Monday, June 22, 2015

Another Shooting....

You notice these types always have the same "look" in the eyes. The lastest one Dylan Storm Roof--what an odd name, looks totally possessed. His name to me seems to be some kind of mark just like one commenter posted here. STORM the ROOF? They have reported he  went into a church to shoot 9 people. I think it is possible too he was an MK ultra or "Manchurian candidate type". He definitely had a bad upbringing. If you have noticed they have continued this emphasis on race-baiting, to bring people into more strife. Obama focused on racism this week too. They want more hate as they emphasize differences and rip off the scabs of history.  As I wrote on one picture, the pictures seem marked too:

He's got the "as above, so below" possible handsignaling going here, with the gun pointed at the ground and the hand pointing there too as well as the other hand up by his chest. The use of the Confederate flag seems posed too--bringing the "South" into the mix here. Why is he pointing the gun at flowers? Does that have some meaning? The green glasses are disconcerning too. Green is a color that has occult meaning and I don't think their color is by accident. He took other pictures too in front of Confederate historical sites and one where he burned an American flag.

One can see this is an event the new world order will put to use for racial animosity, and for any possible gun-grabbing agendas. The pastor they reported as being one of the victims, Clementa C. Pinckney was also a senator.


Anonymous said...

See this video proving that regarding the hoax shooting of Emanuel AME South Carolina churchgoers and pastors that this was not only fake but that it was faked for massive financial gain. The video proves the deception. No one can deny it.

Anonymous said...

No one seems to want to address the issue of drugs, both legal and illegal in the lives of people who commit crimes like this. Of course it is demonic. But the gateway to demonic activity is often through drugs combined with a troubled life such as this last example.

The race baiters will cry "Racism" - others will blame it on the gun. I don't know about anything more sinister, but without taking that into consideration, this is the result of a messed up mind.

The only redeeming factor is this tragedy was the reaction displayed by family members of the victims as they expressed forgiveness and concern for the soul of this young man. What a refreshing response when compared to the ravages carried out by those in Ferguson or elsewhere, the persecution of law enforcement when unjustified, the civil suits designed to turn the tragedy into a cash cow.

We live in a fallen world - but it is not in the nature of mankind to acknowledge this as there is a constant effort to elevate the "human spirit".

This young man, another wasted life, a pawn of Satan.

As if the legalization of the drug alcohol isn't enough - the fallen nature is never satisfied with anything other than Jesus Christ - the road seems to be paved to legalize pot in more and more places with the faulty notion that it will create more revenue and eliminate the cartels. Oh the foolishness of man!

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Talk about the unhinged with the first Anon. The types who put out these videos are out there on the fringe and don't even pretend to have any connection with the Lord or Christ or the real truth - they are just out to make a name for themselves. They are largely pro-Islamic and against Israel. I suppose they believe that the beheadings of Christians is "fake".

All I can say is do your homework on these people. Test the spirits to see where they are coming from. Yes, there are dark forces but they all come from the father of lies and the enemy of our Lord, Satan. It is not our place to poke our noses down some rabbit hole and try to figure out what is not helpful for us to know. We need to focus on the truth of the Word of God and trust in Him and not give in to paranoia.

So what if it is all fake? What good does the knowledge of that do except to take our focus off what is truly important? Many lies are being told all over the place in the secular world but what should concern us is the lies and falseness going on in the name of Christ and being spoonfed to clueless people whose pastors refuse to warn them about?

My exhortation: Stay away from people who put out videos like this. Stick to God's Word and seeking Him in prayer.

Anonymous said...

What I suspected; (2 Timothy 1:7) - Don

Bible Believer said...

Thanks I will check out the hoax video. I haven't research yet enough to decide if this was a false hoax or not yet. I think there really could be people who died, and maybe some are stirring the pot saying hoax, but I have to check things out. The blue striped shirt in the photograph is supposed to be a sign according to clues forum.

I think much of the population is drugged up. People want to be numbed out and they drug kids early on with Ritalin and move them up to next. I have seen people on antidepressants who resemble zombies. I know chemically a few may not survive without them, but many people they are just numbing out into oblivion in a society that wants everyone to give false faces and cancel out all emotions. The pod people phenomenon.

Yes the race baiters and gun grabbers will use this one to the extreme. Notice too it was nice church people being shot not gangbangers types. There is a reason for that. I agree the young man was another pawn of Satan. With the legalization of pot, while I am against the drug wars, I believe pot opens people to demons as well as many other drugs.

Yes a lot of the conspiracy people can be disinfo. I think the beheadings could be fake but don't know for sure. I do know they want to create outrage in America for more NWO Middle Eastern wars though. This guy what ever MK ultra or suburban home he crawled out of looks noticeably possessed. We may never know every exact detail but we can have the Lord warn us and escape being deceived. The right is pushing race hatred and the left is pushing their own brand of race hatred. What does the bible say about treating others?

I agree be cautious of the videos, so we agree there. I don't mind people investigating, the lies pile to the ceiling but even many of the warnings about the NWO show who they are allied with, as I wrote in that one article.

Thanks for the link too Don.

Anonymous said...

BB, you make some good points and one thing I think we can all agree on is that we live in the most confusing times when the news is filled with bad reports, often fueled by social media and unless one has a strong faith in the Lord and Christ Jesus, one WILL be deceived.
Pastors have abdicated their responsibility as shepherds to protect their flocks for fear they will offend and the blind shepherds are blind themselves, leading the blind and the false shepherds are doing Satan's work.

The Bible predicts such a time as this and that we are to be wise and take heed and to ever be on the alert. Few are and many are clueless. At some point this will reach a crescendo and will end. There is a difference of opinion on this. But ultimately God will end it in His own time and His own way we can agree. He will only allow it to go so far. There are still people being saved, but the true Gospel with repentance is rarely shared - only a watered down version that saved no one but further deceives in the most heinous way possible. Those who think they are saved but headed for eternal destruction.

In the picture of the alleged shooter it appears that he is high on something and one of his friends speaks of him being frequently intoxicated.

Yes, the consequences of legalizing marijuana is the numbing of emotions and providing a gateway to demonization in the unsaved. What it all boils down to is the worship of self, giving self whatever it perceives it wants whether it be changing gender, marrying the same sex or ingesting whatever makes one feel better. The only thing that ultimately satisfies is surrender to Christ but that goes against the grain of the human sin condition. self wants to be glorified and we are seeing is total rebellion against God and His Word. God is allowing man freedom to do his own thing. But there will come a time for judgment. Not judgment upon any one nation, but upon the world.

Final note: The video seems to be pro-Islam and anti-Semitic/Jewish.

Anonymous said...

I saw on the local news today that they are considering tearing down the monuments in New Orleans of Andrew Jackson, and other Condfederate memerobilia. I believe statues are wicked idols, so don't get me wrong, I could care less if they demolish them. But, it is further proof that this incident, while not fake, was intentional. The young man was definitely used, whether by evil men, or Satan himself to push this agenda.


Bible Believer said...

Hi thanks second to last anon, for agreeing about what I said about the Pot. I think it will lead to more vain imaginations and demonization. I wonder if people here remember how weird things got in the psychedelic era where one could see the demons in full work. It is all about worship of self, you got that right. Even a lot of the phony Christians, it's all about their achievements and more. Even look at those young adults in one of my posts today all wanting to be animals or elves, and no they aren't leaving it for "play-time" like a theatre show but dragging it into regular life. I agree all the restraints seem to be off for now. thanks for warning about the video. They would use drugs even for the mk ultras.

Bible Believer said...

Faith I don't care if they rip down the monuments, I consider even the Lincoln Memorial idolatrous. [which I know would offend many but its true] I've been there and they have him in a giant statue sitting in a "temple" like a "god". With the confederate flag, it's an X and what does that say? Remember what I have warned about that symbol, but all they are doing with that is shredding freedom of speech rules and displays using outrage against the Confederate flag to do so. Yes he definitely was used by men or Satan.

Christsfreeservnt said...

I watched Obama's eulogy for Rev. Pinckney today, and then I read the transcript of his speech, just to make sure I didn't misquote him. In case any of us have not picked up on this yet, what he is getting at is a one-world religion which is primarily concerned with social welfare and social justice and which is all-inclusive, but which excludes those who believe their way (the way of the cross) is the only way. He mentioned that the black church means “our beating heart, the place where our dignity as a people inviolate.” He said, “There’s no better example of this tradition than Mother Emanuel, a church built on blacks seeking liberty, burned to the ground because its founders sought to end slavery, only to rise up again, a phoenix from these ashes.” A phoenix rising from the ashes is symbolic of this New World Order “beast” rising from the ashes of the former (old) order of things, which will be destroyed and is being destroyed by this “beast” right now. That is what this is really all about, and the sooner we all get this, the better.

He spoke of a long history of “bombs and arson and shots fired at churches, not random but as a means of control, and a way to terrorize and oppress,” and he spoke of an act by this killer that “he imagined would incite fear and recrimination, violence and suspicion, an act that he presumed would deepen divisions that trace back to our nation’s original sin.” So, what was our nation’s “original sin”? Anyone know? I don’t, but what I do know is that what he just described here is what he and our government and their allies in the New World Order have been doing across the globe for some time now. And, a lot of it is an “act,” i.e. it is faked, or partially faked, and for the purposes he just mentioned, and then they blame others and convince us that it was “terrorists” who did it, and this is so the International Community can go in to “save the day” with a solution to the problems they created. In addition to this, he is preaching a false gospel of grace. More at:

Christsfreeservnt said...

In Obama’s eulogy of Rev. Pinckney, of “Mother Emanuel” AME Church, on June 26, 2015, he said: “There’s no better example of this tradition than Mother Emanuel, a church built on blacks seeking liberty, BURNED TO THE GROUND because its founders sought to end slavery, ONLY TO RISE UP AGAIN, A PHOENIX FROM THESE ASHES.”

A phoenix rising from the ashes is symbolic of this New World Order “beast” rising from the ashes of the former (old) order of things – the old order which will be destroyed and is being destroyed by this “beast” right now. Out of the ashes of the church of the past will rise this New World Order one-world all-inclusive religion which stands for nothing of God and of Christ, but of self-effort to improve the planet and to make the world a “better place” for us all to live, where no one steps on anyone else’s toes, so to speak. That is what this is really all about, and the sooner we get this, the better. Christian persecution has come to America, and it has come through our own leaders who are part of this “beast.”

In the past two weeks, six black churches have experienced fires. This is no accident: