Saturday, June 13, 2015

Is He Desperate Enough for Volunteers?

Browbeating and guilting people even with some humor into volunteering with a video is just strange. Matthew Hagee is a false preacher following the exact tutelage of his apostate Christian Zionist and gospel- denying to Jews father. "These kids are potty trained, each night they go away!" Why would you want someone who can't stand children to volunteer for your Vacation Bible School? The air of desperation with a creepy puppet is just strange. Is he mocking people with this video tongue in cheek behind the scenes?


Anonymous said...

I take it this man is advertising for a 501c. 3 program.......and not one word in the song referenced our Savior. Jesus must be standing outside of their doors waiting to come in.....and volunteer.

This charade breaks my heart.

Bible Believer said...

I would suspect it is a 501 C 3 program. Yes the song was wholly secular. It has the taint of works salvation. Volunteer? Do they want just anyone to come teach the kids? It's almost open invitation to predators, I hope they check out the volunteers. I worked at a girl scout camp where in desperation for a camp cook they hired a molester. Even the stuff about the kids going home is kind of rude, like the message of "come take care of our brats, we know it stinks but we are desperate".