Friday, July 10, 2015

NWO Continues With Its Racial Division Programs

I want you to imagine this show if it was about another race. Imagine if it was titled "Black People", it would be racist and should be condemned. Well I think a show about "White People" is just as racist. This is more of the "divide and conquer" and leftists banging on about race. The host Vargas is a Filipino with a Hispanic name that came out of an illegal immigrant family.

Not an endorsement of Fox News and I don't agree with everything but this article is right about how they wish to promote white guilt.

White is the New Bad: MTV Promotes White Guilt.

No one is elevated when one group is kicked down. In fact I believe they seek to cover up the economic implosion affecting ALL groups in America now with this stuff. The idea that all white people are privileged is racist. Many white people are poor. Even then the focus on this is to get people to hate and resent each other. 

Zimmerman Aquitted: The NWO's Use of Race

Ferguson Proves Predictive Programming Works


Kayfabe said...

Great post and timely. I have some black friends on Fake Book and they are good people in the sense of what this world considers good people and even they are calling for blood of the police and all but calling for a race war. I posted this article on my FB page and I know some black friends may get offended but they need to know the truth. Satan has deceived them into this racial divide, he uses the NOI and as well as the racial so called reverands that espouse a black power political ideology. Then of course the politicians of this world are working on their heart strings that whites are their enemies. It's a ploy of Satan. As scripture says neither Jew nor Greek, Barbarian, Scythian, bond nor free.

Anonymous said...

Agree and this figures coming from MTV. (Acts 17:26 KJV) - Don

Anonymous said...

Par for the course. Whites get all of the blame and none of the praise for setting up western society. All the inventions, medicine, laws, language, money coming from whites. And then you have the zombie whites with liberal white guilt. Guilt for what? For setting up modern civilization?

Bible Believer said...

Hi Kayfabe, I am glad you are warning your black friends on fakebook. I have brought up the issue with a black friend too, and she is seeing more of what I am saying. I hope they will listen. I wish more realized how Obama has failed and hustled them too. Some do, if you ever seen that one video that was making the rounds with people crying about Obama's evils. Then there is that one pastor Manning, I don't know much about him. This friend admitted to me once that she was fed up with those using the race card of all kinds and race hustlers like Al Sharpton. Some do see through the manipulation but the ones getting the attention do not. I don't think the police are perfect either, the crack-downs and brutality is growing. I even feel uneasy around police even being law-abiding and avoid them when I see them.

Seeing these liberal folk [who are usually upper middle class] go on about white privilege, it makes me want to vomit, all they are doing is creating resentments. People of minority race in the ghetto, will be taught to hate whites for "having it all" when it is simply is not true.

I agree Satan is using these racial divides. The NWO has set up things with the drug wars, economic oppression, the gangs, the dismantling of manufacturing, and setting group vs group, cheering all the way as they grow in power as everyone fights each other and our inner cities and rural areas become waste lands.

They have the nauseating black power political ideology mixed in with the liberation theology. Of course you see different brands of that too considering different groups. It mixes and blends into a stew of deception and evil. They want some groups to believe whites are the enemies definitely but this goes the other direction too. It is getting crazier out there, it really is. I agree it is all a ploy of Satan and I fear they desire race wars and more chaos, to crack down for a Hegelian Dialectic scheme.

Bible Believer said...

Yeah MTV is like brainwash central teaching amorality and other things. The two-headed dog symbol they had going for awhile marked that place.

Bible Believer said...

Yes guilt for what? Every group on this planet has oppressed other groups. There has been so many genocides between different people's. Every group on planet earth has sinned and done bad things.

I remember when I was UU and told that white's were bad and needed to be thrown from power. I had the multi-cultural gospel shoved down my throat. Once I was told at a UU meeting, All whites are oppressors".

The things they told me they were working on in the 80s, they have upped the ante. I even wrote and thanked this one black UU minister for standing up for whites especially poor ones as she warned the racial animosity was getting extreme [against whites] and coming from the wrong direction.

The Bible does make clear for those who have been born again, we are all brothers and sister in Christ. All these things are being done for more hatred.

Anonymous said...

racism have no place in god's kingdom, god doesnt care about race and we are gods children no matter what race of nationality we are.