Friday, June 26, 2015

TD Jakes Plays Dress-Up

Look at this get-up! He has the Catholic cape just like Catholic cardinal would wear but is missing the jeweled pendant cross and a fish hat. Notice some of the crosses look like "Xs". Pope Francis would probably give him an invite if he hasn't already!

Here is another picture:


Anonymous said...

Speaking of fecal matter marriage. Doesn't he look lovely in that outfit?

Bible Believer said...

I think he looks horrible... but know what you mean.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of much of the doctrine and understanding my church has concerning honoring God. I attend a Pentecostal church that I am increasingly believing is a false church or at least very deceived into the Word-Faith shenanigans and the idea that God will not provide for someone unless they take a step of faith. For instance, if one needs wealth, they need to take a step of faith and purchase some new expensive clothes in order to test God, which we are supposedly commanded to do with the tithe, though I am beginning to have my doubts about the necessity of tithing a 10% tithe in order to ensure God's protection and provision on one's life and that it will go well with us.I am tired of being treated like an outcast for questioning teachings by the TBN gods (Hagin,Copeland,Duplantis,Hinn, et all...) and I don't like the fact that I was told I need to squelch any form of critical thinking.
All I can say is I have been hurt deeply by many of the people that attend my own church. I don't trust anybody. I don't think that means I am not saved, but I fear what Heaven might be like. I hope God doesn't cuss me out or worse-it can't possibly be the case, but I worry about it nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

He sets a trap for the people. James 2 - Don

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:57PM,

All you have ever needed was the Bible and the Holy Spirit to teach you, and He will never lead you astray.
For your firm foundation in the Word - Matthew, Mark, Luke and John; Hold the horse till I get on.

Word of Faith is heresy.

As for tithing, read the very first sentence in Malachi.

God bless. :)

Bible Believer said...

Anon, I have warned about Pentecosalism here before, please read...

It is an older article but I think you will find some worthwhile information in it.

I believe Pentecostalism has false roots.

It does sound like your church has false WOF nonsense and many "making merchandise of people" deceptions in it. I will pray for you. Step of faiths to get money is a lie. This world can destroy people spiritually with things related to money. In fact it is a test for me as I have written about because my household is so poor. Often churches like that give false hope and get buckets of cash from people who are poor who think their "step of faith" in handing the pastor more cash, will bring them wealth and it's false.

These false preachers are not speaking for God. TBN is the devil's own palace. Search the index on them, I've warned about those wolves.

The 10 percent tithe is false too and based on the book of Malachi, [as one commenter points out] and there the 10percent was to be collected for use for feeding the poor.

Anonymous said...

Bible Believer,
Thank you for your kind words and the very insightful historical background article. I should probably mention that there are several other red flags, so to speak, in the aforementioned church I attend. I have reason to suspect that several individuals within my church are closet Luciferians. One inividual I am thinking of's family has close ties to ORU and accoring to Fritz Springmeyer and several others, including personal "testimony" on youtube, the underground of ORU is allegedly used for occult Monarch programming-if there even really is such a thing, as I have my concerns on the validity of Fritz Springmeyer as well, having appeared on the Alex Jones show in support of his cause; not to mention the fact that many Monarch survivor testimonies include strange Latter-Rain/NAR-type manifestations such as going back and forth to the Third Heaven and talk of ESP/Heavenly vibrations/Quantum Physics/repressed memories,new age metaphysics terminology, etc...especially in the "testimony" of Cathy O'Brien, as written in "Tranceformation of America", which by the way no Christian should ever read.Regrettably, I found that out the hard way and it polluted my mind. All the time I thought I needed to read it in order to do battle against the enemy, because Russ Dizdar insisted that in order to pray against the Black Awakening, one must man-up and come to an understanding of how deep the rabbit hole goes through researching eyewitness accounts and testimonies of "survivors". This mindset cost me my previous job, since I was under the impression that my co-workers were Monarchs, who were waiting for their next trigger to implement mass death. Thank you Jesus and Spirit of the Living God for rescuing me from that mindset!

Nevertheless, whether or not such allegations are true, it is common knowledge that the campus of ORU is littered with masonic symbols anyway, so that should tell you something right there about who the Robert's family consortium works for. Also, a daughter of the family I am thinking of recently married a man who works a high-ranking job with IBM-would the Holy Spirit really want a Christian to pursue a career with a company that is so deeply tied to the Military Industrial Complex and working on Mark of the Beast Technology or can God allow such a person to work for a company as salt and light, in the "trenches" so to speak?

All of this said,I really believe that my pastor is a sincere Born-Again Christian who is just somewhat naive and lacks understanding on the scope of false manifestations and doctrine within the pentecostal church and has gravitate toward many of them unknowingly-he really is a good man and I would not want to believe he is not saved and see him go to Hell or anyone in that church, although I know that many in there are overly trusting of everything that the pastor says and there is no real line of command to report any disagreements to other than the pastor, as we don't really have Deacons or Elders, only a Leadership Board, which is confusingly comprised of Christians from all theological backgrounds and understandings (in the non-denominational/non-discriminatory style) even the very young in the faith, which seems very disconcerting to me.

Anonymous said...

This is new testament giving, 2 Corinthians 9:6-7. This is not taught in the buildings, too much freedom. - Don

Anonymous said...

My former church heavily promotes the Promise Keeper movement and when our family joined, the ladies at Bible study strongly encouraged me to talk my husband into attending with their husbands. I had not even heard of Promise Keepers before, nor did I choose to encourage my husband to go, for I saw the fruits of how these ladies' husbands treated their wives.....likes slaves, speaking down to them as if they knew nothing. I soon learned that I was a member of a patriarchal type and shadow of church system, where women were seen as the lesser, weaker members of the church structure. T. D. Jakes videos were played on the big screen during the sermons and this man's preaching and teaching literally scared me for I saw him not as a man of our LORD, but as another abusive preacher desiring to make a name for himself.

False preachers and teachers always teach the lie of the tithe. They also teach that baptism is necessary for salvation as well. And to be frank here, I am so tired of our churches promoting the teachings of man, any man....Spurgeon, Pink, Osteen, Meyers, Grahams, and the like over the Word of seems as though our churches really don't care much for the Bible and the Word it has in it....for preachers and teachers, church members and the like, point people to buying, studying, and highly esteeming words from men and women, rather than Jesus, our LORD.

So tired of following men and women and building up their little religious kingdoms, just so tired.

Anonymous said...

Thank-you for pointing out the lie of the tithe.

This is a statement that came out of the mouth of a woman who believes/worships the of the tithe when leaving a church she and her husband could not control nor manipulate any longer with their Hebrew Roots theology,

"That church is going to miss out tithes now that we left!"

What spirit lies behind such a statement coming of the mouth, which is really the fruits of their hearts?

PRIDE of the self.

Statements such as these do not come from born again Christians, but from religious zealots and legalists who seek to build their own kingdoms. And Jesus lies dormant at the doors of their hearts.

Anonymous said...

No one has mentioned the Obvious...
T.D. Jakes is one of Many Luciferians masquerading as a "Christian" in the church.Most of theses wolves in sheep clothing are "Coming Out" now, more and more.Revealing themselves in a more obvious manner to whom they really serve and what coming System.
In this case, the outfit T.D. Jakes is wearing is Very occultic and Satanic.It is the very obvious "OX" symbolism.O=15 and X=24 or 66.The mark of the coming beast system and the Antichrist (the man who will be?).Or an O with a X in the middle.
6 is the number of man and 666 the mark of the beast.So 66?
This OX mark is appearing more and more all over media and entertainment and society.Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, had heavy "OX" symbolism...

You will see and hear more and more pseudo "christians" and men revealing themselves as the time is Short.
God is separating the sheep from the goats.
Creflow "gimme a" Dollar, started throwing up the "Pyramid Salute" and the 666 gesture in All his sermons last year.

Anonymous said...

The podium has a Fleur De Lis(flower of Satan) on it.!!This symbol is also Everywhere.
And a O with a + in the middle is the same thing as OX.
There are thousands of churches and buildings across America with windows just like this.
A "quartered circle". Also a new age and witchcraft/pagan symbol.
Look at the Bayer Aspirin logo........
"My people perish from lack of knowledge...."
The Holy Spirit IS the Spirit of Truth and leads into All Truth.....
Be wise as serpents but gentile as doves.For your Adversary the Devil goes about as a roaring lion....
Most of the body of Christ are deceived to the world(system) in which they really live in, Especially the Satanic "christian" church system.
The biggest lie from the Devil they BELIEVE in is, all the Satanic "bibles" from the Luciferians, Westcott and Hort.
For those with eyes to see and ears to hear....

Anonymous said...

The portion of the previous comment made by me regarding Russ Dizdar and the book mentioned above needs to be retracted. It take full responsibility for having any involvement in reading the aforementioned book and Russ Dizdar had absolutely no part in any decision to read it. Russ Dizdar is a good man who is doing what he was called to do by God, even though I may disagree with some of his views and individuals he has spoken with in speaking engagements with the Prophecy Summits of Prophecy in the News, which often speaks on Nephilum issues. Be reassured that I do not wish to say anything demeaning toward Dizdar, who is actively engaged in healing victims and speaking on things many pastors/teachers won't even acknowledge, even if his information doesn't go as deep as he claims.