Saturday, July 4, 2015

Bird Flu

How bad is bird flu in your area? I am allergic to eggs, so never buy them. Have they got up in price? We tried to buy a lunch meat at a large grocery store the other day, sliced turkey for turkey sandwiches and were told there was none and there are major shortages.


Anonymous said...

Animals get sick and injured just like people. You have to have a special eye to spot an animal that is just starting to get sick. And just like people if that sick animal is not removed immediately from the rest you have the possibility of the others catching what the first one had.

And yes eggs have sky rocketed in price. The last time my wife was in the store she said the price for an 18 count tray of eggs was $5.28.

It does say in the scriptures that in these last days that you will be spending a day’s wages on a loaf of bread. That is going to be hard for me because I love my ham sandwiches.

Just remember that the Lord will provide food and other necessities as they are needed for those who are His.


Bible Believer said...

I have lived God's promises in receiving food and shelter so agree. The Lord will provide. As poor as I am, God has paved a way for me many times.

I know the days are coming soon where it will be a day of wages for a loaf of bread. Some are living that NOW already in the third world.

The greece thing is concerning, the signs are adding up of the collapse they desire.

Sorry to hear eggs are so high. I wouldn't have imagined it has shot up that high. Yes that makes sense that one animal can affect the others. I have serious concerns about the factory farms where they have birds jam packed with others, actually worsening this problem.