Friday, July 10, 2015

Pope Criticizes Capitalism, Calls For New Economic Order

Realize if there is a total global economic collapse, they will come swooping in with their "solutions".

Breaking News: Vatican Calls for Central World Bank


shelly said...

He is definitely the FALSE PROPHET!

Lynn said...

Are people soo's impossible. Don't christians AT ALL read their bibles..? All this calling for 'one world' banks, governments,..etc..should only be too obvious. Don't people see that everything is proceeding and falling in place exactly as prophesied in Scripture?

Bible Believer said...

False Prophet or Antichrist in waiting. Definitely antichrist in general.

I can't believe people are this blind too, I mean they are SO OBVIOUS with it all. One world banks, One world authorities. People are even clueless on the secular score where they should know consolidating absolute power is a way for tyranny to rule. Yes everything is falling in place just as scripture warned us. I can't believe anyone is deceived enough to follow the pedophile puzzle palace but they are.

Lynn said...

Yes. Things are much worse than I thought, after reading your blog, and especially ‘Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing’ which you’ve linked to, if they’re true. I do not like to take at face value everything I read about on end-time topics, but a whole lot is all too obvious, that you find the ease of the people around you (in my case, fellow church-people) disconcerting. Sometimes I think of the Titanic; the situation of mainstream churches where I come from is very comparable. I belong to the Mar Thoma Syrian Church, Centered mainly around the state of Kerala, South India(and now also established in Canada, European countries, and several US states; there are churches in Dallas and New York- have you ever heard of it?). I was born into this church, baptized when I was a year old, and Confirmed at 14. Recently, I’ve begun noticing how similar all that is to the Catholic Church; Originally this church was dominated by the Catholic Church, centuries ago, but has since broken off and formed a separate denomination, like the Lutherans, also renouncing all faith and belief in Mary and the Saints. By our faith and beliefs, we closely resemble evangelicals- but we have our sacraments like the Catholics. I think the beliefs and faith of my church are pretty clean- no false doctrines like Confession to priests and Transubstantiation, or Mary or Saints, though incidentally this church is an active participant of the WCC, National Council of Churches, and in the Ecumenical movement. I’ve woken up to all of this, but like I said, it is like no one in our church is even aware of such things, pretending Biblical Prophecy and warnings are non-existent to all practical purposes. Bible prophecy is not taken remotely seriously, and all I see is ignorance all around that such things even exist. In such a setting, it’s easier to shove such things- like an actual Antichrist, and an imminent Luciferian one-world government to fundamentalist conspiracy theories. I should like to leave and get baptized, but I’m barely 18- little girl by South Indian standards- it’ll be easier not to rock the boat, I’m even considering not to for a long time. If I do stay, I can see myself probably staying for good- having shoved any serious study of Bible Prophecy onto the back-burner and into conspiracy land- like I see the older people in my church.

Bible Believer said...

Hi I hope you can rethink your church, I know with family history it is hard to leave, but I left Catholicism. If they are in the WCC they are connected to Rome like it or not. Actually I never had heard of the Mar Syrian church. If it is Coptic, definitely it's roots are Catholicism. Remember Jesus's warning about bad roots and a bad branch. It does sound like Lutheranism keeping the false sacraments but doing away with Mary worship. I would not be in any church of the WCC and ecumenical movement. I am glad you have woken up and perhaps God is showing you more to lead you to a decision. Have you been born again?

When I was Catholic, they ignored bible prophecy and told me it was false and fear mongering. Revelation was the most abused book of the Bible in the Catholic church if not out right ignored. They tended to avoid Rev 17 and 18 or spiritualize it into vague mush.

I think God's Word is waking you up. God's prophecy woke me up and got me out of the Catholic church and the same thing could be happening to you. I do believe God is calling you out.