Sunday, July 12, 2015

Hand Signs From the Duggars?

I ran across this today, it's a video of the Duggars "street preaching". Do you find the hand signs that Michelle Duggar makes kind of odd?

I wonder if Ray Comfort has separated himself from them or not since the scandal?

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Anonymous said...

They even have one of their kids doing the "baphomet" masonic hand signal at the end of the 19 Kids & Counting Opening Credits, take a look @:44.

Bible Believer said...

You know I've seen and noticed that before. I hope the child is innocent, and they just managed to get a shot of him waving his hand just the "right way" but yes it's disturbing.

Anonymous said...

That pyramid analogy has been going around in churches for several years now. I am not sure where it originated, but I believe many people use it innocently, as I did before I knew about occultic/pagan symbols. I acually introduced my husband to it years ago, shortly before we married, because I thought it was a good explanation for how couples can grow closer together when they each make their relationship with the Lord their number one priority. The teaching is often used with the scripture about a cord of three strands not easily being broken, (please forgive the horrible paraphrase) because in order for a marriage to be successful, God has to be the foundation.

I have been lurking on here for several months, but am a first time commenter. I find many of the articles you post interesting, but have disagreed with a few things too.

I don't want to overly defend the duggars here, because there are things about them that I have taken issue with over the years as well. I have been disturbed by many things, but you and I seem to be on a totally different page concerning the things that alarm us about this family.

I am not trying to be ungracious here Bible Believer, nor do I desire to offend at all, but based solely on certain comments you've made, I get the sense that you do not have any children of your own. The reason I say this is because, prior to having become a mother myself (and I am in no way claiming to be an expert here) I was very judgemental and know-it-all-ish. I see a similarity in you based on some things you've written. I wish I could remember each remark that provoked this feeling within me; I should have commented when I initially saw those things. One example that comes to mind is a comment you made about Michelle Duggar "purposely" discontinuing breastfeeding to get pregnant quickly again. That is a rumor on the internet, with absolutely no proof. If she truly is a sister in Christ, don't you think you should give her the benefit of the doubt over the wicked people of this world, in forums such as free jinger, who make up all sorts of slanderous remarks? Michelle has addressed those rumors because she has had a lot of people accuse her of such a thing and she has adamantly stood by the fact that the Lord just made her body different. If you do your own research you will discover that lactation isn't always a conception prevention guarantee, and some women get pregnant almost immediately if they don't use any other form of contraception. Also, if you read her testimonal, you will realize that she nursed every one of her babies until another pregnancy ensued. I would chose to believe her over the internet gossipers who hate Christ any day of the week.

Anonymous said...

Also, regarding your post on Ben and Jessa with the "I Love You" hand symbol, I truly believe that was completely innocent as well. Yes, with thumbs down, the "I love you" hand sign is the baphomet symbol, and does look like devil horns. But, if you know anything about ASL, you would realize one pinky up is the symbol for the letter "I", an index finger and thumb help up on one hand makes and "L", and a thumb and pinky held up make a "Y". If you put all three fingers up, you are simultaneously making an "I" an "L" and a "Y" for "I Love You." I am admittedly a partial conspiracy theorist, but some things can get totally ridiculous and totally out of hand (no pun intended), and make Christians look like fools in the world's eyes. There are so many things going on nowadays worth focusing on, but that in my opinion is just a huge distraction.

When my first child was born, my husband did a photo shoot of her and I. In the only picture where we were both looking at the camera without closed eyes or some other undesirable expression, she had her hand in front of my face making the devil horns with her pinky and index. It was such a disappointment to me. Here she is, only six months old, and had no clue what she was doing, but of course her hand was in that position when we snapped the perfect shot, and it couldn't be removed because otherwise my face would have had to have been cut out. I couldn't share the picture with anyone, because I worried that some people would see it and immediately assume we are illuminati or that our child is possessed. So, I feel for people who are constantly judged for hand expressions. I'm not in denial to the point where I would deny people making these gestures intentionally, I just think we should give some people the benefit of the doubt, and realize these things can happen innocently, even with older kids, and adults who aren't aware of occultic signs.

I have also noticed Josiah making the devil horns at the end of the opening credits. My belief is that he did it innocently. It's an easy hand gesture to make when pointing to something without realizing that your pinky isn't curled under as well. For those who have ever studied ASL, they learn that although generally the same signs are used for communicating, (with slight regional differences, just like there are different accents depending on which part of the country you are in) there can be subtle differences in the expression of those signs from person to person, just like people have different voices, handwriting, etc. Although this subject has nothing to do with sign language per say, I mention it because you and others might find having a pinky out while pointing "odd", but for someone else that might be a gesture they make without even being aware of it. In my opinion, Josiah did it innocently, but it's likely that whoever was responsible for creating and editing that clip at TLC, featured that moment intentionally. I would fault the network, not the child.

Anonymous said...

Anyhow, I agree that there are problems with the Duggars, but I am more concerned with the parents and children being so into worldly sports and "fans" of certain teams. I personally cannot understand how any Christian is a fan of a pagan worldly sport team. I'm not condemning playing sports or watching a certain game for entertainment purposes, but to pledge your alligencd to a worldly team that attracts so many pagans of this world, and for men to expose themselves to the cheerleaders and other inevitable and unavoidable aspects of these games, seems like such a contradiction to me. The idolatry, the carnality and worldliness, lust of the eyes and flesh, etc. I do see that their show (whether it's the intention of JimBob of just TLC executives) can cause believers to compromise. They can justify their own pleasure in these actives because the Duggars are/were one of the most wholesome Christian families in the world! So surely, if the Duggar family partakes in these things, it MUST be okay. And if anyone had a conviction otherwise, they would be CRAZY because the strictest, most uptight, seemingly most morally superior Christian family on the planet has no conviction against it.

I take issue with the Christian celebrity aspect, almost more than anything else. Any time someone makes a name for themselves, they are building their own kingdom, not God's. I hope and pray that the Lord will expose this to them, because they have robbed Him of the glory and honor due His name by allowing themselves to be placed on this pedestool. They think they are reaching others, but I think they are more of a distraction to true believers, and that Christians can become too focused on the Duggars, which inevitably causes them to take their eyes off of Jesus. They ask "what would the Duggars do?" instead of seeking the Lord and His ways, solely depending on scripture and the Holy Ghost to lead and direction them in paths of righteousness for His name's sake. It's just a slippery slope, and before they can even realize it, they are following man, not God. I hope the Duggars will examine themselves in light of their show being cancelled, and repent of their ways.

I have a problem with the worldliness and vanity of those like Jessa. I would love to write her, but I feel like my efforts would be in vain. She has a lot of haters and probably doesn't want to hear what I have to say. But all this "selfie" business and the sultry looks some of the girls make, is just such a contradiction to the family's teachings on modesty. They have really compromised a lot in the past few years with the girls shirts getting tighter and tighter and those seductive facial expressions. It's also obvious that they spend a lot of time in front of the mirror. I just worry for their hearts, but also for the followers, especially impressionable young girls. It's not setting a good example of focusing on the inward (wo)man, and conveying a meek and quiet spirit. I'm not saying it's wrong to look nice, but it's evident that they are overly invested in their appearance, mostly due to the pressure of society and being in the public eye, but also a love of self and pride.

Anonymous said...

Lastly, I could just be a pervert with a corrupt mind, and maybe I'm a hypccrite for noticing these things while excusing others, but Jessa and Ben have posted many phallicy things that caused me to raise eyebrows. There was one video where it was captioned as the proper way to eat a certain dessert, and the way Ben was rolling his spoon up and down the glass vessel and slowly eating it just seemed very sexual to me. There was another video they shared where they were on their way to church and Jessa was showing off her smoothie, and the camera went down to Ben putting a seatbelt on and adjusting his crotch. Even if it was an innocent mistake to do that with the camera rolling so-to-speak, couldn't they have edited that part out? I would find it hard to believe they wouldn't notice something like that and find it inappropriate with all of their obsession about purity and what not. Then their was a picture of her holding up an Arby's cup, and I just don't know how anyone who has ever been sexually intimate with a man could ever see the Arby's symbol as a "hat" anymore. Lastly, there was a picture of Jessa holding up a hot dog and her facial expression and this food just seemed inappropriate to me, maybe I'm just a pervert, but I don't normally see stuff like that and have any thoughts other than it being food, but there was just something off about her whole enthusiasm over it. I have searched for that picture since to show someone else and ask if I'm crazy for seeing it that way, but I have seared and searched to no avail, which makes me think they took it down. I can't believe that it didn't go viral though and become some sort of internet meme, that's how off it was IMO.

There are a couple of other things I'd like to write about, mostly concerning the Duggars, but that is more than enough for now.

I would love to hear your thoughts Bible Believer and truly hope I didn't offend at all,


Bible Believer said...

Sure some people could use the pyramid symbol innocently. I posted once about marines in a church being directed to make pyramid symbols with their hands, I do not think everyone of them was guilty of being an Illuminati, but definitely whoever designed those hand symbols knew what they were doing. The Duggars too too connected and there's too much adding up right now for me to think these hands symbols are all innocent. With Josiah and that hand symbol, sure that could be "by accident" sort of thing.

You may be right about the lactation stuff, because some women do get pregnant while breastfeeding but it is a known fact and even published by the Duggars themselves that Michelle Duggar tracked all her menstrual cycles and kept a chart.

I don't believe Michelle Duggar about much.

You have the right to disagree about the "I love you" hand sign. We don't know if they were told to make this sign under the guise of "sign language" by their parents or producers, so as personal responsibility for it, yes is up in the air. However when one sees constant hand signs and they all match the star rappers and other celebrities, then it is right to ask questions. Sure people and babies can make that hand sign not meaning to.

With Josiah I would fault the network too more then him.

Bible Believer said...

I agree about the team sports when taken to an extreme. Sports are just as much part of the NWO system as the rest of "entertainment". As I have written before don't trust any celebrities, they make it to the top selling out somewhere along the way in most cases, many literally sell their souls to the devil or have been chosen and worked on in very negative spiritual fashions. I agree they were put upon a pedestal. Now they have been knocked off it, but sometimes the fame merchants use that to their benefit. It remains to be seen what the future will hold, but hopefully for the Duggar children, being freed from their version of the "Truman Show" will bring a healthier life especially to some of the younger ones and more ability to break away. I agree with you they are more of a distraction to true believers.

I agree about Jessa, with the selfie business and "sultry" stuff. One can see how the family massively changed from fame even if on the surface "trying to keep modest". I worry there has been total focus on appearances from the entire family. We have seen the appearance of holiness before the scandals broke, and we have seen the focus on beauty and looks the same as the world does.

Bible Believer said...

Lauren I have seen and noticed some of what you have. Lest anyone say we just have dirty minds, we know on TV and in the commercial world they will do that subtle sex stuff and symbols. The obsession with purity and weird rules like side hugs compared to the true perversions that were exposed and some of the stuff on camera definitely did all contradict each other. I don't think you are imagining the tons of sexual innuendos. No you didn't offend me. I think one use of the Duggars was to influence people and mislabel Christians as sex obsessed closet perverts who are overly repressive on the surface.