Saturday, July 4, 2015

Man in the UK Warns about the American Patriot Movement

His animation figures are dressed in armor, and the spelling is far from perfect and he believes in the rapture but the video warnings are interesting. Be careful of those who preach false millennial kingdoms too. I have warned of some of the things on this blog regarding the American Patriot Movement. The "America as a Christian" nation people have been massively deceived. The warning in the first video about not trusting in gold and silver is important. One can apply that to "preppers" as I have warned. He is right about the deadness of politics.  He is right about people getting "involved in earthly things" and in "silver and gold". All one has to do is see a prepper website to see the obsession with buying gold and silver. He is right about false prophets giving false hope. America is declining into more and more wickedness not being "reclaimed".

I believe in the "fundamentalist" churches especially in IFB ones I have seen, there is massive idolatry when it comes to patriotism. I didn't talk about this yet but on that last Memorial Day service, they had a picture of the Washington Monument on front of the bulletin in all of it's obelisk glory. That was one smaller matter. Also on that day they had everyone pledging allegiance to the flag and singing patriotic songs that did not have any references to God which deeply bothered me. Even the ones that do mention God, aren't so great either as they are usually sung too by nonbelievers and people in false religions. I have seen patriotic idolatry happen in other IFB churches on "special" patriotic holidays.  We have seen the preachers who go on and on forcing patriotism.  

One thing I was thinking about the other day is even if you have a fundie pastor who believes the Pope is the "Vicar of hell", he is doing the Pope's bidding unwillingly if he supports Middle Eastern crusades for the new world order and integration of the Antichrist banking system. In other words, if they are warning of Rome as the "whore" and "babylon" [this last one never did from the pulpit just did so privately] and in the next breath start praising war with Iraq and a future one with Iran, and the machinations of the politicians, they are just as much in the Pope's hand as the guy who has been deceived by the interfaith movement. 

I do believe there are serious problems with the American Patriot Movement but I see aspects of it in the churches. It's one of the many things that led me to leave the "conservative", "fundamentalist" churches and to be done with the entire church system. July 4th makes me feel odd. I don't mind sending someone I know a card with some red and blue on it and telling people to have a good day however with many worsening recent events and knowing freedoms are disappearing--NDAA etc [Christians always have freedom in Jesus Christ], I think what is there to celebrate?


Anonymous said... (2Timothy 3:13) - Don

Anonymous said...

Like yourself, I do not agree with everything that Chuck Baldwin says. I do believe that his history on the Confederate flag is correct, his assessment of why this is happening now and where the directed outcome is headed. Your thoughts? If you choose not to comment, I understand. (Proverbs 8:14) - Don

Bible Believer said...

I don't agree with what he says about the X representing Christ and many other things. He is right about some of the history though, I don't always buy the sanitized version of history delivered and know about Lincoln's other moves. The Civil War was about the tariffs as much as slavery. He is correct they were oppressing them with those. I don't know if they would have ended slavery unless forced. Of course many assume the majority owned slaves when it was a thin wealthy sliver of the population in the South.

Bible Believer said...

Do remember one huge error Baldwin is in, is that he is part of the American Patriot Movement and all that it entails including the black robe regiment.

[not an endorsement of link but for information]

Anonymous said...

He does have points about wealthy slave owners also in the north, Lincoln being pro-slavery and the English involvement. The Southern Poverty Law Center is pro-LGBT and the bias is shown in the link by using the term anti-government instead of pro-Constitution. I define myself as pro-Life, not anti-choice. I believe people will and do make their own choices. (Joshua 24:15) - Don

Anonymous said...

Going after the confederate flag is just another way to bash white people and white history. That is what it comes down to. And of course spineless people go alone with it.

Christsfreeservnt said...

After I watched this video, I saw several other videos advertised, one which was about Rick Warren, so I watched that one with my husband. It was very eye opening, for me mainly to the extent of which all this has been going on and how far-reaching it is. The Lord Jesus had me include some of what I learned in today's devotional, "Testing Our Faith."

This fits with some of your comments underneath the original video, too, concerning the condition of much of today's modern church. I empathize!