Karl Marx and pals, while others thing the almighty free market will save us all, when truly human greed and avarice will lead to the same rotten results on both ends.

I agree the only true salvation and hope in this world, is via Jesus Christ and his gospel. That is the only hope of any true "change". This world as we know biblically is done for.

I too before I was born again, believed the abortion lies, the UU [remember I am ex-UU] promoted abortion directly! The rights of the woman, and the rest came first, while it was nothing but pure selfishness and the selling of a death cult in America. Death as the "choice". What CHOICE? It's all about the cash and those who want as many sacrificed to Lucifer as possible.

The Republican party never had any interest in stopping abortion, too much money changes hands. Too much outrage from the liberal feminist set. Sure they will talk the talk, but it was only to gain votes from the cultural warrior set. When I see a right wing politician speak against abortion, it is a joke to me.

Yes the name of Jesus is gone from all their meetings, conferences and more.

Correct there is no such thing as a Christian nation, this entire world is given over to the prince of this earth--Satan.

All the politicos forget that Jesus was offered all the world kingdoms, by Satan and refused. These politicians and others all buy in automatically and do not follow the example of our Savior.

Bible Believer said...

I am not sure where they are taking things with this investigation. I find myself thinking they will be saying one thing and doing another.

Not an endorsement of WND but for information

The research with the food, makes me want to vomit. I try to buy the best food I can but even there, finances limits the amount of organic I can buy. Senomyx is scary stuff.

I knew about the make-up too, which is horrifying beyond measure.

Our labs must be filled with mad scientists. I don't trust science either. I think a lot of it is bogus and even that picture of Pluto looked like a decaying rubber ball.

Bible Believer said...

I believe all the aborted babies are with Jesus, suffer not the little children to come to me. It horrifies me and I am praying for more babies that would be aborted to be saved. This video when I watched it did make me cry, it took me a few days to even post on it. Evil does rule this world completely. Even the sickening leftist news trying to spin doctor this garage on their websites was beyond belief. The woman was selling body parts like ghoulish vampire from the depths of hell. I believe she is possessed and probably sold her soul along the way to gain that profession. This is one thing, how many sell out now for their money, working for evil enterprises.

I agree no revenge, God will bring justice to them. One day unless they repent and many of these professional abortionists are seared and wholly given over to Satan they will be in hell. The world is the same as before with Babylon at it's root. I agree. I have "The Two Babylons" on my shelf. Ignore the Catholics and others who try to discredit the book.

The killing of babies now via abortion is the same sacrifies down via the pagans to Baal.

I find myself wondering about the abortion cells used in food research given some of what you are writing here. [hard for me to write this]

Yes the NWO is Babylon restored. No doubt of it.

You saw me write in the article...

"What do they need the heads for..Satanic rituals?"

I definitely believe that is part of the bigger picture.

The demand for livers definitely seems to point to a medical "underground"

but the other parts....what use are there for them.

Yes, you are thinking what I am thinking.

I don't believe there is any carnal fighting against the NWO or Babylon. All that does is put you right where they want you. All we can do is preach the gospel and warn. The wicked don't care. They do what they do. They have no feelings like other people, many are seared and their conscience is GONE. I walked from some like this, it had to be done.

I agree God's judgment will be perfect and just. I don't wish evil on anyone and do not delight in anyone being lost but these are sins that cry out to the heavens.

Anonymous said...

1 Kings 18, read it all. When Father proves Himself again (v.38), when directed we must do our part (v.40). - Don

Anonymous said...

Years ago I heard a presentation be right to life that shook me to my core. It was not even in the presentation, it was a little chart on one of the handouts that gave the demographic statistics of who receives abortions. I don't remember the exact statistics, but married women and women who already have a child are statistically higher seekers of abortion that the single un married teen we all picture. The evil, the shame, to have carried a life or two, and now your husband is displeased at this surprise later in life or whatever, so for convinience you end it. Just thought I'd add that. It is not so much different than the Romans exposing babies to the elements or the Canaanites and their evil practices.