Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Steven Anderson Denies the Holocaust

Remember how I wrote, running this blog has brought me some IRL involvements? I had the "Blame the Jews" crowd work on me, I never bought any of their nonsense. One woman I met online, even mailed me a bunch of literature, it was normal NWO stuff and then segued itself into Holocaust denial literature and evil Barnes Review magazines that praised Hitler. I threw it all in the trash and was done. Here's the thing these Holocaust deniers are cracked. I have met people who were there. I just talked to a guy two days ago, whose father liberated Dachau and took PICTURES he saw! My in-laws are both deceased but both were children and teens in Hitler Germany. My mother-in-law spoke of "bodies stacked like cordwood".

His quibbles about the numbers bug me. If it was 1 million instead of 6, it doesn't matter. I have heard others dispute the numbers before to disprove the Holocaust happened. "The Jews Love Numbers"? What? Even if they killed 50,000 which I don't believe instead of a million his weird quibbles about the number of ovens and cremation numbers, creep me out. Actually one thing he forgets and I have read a lot of history on World War II, is they buried plenty in open pits. They didn't burn everyone. His claim that they only burned people who died naturally is sickening. There's so many lies here, I don't even know where to begin.

When he defines the word Holocaust, he goes into a Satanic place of trying to get people to connect the Holocaust to "burnt offerings" of the Old Testament. Talk about working on people's minds! What a manipulator! Him trying to claim that they were only forced labor camps is ridiculous! Many came out of these camps talking about how they were either chosen for forced labor or sent to be gased. Where those people all liars? So they shaved women's hair too because it was like prison? Give me a break! People starved far before the time in the camp, food rationing and shortages already existed in the ghettoes. All the witnesses are liars?

I think someone needs to stop reading Barnes Review, but this is adding confusion with an agenda. This is NWO stooge work. Here too, remember they got the two ends against the middle game. I don't support Christian Zionism but the Holocaust happened. He is a liar and a deceiver.

By the way Holocaust denial is done for the benefit of Rome and hiding their sins. There is a reason the Nazis were called Nazis or "knights". Steven Anderson is listed as a member on Chuck Baldwin's Black Regiment listing.


Anonymous said...

dear bible believer all jews are not Zionists and some jews don't support Israel and jesus and the apostles were jewish themselves.

Gwen said...

Dear BB,

I was delighted to discover your site, recently, through a comment at "Another Voice". I've spent quite a few hours reading through your archives and will continue to read more.

Seeing as how I am a brand new reader/commenter, my intention with this comment is to "tread lightly", and most assuredly, respectfully.

I don't know anything about Steven Anderson nor do I know what the Barnes Review magazine is; however, if he/they are obnoxious in spreading their opinions, I tend to stay away from those sorts of people and publications. In other words, if someone is glorifying Hitler or is shouting at people that the holocaust is a lie, then I would avoid them. Both of these activities are like putting chum in the water - it serves no purpose except to make people angry and defensive and then they'll shut you down.

Having said all that, I'm curious to know what "heresy" is committed by being a "holocaust denier"? Why is questioning, doubting, yes, even denying the holocaust some kind of "sin"? If this event actually happened as we're told then truth is on the side of the victims is it not? Yet why have fourteen European nations made it illegal?


The subject is too large to deal with here and fraught with emotion (emotion distracts and can keep one from actually taking that first step in educating oneself).

If I may, please take one step through that door and take a look at the following links. Two of these sites are written by traditional Catholics. I am NOT Catholic, but these two men have written a lot of good information regarding this subject.


This is a good post to get a feel for what happens when someone questions the holocaust. I would suggest also typing "holocaust denial" in this blog's search to find more:



The following are men who paid, in some cases, with physical harm and in the case of all of them with time in prison for their research and writings.

(This one you'll need to put in google translate as the blog is in French):



(Clicking on "My Views" on the next site is probably the best place to get questions answered.):


Dear Sister BB, with all the things you see and understand about the evil and deception in this world, I hope you will take some time to peruse what I've given you. I pray, too, that I have not offended you and that you will forgive my boldness in my first comment here.

In Christian Love,


Anonymous said...

Yes, Anderson is a misogynistic blatherskite. I went back and read your post "Glenn Beck's Deceptions and The Black Robe Regiment", there is good information there and in the comments. I would not want my name on that D-H-S roundup list. I also would not be standing between Jesus Christ and any person, speaking of pastors. You are correct on the holocaust issue and the post you did before on the "Jews" was excellent. (Ephesians 5:25-27) - Don

Bible Believer said...

Yes they got their names on that list, it was quite exhaustive, lots of IFB pastors joining up with that particular stuff isn't there? With the pastors, the one man shows are bothering, way too many turning over their entire spiritual lives for one man to direct. Thanks regarding my article on the Jews and the Holocaust.

Bible Believer said...

Gwen I have seen Holocaust denial literature. I had it mailed to me by someone, and I trashed it after reading some of it. Some may be correct that they snatched the number 6 out of the air but even then I don't care if the number was 2 million vs. 6million or 8 million, it was still sickening genocide. Yes the Holocaust has been abused to advance the false teachings of Zionism but that doesn't mean the Holocaust didn't happen. My MIL and FIL both LIVED in Germany when the Nazis were there, I own a journal written by my MIL. I have met people who were part of the liberation of the camps or one of their parents were. You have not offended me but consider how they abuse the truth of two sides to fool people all the time. Considering the wickedness of this world, there were far too many witnesses.