Saturday, July 4, 2015

One World Religion Advanced via the Lie Called Climate Change

"People of faith, civil society groups and communities marched together in Rome on the 28th of June 2015 to express support to Pope Francis for the environmental  messages of his encyclical Laudato Si’. They asked world leaders to take responsibility."

Sadly they all believe in the lie of climate change as much as any false religious doctrine. There are many well-meaning but sadly deceived young people in that crowd. The powers that be of this world and luciferians desire the power over the world's resources that will be handed to them free and clear over fear of the "weather changing". In the video, the Pope does a speech to all the interfaith ecology marchers.

Pope Pushes Climate Change Lie on the World


William Sculley said...

Climate Change isn't a lie. It's an observation saying the following:

1. It is warmer than we have ever recorded, and the climate is getting progressively warmer as time goes on.
2. The change in climate is having real effects on local ecosystems, resulting in massive extinction events, with many animals going completely extinct solely because of the change in the ecosystem.
3. Humans are responsible for the caretaking of this planet (something that was given to us by our Creator, as a responsibility to Him as stewards of that which He gave us)
4. Humans can have a positive impact on the climate.

None of these are lies. They are all truth. Only a complete fool would say otherwise after observing the evidence.

Bible Believer said...

Climate Change is a lie in that the climate has always changed.

Have you read the latest where some of them are saying the sun is slowing down and a Mini-Ice Age is coming?

Much of the evidence we are having to depend on others who could be led by those of another agenda? I can look and now where I live had the two coldest winters ever in the last 4 years, of the last 100. Now is that Global Warming? They don't even know the long range cycles.

Bible Believer said...

correct now should be know...

William Sculley said...

The "Medieval Warm Period" is a concocted lie based on cherrypicked data. Notice, I haven't used the term "Global Warming". You aren't debating against science collected before I was born. Science isn't absolute and it isn't unchanging. When new evidence comes up, science changes because it must fit the observable evidence. This is why science will never prove the existence of God. There is no way in which a scientist could observe God from the outside in an objective manner because He is infinite.

The modern climate model is much more sophisticated. You know how fast the sun goes through the cycles Maunder is speaking of? Approximately 11 years. We're even supposed to be on the coolest time of that cycle, as the sunspot and flare activity peaked out 4 years ago and has been in decline since. And yet the last decade has rewritten the record of "hottest year" EIGHT TIMES! And we're on schedule to break the record again this year. Climate change doesn't promise that every single place will be hotter, though. Any idiot can go outside and get a snowball and say it disproves Climate Change.

And when I say idiot because it took a politician to demonstrate exactly how idiotic the concept was. On live television, broadcast to the entire world, this man brings a snowball into a session where the recorded statistics, unedited and brought in by hundreds of independent organizations, ranging from countries across the globe, and even OIL COMPANIES who tried to prove CLimate Change is false and ended up proving the exact opposite of what they wanted.

The proof is there. You can wear your shiny tin foil hat and claim it doesn't exist. Go ahead. Get down with your bad self and do that. But do me a favor, so that my children and grandchildren don't have to suffer because of your refusal to follow the evidence and your devotion to proven lies: don't vote about anything related to science. Don't try to teach science to children.

You are hereby banned from doing this until the following happen:
1. You run a peer-reviewed study that takes all of the raw data from thermometers, saline charts, laser seismographs, satellite imagery, and everything else gathered since the Industrial age began and proves which is true


2. You learn how the climate works and interacts, the difference between climate and weather (your coldest winter example is weather, not climate), how carbon dioxide and other hydrocarbons effect the climate, including the Carbon Cycle, and how scientific evidence is gathered, analyzed, and recorded.

I could make it easy for you, because the first one has already been done numerous times. There are so many studies on this that it is easily one of the most researched topics in science. But if you were to run the study again, you would fulfill the second option anyways.

Obviously the "banning" was rhetorical. I will warn you, however, that you will not be the one paying the price if you make the wrong choice. It will be your children and grandchildren.