Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Watchmen for War and Ted Cruz?

The 3 finger "Ok" symbol which represents "666" says it all.

A real watchman would not be stumping for the election of a NWO politician

Notice the Dominionism? Dominionists always speak in the language of "war".

He is right about the humanism, but his solutions are wrong.

Paul did not work via the political system.

Now this is very unsettling.....

They wrote Cruz a rap song too. More complaints about welfare---"dependency". The NWO has no interest in bringing good jobs back, but will focus on the poor as the problem and not the bankers and greedy destroying the economy. I don't know what morality is in the Republican party. The song has rising and flame/fire lyrics. American and false Christian triumphalism combined. Reagan Revolution? All he did was advance the "trickle down wealth" lies and start some of the problems we have today. Well given the evils of Obama, it is possible they plan to let the right wing of the NWO bird of prey have it's turn this time.


Anonymous said...

I didn't get that last part, was it we are watchmen dot org, or we are illuminati dot org?

How much more blatant could it be? Right there in the logo, and then at the end of the video. Yeah, and I almost forgot, he reminded me that Paul was covered in tattoos.

Sure, a christian could have tattoos, especially before they are saved. But, then he could always cover them up. And of course, what bible version was he quoting?

Anonymous said...

On the poor, reminds me of the Georgia Guidestones guideline (commandment) #1 and Reagan was the first president sworn in facing west toward the Washington Monument (obelisk). Also, George H.W. Bush was his running mate. Good post! - Don

Anonymous said...

THis is off topic, but have you seen the new vanity fair "Caitlyn" Jenner pic? Isn't that a precious pic? The mascot for Amurrika in 2015.

Yes, perhaps Amurrika needs a new flag. The new flag could have that vannity fair pic on it. With an all seeing eye in the corner. It would have to have a picture of saint MLK on it. And then written in spanish at the bottom of the flag could be "White people apologize for white privilage", or something like that, maybe "White people apologize for slavery until the end of time". Or " Our borders are open,grab a cheeseburger".

Not to mention that new world order flag that Nasa has now. And ofcourse there icon for that flag is a black, female astronaut. Because black, female astronauts are so common.

God bless Amurrika.

Bible Believer said...

It may as well be illumanti.org. I thought I caught a few other interesting hand motions too if you get my drift. How more blatant can you be? You know they are laughing at people behind the scenes. They know it's only a few percent that even have made it up to "vigilant citizen" knowledge. [not that I support that website either] but now they are pushing it more in people's faces.

Bible Believer said...

Republicans that worship Bush, and now will vote for Cruz or Jeb, you wonder where do these people come from? How can anyone still think that Reagan was a great guy when he unleashed the Bushes on us? Yes they have to focus on trashing the poor, the scapegoats for the elite to use, so they get the votes of wicked people who don't care if there any more options. I read Obamacare is going up in price too. Thanks Don.

Bible Believer said...

I considered posting on "Caitlyn", the enforced or fake tranny, but decided I was too nauseated and why help with the PR, that is now brainwashing Americans from coast to coast to find that acceptable. Notice the Marilyn Monroe positioning and the submissive "arms" behind the back. I bet that has meaning, in here is your average American man, now in a submissive pose. Maybe a sign "his hands are tied". The photo is so disgusting with the 20 something 80s fly-away hair do, fake photo-shopping and skin. Any photo by Annie Leibovitz bothers me.

Yeah your flag would about sum it up. White privilege is a lie they are foisting on people to create more racial divisions, resentments and animosity. Not every white person is rich or privileged. I have more in common with the "bad side of town" then these career obsessed Apple watch wearing yuppies around here. LOL at "our borders are open grab a cheeseburger". I don't blame the immigrants remember most are suffering under even more Catholic/billionaires/NWO oppression and just trying to survive, but as I wrote before the NWO using open unfettered immigration as a tool.

I'll have to check out the NASA flag. Is it the blue and red one you are talking about with the masonic compass and Saturn swoops? My viewpoints of the whole "space race" are well very alternative. They could pick anyone off the street and dress them as an astronaut.

Anonymous said...

Here is the flag.


Anonymous said...

I was wrong about the Nasa flag. Nasa is interested in the flag, but it is not their flag right now. Maybe it never will be. So, who knows? Sorry about any confusion.

Anonymous said...

Nice flag, kabalistic tree of life. I also saw this one which includes two fists (the left & right or opposing forces) clutching prosperity or resources; http://i.imgur.com/4Uae6Me.png What is your take BB? - Don

Anonymous said...

Actually the seed of life, related to the flower of life and the tree of life. Also, I should have spelt kabbalistic correctly too. - Don

Anonymous said...

One language and one people with one government, united in apostasy and war against God. It has taken so many thousands of years for this to happen again, and yet here it is, beyond all reason and comprehension, what God scattered around the globe so long ago is now being reunited by men - Nimrod's dream of the planet paying homage to him and his wife and what is called his son as gods - is almost fully returned and complete.

All their hidden symbols and secrets and festivals surround us all - all returned - all with cheering crowds.

That flag is revolting. obviously also full of their sacred geometry, and also so very telling of what the agenda is of their one world government, with its one world anti-christ religion. And the people will cheer for the 'peace' and 'love' and 'brotherhood' of all mankind.

Today I cannot believe just how so accurate Bible prophesy is - and no I am not talking about raptures and left behind's or zionist nonsense - which are also created by the deceiver to deceive the elect... but that this harlot, this "adversary", this "false accuser of God" should rise again to power.

Yet not so long ago before I was called to Christ, and with my first ever words in prayer to my God being "let me not be deceived" - I would still not have a clue about anything at all, and I would have followed Krishna or Icke or Jones or whatever - looking for that peace and brotherhood of men to overcome the evil that surrounds us...

I stand waiting now for the Judgement of my Lord God upon this great abomination of the earth, and I still cannot believe that after so many thousands of years - that I will so likely see that great day of the Lord. And I can only trust in Jesus Christ for deliverance when I am called to stand before His Throne.

Yes, as a previous poster said - any man if he were saved and in submission to God, would cover any signs of his previous wrongdoings in submission and humbleness to his God, and so not to provoke to encourage any others in any way that such a sin is OK, and that his most famous sermon repeated over and over again would be how he was once so led astray and did stupid things - of which he could not possibly bring himself to reveal in the open for his shame... yet some, flaunt their previous sin in pride and so freely, and say they are saved and born again of the Spirit... yeah, I don't think so...

Anonymous said...

I agree, Paul did not work for any political system and Jesus was clear that His kingdom was not of this world.


Gwen said...

Vanity Fair had a behind the scenes video of Caitlyn's shoot that was linked to the release of the cover. It starts with an android commercial loaded with the 666 hand sign, then signs off with a little green alien.

Blizzard of Bugs said...

The symbolism is blatent no doubt. If I however was ignorant to the symbolism his words that he speaks in the video are craftily deceptive.

Paul, who he quoted did not go outside the authority of Gods word to bring people to Christ. He preached The gospel to people, he reasoned out of the scriptures. I do not
know of a place in scripture where Paul or any of the other apostles brought people to the scriptures by going outside the scriptures to lead them to the scriptures. Ridiculous!

Oh how satan loves to down play the word of God.
I have had people quote me Acts 17 as a basis to go outside the scriptures in the cloak of apologetics. Also, they will try to twist Romans 1 to somehow give credence to go outside of scripture to bring them to scripture. Baloney!
Please correct me if I am wrong but bringing people to Christ by going outside his word is completely foreign to me.

Anonymous said...

dear bible believer are you a shill and also king james was a freemason at Lodge of Scoon and Perth on april 15, 1601.

Bible Believer said...

More on the flag of earth

Based on delusion like they expect aliens to see and respect this flag. Aliens are demons.

Yes it has the kabbalistic tree of life, also SIX pointed star. embedded 666? It has the lotus thing going too. [and the sacred geometry]

Don...that's creepy too, suppose they are adding power fists and UN circle of greenery to it.

Yes the one world religion and world--ONE mind of the beast is coming to fruition. The tower of babel is rebuilt. They are shoving more and more satanic symbols in everyone's face mocking most who do not have "eyes to see".

Yes they will be uniting the world under the false masonic flag of the brotherhood of man, all instituted by Satan. Unbelievers who do not know Jesus Christ are deceived by the pretty words of those who claim there will be a earthly utopia of love and peace.

Thanks Brandy I agree.

Not surprised at the Satanic commercial preceding the vanity fair show.

Oh one thing while everyone was distracted with the tranny, they passed the American Freedom Act, revamping NDAA into yet another level.


I am not a shill. I consider most or all royals given over to the NWO. Nothing would shock me about King James. I do not give him credit for the preservation of God's Word but God. [much of the Baptist world is freemasonic infiltrated]


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to chime in on what Blizzard of bugs said as well. Although I do believe that "apologetics" can serve a small purpose, it is not the way that people get converted. The gospel is the power of God unto salvation, not our intellectual arguments etc. The carnal church in Corinth was falling into the trap of trying to use human reasoning to convert the unsaved around them. The apostle Paul had to remind them that when he came to them and preached, he only used the gospel not man centered "wisdom". There is not one example in scripture of having to convince someone that God exists, the Word of God is true etc. We would be wise to stick with what God spoke to us through the apostle Paul.

For Christ sent me not to baptize, but to preach the gospel:not with wisdom of words, lest the cross of Christ should be made of none effect 1 Cor 1:17
And I, brethren, when I came to you, came not with excellency of speech or of wisdom, declaring unto you the testimony of God. For I determined not to know any thing among you, save Jesus Christ, and him crucified. And I was with you in weakness, and in fear, and in much trembling. And my speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of man's wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power: That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God.
1 Cor 2:1-5

Bible Believer said...

I agree. the apologetics won't work. Just go look at the Christian message board world, argument city. One can only preach the gospel and hope the Holy Spirit works in the heart of a lost person. No intellectual arguments are going to bring them in the door.
Thanks for that verse. How many of the pastors ever tremble, most are always confident. Wow that verse says something there.

Anonymous said...

BB is not a shill.

Many shills have and do comment on this blog. Less so nowadays.

As do many other trolls - who are paid cash to try to discredit and bring down true Christians.

No matter how good or bad or popular the speaker, I will always scrutinise every person I see who attempts to speak the Word of God. Almost all are shills. And I have so scrutinised this blog too, many times. BB is genuine.

Half the work of the Apostles in their preaching was to undo the lies and misteachings of the devils who were infiltrating every congregation, who were trying to pervert the Word of God and the teachings of Christ, from the moment of His ascension. And it has been exactly the same ever since... until now... the great apostasy.

Thanks to 2,000 years of the devil twisting and turning and separating and lying and mistranslating - we are all in disagreement with each other about so many things. And today as the devil rules, the blasphemy and twisting gets so much worse each day. And as a result we the little flock part further away from each other.

I will not give the devil his reward, and I will not depart from any one of my brethren.

I do not agree with any preacher, nor any speaker, nor any other person whom I have ever met or heard from in regard to my own understandings of Scriptures. Not one. Yet I have come across so many of my brothers and sisters in Christ, whom I love.

We are all led astray, these are those prophesied times, but we can still recognise and fellowship with each and every one of our true fellow sons and daughters of God, as we all cry out for and praise the salvation of the shed blood of Christ Jesus alone.

BB is not a shill. She is my sister. And trust me, you don't want to make false accusations against our Father, or His children.

I do so hope your words are mistaken and not deliberately mischievous.

I do also apologise for sounding harsh, but I must speak against wrongly spoken words and slanders.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this edifying discussion. Someone in my life is very questioning about Biblical accuracy, many questions and doubts, has asked me to watch documentaries with them "proving inaccuracies" in the Bible. I watch very little on my own. I read the text of this and a couple other blogs, almost never watch the links. God helped me to easily spot where the documentaries twisted the scriptures so I could share it.

They have tried to draw me into discussion on Nephilim. I say I don't really understand that part of the Bible, but I know the people were full of sin and not repentant and were destroyed by the flood. The bible also clearly talks about giants, so giants did exist, but it is not clear that they were the same as Nephilim or what the origin of them are.

When they have asked, "you don't really believe Jonah was real, do you?" I answer that the story is told as factual, not parable. Jonah is mentioned in other books of the bible too. Joppa, Tarshish, and Ninivah were historical cities. Jesus spoke of him, the bible tells it as fact, so yes, I believe it.

I'm endlessly questioned. I've felt bad for not being great at apologetics. I'm interested in archeology but no expert. Recently in frustration after a long discussion I said that I probably have more questions, then they do because I read the Bible a lot. There is plenty I don't understand. But I believe. And I understand the gospel message and so do you. I believe it all the way.

Thank you though, this discussion has made me feel better about spending most of my time in the word, not reading apologetics and defenses. I've been made to feel simple and silly and ignorant but I still know on Whom I believe.